Mistress Koko

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 Kokomi Komi
"I'm sorry, we don't accept visitors."
Gender Lalafell
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dahn settled in the Lominsan region
Age "Older than you."
Height Tall, but not the tallest.
Weight "Yes."
Alignment Chaotic Good
Occupation Generously flawed hermit magician
Server Balmung


Generally considered a tall lalafell though often difficult to appreciate due to an increasing tendency to slouch, this is quite apparent when in the presence of most others of her kind. Her movements denote a lazy, calm demeanour of someone who either has little to worry about or not a lot to look forward to, which is further reflected in her clothing. She favors simple and contrasting tones such as black and white in an attempt to remain unnoticed, and walks quietly from place to place while avoiding needless interactions whenever applicable, like a wandering ghost. Of course having been a hermit for some time, this mostly happens when she's absolutely forced to go out. The style of the clothing can change as the seasons do, though it's mostly linked to whatever she's set her mind to. While not really related to clothes, it's still worth noting how her fingers are ornamented by long black nails as well kept as her also ridiculously long purple mane, arguably her most attractive feature. The length of her ears correlates to her height and this allows her to adorn them with all sorts of trinkets and ornaments typically intended for practical spirituality.

Past her more easily noticeable features one can perceive other careful details such as the outdated tribal markings covering her face, her baggy sleepless eyes and her dark-ish choice for facial glamours. Should one be as unlucky (or maybe otherwise) as to glimpse at more of her bareness many scars would be revealed plaguing the skin of someone who doesn't exactly look like the type to be hunting for this kind of thrill, and most of them can be predicted of being caused by claw, blade and gunshot.


As an eastern sage once said, every person has three different faces to wear in different situations and Koko would be no different. The first face is the one the rest of the world sees: the face of someone who would rather run away from the natural course of things in this world, keeping her interactions to strictly business should they occur. In the rare case of said interactions going a little deeper she shows herself as a cold, distant and distrustful individual with a pre-determined negative view on most things. Not one to mince words, it's not strange for her to rapidly result offensive to other speakers in casual conversations, having a habit of saying things as she sees them, no more and no less, and to look for the ways to undermine and humiliate other people's confidence when enough information is available. All of this adds to her solitary situation, though her actions hint that all of it is intentional, sometimes even being glad of things going the way they do. What becomes really clear from this side of her is that she values reliable knowledge, a drive to discover said knowledge, and in the same way shuns ignorance and intellectual conformism.

The second face is the one only a very few ever see, and currently only two people are fortunate enough to be considered among them. Here is where she feels comfortable and safe, revealing herself to be a calm and homely person who enjoys being left alone and at peace, things both simple and sophisticated, who reads and writes and ponders about the Twelve, philosophy and the meaning of life and other various things of this ilk. Beyond all of that though lies the self-improving will of someone who is aware of the certain possibility of being the head of the family, one day. As such she pampers and spoils those closest to her perhaps too much, at least when she's not enthralled by her most recent obsession, which causes her to remain locked in the same place surrounded by books, looking for something not even her knows well enough. This can go for days, giving way to an intensification of her sickly features. Overall, it's obvious that here she is among those who make up her entire life and as such, she would sacrifice a great deal to keep them out of harm's way.

The third face is the one she only shows to herself.


Things were different.


Things changed a little.


She has cut herself off from the rest of the world and effectively became a hermit in all senses of the word.

Recent RP Events

Family Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance
$ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure


  • The Father ( ) - A very busy man and someone who those close to their family rarely meet. He is said to be obsessed in some sort of crusade, forced by current affairs to a life of wandering. This results in a fairly poor performance when it comes to his fatherly duties, which could be the reason why Kokomi rarely praises or talks about him. All in all, what he does he does for his family even if nobody knows exactly the reasons behind everything, yet.
  • Yuyuki Yuki ( ) - Younger (by a large gap) and only sister. She represents one of the two pillars that support her in her fickle attempts at trying become a better version of herself, not only encouraging her to have a clear defined goal to achieve but also to remind her of the responsibility she will one day have as the potential head of their family. Recent times have proven that the girl still needs to recover somewhat from having grown up without a mother, spoiled by a troubled father with a heart of gold and as a result Koko has become more accustomed to being warm to those she values, having even improved her cooking skills just for her.

Nearest and dearest

  • Nananomi Nomi ( ) - Only friend to remain outside the family, lover and many other dear things to her, he represents the second and last pillar holding the structure together. He is the one man which she has chosen to share quite literally, -all- of her life with, which might appear odd considering the little free spirit of a man he tends to come up as. More trials have been braved by his side, and after a brief spell of courage the two have accepted to become engaged and so, now all they worry about is paving their path to that apparently final goal. Sadly, it seems that his love for her is such that part of his own family might even see her as an inconvenience, keeping their Nananomi away from them for such lengths of time.

Those bound by fate

Everyone else

Those passed on

  • Vijara ( ) - Old colleague who happened to die in front of her and also partly thanks to her. After leading the ceremony of her funeral, she began a slow but steady descent into an obsessive period of constant introspection, which caused her to break away from her old world.


The feeling of being allowed to waste time on purpose, by doing nothing.
Fishing as a hobby, fishing as a therapy, fishing as a food source.
The night, the stars and anything nocturnal.
The arcane, the occult and the aetherial.


Exhaustively strict laws that impede "progress".
Anything coming out of the void.
People as a general entity, especially the demon-like au ra.
Firearms. Lethal, evil firearms.
On rare occasions, herself.


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Vice(s): Not many left
Favorite Food: Not really.
Favorite Drink: Neither.
Favorite Color: Anything that isn't too girly, childish or bright.



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  • "Why in the world are you so interested in asking about my beloved fiancée? I hope you don't intend to cause any trouble for her, because if you are... Not only am I not going to tell you anything but you and I are going to have a serious problem, buddy." ~Nomi



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