Sasani Sani

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 Sasani Sani
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Height 3 fulms 2.2 ilms
Nameday 10th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon
Patron Diety Thaliak, the Scholar
Relationship Status Taken
Server Balmung
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Full Name: Sasani Sani
Race: Dunesfolk Lalafell
Age: (confirm at later date)
Occupation(s): Co-owner of the Carbuncle Cafe, Public Relations


Skin: Deep brown tan from being outdoors with the caravan and working outside
Hair: Ink blue with hints of rolandberry red highlights
Eyes: Icey blue
Distinguishing Features: Has multiple small scars from working and gathering outdoors. One scar in her shoulder where she took an arrow meant for her sister. Is often seen wearing simple linen clothing offering freedom of movement for casting spells.


Motivation: Protecting those who cannot protect themselves
Temperament: Extremly energetic and helpful, however when friends or loved ones are in danger will protect them to her dying breath
Fear(s): Losing her sister, being betrayed by friends
Negative Trait(s): Often thought of as emotionally closed off



Sani has no skill with ranged weapons of any sort. In fact, she is as likely to hurt herself with whatever weapon she is using as she is to hit her target.


The world is full of aether and lay lines, and Sani is capable of sensing and seeing the aether without the use of sharlayan goggles. She uses a single flawless sapphire in order to facilitate more intricate casts, or for faster casting while in battle. For simple, day to day use of aetheric items or bending of the aether, she will only pull from the stone or utilize her own energy reserves. Anyone schooled in thaumaturgy may notice when the twins are together, Sani's spells pack more power behind them than when she is alone.


While on the caravan, Sani was trained in the use of axes to protect the caravan while moving through dangerous territory. While she is very adept at more "brunt force" fighting styles like two handed axes and swords, she falls short when the fight turns to more agile fighting forms such as the use of daggers or short swords.



  • nature
  • bartering
  • singing
  • spending time with friends


  • dishonesty
  • blatant misuse of power


  • Sings with a light lyric soprano.
  • Often seen around the housing district distributing wares and small food items from the Carbuncle Cafe.
  • Loves to spend evenings near the fire curled up with a book.



Father: (Un-named as of now), Headmaster for familial caravan (Alive and well)
Mother: (Un-named as of now) (deceased due to complications after attack on the caravan)
Sister: Sasari Sari (Older Twin, Alive and well)
Cousins: Sasai Sai and Fifiton Fefeton (Previous owners of Carbuncle Cafe, Alive and well living somewhere in hiding)


Romantic Interest     Friends      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Jessika Saphir: Jess came into the Carbuncle Cafe for an initial meeting with the Shipkeepers. At that first short meeting, she was hooked but couldn't bring herself to do anything about it. After many weeks and more frequent encounters with her she was able to build up the courage to do something about her feelings and was surprised to find them reciprocated.
Vaughn Antain and Jaques Guillaume: Sani met Vaughn and his counterpart Jaques through Sai and Fif. They are currently working on a partnership to allow associates of Vaughn and Jaques to learn a tradecraft from Sani and her sister at the Carbuncle Cafe
Rulian Kalian : Rulian is a patron of the Ruby Carbuncle hotel that is just down the street from the Carbuncle Cafe. They met at a little BBQ that was held at the cafe and have since had several encounters. She enjoys his company when he has a moment to chat. He is quite friendly and always has a kind word for her.


Common Rumors

  • Heard around the Goblet: "There's two of them right, or is it just one?"

Moderate Rumors

Rare Rumors

  • "At least her family fixed the holes in the wall. The burn marks though..." -Heard around the Thaumaturge guild

PC Rumors

  • "She's my second favorite Sasa! They come in a pair, they're tiny, and they're cute if you're into that. One of 'em gives me cookies, but I think it's the other one!" -- Karaki Crystalis



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