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Star Stealing Girl

"It's a beauty I'll guard until the end of time."

Character Information
Full Name Mist Desiree
Nickname(s) Misty, Nau
Race Hyur
Subrace Midlander
Gender Female
Nameday 32nd Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Age Old enough, hmph!
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Birthplace Silvertear Lake
Occupation Adventuring astromancer, eclectic alchemist
Family Two lovely daughters, an unborn son that kicks too much, a whole clan she's marrying into, and a man who would go to the ends of any world for her.

General Information

One blessed by the stars filling the sky. An adventurer searching for secrets lost in time. Experienced alchemist with a habit of mishaps and mayhem. Dependable, charming, and always up to let the wind guide her to her destination, Mist Desiree claims to be nothing more than she is, and everything that she's not at the same time. Her life is one she wishes to live freely, to do what she pleases when she pleases to do it, and to break any chains may hold her back. The desire to discover all the secrets of the world and record them for future generations keeps her active, and while she will never abandon this pursuit of knowledge, she will openly admit that her family comes first, and that means slowing down a bit until she gives birth to her son. Only a little! There's plenty of trouble she can stir up around the house, of that she has no doubt. Care to test out the latest potion she's created? It won't cause any bad things to happen to you! ...probably~


Her height is unimpressive, being only five fulms and three ilms. While on the shorter side, her curves and ample bosom make up for it in physical appeal, and she likes to show off her toned legs. Pristine painted nails, glitter near the eyes, and the scent of lavender and vanilla further accent her overtly feminine style. The scars and markings she does have, she keeps covered usually and applies various oils and ointments to let time soften them. Most commonly found in pinks, purples, blues, reds, and whites. She tends to lean toward a strong gily style, liking how skirts, stockings, heels, and dresses look on her. While she's not against pants or shorts, they aren't something that her wardrobe tends to have a lot of. Flowers are one of her favorite accessories, and because of this, she often has some in her hair. Most of the corsages are ones she's crafted with flowers grown in her garden. Her secondborn, Seyka Haillenarte, takes care of her wardrobe proper, sewing all her clothing and adding personal flares to them.


Personality Traits

  • adaptable
  • contradictory
  • ebuillent
  • genial
  • intuitive
  • kaleidoscopic
  • maternal
  • outspoken
  • quixotic
  • sentimental
  • understanding

Philosophy & Ideals

"For the greater good of the star." It's a simple, basic principle that she follows, and she considers herself to be eternally in service to the world as a whole. She wants to protect it and take care of it, no matter how grand or small those measures may end up being, and believes that it is important to live life with as few regrets as possible.

"Look to those who walked before to lead those who walk after." To gather information, to record whatever she finds, and to leave something behind to help those that will one day walk similar paths is important to her. She wants to make sure that the children of tomorrow, of the unforeseen future, will have something to look at. Because of this, she has begun to take on the mentality of a teacher.


  • Horrific sense of direction. Often gets lost even on familiar roads.
  • Becomes obsessive when working on a task. Forgets about basic self-care.
  • Chews on things if she can't solve a problem. Her nails, hair, gum, etc.
Likes Dislikes
  • fruit juice, herbal tea, sweet and spicy food
  • stargazing, collecting seashells, dancing in rain
  • the concept of love, poetry writing, letters in bottles
  • being alone, the sound of silence, feeling useless
  • misdirected anger, skipping steps, importance forgotten
  • large insects, bitter medicine, being stuck inside
Skills Education
  • a knack for languages, exceptional memory, astrological divination
  • empathy, reading people, strategic thinking
  • high pain tolerance, parkour, strong breath control
  • affiliated with the sons of saint coinach
  • self-taught alchemist; has since studied properly in ul'dah
  • aetherological studies proceeding in kugane weekly
Strengths Flaws
  • wisdom: creative, judgment, perspective
  • courage: bravery, perseverance, zest
  • transcendence: appreciation, hope, spirituality
  • minor: jealous, lustful, vindictive
  • major: meddlesome, selfish
  • fatal: overconfidence
Fears Favorites
  • remaining the same as she is for her entire life
  • being unable to save those she cares for
  • snakes and spiders bigger than they should be
  • food: pixieberry cheesecake, konpeito, jellied compote
  • drink: loquat juice, heavenly eggnog, spiced cidar
  • color: varying shades of purple and red

Early Life


She was born during a time of uncertainty and restlessness. But in the quiet hamlet of her youth, such things did not matter to her. All that mattered was her mother, father, three older brothers, and the farm that she wanted to spend forever on. The laughter, the tears, the little bits of exploration mingling with childish angst, all of it helped to shape her into the person she would one day become, and her gaze never strayed too far from the stars shining brightly in the night sky. Captured by their essence, begging to read the secrets within those vast heavens. Among the fields of grain and gold, she felt at peace. It would be a peace not meant to last.


