Sage Yvelont

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 Sage Yvelont
Sage Yvelont Bio.jpg
I find living for others, pleasant
The Enigmatic Mind
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Limsain
Age 36
Birthplace Unknown
Nameday 2nd Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Height 6'7"
Weight 198lbs
Occupation Forced Retirement, Part-time Host

☩ Appearance & Personality

Tall and lengthy are just the first things one would use to describe the man who goes by the name "Sage Yvelont", his well kept facial hair and adornment of fine fabrics and jewelry speak loudly that he prefers to present himself as someone of a high standard, or he tries to at least. But don't be mistaken, beneath his slender appearance is a well fit machine of toned muscles. Nothing too grand, but just enough the average man would need to survive.
From Rags to Riches, Sage now often sports a set of well manicured hands. He presents himself at his best at all times or at least he tries to. Green eyes often are the first thing others comment on as they feel that when they look into them, the very forests of the shroud gaze back. His long black flowing hair nearly always shines against the light during the day while never giving the off appearance of an unclean and greasy texture. A scar on his left cheek, to which he knows not how it came to be, is how few of more criminal nature have come to describe him. "The enigmatic Elezen man with a scar on his cheek."
Beyond his now cleaned and presentable appearance, Sage still to some, remains a boil on the backside of society's ass. Sage seems to alter his expressive nature on the world around him in relation to the setting. Often considered to act on immediate and often immoral behaviors, those who come to understand him merely relate that he does as the world around him does to him. Should kind, self sacrificing acts make their way to his heart, it's possible the claims of his immoral behavior could be considered merely lies and slander in time.
As of the Eorzean equivalence of November 15th, 2017. Sage has since regained his "Footing" by matter of Ironworks/Magi-tek, with the assistance of Zanin Briggs and Nihka Mioni. His left foot, when exposed and bare, is metallic in appearance and weights a good sum more then a real foot. This causes his footfalls on some surfaces to be distinct, almost akin to a pirate's peg-leg walk.

☩ Bio


⚒ Combat & Skills

Sage is an Arcanist by trade, and as such the average abilities of an Arcanist are not unknown to him. Some of his more specialized talents in combat would be his ability to seamlessly coordinate pre-thought plans of attack with his personal Carbuncle, named Grim. Although he keeps himself in a decent physical shape, he does lack the ability to lift greater things such as heavy armor or weapons. Any person wearing such things will be like trying to move a wall for him. But unlike one who is garbed in chain and metal, Sage does retain the strength to move the average person who is devoid of such things if carried over his shoulders.
When faced in combat not traditional to him, such as swords and projectiles, Sage will favor distance over close quarters. If threatened and approached in combat well beyond his comfort range, he is not against using anything to give him distance, even going so far as to smack the attacker with his book or try to stab them unskillfully with his waist blade.

  Color Key
In A Relationship: Sage is romantically involved with this character.
Romantic Attraction: Sage is romantically interested in this character.
Platonic: Sage considers this person a close friend, like family.
Friend: Sage considers this person a friend, one he would confide with.
Friendly Acquaintance: Sage considers this person in positive standing, someone not just a customer.
Good Standing: Sage has no feelings about this character, however they left a good impression.
Neutral: Sage has no feelings about this character.
Bad Standing: Sage has no feelings about this character, however they left a bad impression.
Dislike: This person isn't a friend to Sage, but he will talk with them if needed.
Hate: This person annoys Sage, and he will try to avoid them. Conflict may happen.
Fear: Sage would rather avoid this person then talk with them.
Rivalry: Sage consider this person a rival, and will try to initiate conflict every time he gets to meet them.
Family Member: This character is related by blood to Sage.
Business: This character is either an employer, employee, or coworker.
Deceased: This character has passed away.
? Hidden Feelings/Unknown: This character has one of all the color keys above, but Sage isn't fully aware of it yet.


  Zazaan Zezean ( )
The first person Sage awoke to when he can first recount after losing all his memories is this kind Lalafell. Zazaan took Sage to a nearby waystation called Summerford. After a few weeks of generous hospitality, the man gifted Sage a large sum of gil to start his life off and to help him in his journey to find out who he was. It wasn't until a week later during a trip to Limsa that Zazaan would find Sage wasted drunk, reeking of booze and Somnus while wearing little to no clothes near the drowning wench.

After attempting to comfort Sage, he would find out that Sage foolishly spoke openly of the money he was given and befriended a bar patron who suggested he should enjoy his wealth. He ultimately squandered the money on women, beer and drugs. By the nights end he was robbed of everything, even most of his clothes by thieves just outside of the city-state.

When Zazaan heard of all this he grew mad at Sage, for he had given the things he once had out of charity and kindness. Upset, Zazaan banished Sage from his sight and alerted the Yellow Jackets, causing Sage to run.


