Nortyrzirn Iyrnblaet

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 Nortyrzirn Iyrnblaet
Zirn and his Companion, Mussy
The Stalwart Fisher

Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan 75% Hellsguard / 25% Sea Wolf
Citizenship La Noscea
Age Appears late 30's (real age unknown)
Occupation Puller
Orientation Homosexual
Alignment Tempered Good
Nickname(s) Nort, Norbit, Zirn
Height/Weight 8 fulmes / 350 ponz


Nortyrzirn Iyrnblaet (Pronunciation: Nort-eer-zirn Eye-urn-blat), This is not a small Roe by any stretch of the imagination. At first glance one might only be willing to see a hulking beast of muscle, a veritable immovable object given that obviously sturdy build. He stands at least eight fulmes, probably a little over that, with wide shoulders and thick appendages. He appears Sea Wolf to most with his blue-grey skin, however those with a keen eye might take note of the red tones in his hair and the deep red shade of his eyes. He’s probably a halfbreed. Beyond that he has no natural buoyancy, his build is as solid as it appears, and he’ll sink like a stone in deep water.

Those who are sensitive to one’s natural aura might notice the man’s calmness, obviously very slow to anger. His patience stretches far and long, and he seems capable of taking a considerable amount of stress under any situation before reacting. Physically he shows great care in his movements, never moving too fast nor using too much strength to complete any task and shows a constant concern for the world around him as if afraid he might break something.

He is most often garbed in leather Puller’s gear, well-worn tired. This outfit carries the scents of the water, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Some may deem this overpowering – a very obvious smell that follows the Roe everywhere. When he is not in his Puller’s garb, he can sometimes be seen wearing a bold red overcoat and red glasses, making him a standout figure in a crowd.


Nortyrzirn’s body shape is heavily-muscled and solid. A large figure. He is a lot heavier than he seems (and he seems heavy to begin with). There are some areas where the muscle is seemingly softer or perhaps…thicker. Certainly he’s not letting himself go at all, right? His skin is a rich shade of blue-grey, reminding most of the sea, however the flesh is also slightly rough to the touch and seems to emit natural heat like a furnace.

His hair and eyes are more noticeably Hellsguard in origin – black hair, thick like a wolf, with streaks of natural red, and deep red eyes that seem to flicker like slow dying embers. These are a far cry from other Sea Wolves. Less noticeable is his weight, his muscles dense enough that he is almost incapable of swimming in deeper waters. Hellsguard tend to have denser muscle structures than their Sea Wolf brothers.

He dons a scar on his face, old and weathered though fairly noticeable. Three claw marks tear down the left side of his jaw, from his cheekbone down, leaving track marks through his beard. His nose seems crooked, as if it has been broken more than once and wasn’t healed right. He’s missing half of his right middle finger. The skin along his knuckles is raw and worn and unpleasantly rough to the touch.


Calm. Patient. Constant. Zirn is a man of seemingly unending patience. He is content to remain quiet and watch, or keep himself busy with even the most menial tasks, though he’s quick (and quite happy) to strum up a conversation or meet those around him. He shows no outward desire for combat nor does he openly display desires of lust or fleshy wants. Overall he seems to be a very passive, relaxed man.

In private, however, one might discover that he’s quite boisterous. He enjoys physical contact (sexual or platonic) and seems content to talk about everything or nothing.

He has a natural, kneejerk protective instinct. He will actively and swiftly put himself between danger and those he deems innocent, and has found himself in heaps of trouble more than once for this behavior.


Meeting People. He loves getting to meet new people, and will sometimes go out of his way to do so.

Fishing. Something that he can be found doing often. He can spend hours or even days at a time standing knee-deep in a body of water waiting for that perfect-catch. Mostly he enjoys the fresh air and open spaces that comes with a life of fishing.

Physical Contact. Sexual or platonic, Zirn is happy to share hugs or contact with those around him. He's used to being used as a chair or a personal heater, and rarely complains about this.

Naps. Who doesn't love a good nap? If the man isn't fishing, he's probably napping.


Sahagin. He and Sahagin just plain don't get along.