A night of fire and blood took it all from her. Those who survived the bandit attack left together, hoping to rebuild their small town. They didn't. Instead they scattered to the wind, and through it all, she clung to a childhood friend that slowly became something more. Together they grew, they found small moments of happiness, and strove to create something more than either of them could ever expect. Oh, how they did. They did so much. At the lake where their village once was, they built a life for themselves and settled down to carry on. At sixteen, she gave birth to her first child, a healthy little girl named Alysine (now known as Sanary). Two years later, Astraenne (now known as Seyka) followed.


Motherhood suited her well, and while she was happy to play her part at her husband's side, the distance between them grew. He, too, had a part to play, and it drew them further down the path of becoming strangers. By the time any of them realized how serious the sickness in her began to grow, it was too late to stop it. Barely thirty four summers passed her by before she laid upon her death bed. Obsessed with finding a way to cure her, her husband bound her body and soul to crystal sleep. It would be many, many centuries later befor she opened her eyes again, emerging from the lake she loved so much, struggling to become adjusted to life in a new era in a world that changed so much while she slumbered.

Recent Times

Moving to Shirogane has done wonders for Mist. With the ocean literally serving as her front yard, she often ventures out to gather reagents along the beach, and spends too much time in the hidden hot springs to pass the time. Her time in the First lead her to reunite with an old love, and despite her worry of the overexposure of aspected Light aether, the two are expecting a little boy toward the end of spring.

Common Uncommon
These are rumors that are easily overheard or public knowledge. Use them freely!*
  • "Her potions are a lot more potent then they look. But don't ask her about the strongest ones. She'll laugh you off and say you can't handle them." - A Patron from Shirogane
  • "I went to her once for tarot reading. I mean, it can't hurt to try to get a heads up if something bad is gonna happen, yeah?" - A Wandering Adventurer
  • "She buys a lot of reagents from me! But, err, some of the things she asks for are a bit on the unusual side. The stuff you'd expect from a storybook witch more than an alchemist..." - A Happy Merchant
These rumors may take a little digging to find. Use sparingly or ask permission before use.*
  • "She's completely obsessed with Allagan technology. What does she do with it all? It's a waste to hoard it! It could be used to further our advancements!" - An Annoyed Scholar
  • "Err, between you and me, she wasn't doing well for awhile there. Looked like she had one foot in the grave. Lately, she seems to be doing better... I think." - A Traveling Conjurer
  • "She's really good at painting, but she won't sell any of her work. It's a shame! I'd pay a pretty gil to get my hands on the skyscapes she does." - A Disappointed Collector
Rare Player Character
These rumors are very difficult to find. Ask permission before use.*
  • "Don't tell anyone, but I once saw her go inside that big tower in Mor Dhona! Ooooh, I've tried and tried! It just won't let me inside! How can she do it? I wanna see, too!" - An Eccentric Student
  • "She just... knows things. Before they happen. It's kind of scary. The other day, she told my sister to keep her husband from going out on sea, and he hasn't come back home yet! What is she, some kind of witch?!" - A Nosy Neighbor
  • "I've known Mist for a long time. It's strange, though. Her eyes were the prettiest shade of lavender I've ever seen, and the other day when I saw her, I could have sworn they were bright, bright red. Did she get contacts?" - An Old Friend
These are rumors made by other characters. They are color coded for common, uncommon, or rare.*

* Some rumors may be partially or entirely untrue.

Relationship Status Key

  • Loved One
  • In Love
  • Attraction
  • § Complicated
  • Friend

  • Good Standing
  • Poor Standing
  • Neutral
  • Uncertain
  • Deceased
Close Friends Family
  • Cassandra Gallolyn

    There will always be something between Cassie and Mist. Something that words cannot do justice to. Still, she's happy for her, and believes that they will be friends forever. It is a bond the two of them will cherish no matter what may happen in their life.

  • Alexander B'nargin

    Married life has done wonders for calming Alex down. With Lycoris at his side, Mist doesn't feel quite the need to worry about him so much. He's found purpose with his life, raising his triplets alongside her, and they meet up once a week at least for lunch to catch up on things.

