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M eiyu looked, as she often did, erudite and whimsical; perfectly shelleyan. A wake of caustic light bid blood to bloom beneath her flesh, flushing color against an anemic countenance. Poised just like a doll, her collar and cuff were slender to a nearly faultless shape.

The hum of irradiated crystals decorating her study rang tenuously, their subtle glow washing her scales in an aurora. Neurosis and vertigo washed over her in waves. Her outlandish timetable upheld the image of an eccentric scholar, and her pale lashes fell heavy from sleeplessness. Fine tremors unfurled to her quill hand.

❝Not unlike a dreamless sleep, I realize that the curse of learning is that I will never truly know theorem that refuses to be understood. Ignorance is the revenge of knowledge— it casts the weight on the scales of balance, an amalgam of all spellwords and occulture that wish to remain unknown. Menphina— if you'd listen— would it make me a wiser fool to gaze into the eclipse? I yearn to feel what my ancestors did when they were first blinded.❞


⋆ RACE: Au Ra Raen.

⋆ GENDER: Female. ⋆ AGE: 20 years. ⋆ DATE OF BIRTH: 16th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon. ⋆ GUARDIAN: Menphina, the Lover. ⋆ BIRTHPLACE: Sui-no-Sato. ⋆ RESIDENCE: Shirogane, 10th Ward, 27th Plot. ⋆ PROFESSION: Academician, priestess, shrine maiden, poet. ⋆ MAIN SCHOOL: Astrology. ⋆ SECONDARY: Chronomancy, geomancy, white magic. ⋆ MINOR: Radiomancy, red magic. ⋆ MOTHER: Aiha Omoide, royal consul. ⋆ FATHER: Gentaro Higurashi, geomancer and author. ⋆ SIBLINGS: Several half siblings on father's side. ⋆ CONFIDANTS: Priestesses of Sui-no-Sato, various scholars. ⋆ EYE COLOR: Amethyst. ⋆ HAIR COLOR: Diluted lilac brown. ⋆ HEIGHT: 4'06". ⋆ BODY TYPE: Willowy. ⋆ NOTABLE TRAITS: Very long tail, caustic scales. ⋆ ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral. ⋆ INTELLIGENCE: Erudite. ⋆ DISPOSITION: Owlish, impish, empathic, artless. ⋆ AILMENTS: Anemia, insomnia, selective mutism, syncope. ⋆ LIKES: Alchemy, geology, poetry.

⋆ DISLIKES: Thunderstorms, wide open spaces.

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❝Meiyu, you're far from home--❞

Born in Sui-no-Sato to a consul and an author, Meiyu was only one of many half-siblings. Her parentage wove a web that connected her to the scholars of magic, and the priestesses and maidens who attended to the Ruby Princess. To a fault, however, she was ever the curious one. Though a doe-eyed shrine maiden of the kami and priestess of Shisui, she remained an eccentricity. Strange fashions, odd rituals, and a generally obscured way of thought pinned her as exceedingly difficult to nurture into a Lady-in-Waiting, as was her girlhood wish. However, she was an apt pupil in the arts of magic. Late at night, she often would wake those who lived near by practicing spells, and cause chemical accidents while practicing alchemy. As she delved deeper into the theory of magic, she became rapt with it all, soon interested in the occult aspects of it-- how it works, fundamentally. The traditional elements were starting points for her, and her first true specialty was that of chronomancy, one aspect of astrology. She still practiced as a devout priestess alongside her studies. Some days, she wouldn't sleep at all to maintain her studies; sometimes, she would be rapt with it for up to sixteen hours in the day, and fall asleep for a short while, only to awaken suddenly and continue as if she were mid-thought. With a fantastically inquisitive outlook and an unsated curiosity, Meiyu began to venture from her home, to Doma and Hingashi. The foreign scholars who populated the region caught her interest, and it became a frequent occurrence for her to spend extended periods of time away from home. One such book she found while away chronicled the Binding Coil of Bahamut, and mentioned its radioactive air-- this was an element she had never encountered, and her insatiable drive for knowledge only grew as she was introduced to more and more.

Meiyu began to venture further from home in pursuit of becoming a polymath, very nearly discovering every hall of ivy that exists. However, she is far from where she yearns to be-- at times, she thinks she will never be able to know enough. Often, she can be found starry-eyed; reading, writing, and singing to herself, seemingly in a world of her own. Her suffering sleep cycle still persists, and her absurd lack of sleep often makes itself evident. But, the amount of research papers that have her name on them bids that she is far from dissociated with the world; in fact, she is profoundly empathetic.

There remains an artless naiteve in her presenc

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Personal RP Limits
⋆ Psychologically thrilling, grimdark, surrealism, etc.

⋆ LFC, pre-established and new. ⋆ Storyline driven, long term. ⋆ Not receptive to romance or erotic roleplay. ⋆ I will play mature themes (violence, drug/alcohol use, coarse language, etc), temporary trauma. ⋆ Ask about long term or permanent trauma, disfigurement, captivity. ⋆ I will not play godmodding, permanent death. Mun and muse are 18+. my muse is my own creation, and if i become suspicious or plagiarism is brought to my attention, it will make me very uncomfortable-- it's a problem that i've consistently had in the past, and it's very tiring to deal with, and so i avoid people who interact with my plagiarist/stalker. i typically prefer to have a bit of plotting before roleplaying, rather than spontaneity-- though, i'm not opposed to it! feel free to contact me on twitter if I'm not available in game, and ask for my discord. i'd like to be friends with anyone who is a roleplay partner, and play the game together! i draw, cosplay, n dress up, and i post that to my twitter @3amchan!

WHM: 452. SCH: 450. BLM 442. WAR: 433. Temporary injury and incapacitation. Temporary imprisonment. Most walk-up encounters.
Ask about long-term and/or permanent injury and disfigurement. Long-term captivity or imprisonment.
I won't play permanent character death or rape plots.
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