  Ophianne Delasoix ( )
Having lost his first crush, Batu Qalli, in a battle to the death, Sage found himself deeply heart broken for having never spoken of his feelings. He drank himself to death nearly. However a revelation with help from a potential sense from beyond the grave brought him to redeem himself. It was then around this time he found himself in the company of another, a Duskwight by the name of Ophianne Delasoix.

Initially their encounter was brief, with Ophianne writing him off as an alcoholic fool. However after a night on the job together, Sage offered Ophianne a drink, a welcoming gesture as others having recently felt the loss of Batu were cold and unwelcoming to her. Sage believed if a person does not feel welcomed, they would be more inclined to stay secretive and potentially lead to another loss. He did not wish this to be.

Upon accepting his offer for a drink, Sage spoke his mind and heart, laying his cards on the table in an act of faith and trust, no hint of animosity or nefariousness in his actions. This act startled Ophianne, believing everyone has something to protect, something to hide. She found a welcoming nature to Sage as his curiosity was one of self sacrifice with no reward other then to see another's dream flourish. It wasn't soon after another chance encounter would lead him to request an audience with her, one that eventually brought many others to revitalize Miss Delasoix's dream of dancing and teaching.

After a lesson in dance, the first of many, Sage escorted Ophianne to her home on the promise only wishing to be kind and friendly. Later the next day, Ophianne found him in the early morning a mess, a result of his enigmatic behavior frightening others at first, while to her she understood his haphazard dance with life and death. After a helping hand, and an cluster of Ice over a swollen eye, Sage asked Ophianne to join him on an outing, a date. One that resonated with Ophianne to a level of which she now wishes to be one who looks out for him on his light-bringing quest, as he haphazardly fails to take care of himself when going above and beyond for others. Many dates followed, and still do to this day.

  Batu Qalli ( )
The very first person to discover Sage hiding away in the host club was this sharp tongued songbird woman, Batu Qualli. After meeting him with suspicion, Batu came to care and worry for Sage once she learned of his difficult affliction. After inviting him back to her home, she told him to rest as much as he needed and that should he ever need a place to stay, her home would always be welcoming. Batu then followed up this gentle and kind offer by giving him money for there wasn't a single gil to Sage's name. Having had once already been given money by another and squandering it all on Somnus, Sage began to feel remorse for his actions. He promised to try to make the best of Batu's kind gestures, a promise that stands to this day.

Addendum: Time passes and Sage has grown closer to Batu. He now reveres Batu highly and closely as someone he won't stand to see suffer. Always offering his advice and being a body to lean on in her time of need. They may not be like family, but Sage see's her as someone, who no matter what happens, will always remain a faithful friend.

Finale Addendum: Sage fell in love with Batu near the climax of her story, however he was unable to express his feelings before her unfortunate passing in a battle long started from her past. Upon seeing the secret love of his life passing mere seconds after entering her fading vision, Sage fell into a deep spiral grief. However, after support from his friends and other loved ones, as well as receiving an other-worldly feeling from his secret crush, he slowly began to climb out of his sorrow, vowing to never forget the woman whom he had unspoken feelings for.

"There is no such thing as good bye’s in life, no door ever shuts itself completely. Tho’ we may be worlds apart now, the time spent and memories let us be where we are needed the most when time gives us a moment to think back upon ‘em. The people you have met, the moments you have shared, the losses you have suffered, the tragedies you have overcome. All of it has made you--you. They live on now as a part of you. Cherish them, in life, and after. Each and everyone of us know a Batty of their own, if you so feel compelled, please, sing her song as her echo. She'd like that..." - Sage's words to his fellow mourners and friends of Batu.

  Nihka Mioni ( )
Sage became good friends with Nihka through Batu Qalli. Shortly after Batu's passing, Sage fell into a downward spiral of alcohol and drug abuse. Nihka bolstered him with advice and a comforting talk. She had felt Batu's loss just as much as Sage and knew all well the trouble he was going through. Through dedication and support, she helped open his eyes with little realization she had. Batu had taught Nihka to sing, just as Qalli had, this skill allowed Nihka to speak her mind more freely as normal speech is difficult for her. Sage found that each person touched by Batu carries on an echo of her. Something he found endearing in Nihka as a close friend.

With his resolve slowly restored, Sage encouraged Nihka to sing her song, just as Batu had, to let her voice be carried on the winds, to bolster the echo that followed, its origin from Batu. Seeing Nihka still sing her hearts words to this day brings a large smile to his lips when he looks at her, his thoughts always on how Batu never left them.

With inheritance left behind by Batu, divided between Sage and Zanin at first, the two men decided to combine the money and give it to cause Batu would be proud of, Nihka and her daughter, Sehki. With a trust fund setup in their names, and a lifetime of protection set in place for Sehki should tragedy befall others, Nihka and her daughter would be taken care of, with Batu's eyes every watching over them both. To this day, Sage often visits Nihka, his Carbuncle Grim, ever eager to give chase with Sekhi in tow. Sometimes you can see Sehki riding atop Grim in the goblet like a Chocobo.

