Moenlona Yssenwyn

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Moenlona Yssenwyn
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Gender Female
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Nickname Mooneyes
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Born into slavery to the merchants of Ul'dah, Moenlona is a quiet and reserved female Roegadyn that has only recently experienced freedom with the passing of Johan Vayn, her most recent master. Though skilled with a spear and physically powerful, Moenlona often chooses to avoid confrontation whenever possible. There are rumors that she was involved with a cult when she was younger, but very few people know the spefics.


Moenlona is extremely tall, even by Roegadyn standards, and built of rugged muscle that has been forged through a lifetime of hard work and combat training. Her skin is shockingly pale, and covered with hundreds of scars. Primarily on her hands and arms, the majority of her scars are the result of manual labor. There are however dozens of deep whip marks across her back, a lasting reminder of her time as a slave. Often hastily styled, her white hair is a shade lighter than her skin, falling across her face haphazardly when it isn't pulled back. Though she often keeps them hidden, Moenlona's eyes are by far her most shocking feature. Bone white during the full moon, they dim slightly with each phase of the moon, until they reach pitch black during the new moon. Those close to her have nicknamed her 'Mooneyes' as a term of endearment, though many wonder what causes such a strange change in pigment.


Moenlona is quiet and reserved to a fault, a personality trait that she developed over years of serving as a slave to masters and mistresses that preferred that she be seen rather than heard. Though she rarely speaks, she always listens, paying keen attention to conversations going on around her. This desire to keep abreast of everything that is going on around her however often makes her uncomfortable in large social gatherings, where the number of conversations quickly becomes more than she can keep track of. Her expression is often placid, even in the face of confrontation or danger, leading many to believe that this 'mask' that she wears is a sign that she keeps her emotions closely guarded. Very slow to anger, Moenlona often bears any insult or provocation without reaction, and willingly accepts injury rather than retaliating. It is only in the defense of others that the mask that she wears cracks, showing the slightest glimpse of her true nature.


Though she prefers to avoid confrontation, Moenlona is a fierce combatant. Her massive frame and physically powerful build grant her an impressive level of strength and endurance. However, what many don't realize is that just because she is big, doesn't mean that she is slow. Trained to be a performer at a young age by one of her first masters, she is surprisingly graceful and quick on her feet, an edge that often catches many of her foes off guard. Though she is trained in the art of fighting with a spear, she shows much more capability with the axe. This is most likely due to its functional similarities to the logging axe and mining pick that she has used all of her life, but also because it is the only weapon that allows her to use her full strength.


Likes: Peace, Quiet, Meditation, Music, Bathing, Reading, Writing

Dislikes: Confrontation, Large crowds, Aetheric Weapons, Slavers, Beastmen, Bullies

Hobbies & TalentsMoenlona has very few things that could be considered a hobby. Outside of reading, almost all of her free time is spent out in the field gathering goods, another hold over from her time as a slave. Moenlona is actually the name that she adopted for herself because many of the other slaves took to calling her that due to how much time she would spend gathering by moonlight. This work ethic was one of the traits that allowed her luxuries during her time as a slave, and as such it is a continuing source of pride to her..



  • Yssen Van (Adoptive Father):  Yssen is the closest thing to a father that Moenlona has ever known, surpassing even the few kind masters that she has served under in the past. When she was found by Hope in the blasted remains of Carteneau, Yssen was the one that carried her from the battlefield and saw to it that her wounds were tended to. In the years following the calamity, Moenlona came to trust and respect Yssen as she would her own flesh and blood, and now considers herself to be his adoptive daughter. Though she often finds herself unable to comprehend the way that Yssen interacts with her, she loves him all the same.
  • Hope Van (Little Sister): Hope is the little sister that Moenlona always wished that she could have. There have been other young girls in the past that she could have shared that kind of connection with, but many of them were stolen away from her by nature of the slave trade. Taking an instant liking to Hope when she was recovering from her injuries, she has grown to love the spunky troublemaker. She often wonders if all of the training that Hope does with Yssen is really the best for her, worrying that the life that Yssen lives may be too perilous for her young sister. However, she does what she can to be supportive, and to help the little scamp cash the checks that her mouth writes.


  • Endricane Feltaro:With the exception of a few interactions with Endricane outside of Soliloquy, Moenlona really doesn't know much about the man except that he is a friend of her friends. Nevertheless, she came to the aid of the others in order to rescue him from the clutches of his enemies.
  • Xenedra Ambreaus:Xenedra is one of the first people that Moenlona interacted with when she moved from Ul'dah to Limsa Lominsa. She had taken a chance on finding a good place to find eat and drink, and had wandered into Soliloquy almost completely at random. Finding Xenedra's playful and friendly manner appealing, she chose to have dinner at the tavern and has been coming back ever since. There is a lot about Xenedra's antics that Moenlona doesn't really appreciate, but she respects the young Miqo'te all the same.
  • Endemerrin Rosethorne:The leader of Blue Skies and Xenedra's boyfriend, Moenlona only knows him by his association with Xenedra and has never really interacted with him personally. From what she has seen, she feels that he is a good enough person, but questions whether he would be a good leader.
  • Kassandra Dawn:Kassandra Dawn is the owner of a local apothecary that Moenlona has recently agreed to work for on a contract basis. Always in need of the various herbs and ores that can be gathered in La Noscea, Kassandra is the primary source of work that Moenlona does to support herself.