  • Close Friend

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Sanary Kasanui

    More than adventuring partners, Sanary is Mist's firstborn, and a woman who makes her proud on a daily basis. The two share an interest in magical and technological advances, and because of this, they often go on trips to recover relics that were once lost to time.

  • Seyka Haillenarte

    Her secondborn, Seyka is the flower child of the family. A busy little bee that is navigating whatever life throws at her. Her standing within Ishgard continues to rise, and while her work keeps her busy, she is fully dedicated to her family through and through.

  • Schezar Stormbreaker

    Silvertear Lake will forever hold a special place in her heart because it is where she met Schezar, her Sche. Through life's trials, the two of them walked a path that once diverged, and has now rejoined. She never plans to let them part ways again. He's hers, through and through, forever.

Friends Acquaintances
  • Friend Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Friend Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Friend Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Acquaintance Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Acquaintance Name

    Description of relationship (optional).

  • Acquaintance Name

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Likely Locations Affiliations
  • Shirogane: Extremely likely
  • Mor Dhona: Very likely
  • Idyllshire: Fairly likely
  • Sons of Saint Coinach: Researcher of ancient Allagan relics.
  • House of Splendors: Takes on assignments to find specific items.
  • Sanctuaria: Owned by her fiance; helps when and where she can.

RP Hooks

  • Written in the Stars

    Find yourself in need of a healer? Mist is extremely good at what she does and often pairs up with people through grand company connections. She's a name known to them all due to rotating based on necessity. Whether your character is a new adventurer or someone that needs a magical powerhouse, this astrologian's bound to steer you toward a good fate. And if nothing else, using a star globe to beat a voidsent into submission works wonders, too.

  • Chemicals React

    What started as a hobby has become a passion of hers. Mist loves to combine different reagents together in order to see how they interact at their base, aetherological level, and sometimes the results are on the more... explosive side. Still, she's always looking for unfortunate souls who are willing to try one of her draughts, or to help her find the perfect ingredient to make something work. Looking for easy gil? Sign on up!

  • Wheel of Fortune

    Following the movements of the stars and writing down their journey is part of an astrologian's task, yes, but it is more than that. More than drawing unaspected astral energy, leaning towards benefic of malefic fates. Take a glimpse at the cards and see what fate may be found. If you're looking to get a reading, she's quite happy to do so, as long as the recepient understands that just as there is good to be gleamed, there may also be misfortune.

Acceptable RP Unacceptable RP
  • adventuring partners, voidsent hunting, overarching plotlines
  • everyday scenarios, publics events, adult themes
  • slice of life, alternate universe, past or present
  • perma injury or maiming without consent
  • forced plotlines that make no sense for the character
  • polyamory; she's strictly monogamous

Player Info

I'm a bit of an early bird, so my role play hours are on the unfortunate side. Eastern time zone, woo! I play on Mateus, though I'm quite happy to visit any world within the Crystal data center. While I do enjoy RP, I do PVE and PVP actively, and always like just playing the game with people. So if you need someone to run content with, don't hesitate to ask!

My Policies

  • On Content

    I, personally, have no issue with adult and mature content. That said, I also don't go actively looking for it, and never start something with that as an intention. If things happen, then they happen, and I'll roll with it.

  • On Plot Involvement

    With how she is set up, she can easily fit in almost any plot or scene as a supporting character. She's not against taking center stage and playing the role of the leading heroine, mind you, but she's completely happy to let others have their shining moment and further their stories. Because of this, she's a great ally -- or can, in the right situation, be an annoying hinderance, if needed.

  • On Lore

    Bend, do not break. I'm more than comfortable with people messing around with lore to make a character work. That said, if there is something that glaringly and fundamentally goes against some things that are set in stone within the game's world, I'm probably going to shy away from it. I'd rather see someone actively try and make an idea work then brush it aside and expect people to accept it.

Character Themes Dedicated Songs
  • Speechless: "Let the storm in. I cannot be broken."
  • Wake Me Up: "All this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost."
  • Corridors of Time: "The sweetest of dreams, was my life just taken from me?"
  • Melodies of Life: "In your dearest memories, do you remember loving me?" ~ Schezar
  • Harbor: "So go far beyond where we stand. No matter the distance, I'm holding your hand." ~ Sanary and Seyka
  • Grey: "Will you be my everything, maybe just this time? We can really think that I am yours and you are mine." ~ Cassie
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