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Kisses sweet like poisoned daggers.

Who is Shiva Pasalo?


Vital Information

REAL NAME: Cirina of Clan Kharlu


NICKNAMES: Shiva | The Diamond Dust Thief

RACE & CLAN: Au Ra | Xaela


AGE: 23

NAMEDAY: 31st Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon



Other Statistics



FAMILY: Kiriltugh of Clan Kharlu (Mother) | Yesugen of Clan Kharlu(Father)

RESIDENCE: Bentbranch Meadows

OCCUPATION: Phantom Thief | Treasure Hunter | Volunteer Herbalist

PATRON DEITY: Oschon, the Wanderer

HEIGHT: 5 fulms, 4 ilms

ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

General Information
Shiva is a con-artist of many small talents who makes his living by stealing from the filthy rich and diving through all manner of inky caves and decrepit ruins in search of lost and valuable treasure. Giving up his Clan and customs after making his way to Eorzea at the age of sixteen, the young Xaela found solace under the roguish embrace of Jacke and his merry little band of misfits for a time when no one else would take him in and was quickly taught their ways.
A natural of the cloak and dagger technique, it wasn't long before Shiva was dancing his blades with the best of the Edelweiss Sisters. But it soon became clear as the cycles continued to pass that upholding the Pirating Code wasn't something Shiva wished to spend the rest of his life pursuing. And just as he arrived on the Rogue's front door amidst the cover of shadows, that was how he departed from that life as well. Is now a self-proclaimed Master of Disguise traveling wherever the wind (and gil) takes him.

What does he look like?

"Narin" taking a nap in the Botanist guild's flowerbeds.
Pale Lilac Powder Blue Toffee Lean & Petite Soft & Melodic | Blunt & Teasing
Can change his body language at the drop of a hat; going from awkwardly timid to relaxed and playful in seconds. Ambidextrous Faded scrapes over the palms of his hands, and soles of his feet, and a jagged stab wound on his left side. Dark scales, and a tattoo hidden on the inner left thigh from his time with the Sisters. His prefered clothing of choice is anything tight, form-fitting, and easily dye-able when the desire to play with colors is present. But isn't afraid to dress for occasion and switch up his look when need be.
Hair & Eyes
Shiva's powder blue tresses are styled in a bowl shaped pixie-cut that frames his rounded cheeks, with lavender tinted highlights accenting the long side bangs that travel past his collar bones. It was much longer when he still lived together with his tribe out in the eastern coastlands of Yanxia, but had it chopped off upon arriving in Eorzea as a testament of his start at a brand new life. Like a large majority of his race, the Xaela's pale hues are rimmed with a bright limbal ring that can be changed at his digression and never fail to twinkle with mischief.
Physique & Markings
Standing at only five fulms, four ilms Shiva suffered from an unusual birth defect that stunted his growth and left him shunned by most of his tribesmen--dubbing him a village "runt". An inescapable fact which forced Shiva to push himself further than the rest of his peers when it came to hunting and learning the Warrior's Art, adding a collection of scars that soon painted across the canvas of the boy's skin many times over.
Although small in stature, Shiva's lithe frame is quite lean while he makes up for his lack of brute physical strength with high levels of agility and dexterity. Notable markings include the dark scales common to the Xaela clans that cover small sections of his body, the jagged Sister's tattoo etched on the inside of his inner left thigh that marks his ties as one of Jacke's former rouges, and a nasty scar just above his left hip from a stab wound given to him by an ex-lover.
Hygiene & Attire
As someone who considers himself a master of disguise, Shiva takes great care in maintaining his everyday appearance. Only allowing himself to stay unwashed whenever his current role has a need for it, the Au Ra will more than likely smell faintly of apple cinnamon and rich leather on any given day.
From expensively gaudy to sensibly cheap, Shiva doesn't discriminate against fashion so long as the clothes he's wearing look good on him and fit the character type he's trying to pull off at the moment. Loves playing with dye and adding unnecessary belts to outfits, and has a tendency to use his androgynous features to don more feminine attire from time to time (mostly always).

