Anzio Zansio

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Anzio Zansio
"May Nymeia spin you the loveliest of fates."
Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Ul'dahn
Age 26
Patron Deity Nymeia, The Spinner
Occupation Second Flame Lieutenant
Height/Weight 3' 2", 86 Ponz
Orientation Heterosexual
  • Anzozo (Father)
  • Solshana Sana (Mother)
  • Anzula Sula (Brother)
  • Anepopo (Brother)
  • Lumi Wumi (Sister)

"Even if it's interupted, I know Nymeia is still spinning tomorrow's web of hope. And that is why I fight. Until the very end."
-- Anzio to Horace Rook in the lounge of Ul'dah's airship port.

Flame Sergeant Anzio Zansio is the third born son of Anzozo who once owned the little known Obsidian Mining Concern. Despite the name, they mined far more than mere Obsidian lasted for generations within Thanalan until the recent unrest in Ul'dah, where the concern was bought out by the Syndicate. Despite his relative high born status, Anzio serves as a soldier on the line and considers himself no more special than any other Flame. Many consider him the textbook example of a Ul'dahn trooper. Others have said he's got a large stick up his arse. Never the less, he has served with distinction within the Immortal Flames for years and has quite a service record even fighting within the battle of Carteneau.

Basic Info


Specialties: Mixed martial and magical disciplines (S), Red Magic (A)
Trained: Sword and shield (A)
Miscellany: Magitek firearms
Magical: Conjury (B), Thaumaturgy (B)


Pre-Calamity: Spoiled wild child/Flames trainee
Post-Calamity: Immortal Flames (Sergeant) [Demoted to Private]
Current Affiliation: Immortal Flames (Sergeant)
Current Unit: 4th Combined Brigade
Previous Service: The Flame Yataghans, The Red Wings, The Dauntless, Sasagan's Scimitars


Vice(s): Alcohol
Favorite Food: Aldgoat Steak
Favorite Drink: Chamomile Tea
Elemental Aspect: Earth



◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"It's sad what happened to his family. I'm sure it won't help his drinking problem at all." -- Momodi
"Used to see him 'round the Quicksand or tha Hall all tha time, usually in uniform. Then he just up and vanished for a few moons." -- Dezukuku, Flame Quartermaster
"I once saw a Roegadyn lass carry him out on her shoulder as he yammered on in a drunken stupor. Lucky guy, I tell ya." -- Quicksand Patron
"I hear he liaisons for the Dauntless here in Ul'dah now. Sad to see a soldier like that have to ride a desk." -- Tyr Heavyhand, Flame Lieutenant
"That fella? Figured 'e wasn't from 'round 'ere. For a moon or two 'e just wandered 'bout the night streets blubberin' drunkenly and sleepin' in the gutta. Thought 'e died..." -- Drowning Wench Patron
◢ Uncommon Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"You'll be hard pressed to find a solider as loyal and dedicated as Anzio. He can be surprisingly flexible for how stiff he comes off." -- Commander Swift
"Heard he helped broker a deal with the Brotherhood of Ash. Him and the Flame Yataghans ended up in a fight with the tempered at their request that left some big named Amalj'aa Thaumaturge impaled on a spike of stone, a monument and a warning. That was Anzio's doing, I'm told." -- Shallow Grave, Flame Corporal
"It was wrong what the Flames did to him. Kicks over a Syndicate slaving operation and Command cave like a bunch a limp legged street walkers. He gave his soul at Carteneau and they busted him all the way back down to Private. Ain't there any honor in the bunch?" -- Siegfried, ex-Flame Corporal
"Heard he used to feed information to some Moneterist information broker along with the rest of his unit. Don't trust the pretty front the little bastard puts up." -- Silent Kettle
"After he went and pissed off the Syndicate, I hear old Anzozo disowned him for muddying things with one of his business partners. Now the Flames are all the family he's got." -- Tyr Heavyhand, Flame Lieutenant
"After the recent ... mess in Ul'dah, I could tell he lost heart. I wasn't surprised when he asked to resign, nor when he asked to be reinstated once his senses had returned to him. *smile*" -- Commander Swift
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"He's totally different than the haughty brat of a soldier that marched out of here to Carteneau with the rest of his platoon. Only three came back. Guess that kind of crucible will make a veteran of any kid if they survive it. I hear he doesn't communicate with the other two. Wonder if there's something to that..." -- Wymond
"What? You want more? Alright then. I have it from reliable sources that his absence as of recent is because he was off in Dravania aiding some Ala Mhigan Resistance group. Rather or not it was sanctioned by the Flames is another matter entirely. After being gone without a trace for all that time, I can't imagine his endeavors went well." -- Wymond
"I wouldn't hit him in the face with this knowledge, but in the recent unrest that hit the city Anzio's family lost their business. The lot of them decided to sail for ol' Limsa to try to start anew there. Ship sank on the way. All hands lost." -- Wymond
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from Playable Characters, Feel Free to Add!)
"Though he is of small stature, you would not know it by how he commands respect from the men under him. Sergeant Zansio is the finest Chief I have ever had, I do not know how I ever got along without him." - Erik Mynhier
"Too good a man t'ever leave by the wayside for long. That said, each 'n' every one of us deserves their own gods-damned peace o' mind, time to time, and he no less than the rest. More, even. Now that he's had his rest, I'm hopin' he'll prove steadfast and strong." - Osric Melkire


