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Sharlayan.jpg Nananomi Nomi
Wow it is the nomboy.png
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Sharlayan
Age Late twenties
Deity Thaliak, The Scholar
Vocation Pugilist
Marital Status Ruining his laifu with too many waifus.
Occupation Semi-retired adventurer
Nameday 9th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon

General Information


Current Information.

Current Status:
- Health: Decent with room for improvement.
- Aether: Strong, nothing out of the ordinary.
Current Location: Unknown, currently missing
Current Rumor: "Oh aye, seen him boarding a boat with a bunch of other adventurers moons back and ain't seen him since."
Current Duties:
- Shoulder everyone's burdens and fix all their problems.
- Return from wherever the heck he's disappeared to.


Daily Carry:

2x Steel knives.
1x Pouch containing a varying amount of gil.
4x Leather satchels of varying sizes, containing all sorts.
1x Silver locket.

Frequently Replenished:

16x Throwing knives.
2x Bottles of orange juice.

Rarely Carried:

1x Set of spiked knuckles.

Last updated: Right the heck now

Height: 2 fulms 11 ilms

Weight: An acceptable amount for a Lalafell of his height because who the hell honestly knows how much they're meant to weigh

Complexion: Light.

Hair: Yellow.

Eyes: Also yellow.

By Lalafell standards and certainly not by Balmung standards, Nomi is considered short at a pathetic ninety centimeters or so when stood absolutely straight. Like his sister, his eyes are a brilliant gold and are protected by the same glossy layer all Dunesfolk are blessed with. While on the subject of Dunesfolk, several years spent in Thanalan have resulted in him sporting quite the tan though he still pales in comparison (geddit?) to people who've lived there for the entirety of their lives. Another trait he and his sister share is golden hair that match their eyes pretty darn well, usually kept all bland and boring but NOT ANYMORE! As is customary for the end of character arcs, he changed his hairstyle to something much more radical and wanted ever since it showed up in that one hairstyle contest.
For those whose players made the wrong choice and created anything other than a Lalafell, as well as those of his own race that are a little bit on the dim side, it might prove fairly difficult to discern that Nomi is in fact male without some form of clarification. The lack of facial hair, the androgynous features, the eyeshadow that is never not in perfect condition and the subtle colouring of the lips to bring them out just a little bit more do everything in their power to cause confusion and make him look damn fine at the same time. Though, several years of adventuring have considerably dulled his desire to keep himself looking his best all of the time and it's not too uncommon to see him with dirt on his face and make-up that hasn't been given the usual tending to. Yet somehow, he's found a way to pull that look off too.
Apart from the freckles scattered across his nose and below his eyes, as well as the perpetually darkened nose, there's an absence of anything else noteworthy and scars are no exception to that, which is a bit strange when they're kind of bundled in with the whole adventurer thing. With that said, the rest of his body has a fair few and the nastiest of the bunch is the one on his upper left arm that serves as a wonderful reminder of the time that he was pinned to a wall with a particularly sharp lance. The rest are pretty lame and in fact, are incredibly generic and best described as utterly nondescript
First Contact
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In Good Company
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LOSING LOVED ONES - While yet to happen, too many he cares about have been on death's door and often enough for him to fear it above all else.
LONELINESS - Though blessed with a large family and plenty of friends, he still fears being left all alone.
HOPELESSNESS - As someone so dedicated to trying to fix other people's problems, hope is something he's used to running on. Without it, who knows how he'd fare?
FLYING - Specifically when creatures that can think for themselves are involved, what if they get spooked mid-flight and send him falling to his death?
LOSS OF CONTROL - Whether through magical or physical means, the possibility of being unable to control his body is enough to put him on edge.




Often rubs his nose whenever he's uncomfortable or embarrassed.
Has a very short attention span and is prone to losing interest in just about anything, resulting in a lot of spacing out.
Rather susceptible to sensory overload, mostly when exposed to big crowds or constant, loud noises.
Almost incapable of keeping himself from fidgetting.
Strangely quick to consider other Lalafell he's fond of as family.



READING - Being raised around books since the moment he was born, he's developed a fondness for literature and often takes to poring over countless books whenever he has the time to.
SWIMMING - Perhaps a strange hobby for a Dunesfolk to pick up, but a hobby nonetheless. If there's a deep enough body of water nearby at any given moment, it's likely he'll find an excuse to take a dip.
EXPLORING - Originally a necessity as an unprepared adventurer is a dead one, he now explores solely for the fun of it and to see everything Eorzea has to offer.
RESEARCH - Sharlayan curiosity is a terrible thing and if there's a question to be asked, an answer to be found or merely something that interests him enough, there's a high chance he'll be looking into whatever it is in great detail.
BEING LAZY - Though only twenty-eight, Nananomi is of the opinion that he's old enough and also that he's done enough to earn a long break from just about anything. When nothing else strikes his fancy, expect to find him lazing about somewhere.






Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Just about anything cooked specifically for him.
Favorite Drink: Orange juice.
Favorite Scent: That weird smell that happens after it rains, even though it's not actually a specific thing he's smelling but whatever.
Favorite Place: His home in Mist.



PAIR OF STEEL KNIVES - A completely unremarkable set of knives, prized for their effectiveness and lovingly maintained.
THROWING KNIVES - Often replenished whenever circumstances allow, these troublesome things allow Nomi to stab people when he can't actually reach them. Awful.
HIMSELF - Having trained under various mentors and at the Pugilist's guild for quite some time, he's quite the able combatant when unarmed.


ARCANIMA - Once a dedicated member of the Arcanist's guild, he still retains a decent understanding of the art... Though, will rarely willingly use it.


EXTREMELY BASIC ALCHEMY - Knowing only enough to make the kinds of ink required for Arcanima, it's unfair on every serious practitioner of the art to even say he has knowledge of how alchemy works.
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"We're friends. I think. He's a pretty decent guy and I wouldn't let anyone hurt him." ~Lydix Notki
bright smile "Nomi? Ah, yes, I do know him. I've only spoken with him a few times, but I already consider him a friend. Just astonishingly charming.'re not asking because he stole something from you, are you?" ~Lucky Mewrilah
"I once saw Nomi battle a dragon single handedly, you know. Had a spear twice his length and jumped twice as high as the spires of Limsa Lominsa themselves. With the power of a comet, and the fierce glare of resolution, he pierced right through it's chromatic scales. The heavens parted afterwards, and a light shined down upon him. I think after that, he chugged a bottle of orange juice and proclaimed, 'He won't be dragon me down any more....' Truly an inspiration." ~Xehn'a Hmyr
"He is very agreeable, truly. Ah-- charming, one might say, and trustworthy. When he talks, I just want to be quiet and listen." ~Flora Valerian
"Don't be so naive. All of the praise he gets, yet none of it right. All of the redeeming qualities, conveniently forgotten and left behind. Why? Probably the same reason you would try to forget that horrible thing that happened to you when you were a child, or anything slightly disgusting. Life is disgusting, so are we. He is no different, and that is why I appreciate him in a better way than you could ever do." ~Hooded Mist resident
"Mr. Nomi is... ah, where do I begin? He certainly has a mischievous side, but he also has a bunch of other sides. Like, ah, one of those pies where each slice is secretly a different pie, but you like them all so it ends up being something really special? Either way, I'm truly, really, very glad to have met him." ~D'ranmaia Shenn
"I feel so comfortable sharing pretty much anything with Nomi. Even dark secrets I'd never share. He'll understand. And no, I will not tell you where he's hiding even if I knew. No matter what." ~Arblis Ellhis
"He's but a harmless child with good intentions, but know that good intentions pave the way to the hells. You would do well not to forget that." ~Nonotome Tototome
"We share many things, him and me. Though, that's him and me. Not you and him, nor me and you, no. In other words; Not telling." ~Nonope Nope
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Seasoned Adventurer
Shortly after the Calamity, he and his sister left their parents and home behind to seek their own fortunes and see just what the world has to offer. Many years later, Nananomi has seen and been through much and more in his time spent travelling the world, the countless jobs he's undertaken resulting in all kinds of contacts from all walks of life. There are sure to be rivals, friends and perhaps even outright enemies that still live to this day.
The Bookstore Owners' Son
Those with an interest in books may have visited his family's bookstore in Ul'dah, both his home and place of work since he was old enough to help out. Really not much else to say on this one, I guess?
A Seeker of Truth and Knowledge
Like any old Sharlayan, the mysteries and intricacies of everything have his insatiable curiosity piqued. This unsurprisingly results in constant visits to places of learning, archaelogical digsites, the sites of historic events and so on. Practically anything intrigues him, really. Fellow nerds may have run into him, been pestered by him for information, worked with or even worked for.
Freelancing for the Maelstrom
Though not an actual member of the Maelstrom, he's done plenty of work for them over the years. The Frontline campaigns are a personal favourite of his and it's rather a common sight to see him sporting the Maelstrom's colours and doing everything in his power to grind the opposition into dust, or atleast something resembling dust since they're still training excercises at the end of the day. His deeds haven't gone unnoticed either and he's got quite the track record, almost like the player lives only for PVP. (He does. He also wishes things stayed as they were.)




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