Mek'ir Azhra

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Mek'ir Azhra
[Mek-ear Ash-ra]

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Name... Mek’ir Azhra
Alias... Kir | Weedy
Age... 23
Gender... Male
Race... Miqo’te Keeper of the Moon
Orientation... Pansexual
Marital... Spoken For (Polyamorous Relationship)
Deity... The Moon
Nationality... Eorzean
Occupation... Witch | Botanist | Smuggler
Alignment...The Balance Seeker
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An overall skinny miqo’te there doesn’t seem to be much to Mek’ir at first glance. Of average height for his species he often finds himself either look up or look down to speak, depending on to whom he is speaking. His limbs seem gangly, like he hasn’t ever grown into them, and the amount of coordination in them is astounding.

His dark skin is natural, as are the bright silver colors that make up his eyes.

Scars & Markings: Bright purple aetheric markings on the sides of each cheek. Hidden under clothes is a thick vertical scar that runs down his chest and back, as well as a tattoo on his left shoulder.

Voice: Highly accented Common that makes it easy to pick up his backwoods heritage. Well not high pitched it could be described as grating if one wanted.

Clothing: Mek’ir prefers comfort over fashion. Fond of baggy overshirts he can often be seen pushing back his sleeves as he works. The bottoms are usually a little more form fitting to allow him to move with more ease should he need to, and his footwear has two options: thigh high boots, with the claims that they protect against thorns, or barefoot.


  • Plants
  • Sleeping
  • Night
  • Apples
  • Gil
  • Keeping Secrets
  • The Shroud


  • Rude People
  • His Family
  • Loud People
  • Being Cornered
  • People touching his things
  • Woodwailers


  • Being forced to return to his family
  • His older brothers
  • Losing his mates
  • Not being able to find his sister


  • Favorite Food: Seared Antelope and Grilled Catfish
  • Favorite Drink: Apple Cider
  • Favorite Color: Dark purples and reds

Color Key
In A Relationship: Mek’ir is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Mek’ir is romantically interested in this character.
Sexual Attraction Mek’ir is physically interested in this character.

Platonic Love/Family: Mek’ir considers this person family.
Friend: Mek’ir considers this person her friend.
Friendly Acquaintance:Mek’ir considers this person mostly friendly, or as an ally.

Good Standing: Mek’ir has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Mek’ir has no specific feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Mek’ir has no specific feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.

Dislike: XMek’ir doesn't consider this person a friend, and will talk if needed, but try to avoid them.
Hate: Mek’ir consider this person an annoyance, and will try to avoid them. Conflict can happen.
Fear: Mek’ir is terrified by this character, and will try to avoid them at all cost.
Rivalry: Mek’ir considers this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time she gets to meet them.

Family Member: This character is related by blood to Mek’ir.
Business: This character is either Mek’ir's employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: Mek’ir has one of all the possible color keys above, but he isn't fully aware of it yet.


Mek Azhra ( ) ( NPC ) - Mother
A cold, distant woman who viewed her sons and ill daughter as signs of her failure. While capable of love it was rare that it was shown to her children.
Sun’a Yuo ( ♥✖ ) ( NPC ) - Father
Absent. Unlike most male Keepers Sun’a stayed with Mek and the Azhra clan to see his children raised, until banished by the Matriarch.
Mek’a Azhra ( ) ( NPC ) - First Son
The first son of Mek Azhra. The first disappointment. A fine hunter and warrior of the clan he was often the one to protect Mek’ir from their brothers bullying.
Mek’to Azhra ( ) ( NPC ) - Second Son
While a second son Mek’to was the most devoted follower of the religion of the Azhra clan, appointed as the Matriarch’s personal guard after slaying two assassins. While Mek’ir’s other brothers could be described as bullies, Mek’to holds the title of monster.
Mek’li Azhra ( ) ( NPC ) - Third Son
The most vocal of all the siblings, save Lyrim. Often assigned to border patrols with Mek’sae. Currently has left the clan to wander after meeting with Mek’ir and Tali Neldawn.
Mek’sae Azhra ( ) ( NPC ) - Fourth Son
A mess of a man.
Mek’ra Azhra ( ♥✖ ) ( NPC ) - Fifth Son
Died when Mek’ir was very young.
Lyrim Azhra ( ) ( NPC/PC ) - First Daughter
Mek’ir’s twin sister. Currently missing.
Sieny Azhra ( ) ( NPC/PC ) - Matriarch
Matriarch of Clan Azhra, and Mek'ir's grandmother.


Tali Neldawn () ( PC ) - Mate
Mek’ir met Tali through a series of events that were not friendly to begin with. Since then their relationship has grown and Mek’ir stands happily by her side. Matriarch in training for the Neldawn Clan.
N’evadal Tia () ( PC ) - Mate
A former sailor hailing from Coerthas. Unlike his relationship with Tali Mek’ir’s relationship with N’evadal started off slow and had developed through the trials of all that they’ve faced.
Otolin Stone ( ) ( PC ) - Oto
A person from Kir’s past when he was on the move. A good man, if not a little intimidating at times.
Es'mena Nenda ( ) ( PC ) - Captain
The captain of the Runner. Though they’ve only met a few times Mek’ir considers the captain to be an alright person. He may not enjoy being on the receiving end of her words but he can admit he admires what she does. Kind of scary
Faeravel Kha () ( PC ) - Tall Man
An occasional business associate and magic user. Sometimes fun to be around, sometimes not.
Jaran Kha () ( PC ) - Less Tall Man
Another friend of friend. Less frightening and harsh than Faeravel, though still rough around the edges.Has an adorable hawk.
Rhysa Verkoh () ( PC ) - Chatty
A surprisingly chatty miqo’te. One of the few friends he has that is close to his own age. Mek’ir enjoys what mischief they’ve managed so far.
Vasir'li Solhu () ( PC ) - Pirate
Tali’s father and Rhysa’s mate. While Mek’ir’s attempts to be friendly have been rebuked again and again the witch has no ill feelings towards the man. If only he’d stop touching his things and threatening him…
Felore Soleil ( ) ( PC ) - Gil Man
Only met once or twice now. Has too much gil on his hands.
Adrian Soleil ( ) ( PC ) - Fellow Witch
A fellow witch and Felore’s husband. An incredibly nice man who Mek’ir would like to see more of.
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