 Common Rumors (Easily overheard):

  • “That girl must be rich, she spends every waking hour out in the fields."
  • “I wonder when she actually sleeps, I've seen her working at dawn and long into the night”
  • “Don't bother chasing her man, she's a giant cock blocker. That way is SHUT.”

 Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear):

  • “I heard that she once punched a Vanguard to death, barehanded.”
  • “That girl must have a huge sweet tooth, she's always buying bubble chocolates.”
  • “I've heard that she was a slave in Ul'dah. I wonder how she got free...”

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard):

  • “I heard that she killed her first master. Murdered him.”
  • “Is it true that her eyes change color?”
  • “I'm serious! She writes those steamy novels that you read all the time!"

Player Character Rumors (If you want to share one, feel free)

  • “I never knew Menphina was a Roegadyn~"
  • "I hear she once suffocated a man using only her chest~"


The Past

  • Born a Slave:Before she was even born, Moenlona was already a slave. She was promised to a merchant in Ul'dah by her parents in exchange for forgiveness of their debt. The merchant had told her parents that he had intended to raise the girl as his own, since his own progeny had succumbed to illness. And for a while, he did just that, raising her from infancy with the help of his servants and seeing to it that she was educated. In reality, the merchant was a sympathizer of the Lambs of Dalamud, and was simply biding his time until the Lambs came to collect her for their sacrifice. When she was 12, that fateful day came and she was 'stolen' from her home by the cults agents, whisked away into the night to the hidden headquarters of the cult. In the end, it was only through the intervention of a group of adventurers that her life was spared, and her former master was slain. Returned to Ul'dah without any family, her slave contract was reclaimed by the guild and she was sold off to another owner.
  • Raised a Slave:Over the course of the years, Moenlona's slave contract changed hands several times. The story was always the same, that the girl just didn't live up to their expectations. Her work ethic was never a problem, but as she grew and matured, her size ill suited the qualities that many of her owners were looking for. Additionally, many of the people that had purchased her were unsettled by her eyes, which the guild intentionally kept hidden during slave auctions. Eventually, her contract was sold to the owner of a mining group, and for years she spent her days hauling ore from the depths of mines all over Eorzea. It was during this time that she met her final master, Johan Vayn.
  • Die a Slave:Johan had met Moenlona several times over the course of the years, always in passing. There was a profound sadness in her that had always called out to him, something about the way that she carried herself that made him think that she needed to be rescued. When he came across her working in the mines by chance, he knew that he could not allow this opportunity pass him by. Purchasing her contract immediately, he led her out of the mines for the first time in what felt like forever. Though she followed Johan loyally as a companion, she had a hard time unlearning the behavior that she had been conditioned with since she was a child, much to his chagrin. Their time together was short however, as the invasion of the Garlean Empire and the subsequent fall of Dalamud brought about the death of Johan, and left Moenlona teetering on the brink of death. With his dying words, Johan absolved Moenlona of her slave contract, freeing her at last from slavery. Some time after the dust had settled, Moenlona was discovered on the battlefield by a pair of scavengers: Yssen and Hope Van.
  • Reborn:Dragged from the battlefield by Yssen and Hope, Moenlona was nursed back to health over the course of the next year. Her injuries had been severe, confining her to a bed for the first six months of her recovery. Over the course of this time, Moenlona was nursed back to health in more ways than one by Hope, who was her constant companion and a source of not only amusement, but wisdom. Though youth, Hope was much more mature than Moenlona in many ways, and little by little she managed to break away the shell that Moenlona had been hiding within for so long. Five years after the calamity, Moenlona now lives in a modest home in Limsa Lominsa, having moved from Ul'dah to avoid the constant harassment of Guild members that would mistakenly assume her slave brand meant that they could take advantage of her. She has spent a great deal of time training with both Yssen and Hope, and has become a formidable fighter. Still preferring to avoid conflict, she often runs contrary to the wishes of her adoptive father, but does what she can to help.

Other Notes

Much of this information is OOC, but is listed here for the sake of record

Mooneyes:The Lambs of Dalamud ritual that was thwarted by the adventurers was almost complete, and tied the Aetheric flow within Moenlona to the heavenly bodies above. The changing of her eye color is a side effect of this connection, and is an indication of the level of Aether in her body. This effects her in subtle ways, resulting in general lethargy and ennui during New Moons, and an almost manic level of excitement and motivation during full moons.

Aetheric Aversion:Due to the changes to the Aetheric flow in her body, Moenlona has a difficult time being around Aetheric Weapons and Armor. When in the presence of such items, she hears a faint whispering around her that grows louder and louder with each item. This has never risen beyond the point of being an inconvenience, but it has instilled within her a belief that the magic in Aetheric weapons are in fact the trapped essence of other people.

All Night Owl:Except in cases of extreme fatigue, from such things as extended periods of fighting or heavy labor, Moenlona never sleeps. She sustains herself on the energy flow within her body, and spends many of her 'sleeping' hours locked away in her room. When she does sleep, she is often the victim of night terrors, which could be another contributing factor to her choice to remain awake.