Vahn Kasch

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 Vahn Kasch
Gender Male
Race Au Ra (Raen)
Clan Unaffiliated
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 35
Date of Birth
Martial Status Single
Free Company Gilded Rose
Character Blog
Server Balmung
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Character Basics

Vahn Kasch (pronounced Vah-N Kah-Shh), originally born with an Au Ra Raen name, he forsook his name and left his homeland for adventure, eventually settling down in Eorzea and taking up the name he so chose. Using magicks he projected a Hyur form, of which most people knew him as. Until recently as such he has revealed his true self.


Height: ** fulms and ** ilms || Weight: Average || Age:35

Noticeable Scars
  • Fake eye. Now a magitek replacement.
  • Various scars along body and face



Weapons Master
User of Black Magic
Aetheric Manipulation
Void Magicks
Gladiatorial battle
Pissing off Egis
Being able to predict some things
Dog Whisperer
Punching holes in things




Back stabbers
Corrupt Brass Blades


Amount of Aether


His past
Amount of Aether
His Advice


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favorite Food:
Favorite Sweet: Doesn't eat sweets.
Favorite Drink: Whiskey
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Weather: Foggy
Favorite Time: Evening

Medical Conditions

  • Over abundance of aether. Is constantly releasing aether to keep from getting aether poisoning.
  • Magitek Eye in his left, replaced after having no eye for quite some time. Before then he was blind in that eye.
  • When he drinks too much, the beast inside has a tendency to come out. May or may not randomly kill brass blades, and suspected Garleans.

Employment History

  • Soldier for the Flames (Retired/Dishonorable Discharge) Fought during the Battle of Carteneau. Jailed for wiping out most of his own company due to losing control of this soulstone. Discharged after being released.
  • Freelance (Self hired) Random wanderings after being released from prison. This and that jobs. Mostly Mercenary work.
  • The Gilded Rose (Security) Brought in by his friend T'shina Vashka, he runs the security for some of the events, at self same time most think he is the bodyguard for T'shina.

Gossip and Relations


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"I hear he used to fight in the arena!" (Ul'dahn merchant)
"Always around the Miqo woman. He her bodyguard or something?"(Brass Blade)
"Whiskey, from the bottle. At least that's what he used to order. (Momodi)
"Saw 'im with 'is shirt off once. Damn." (Limsan Commoner)
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Hear he nearly once took a mans head clean off in the sands." (Gladiator)
"There seems something off about him." (Thaumaturge)
"Fought with him during Carteneau." (Flames Soldier)
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Heard he killed a lot of people, including his whole family." (Gridanian Merchant)
"That one's void touched I tell ya, along with usin' that black magic." (Ul'dahn Noble)
"He once said he eats Lallafel to regain aether! It's true I tell you! Where are you going!" (Random Lala)
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the character's of other players)
"He does his job right and he's the right ally to have. However, get on his bad side..." - T'shina Vashka
"He's a friend.. Yeah, friend. You know what that means? You fuck with him, I'm takin' your eyes from your skull" - Togy Brandmakt
"The Grump? Not too bad of a person from what I can see so far.. He even accepted me after everything. And you see this nice, shiny gun in front of me? You try to change that and, I'll use this and I will rearrange your face, your arms will be where your legs are and don't get me started on the little one between your legs." - Lucretia Ebongrave


Love/ Mate Sexual Desire Platonic Love
Clansman/Family Friend Neutral Enemy
◢ Family
Wife (Dead) WIP
Son (Dead) WIP
Azeal Kasch (Son-Presumed Dead) One of two sons who survived the tragic accident that took his brother and mother away. Years passed as he lived on without Vahn when he went to war, taking up a darker path as he researched into Voidsent's and their magicks. In the end he was possessed and put down by his father.
◢ Friends
Blazerro Draken: Met through T'shina Vashka, fellow member of the same Free Company. Doesn't know much about.
T'shina Vashka: Long known friend. Past and present member of same Free Companies. Current employer and contact.
Toff Vaughnn: Student. Helping 'control' his warrior soul stone.
Tenha'a Rendha: Mate to T'shina. One he has yet to understand completely, but considered somewhat a friend.
Matthias Silverstar: Matthias offered him a job a long while ago now and worked for him for some time before moving on to his own things.
Althena Locke: Wife to Matthias, she helped him in times of need.
Togy Brandmakt: Vahn has known Togy for a long time now. Right now however he has gone under the alias of 'Mr. Mask.' He considers him one of the few people he can actually trust and sees him as somewhat a rival in some cases.
Yuki Kurenai: Met Yuki through mutual friends. Has created him a replacement eye so that he may see with two eyes and proper vision.
Mayu Cloudwalker:Young mage who seems inspired by Vahn. Watched over by people he knows, he has some familiar connection with the girl as she feels almost daughter like to him. Will do anything to protect her.
◢ Enemies
Flynt Reddard: Just does not like the man. Thinks he is up to something quite terrible.

◢ Neutral Parties
Ashriah Crowthorne Dragoon from Ishgard who works closely with the Venmortis Family. Very serious and orderly.
Reiner Dorn: While he is still quite unsure of Reiner and his motives he respects the man to some degree. Runs the Runestone.
Warren Castille: Lead overseer of the Grindstone. Unsure of the man as a whole.
Autumn Moore: Young lass who has gained a few attention seekers. She worries for the girl.
Flameson Hammersmith: Large angry Roe. What more can he say?
Orenji Kharn: Unsure
Lucretia Ebongrave:

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