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love     Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Kale Aideron - "He's on the battlefield where he needs to be. His strength will aid both Ul'dah and Eorzea greatly. I can only hope his pride or honor doesn't cause him to falter. Thus far his flame has never flickered, unlike mine own."
Erik Mynhier - "He's a real giant of a man to work with, and I am not just saying that because he's a Highlander!"
Kahn'a Ohditra - "Tis unfortunate he felt the sting of the scorpions that rest behind the jeweled veneer of Ul'dah. Such treacherous politics cost the Flames a loyal officer. Nymeia spin his a more peaceful fate elsewhere."
Mikh'a Korofi - "Sad to see another victim of internal politics, but alas he's found his true calling elsewhere. Twelve, let nothing terrible befall him."
Osric Melkire - "He came for me even when people like Kale did not. Rather or not it was at the behest of Swift is irrelevant. While mayhaps not the model soldier, I can't think of a better man to stand beside as we safeguard Ul'dah into the future... be it through skulduggery or otherwise."
Ruruni Runi - "She's a lovely lass. Surely she will make someone a fine wife some sun. Pity it shan't be me..."
Moengeim Wistyrmanwyn - "Long has it been since I have see this fine lass, but I pray the seas are calm wheresoever she sails."
Antares Omni - "She's... an interesting lady. Not bad per say, but I thought I might have to arrest her a couple of times."
Ghost Forge - "Mister Rook's primary goon. I wouldn't fight them unless I had to, but I am confident I would come out the other side... more or less."
Horace Rook - "I am not exactly sure how I feel about Mister Rook. Nymeia must have some purpose for having spun his presence into my life when she did, but hells if I know what it was. I would almost believe he bribed her keep it that way."
Ryanti Veanysus - "His father has done a lot for the Flames and Ul'dah as a whole, I think he will too. And I aim to be there to help him in whatever why I can along the way. Nymeia seems to have woven our fates together."
Nhari Viqqoh - "A lot of folks have ill things to say of Miss Viqqoh, but I shall never forget the skill with which she treated my injuries. I've seen nothing but professionalism from her."
Sigyn Shieldbreaker - "Wherever she may roam these suns I certainly hope her attitude has improved."
Lubdbryda Haldlahzwyn - "Never will you find a bigger racist! Were I not duty bound I would not mind to put her in her place."
Endemerrin Rosethorne - "Nymeia seems to have introduced him at just the right moment in my life. Any sooner and his origins would have given me cause for concerned and 'reason' to feel threatened. What fate lies in store for us both I cannot say, though it depresses me to admit, his is likely more interesting than mine."
Varus Adelric Rosenthal - "If it weren't for that man I might have spent the rest of my suns a cripple, and had to retire from the Flames. I couldn't bear to think it! He has my eternal gratitude."


MS Saga Sountrack - Life Before the Fall


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