Aggressive Behavior. Though he's very used to seeing this, he doesn't enjoy seeing aggressive or 'Alpha' behavior from those around him. He sees little need for anyone to behave that way, though he'll very likely remain quiet unless it becomes dangerous to others.

Closed/Small Spaces. He becomes quickly nervous and uncomfortable. Obviously claustrophobic. He rarely stays indoors for any length of time.

Open Water. Being out on a boat or trapped in open water makes him equally nervous, perhaps even fearful.


Curious. He's always ready and willing to learn about people. He will happily ask friends and companions questions to strengthen their bond.

Strength. Literal physical strength. If Zirn hits something, chances are it'll do some damage (though no he can't break rocks with his bare fists).

Solid. Zirn is a solid weight. He's very difficult (near impossible) to move.

Patience. He's got patience for days. It takes a lot to really upset this man, meaning that he'll very rarely start or be involved in trouble without good reason.


Intelligence. Though very far from dumb, Zirn is not a scholar nor does he have immense worldly knowledge.

Speed. Zirn is not physically very fast, making it very easy for others to outrun him.

Agility. Due to the build of Zirn's body structure, he is neither flexible or dexterous. He can no more do a flip than he can sprout wings and fly.

Arthritis. Though he doesn't make it openly known, Zirn has arthritis in his hands and knees that further adds to his lack of speed and agility.


This is a list of the Companions that Zirn can often be found with.

Last Updated: 2/16/16.

  • Dagger: A great blue Wyvern with an intricate color pattern. Dagger can be aggressive towards those who approach him without Zirn nearby.

  • Mussy: A small Galecat that is still scrawny though obviously getting thickened up. He is a recent addition to Zirn's little family.


Publically, Zirn’s combat style is unknown. He is rarely found in situations that cause him to be aggressive, and during those rare times that he is he handles the situation swiftly. It is rarer still to find him casting magic.

Nortyrzirn was raised among Hellsguard and grew up learning their combat styles. Spending many years of his life fighting the Voidsent beside his brothers-in-arms, his fighting style evolved according to those he would often find at his side. With few comrades in battle, his style was defensive – he favored shields crafted of aetherically charged metal. During larger fights where he had more numbers on his side, he became more aggressive and left his shield behind to have better control of his blade. Regardless of this, all Hellsguard use magic as a natural part of their combat style, typically fire as it is the most common Aether Element available in the deep reaches of the Spine.

Zirn’s grasp of magic is, comparatively, weak. Many of his brothers and those of his clan favored magic over steel, though he had no doubt of his place among them. He has a strong respect for mages of all kinds, and deems to never use his skills in combat against an ally – even for sparring. There were always plenty of Voidsent to practice one’s skills against.

Even among his own kind, however, Zirn was always the slowest to resort to violence. Because of this he has been called cowardly, especially once he left his home to explore the world outside of the Spine. It is very easy to misconstrue his lack of desire for combat as fearful, cowardly, or even pacifistic, however those who know the man well understand that he has seen more than enough violence in his life.


Though rarely seen at his side any longer, Zirn’s sword appears somewhat different than a standard Eorzean blade might. It is longer and heavier than a standard one-handed sword, though Zirn is full capable of wielding it with a single-hand (favoring his left hand). The metal used to forge the blade makes it naturally hot to the touch (hotter than most can handle for more than a few seconds), and the hilt is thicker than most and anyone but a full grown Roe would have a very hard time handling the blade.

Beyond this, the blade itself is a dull silver hue with intricately designed fullers carved into the metal. The fullers are covered with a carefully tempered layer of glass, and a discerning eye might find that there is room for liquid which is added from the base of the hilt. Due to his people’s constant struggle with fighting the Voidsent, their blades, shields, and armor have been outfitted to contain special draughts designed to weaken or even harm the Voidsent. This liquid is completely harmless to normal people.


His shield is a bulky looking thing, a whopping thirty ponz of pure metal. The face of it has obviously seen a considerable amount of wear and tear, donning scars and dents along its weary face. Though silver in appearance, it no longer shines beneath the light. To many it might look as if the tired old piece of metal should be replaced, however the metal itself is still sturdy and solid, well-maintained despite its weathered look.

