Stein Vespyn

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Stein Vespyn
"No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks."



BIRTH NAME... Stein Vespyn



RACE... Elezen

GENDER... Male

AGE & NAMEDAY... 19. Born 25th Sun of the Sixth Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION... Doctor, Researcher, Scientist


SEXUAL ORIENTATION... Pansexual/Bisexual


NATIONALITY... Ishgardian


FAMILY... Unknown.

RESIDENCE... Venmortis Manor

OCCUPATION... Company Doctor and Researcher


HEIGHT & WEIGHT... 6 fulms, 5 ilms. 122 ponze.

ALIGNMENT... Chaotic Neutral


❝ Anyone can become a star in the middle of a tornado. ❞


A man who prefers research and the company of books over other people, Stein is a rather quiet man. He enjoys listening to others converse as he merely watches, barely giving information about himself. Some question if 'Stein' is even his real name and when approached with said question, he gives different answers each time; Usually a shrug or a smile. He hails from Ishgard, working with the Venmortis Family, a noble house known for their crafts of clothing and jewelry, presumably the House's Doctor yet is seen within Ul'dah at the request of a house member.


The elezen stands tall, usually towering over others that surround him however, he does occasionally hunch over when his hands are within his pockets, a usual sign that a experiment went wrong someway and he might be contemplating how or why. He is pale but not a soft ivory shade or anything of the sort. It is a tad of a sickly pale color.

Silver with a mixed of grey hair is grown out, leaving to question what the natural hair color is or was. At the front, there is more silver while in the middle it is dark grey with a nearly black shade to it. His hair goes to his shoulders and conceals his left eye, leaving it unseen by the public. His eye color is also one to question. It is assumed he has violet eyes but his right has a scar across the top, damaging the eye and leaving it a milky violet. Along with the scar on his eye, he also has one across his nose, on his left cheek and left jaw.

Even though he is a man of study and education, he is rather well built for one that has chosen the path of knowledge over sheer strength. He possesses more scars across his body and holds no notable tattoos. His body is usually hidden away with coats he uses to study such as a long white coat resembling that of a doctor or scientist. On the rare occasion, and with recently residing in Ul'dah, he can be found in an open shirt due to the humidity. But this is only when it is unbearable, thus making it rare.

He wears a pair of glasses usually, despite the fact that his left eye is hidden behind hair.

Aspects That Stand Out:
On the rare occasion, he can be seen hunching.
It is believed that his left eye is a deep purple, peeking out from behind his hair.
When finding something [Or someone] interesting, he will approach them and simply look them over carefully before proceeding to ask deranged questions such as their blood type.
The man is a chronic smoker.


The man is very withdrawn from others. This becomes quickly known when one meets Stein for the first time and often question if they are boring the man or if he always looks disinterested. Many have said that they feel strange or even unsafe around Stein and who is to say they're wrong? Stein has gain a reputation for being eerie, deranged and even psychotic with some of his achievements. Even when the man smiles and science isn't involved, it is enough to make others shy away from him more, his smile never reaching his eyes, making them look dull or like he is planning something.

Question of sanity aside, very few people have managed to see a truly rare side of Stein. While the man is involved in his experiments and studies most of the time he can show a more caring, concerned side for the well being of those he calls friends. He has stated before that while how he practices his talent is a tad extreme, it is done because he wishes to aid others which has become apparent that it is simply shown in a different manner than others.

A member of the noble house he is employed under has stated that while Stein prefers solitude he is still prone to loneliness like any other person and is not one to speak about his personal issues so easily.


Weapons. The man enjoys older weapon pieces and is known to have a small connection, even though he does not necessarily use one or how to use some weapons.
Coffee. Be it hot or chilled, the man enjoys at least two cups of coffee a day.
Sweets. One might not have guessed it but the man enjoys his sweets, especially in his coffee. It's also a great way to get on his good side or to make him forgive someone easier.


Failing. Stein possesses a deep hatred for any type of failure that he himself makes yet is understanding when others do.
Desert. Spending most of his life in Coerthas, Stein has grown to despise the desert heat.
Loud Noises; Shouting While Working. Noise is a hatred that followed him since he was a child, finding it more difficult to work with sudden bursts of loud noises.


Alchemy. While more of a necessity, the man does enjoy working with alchemy even outside of work.
Experimenting. Experimentation is a favored thing with Stein even when there is no specific request.
Drawing. A bit of a hidden talent, Stein has quite the knack for drawing and painting.


Quick Learning. The man is a fast learner than most and is a quick thinker in time crunching situations.
Patience. After dealing with annoyances such as colleagues and clients, the man has built up quiet the patience.
Simplifying. He takes pride in being able to take something difficult, such as a subject of study, and simplifying it, making it easier for others to understand.


Empathy. The man simply does not know how to connect with others all that well, keeping his circle of friends very, very small which he is content with.
Portraying Emotions. It is very difficult for the man to portray the correct emotions. Or emotions at all.
Anger. While it takes a lot to get him to this point, he possesses a large anger issue.


Knowledge. Believing knowledge is the key to many this, it is one of his biggest motivations to learn everything.
Relations. While the pool of friends is small, they are a driving force to keep the man rather sane.
Lost Soul. He seems to be looking for a missing item and comments on how 'a part of his soul feels missing'.


