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Small Shell's mission is to research the bivalves of Eorzea and raise awareness for these much overlooked creatures.



Given name: Small Shell
Nicknames/Aliases: Smalls; SS; Klynschale
Nameday: 16th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Age: 34
Place of birth: Wineport in Eastern La Noscea
Current residence: Apartment in the Mist
Grand Company Allegiance: Maelstrom
Employment: Bivalve Researcher for a small science
Religion: Casual follower of the Twelve
Marital Status: Single
Handedness: Left-handed



Physical Ability

  • Rapier, primary
  • Oyster shucking knife, in a pinch?
Small Shell knows how to wield a rapier and is able to leverage his large size to his benefit in a fight
Small Shell is primarily a researcher by day and would go out of his way to avoid a fight.

Magical Ability

  • Conjury
  • Thaumaturgy
She enhances her archery with aether to add power to her attacks. Her strength as a conjurer is very high, but instinctively and emotionally fueled. Being "gifted" with the Echo grants her a definite edge as an adventurer.
She has no actual training in conjury, thus her use of it is pretty much abuse of the magic and is dangerous. She is not very "aware" of aether and cannot identify/track it. She despises the Echo, and scarcely tries to deliberately use it.


  • Weaving/Leatherworking
  • Carpentery
  • Fishing
She is a skilled fisher, and had established herself as a reliable source of fresh fish from La Noscea to a vendor in Ul'dah. She has developed skill in bowmaking from maintaining her own weapons and she makes her own arrows.
She is by no means adept at any of her crafts. Being a jack of all trades means she has basic understanding and ability as a weaver, leatherworker, and carpenter, but much is beyond her skill.


True to her race's stereotype, Aysun is often a rather introverted individual. Unfortunately, the combination of her upbringing and her instinct leaves her with an odd mixture of behaviors. She displays aggression around most other Miqo'te after finding herself unable to connect with them as easily as she had hoped in the past, but lacks the tribal bonds to a group of her own to balance this. Being as she was raised around the other races (Hyur, mainly), she is more accepting of races not her own and finds them easier to befriend.
She enjoys observing and listening to people. She jokes a lot when she's nervous, often from being unsure of how to say what she's thinking. She is slow to befriend others, but when friendship is established it is strong and she becomes much more chatty and involved. She is fiercely protective of and loyal to those she considers friends, nearly to a fault.
She's very blunt, often not realizing that what she's said or done could be considered rude to some, and she can be brutally honest when she feels strongly about something. She can be sharp-tongued and downright nasty if pushed the wrong way or feeling jealous. If she's feeling bitter over something she'll sometimes express it passive-aggressively with her words, piping in with scathing sarcastic remarks. She's quick to repress and ignore problems with herself rather than deal with them, but is great for giving advice to others.
Smart, but not book-smart. She just doesn’t have the attention span for studying from them. If she wants to learn to do something, rather than reading theory, she simply tries it. She is a firm believer in practice-practice-practice. She doesn't get bored and flighty as long as she's doing something, which means she busies herself with her crafts and work quite often.
She believes firmly in her morals, what is right and what is wrong, though she is sometimes unable to explain or justify why she thinks certain things are right and others are not. She can be hypocritical, and doesn't always practice what she preaches, though she is aware of it and often wishes she was not like this.
Her overall intentions and motivations are to do good in life.
Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • She has rather severe post-traumatic stress disorder, and displays symptoms as such in certain situations. Her personality has changed somewhat due to this. Since the Calamity she is more prone to acting out, sometimes violently, seemingly unprovoked. In other situations, she shuts down completely. Sometimes her behavior seems irrational - that is because sometimes it simply is irrational.
  • She's generally outwardly prudish, from her dressing to simply being embarrassed very easily. This is often why her employment at the Mineral Concern was a surprise to most.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Warmth, sunshine, outdoors
  • Solitude, sometimes
  • Children
  • Sweets (pastries, chocolate)
  • Rum and Ale of all qualities (to excess)
  • Dancing
  • Kus, her bluebird
  • Exploring the new, mapping the old


  • Being touched
  • Waiting
  • Reading/Studying
  • Rain, cold
  • Darkness
  • Crayfish