Much like his blade, the shield has groves etched into the surface of the metal designed to house the draughts used to combat the Voidsent. Beyond this, there are names carved on the inside of the shield above the holsters for his arm, though these are old and perhaps difficult to read.


His armor is fitted exactly for his body, though it hasn’t been refitted in some time which leaves it sagging in some places, hinting that there was once more muscle. The metal here, unlike his sword and shield, are black. The main body is comprised of tightly woven chain-mail, though the chest, shoulders, and back have a top layer of heavy plate painted a deep red. There is more than enough room along the joints to allow for forceful forward movement. The pants are mostly chain, with plate to cover the groin and knees. The boots are solid plate and appear uncomfortable to walk in. The helmet appears to be missing…

The armor itself is designed to take a considerable amount of damage. It gives him almost complete protection against slashing and blunt strikes, however a piercing blow may have more luck.


Shield Slam. Just as the name implies, Zirn lashes out horizontally with his shield. This is always intended to be a stunning or disabling blow and is often more than enough to throw an opponent on their ass if this lands.

Slashing/Blunt Resistance. Though not an ability per-say, when wearing his armor Zirn has a considerable amount of defense towards slashing or blunt strikes.

Sturdy. Also known as ‘turtling,’ this is Zirn’s main style of fighting when he doesn’t want to hurt his opponent. Due to his solid weight and choice of stance, he’s content to settle in and let his opponent exhaust themselves mentally and physically.

Two-Hander. His most aggressive stance, and something only seen when he’s well and truly pissed. He’ll abandon his shield and wield his sword with both hands, giving him a frightening amount of power to his swings.


Nortyrzirn was born between a pureblooded Hellsguard, and a halfbreed Sea Wolf. His father, Iron Blood, had lost his mate, Furious Mountain, years before during a battle with the Voidsent. Together, the pair had four children of pure Hellsguard blood. However it was during a trip away from the Spine that Iron Blood met Agatberk Byldaegwyb, a young half-blooded Sea Wolf woman. It was after a night of drinking that Nortyrzirn was conceived, and nearly a year later that he was born. Agatberk was young, free spirited, and not ready for motherhood. She tracked down Iron Blood, gave the newborn to him, and promptly left the pair to their fate.

Iron Blood gave his new son the name Nortyrzirn to honor his Sea Wolf origins, and the color of his skin. The name translated to Northern Fury, homage to his late mate. Sadly, however, even from the time he was born, Nortyrzirn was seen only as a motherless halfblood. His own brothers refused to see him as kin, and for many years while growing up, only his father looked at him with affection. However Zirn was a calm and curious soul and, over many years, grew on the other members of his father’s clan. He was taught proper combat against the Voidsent, and proved himself to be a valuable defender. Eventually even his brothers came to accept him.

At the age of thirty, Nortyrzirn lost his father to age. Despite knowing that he was still accepted among his clan, the man chose to take his leave to explore the world outside of the Spine for the first time. He left behind his defender’s helmet as a promise to his clan that his spirit would always return to protect them no matter what.

His first years out in the vast world were difficult. His patience was tested in new ways, along with his will and his abilities. He had nobody to call friend or comrade, and spent more than a few nights hungry. However he chooses to believe it was by the Twelve’s will that he wandered upon Viverelle’s Bordello… He had never seen a proper whore house before, and his first reaction was disgust that anyone would sell their bodies so readily. Though he had no desire to pay for the services of another body, he got a room for the night and shortly after he laid down to rest became aware of a commotion from one of the other rooms. He barged in to find a man trying to harm one of the Courtesans with a knife, and threw himself into the fray without thought.

After subduing the assailant, he helped to calm the wounded Courtesan and met Viverelle for the first time. She was a strong woman with a dominating presence, and though she was not a Roe woman by blood, Zirn couldn’t help but think she had the spirit of one. She offered Nortyrzirn a job as a guard for her Courtesans, with room and board. Though still uneasy at the idea of selling oneself for money, he didn’t pass up the opportunity and agreed to guard them.