What are his quirks?

Flamboyant, dishonest, and terribly self-indulgent; Shiva is a man with a few simple pleasures in life: he likes gil, he likes taking care of chocobos (whether they're his or not) and he likes causing a little bit of mischief on a daily basis. Can sometimes come off as a bit childish on the best of days, but the Au Ra is far more perceptive than one might give him credit for and has been known to hold a grudge. Hides the emotional scars of his childhood by constantly pretending to be everything that his family never wanted him to be.
Gil! Gil! Gil!
Taking care of chocobos and stray cats.
Fresh La Noscean orange juice.
Following rules.
Talking about the past.
Overly spicy foods.
Speaks fluent in Eorzean, Doman, and his native tribal tongue.
Can quickly adapt to nearly any situation.
Has a bad habit of eating massive amounts of pearl chocolates whenever stressed.

Who are his associates?


Beloved Familial Sexual Trusted Friend Good Neutral Poor
Business Unsure Fuck You Fear


A half-breed sky pirate and captain of the Inferno. He's Shiva's pissant of an ex-lover and currently number fucking one on the Xaela's shit list. A charming bastard with a silver tongue who constantly plagues his subconscious mind. Has recently kidnapped the pastel thief and plans to sell him off to a certain trafficker with a peculiar taste in Auri.


His name is Hathaway; and ever since their very first meeting at the Golden Saucer this particular Keeper has been nothing but trouble (with a capital T). It started off as not-so-innocent flirting with an attractive target, meant to be nothing more than one of the thief's usual flings. But after encountering one another again a few weeks later, which eventually ended with them falling in bed together, things began getting complicated. Has recently confessed his feelings for Shiva, and is steadily worming his way deeper inside of the thief's heart. Bastard.

RP Hooks


RP Hooks

Limsa Lominsa: As an ex-member of the Rogue's guild, Shiva tends to spend quite a lot of time around the port city-state as he's intimately familiar with most of the sea folk there and surrounding areas of La Noscea. If you happen to be acquainted with the Dutiful Sisters, are a fisherman/woman, or a member of the 'Cudas and/or Maelstrom then you've probably seen the tiny Au Ra around or heard whispers of the ❝Diamond Dust Thief❞ maybe once or twice before.

Ul'dah: Always in search of new and exciting marks, what better place to go than the City of Gil? If you're living the high-life of the rich and glamorous then consider yourself a target. However, when he's not picking the coin-purse of every snooty noble or wealthy merchant in the Desert Jewel, Shiva is on the hunt for treasure and someone willing to train him in the basics of hand-to-hand combat. You can usually find him disguised as a scantily dressed courtesan named Sherry, roaming the Ruby Road Exchange or the Golden Saucer.

Gridania: Whenever the bounty on his head is too overbearing and Shiva needs a place to lie low and don a new identity for a moon or two, the Botanists' guild provides the perfect cover. And whenever he's not getting himself lost in the middle of the Shroud, you can easily find Shiva napping in the flower garden or harassing the chocobo keepers in Bentbranch Meadows as the bespectacled herbalist Narin.

It Takes Two?: There's always a party if you add an extra body. Playing the solo game is great and all, but even master thieves get lonely too. Maybe you're also a lover of swiping the finer things in life under the noses of unsuspecting victims, looking for someone who shares the same interests. Are you the Diamond's partner-in-crime, or a back-stabbing ex who can't let the past stay stabbed and buried? Willing to partake in NSFW plots as well so long as the chemistry is there or we've already planned something out.

Family Matters?: Are you a member of Shiva's Clan? Maybe you're the older sibling he was never good enough to impress, or the childhood friend who he could tell each and every secret. Or maybe you're a hunter sent out to find the traitorous runt and drag him back to a life better left behind in the distant past, not that you'll ever be able to find him even if you were...


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