General History

Born and grown at sea, A'eyshn was raised by her mother and a crew of vagrants on a reliable, although not very reputable ship. A trading vessel, according to her mother, the Alacritie. There were no other children or miqo'te to grow up with, nor females at all other than her highly-regarded Mum... and a few hyur wenches that stowed away, of course, later to be welcomed by the men needing comfort in their hammocks.
But her young mother had also needed comfort during one particular docking in her home, Limsa Lominsa... there she met a miqo'te with blue eyes she could not resist. After a short, whirl-wind romance, it was back to sea with the other men. Several moons passed, and she confessed to the Captain, hugging the unmistakable bulge at her abdomen the entire time. There was no denying it. Ashamed, she promised she would not entangle herself like that again. She would be alone raising the child, he had disappeared just as quickly has she had fallen in love with him. It was lucky she kept her position as Quartermaster at all, let alone being allowed to raise her daughter there. But a fish born at sea under Llymlaen, the Navigator would make for such a talented catch, the Captain knew this. But when the girl came, it was Oschon, the Wanderer who was to be her guardian. She would be no proper sea-liver, and they all knew she would leave that life one day.
None the less, until that day arrived she was to be the "cabin girl" of sorts. They trained her in tailoring. She learned to manipulate and create with leathers, cloths, and woods. "What a place it was for a child.. she had no friends her age or time to truly play. It was always chores and learning, observing, and practicing. Life on the tradeship was often also dangerous: she was told pirates attacked the ship unrelentingly, wanting the goods that were the crew's livelihood. But Llymlaen is merciful, and they escaped them time and time again while the child was sheltered below decks.
As she grew older, the Wanderer's influence on her nature became more apparent. Many bells she spent staring out at the seas. There were so many islands they stopped at along the way, to trade and to rest. There were girls on these islands, and they danced so beautifully. The girl studied their dances, practicing as she did all things. Back on the ship mostly she was alone, and she danced to the music she heard in her heart whenever she could. Sometimes, however, the men played real music for her on deck. Nothing made her happier.
Eventually the girl wasn't a girl anymore, she was a woman. Far south they went on one route, leaving the humid air at the Cape of Deadwind before docking once more. This place, Thanalan... it was this place she had to be. The sun shown long hours, and dry heat warmed her. It was amazing and it called to her. But the ship had to return to Limsa Lominsa, its storage was full of pelts and ores and its supplies were replenished with exotic cactus-fruits, nuts, and fresh and dried meats from the inland – a real treat for the men.
Dressed in her best, she waved to her mother, a weathered short bow on her back. An archer, raised at sea? Her teacher found aiming at a moving target on a moving boat a good teacher for marksmanship. The rough seamen she grew up with, highlander and midlander hyurs, a lone quiet giant of a roegadyn, the elezen who was her teacher, and of course a round little lalafell, vagrants, and such good men, were there to see her off.
As many places as the girl had been, the places she had seen.. she had truly seen only a fraction of Eorzea as it was known to those born and raised on the land. The people, the races she'd never interacted with (mostly her own), she knew nothing of them or their rumors of war. She would find a caravan to take her to the city nearest, one called Ul'dah. There, a parade was taking place.
Oh, there was a dancer, like her.. How lovely she was. Perhaps she could find somewhere in this city to work and dance too?
Hear. Feel. Think.

The Dancer


Aysun supplemented her income by dancing at Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern (the Miners' Guild) in Ul'dah. She was a "Mineral Girl" for two years. While she did not participate in the other kinds of dances given there (according to her), she was certainly good enough performing to help her make her living. The stigma the Mineral Girls earned due to some of their ranks' activities prompted Aysun to take on a stage name for her performances. For much of her time there, she wore a half-mask during her performances to avoid being recognized and labeled a prostitute. Because of her job there, Aysun gets very uncomfortable and sometimes defensive in conversations that turn to the subject of the Miners' Guild and those who work there.
Aysun danced because she absolutely loved to, and the Mineral Concern was a place she could do it regularly for an audience - even if that audience was more interested in her body than her talent. Her attire was minimal during performances, much like the other dancers there. This part of her life is no longer a big secret.


Aysun has not pursued employment as a dancer again thus far. She had decided that dance had 'left her' since the Calamity. Still, she can be caught doing so in private.


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Close Friend | Friend
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Directory Information


Age: 32
Gender: Female
Country: USA
Timezone: Central
Availablility: 4:00pm-9:00pm CST/CDT

RP style (light, casual, moderate, or heavy):

Moderate/Heavy preferred. I am a scientist, so RP is a big creative escape for me.
My preferred RP setting is low-fantasy (little magic use, "real," gritty, dark), but I can work with most levels of it lately and still have fun! Aysun is also a side-character, generally used for/involved in progressing others' plots without having a major one herself. That said, she's my baby and a little snowflakey due to 1.0 and just the fact that she's been RP'd for so long, but I try to not overdo it. :P
I'm not 'always' IC when you run into me, but it's usually quite obvious, because I tend to abuse smilies or speak in [brackets] if I'm not IC.
I still want to progress in-game, so feel free to send me an OOC tell asking me to do things! However, do note that I LOVE doing game-stuff IC too! Aysun's an adventurer, after all.

What kind of RP relationships are you seeking? (family ties, etc):

Friendships, Enemies, Employers/Commissioners, Recruiters, Old Flames (there were a couple unnamed NPC ones from the Mineral Concern pre-Calamity.. don't judge!), Drunk sleazebags, Seething hatred, Family-ties (via a prolific father), People to explore with... Give me some drama, casual, raids, whatever! I honestly just want to RP. It doesn't have to be complicated, long-term; even interactions in passing just add so much life to the game! I'm a terrible person about seeking RP OOCly however, due to social anxiety. I do best with organic RP, and tend to just jump IC when I can, so please don't be offended if I don't contact you OOC for RP! It's not lack of interest, it's anxiety.

How far from the actual lore are you willing to stray?:

I like the lore, and I would like to stay as close to the lore as possible, however I'm not perfect and we are still learning about it, so I understand character development/changes as we learn more. I believe that what makes a great RPer is someone who can work within the bounds of the universe we are playing in, rather than push it to the breaking point.


Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Small Shell
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"Small Shell"
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Trade Bivalve Researcher / Fisher
Server Balmung