Sisiya Siya

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Gene-Icon1.pngBirth-Name-Chichiyo.png Sisiya Siya

Gene-Icon1.pngNicknames-Chichiyo.png Sisi, Little Star, Astro Girl

Gene-Icon1.pngRaceClan-Chichiyo.png Lalafell, Dunesfolk

Gene-Icon1.png Nationality-Chichiyo.png Ul'dahn

Gene-Icon1.pngGender-Chichiyo.png ♀ Female

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Gene-Icon1.png Age-Chichiyo.png Eighteen Summers

Gene-Icon1.pngNameday-Chichiyo.png Born on 12th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon

Gene-Icon1.png Residence-Chichiyo.png Mist, Topmast

Gene-Icon1.png Occupation-Chichiyo.png Student of Celestial Studies

Gene-Icon1.png PatronDeity-Chichiyo.png Thaliak, the Scholar

At a Glance

A gentle and sweet Dunesfolk Lalafell hailing from the golden dunes of Thanalan.

With an affinity for magic and a strong connection to the stars Sisiya inevitably found herself among those who study the skies and the messages of the associated divine.

She has now begun her quest to become a great astrologian in hopes to aid those in need with the power of divination and healing magicks.

However Sisiya is still very young, has much to learn and is only at the beginning of her journey. She has been unfortunate thus far on her quest to find a true mentor of the magical arts of the stars and has only come to find phonies and fraudsters that have no eyes to the stars but only to her pockets.

As a Lalafell from a fairly wealthy family with a very charitable nature; Sisiya must learn to put herself and her goals first if she has any chance in completing her quest.


Sisiya is a young and tiny Lalafell with a frame just a little more dainty than the common usual for her race.

Her eyes are of a violet, iridescent glow that twinkle like stars in the night sky and glimmer with wonder and curiosity.

She has a pale-olive complexion placing her among some of the fairer skinned of her Dunesfolk kin.

Her shimmering moonlight-silver hair is like silk touched by a gentle ombré shade of lilac at the tips.

As a traditional Lalafell it is important to Sisiya that she ornaments herself with precious gems and trinkets that symbolise her faith and beliefs.

She has a very soft and gentle voice that only exudes her warm and kindly nature.

Curious, Pure of Heart, Kind, Altruistic

MiniMapMsqIcon.png Plush Collecting
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Stargazing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Jigsaw Puzzles
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Reading Fiction
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Theatre
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Triple Triad


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Tarot Reading
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Performing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Flute
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Goldsmithing
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Celestial Navigation
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Chocobo Racing


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Humility
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Prudence
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Empathy
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Determined
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Tolerance
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Courage


MiniMapMsqIcon.png Selflessness
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Generous
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Tender-Hearted
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Amiable
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Self-Critical
MiniMapMsqIcon.png Naive

Chapter Image Section

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Chapter Image Section

Chapter One

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Out of Character Section

Roleplay Style: "Medium-Heavy"

Server: Omega
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: GMT/BST/EU
Contact info: RPC Private Message or in-game

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