  Isuke Inoue ( )
Having only briefly once before bumped into Isuke in a mistaken drug sale gone sour. Sage met this short and small Rean girl in the Quicksands. As fate would have it, their paths crossed again when Isuke showed up one day at his place of employment. With a similar affliction tying them to the place in which they congregate, as well as her interest in being a friend to Batu, Sage has taken to liking Isuke.
  Zanin Briggs ( )
Where Sage is the Enigmatic Mind to others, Zanin is even more Enigmatic in complete Nature to Sage. They first bumped into each other long ago, but due to the memory loss, Sage had little to no recollection. After reuniting under their quest with the others, the two found a familiar comfort in aiding and helping the often well-spoken and quick to anger, Batu Qalli. Since then the two have shared a multitude of fun exchanges, leading from sampling of fine alcohols to delight tea and cakes.

In an attempt to impress Batu that he was not such a failure at surviving, Zanin offered to teach Sage how to cook. The experience was delightful, and left quite the mark upon them both, literally. If asked about their first team up for lessons, their first response will be that nothing happen. However the burn marks on Sage's hands, and the scorched sleeve on Zanin would beg to differ. Later on, with a happy result of Ice cream making with Zanin, Sage successfully created his first dish, a dessert, which he named in memory of Batu. If one was to ask however how they went about making it, details pertaining to a near death experience inside a freezer would be quickly dismissed as also, didn't happen.

The Amalgamation Effect

Sage's memories lay in ruin. The amalgamation that is his aether entwined with that of another like minded being has permanently caused his mind to be a bit of a mix of two peoples lives as one. Though he takes the appearance of an Elezen, his is actually two souls, severely damaged, combined as one inside the more dominate physical aether of the ritual that let him live. As time passes, these truths of his chimera like state become more apparent to him, something he finds trouble accepting as more memories surface. The resulting ritual offers no powerful benefits to him other then the occasional knowledge of another inside his mind speaking thoughts or making comments not his own from time to time, something that grows more apparent the longer he lives and breaths.

Rendezvous of Tea Dreams

Below is a list of dreams that show some momentary glimpses into Sage's two past lives entwined during his stay under the 'Tea?' RP group.
Welcome back, my friend
Through the Stained Glass Window: Redux
Will I Wake Before the Twelve I Wonder?
Shattered Minds: Chapter I
You'll Always Have a Spot at My Table, Lass
A Momentary Glimpse
What We Do To Prepare...
For Those Who Inherit Our World
Vocational Recovery
When love sweeps you off your feet
Shattered Minds: Chapter 2
Shattered Minds: Chapter 3

Common Rumors

  • "A strange man, coming from a strange background. I once asked him where he was from, and he just shook his head before turning to move on." - Random Merchant in Ul'dah
  • "I used to think he was nosy, but now I just know he likes to be thorough, heard he works in Customs." - Pearl Lane Shopper

Moderate Rumors

  • "He's a bit of a smooth talker, but I get the feeling that no matter how much skin or tease I give him, he won't ever look my way. Whoever has his heart is lucky." - Waitress at the Quicksand
  • "His Carbuncle came up to me and growled, when I looked him he gave me a flat expression that seemed to shatter me. It's like he knew I was looking to do some ill... business." - Patron at the Quicksand

Rare Rumors

  • "I saw him walking together with a woman from the Miner's Concern. How dare he! I would have had the right mind to put that scrawny shit in his place... but there was something about his look... I probably shouldn't say anymore, I like my eyes where they are." - Rugged Roe from outside the Miner's Concern.
  • "I heard he fell for some woman who used to work at the Miner's Concern. To be the one of many suitors to be picked by their burlesque star... *sigh* I wish someone would look at me like he does that gal." - Old lady from Ruby Road Exchange

PC Rumors

((If your character has something to say about Sage, share it here but keep it brief!))

  • "Sage is a stalwart friend and innovative chef. Definitely try his honey and blueberry ice cream mixture." - Zanin Briggs

Potential aspects of Sage to start RP with about:

  • Naturally skilled Arcanist(always looking to further his studies)
  • Exotic animals(Particularly Coeurl kittens and Opo-opo)
  • Comparing and sharing stories(Particularly run ins with the law; Brass Blades, Wood Wailers, Yellow Jackets)
  • Gambling(No matter what to gamble over, just loves to gamble)
  • Amnesiac(You can claim to know him and there is a chance he might believe you)

Sage might seem interesting to you if:

  • You enjoy discussing Arcanima or History of Eorzea
  • You enjoy casual long walks on the beach
  • You enjoy social drinking
  • You enjoy philosophical debates
  • You enjoy sightseeing
  • You enjoy making money through any means(See First)



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