Sasari Sari

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 Sasari Sari
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Unaffiliated
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Full Name: Sasari Sari
Race: Dunesfolk Lalafell
Age: (confirm at later date)
Occupation(s): Co-owner of the Carbuncle Cafe, Bookkeeper and primary cook


Skin: Pale though she tans easily when working outdoors.
Hair: Midnight blue that fades into magenta.
Eyes: Bright aqua.
Distinguishing Features: Faded burn scars cover her hands and travel up the majority of her arms which is why she usually wears gloves and long sleeves. A slave to traditions, most of her garments are ankle length dresses.


Motivation: Helping those who need a hand
Temperament: Caregiver but is withdrawn and thoughtful. She has a hard time engaging with people.
Fear(s): Losing her sister, failing her family.
Negative Trait(s): Gives to the point of her own detriment. Becomes hyper focused with her major interests.



Sari is surprisingly at ease with range weapons. She applies the focus she has always needed to manipulate aether to being a steady and true shot. Just short of that though, she hasn't had any real training (yet) and hasn't been tried in combat.


Sari is incapable of controlling her personal aether in spell formation. While she has the ability to to understand them, she tends to overload or undercharge the spells and relies on external devices in order to control the flow of her aether both to and from her. The devices are difficult to manipulate and would be impractical in combat at best.


Deft and good and making herself be where the danger wasn't, Sari makes a good candidate for learning a discipline where she takes advantage of her dexterous nature. However, she isn't learned in any way of fighting.



  • Designing and tinkering
  • Helping someone through a difficult time
  • Fresh baked cookies
  • Humming tunelessly


  • Feeling helpless
  • Ill-crafted wares
  • Being told how to do her jobs
  • People taking advantage of someone in need


  • Goldsmith specializing in fine mechanisms and jewelry with moving functions
  • Plays the flute
  • Is especially good at numbers


  • Doesn't put much stock in words and will sometimes tune out people talking
  • Very observant, notices small details
  • Has trouble sitting still and will often fidget with whatever is at hand



Father: Sasanecco Vavanecco, Headmaster for familial caravan
Mother: (Un-named as of now) (deceased due to complications after attack on the caravan)
Sister: Sasani Sani (Younger Twin)
Cousins: Sasai Sai and Fifiton Fefeton
Extended Family Jijinji Iinji and Rozlynd Zalis.


Romantic Interest     Friends      Good Standing     Poor Standing
Jessika Saphir: Now sees that she is going to have a very tall sister-in-law and seems pretty okay with this.
L'yhta Mahre: Thinks this woman is overly energetic, but that reminds her of her sister. She has a funny way of talking, but over all thinks she is a sweet woman.
Vaughn Antain: Sari has only had a few meetings with this beautiful man, but feels he is trustworthy and can see he cares deeply for people.
Jaques Guillaume: Only one meeting with the man so far. He's tall... very tall.
Rulian Kalian : More often than not, Sari can be found cheering for the knightly Lalafell when he goes to test his mettle at the stone events. She doesn't know him very well but thinks highly of his abilities and would love to speak with him at length about them some time if only she could get up the nerve.


Common Rumors

  • Heard around the Goblet: "There's two of them right, or is it just one?"

Moderate Rumors

  • "The funny talkin' one can't cast to save her life... whole family line of mages that produced a dud like that." - Trader of magical wares.

Rare Rumors

  • "Those two little brats? They damaged the inner walls of the Ossuary a while back and their father had to bail them out by paying off the folk around there..." Beggar hanging around the Thamaturgy Guild.

PC Rumors

  • "My favorite Sasa! That's the one that makes the cookies, so that makes her the best. She's just like the other one that looks like her, except she doesn't have a Elezen lover and she doesn't like it when I don't wear pants." -- Karaki Crystalis



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