Niko'lai Lynxion

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Gridania-transparent.png Niko'lai Lynxion
Niko Bust.jpg
"Hold on loosely and
I'll always be within your grasp"
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Gridania
Place of birth Gyr Abania
Guardian Menphina, the Lover
Server Balmung



Classic Sprite Version
  • Name: Niko'lai
  • Nickname: Niko
  • Age: 30
  • Nameday: Second Sun of the Fifth Astral Moon (9/2)
  • Tribe: Keeper of the Moon
  • Laterality: Right Handed
  • Guardian: Nophica, the Matron


  • Height: 5 fulms 9 ilums (176cm)
  • Weight: 170 ponz
  • Build: Average. More body hair than the average Miqo'te.
  • Complexion: pale.
  • Hair: Copper-reddish, and disheveled. Long Sideburns and chin scruff.
  • Eyes: Malachite Green


Despite a traumatic past, Niko is often upbeat and cheerful. He enjoys making others laugh, and will often play the fool to amuse his friends. He is almost never seen without his trademark wrist cuffs. He tends to be very physical, and will often stay in very close proximity to his friends.  



  • Eating: he has a voracious appetite.
  • Leisure: Whether it be a mid-day nap, or an afternoon swim, Niko spends most of his day relaxing.
  • Affection: Niko'lai is extremely affectionate towards his friends, and flirtatious to strangers/aquaintences.


  • Crowds, especially crowds of strangers
  • Being alone
  • The Empire


  • Niko'lai has psychic and empathic abilities native to his tribe, amplified by Garlean Tech.
  • Possessing a very keen sense of smell and hearing, Nikolai is an excellent hunter and tracker.
  • Singing and playing the lute: He will sometimes burst into song when inspired.
  • Adventuring/Exploring: Not one to stay in one place for too long, he enjoys venturing out into the often dangerous fringes of civilization.


PC Rumors

  • "I think Niko might actually have pudding for a brain. So far the condition hasn't proven fatal." - Rheah'na Serras, noted expert on pudding
  • "Niko'lai is a good man and a grand friend. Incredibly blunt about his intentions but always well meaning." - Zanin Briggs
  • "Niko is like a God! He knows so much about everything and is the best of protectors!" - Sashana Star

NPC Rumors

  • "Ah, Niko! Fine lad, he is. Excellent taste in spirits and good fer lifting yours when needed." -Buscarron


Before the Calamity

Niko'lai was born in 1547 of the Sixth Astral Era in a small commune in the mountains of Gyr Abania. His clan consisted of 3 small Moon Keeper families. He has a twin brother, Mika'ial Lynxion and several sisters and cousins. Being twins, and male twins, at that, their births would portend an uncertain omen for the tribe. Almost every keeper in their small village was possessed of various degrees of special gifts: unnaturally keen senses, strong intuition, and a sensitivity to aether that manifested in a sort of sixth sense. Niko'lai and Mika'ial were especially prodigious in these talents. Innately intuitive and empathetic, the young boys were regarded with equal parts fear and admiration.

Alas, the gifts of this peaceful tribe drew the attentions of the empire, and having their sights set on the subjugation of Eorzea, these gifts were desired as a means to their nefarious ends. When he was only 8 he and his brother were captured by a cruel Elezen named Honoroit Dolet. Dolet was a Garlean sympathizer, and had advanced knowledge of both Aetheric energy and technology. He founded a research facility under the guise of an orphanage. For two years they were held prisoner and lived in isolation with the man in a tower, where they were forced to use their abilities to manipulate the minds of others, and draw information out of their memories and dreams. Niko'lai was subjected to painful and terrifying experiments, and grafted with special magitek implants that augmented his gifts even further.

In the year 1557, when Niko was 10 Dolet sent the boy off to the Imperial Army, where his now augmented abilities were used as a weapon. He was caged like an animal ,helpless to the Imperial agents that forced him to do their bidding: pry information out of the minds of others, indoctrinate government officials, and create chaos that inevitably led to the overthrow of the city-state's ruling class. After Ala Mhigo was secure in the empire's hands, Niko was offered a place in the Garlean military. Through his naturally charismatic nature, he won over his former captors. Niko was charged with several covert missions, which he performed remarkably in. From rooting out the resistance forces, to indoctrinating new "recruits", Niko'lai played many different roles, and played them well. Having earned the trust of the Empire, he began secretly working with the resistance force as a double agent.