❝ Anyone can become a star in the middle of a tornado. ❞
The man has not been seen possessing a weapon within his grasp as of yet or if he has used magic before. Many assume that his only profession in skill reside in alchemy and medical knowledge. That is all people know thus far, that is.
OOC Note: To learn more about what Stein does use as a weapon, it is best to either keep an eye on him or listen to his conversations if one is prepared for what they might hear.



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Recent Times
■ Tidbit.


Family Involved Romantic Platonic Physical Friend Acquaintance $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral Unsure
Kyrsaria Venmortis Family/Employer. ( ) - Madam Red
Character's Thoughts: "I taught her everything she knows since she was a small child.."
The Daughter of his original employer and is now his employer with the absence of her father, Kyrsaria Venmortis is also one of his first students. He speaks of her fondly, which is rather rare for the man, and enjoys teasing her by saying her alchemy skills need much work. He has respect for her and sees her like a niece.
Aeirra Rhua Family. ( ) - Little Dash
Character's Thoughts: "I know of no one faster. For both running speed and sometimes annoyance."
The adoptive daughter of the Venmortis Family, Stein cared not that Aeirra Rhua also known as 'Dash' is a Miqo'te. He was still hard on her like her adoptive siblings and treated her as if she was apart of the family because as far as he knew, she was and still is.
Mayu Cloudwalker Company Member. ( ) - TBD
Character's Thoughts: "Her and I, for now, do not see eye to eye."
A Member of the company, Mayu Cloudwalker and Stein don't seem to see eye to eye on many subjects. She also dislikes the fact that he is teaching however he understands it is because of how he can be thus he holds respect for her.
Vahn Kasch Company Member. ( ) - TBD
Character's Thoughts: "I do not know much of him as of yet but perhaps soon."
Another Member of the company. While the two do not talk often, he doesn't hold much issues with the man. He can't really say much about him at the same time just that they agree on certain subjects.

Sebastian Vespyn Father. ( ) - Scientist
Character's Thoughts: ". . ."
Stein does not remember much of his father nor does he care to know.
Alenya Vespyn Mother. ( ) - Doctor
Character's Thoughts: "The woman was a saint.."
Stein cared dearly for his mother and they lived rather simple lives together. He learned what he knows from her and furthered her research after her passing.
Victoria Yvenla. ( ) - First Assistant
Character's Thoughts: "The woman was clumsy.."
He never did look back fondly on Victoria. She was clumsy, scatter brained and a bit ditzy... However, she was always upbeat and joyful around Stein, no matter the circumstances. He knows not where she is now but does hope she is well, secretly.
A'Ester. ( ) - Student
Character's Thoughts: "Many are against me teaching her but they will learn that she has a natural talent that needs guidance."
His youngest student at only seven summers. Despite her age, she has proven to know much more than other children of her age and takes a joy in it. While she can be as dark minded as Stein as well, she holds a good reason for wanting to learn in the end, wishing to aid others.
Xyla Quintessence. ( ) - Simply Quint
Character's Thoughts: "A very... Unique... Woman."
The two only recently crossed paths but already Stein has taken a high interest with the woman, especially after learning about her and was able to ask her questions. He holds to further his development with his research but also assist her with education.
Ren Tatewaki. ( ) - The Monster
Character's Thoughts: "I despise the man.."
Ren Tatewaki is someone Stein can not stand and thus results in experimentation to the degree that he will experiment on him without him knowing. He has an open hatred for him and is not afraid to say it. It goes without saying that the two do not see eye to eye on anything nor can agree.



Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ Common Rumors - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
"The man is a Doctor. What is there else to say?" — Patron of the Forgotten Knight.
"I don't recall seeing him step out from the Venmortis' Manor often. And when he did, it was only for a short while. I heard of him but seen him once for a moment." — Shop Vendor within Ishgard.
"The man doesn't enjoy touching much it seems. He seems to stray around anyone who tries to do so." — Wandering Noble.
◢ Uncommon Rumors - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
"Man does a lot of experiments I've heard.. Don't want to know what." — Forgotten Knight Tender..
"He works for the Venmortis Family but aren't they crafters? What is a doctor needed for?" — Unknown gossiper within Ishgard..
"The man is making me rich with all the vials he buys from me daily." — Vendor within Ishgard..
◢ Rare Rumors - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"The man requested the head of an Aevis once.. I don't want to know what he plans with it." — Ishgard Dragoon.
"Didn't he use to have an assistant? Or a few of them? Anyone who becomes his assistant ends up never being seen again.." — Older Woman in Ishgard..
"The man be psychotic. The whole blank face is just a trick! He's sick in the head, I tell you.." — Venmortis Maid.


Feel free to add your own rumors to this section.

◢ Player Character Rumors - Some of these are more rare than others!
"He is a good man despite what others claim...So long as he does not become another Xyla..." — Xyla Quintessence.
"Papa is very kind to me!" — Gaia Quintessence.
"Rumor" — Character Name.
"Rumor" — Character Name.
"Rumor" — Character Name.
"Rumor" — Character Name.
"Rumor" — Character Name.


Outer Science
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Potential Plot Hooks
While the below is by no means comprehensive, it's a kind of spring board for walk-up RP.
Stein is rather open with his studies for the most part and is a doctor outside of the Company as well. If you're injured, need someone, Stein is there.
He does take on students for what he practices; Alchemy, History, Medical and Aether Studies.
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