It didn’t take long for Zirn to come to realize that Viverelle and her Courtesans were more of a close family than much else. The men and women who offered themselves seemed proud to do so, and seemed to love their job. Many of them bore difficult pasts, but seemed more than happy with where they ended up. During nights where a Courtesan didn’t have a client, many came to Zirn’s bed for company and a warm body to sleep beside, so used to having another in their bed.

Zirn remained at the Bordello for several years, finding peace and happiness among his little mismatched family. However one-by-one, the Courtesans left in search of the next chapter of their life. Some found proper mates, some sought adventure, others just deemed it time to move on. Eventually Viverelle closed down the Bordello with the desire to return to her home proper, which left Zirn with a need to move on.


One of the Courtesans had kept in contact with Nortyrzirn after he had left south to Eorzea in search of a new life. When the letters ceased, Zirn went to investigate and was saddened to find his friend had left the world of the living. After seeing to a proper burial, he met his first friend in Eorzea, a young Miqo’te who seemed rather happy at the Roe’s very presence. At this time, the man has deemed there to be no reason to leave, and has taken up fishing to keep his coin purse full.


Hello, my name is Julie and I’m 25 years old. A few things you might want to know about me before making a decision to RP with my and my character: Yes I am a female playing a gay male (I know that this bothers some people so I’m happy to be completely upfront about this), I am a professional writer IRL (Technical and Creative), and I am happily married (which means please, don’t try flirting with me OOCly). I tend to be very easy-going, and I’m far from a stickler for grammar/spelling – however I do very much prefer believable characters and situations.


I Don’t RP With People Under 18. This is one of my few hard rules. If I find out you’re under 18 (i.e. you’ve been lying to me) I will end the RP immediately. I have my own reasons for this and I ask you to respect that.
Lore Friendly. In essence, XIV’s lore is still being created and added. When I ask that you (and your character) be lore-friendly I just mean that you do some research before you go trying to make a complicated character or storyline, or be willing to adjust things that aren’t supported by lore.
We All Have Real Lives. Real life comes first. Always. I realize that you probably don’t want to spend all of your time RPing, so please understand that the same goes for me. I can be easily annoyed if you constantly badger me for RP. However please don’t take this to mean ‘don’t ever ask me’ because that’s not the case, just don’t ask me every 10 minutes after I’ve already said no.
IC Drama is Good, OOC Drama is Not. If it ever comes to pass that you find an RP stressful or not-fun, please bring it up to me so we can solve it early. Letting this fester is what leads to OOC BS that just makes everyone angry. I promise you I’m a big girl, and I can handle being told ‘I don’t like this RP.’
Story is Love. I love a good, well thought-out RP storyline. I have no problem helping you you’re your storyline, regardless of your character. All you have to do is let me know.


Overall, I'm pretty chill as far as guidelines go. I don't have an extensive list of 'Do's or 'Don't's. So chances are, you won't offend me or make me uncomfortable unless you're trying to or just being really skeevy in general. Still, for the sake of making sure everyone's on the same page here, let me make a few mentions in particular:


”Special Snowflakes.” On a breakdown, if your character is stupidly complicated or crazy-amazing in every single way known to man, you might be a Special Snowflake. Do you always have to win a fight? Are you a Voidsent/Voidtouched/Black Mage/White Mage/Red Mage/Azure Dragoon/etc? You might be a Special Snowflake.
”Meet and Fuck.” If you’re only interested in ERP, feel free to go find a player from Roses. I have no problem with adult oriented RP, but there has to be something deeper involved, some sort of story.
”Futas.”Basically if you’re a ‘chick with a dick’ or have hyper-endowments, I’m not interested. This is for both intimate and non-intimate RP, I just don’t do that. Intersex characters are alright so long as they’re realistically proportioned and not hyper-sexual.


Help With Lore. Got a lore question or need some help with a character or story design? I will absolutely help if you would like.
Add you to Friend's List. I enjoy keeping my RP friends on my friends list (duh) so that I can easily chat when needed (and spot them in a crowd).
Help with Game Stuff. If I’m not doing much, I’ll be happy to help players with in-game stuff like quests or dungeons. Please understand that this is within reason though.

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