After 10 long years of servitude to the empire, he saw an opportunity to escape. Staging a riot, he created enough of a distraction to escape the clutches of the Garleans with the help of the Ala Mhigan resistance force. Hijacking a flying imperial Juggernaut, he managed to elude his captors. He returned home, praying for a tearful reunion, and end to the madness. But when he arrived, the mountain village was no more. If there were any among his family left alive, he didn't have a single clue as to where to begin. Crushed but not broken, He decided that he would become a traveller, searching for his estranged family members. As the years went on without any leads, Niko'lai began to doubt that he would ever see them again. Longing for the love and companionship that a family could provide, he decided the next best thing is to create a family of close friends.

Worried about recapture by the hands of the empire, he fled to Gridania, and met a clan of young Keepers. While his relations with most of the clanfolk was positive, there were many who did not trust him, or any outsiders for that matter. Despite rivalries and shaky alliances, he coexisted with the tribe, learning to hunt and trap with a bow and arrow, and track just about anything or anyone. When Dalmud fell, The tribe was wiped out in the ensuing inferno, leaving Niko once again alone and without a family to start anew. But as the realm was reborn, so to were Niko'lai's hopes of reuniting with the family he lost, and fate may yet grant him the family he desires.

After the Calamity

During a chance meeting, he met Sashana Star. The two formed a strong an inseparable bond immediately and became traveling companions. Niko took Sashana to many exotic and diverse places around Eorzea, sharing his stories and adventures. As the two spent more time together, Niko aquired a strong trust and unconditional love for the young girl. The two shared stories about their traumatic history, and in doing so Niko realized that Sashana was actually his youngest sister, who was yet unborn the last time he saw his family. Niko'lai vowed that he would keep her safe as long as he should live.

Companions of Note

  • Zanin Briggs: Best Friend, and confidant, almost to the point of being a second conscience for Niko. Dubbed "Pack Brother". An Uld'ahn ex-gladiator, he turned away from his violent past to become a healer. Zanin is committed to helping Niko'lai find his way in life.
  • Tristan Reilley(Deceased): A former lover, and close ally. Tristan was an outspoken Hyur who was highly sociable. Niko played an important role in helping Tristan and Zanin recognize their love for one another, and they became important role models for Niko'lai, who became inspired by their commitment to one another. The happiness the two shared was not to last however, as tristan sacrificed himself to save Zanin during an attack."
  • Rheah'na Serras: A fiery female Keeper. Lighthearted, carefree, and hardly modest, she has captured NIko's attention since their fist hunt. While she is often seen teasing Niko'lai, and occasionally lighting his tail on fire, she is also quick to turn that fire on anyone who would wish harm on him.
  • Sashana Star: A plucky young Miqo'te girl whose upbeat attitude belies a much more complex nature. Sashana is Niko's youngest biological sister. He is very protective of her, although not to the point of being overbearing, as he knows that she values freedom just as much as he does.
  • Tiergan Vashir: As a former slave and captive of the empire, Tiergan has a lot of history in common with Niko'lai. While very accepting of Tiergan, Niko often makes it his personal duty to remove Tiergan from stressful situations and push him past his comfort zone, to varying degrees of success. Niko'lai had a very emotional connection and deep feelings for Tiergan, but after attempting to forge a romantic relationship with the other man, it was clear that neither of them were ready for the commitment or emotional baggage that comes with, and they went their separate ways.
  • Yune Tabrisviel: A petite, slender Miqo'te that Niko met while stopping in Gridania after a hunt. He felt strangely compelled to talk to her as she had the look of somebody who was lost in the world. Since then, their paths seem to be inexplicably intertwined. What do the bonds of fate have in store for these two? Only time will tell.


  • Vylbrand Academy:(Unsing Heroes Free company) Niko was once enrolled in the Vylbrand Academy with Tristan, Zanina, and Rheah'na, but left due to disagreements with the headmistress.
  • Aeon A mysterious collective of individuals who are linked through a shared consciousness with each other

Wanted for role playing

Niko is searching for his family. Any keeper of the Moon tribe who is from Gyr Abania (Ala Mhigo) might have a connection.

Niko is not content to Hang around the quicksand all day, so I always like RPing in new and different spots.