Tazara Terumi Yuuki

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Gridania-transparent.png Tazara Terumi Yuuki
Tazara and Orion 2.png
"Not all off us are bad! Just look at me!
The One From the Void
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te Hybrid
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Gridania

[[]] Tazara Terumi Yuuki, your "average and everyday" Miqo'te. Well known for many things, many often note the dragonling known as Orion who likes to hitch a ride on her shoulder or fly about tormenting people. She loves to get to know people and often will go out of her way to make sure that you are alright. Regardless of if she knows you or not. Being extremely protective, she will fight on the behalf of those she holds dear and near to her heart.

♦ All information posted here is strictly IC. Thus being said, these are things that Tazara will openly disclose without an issue. Anything else that your character should not know will be placed in brackets so that it is easily discernible.

Basic Info

Tazara Terumi Yuuki is better known as "That Miq with the wierd aether". Not many people can exactly guess where she has come from. Some believe she is cursed while others think that she is just a really powerful black mage. [Truth is that she was born of a Voidkin father and a Miqo'te mother.] She does not like to go in-depth about her familial history and tends to leave it at, "They're both dead." On the other hand, the only person she really considers family is Orion. She views him as a dear friend and brother to her. [His egg was the last gift from her father before he was killed by Eorzeans.] At 5'8", she currently loves to run about with her friends and get into all sorts of strange situations.


♦ Her history is not something she openly discloses. Only her current information can be used unless you are a friend or close relative.


As a kitten, Tazara was often stared at due to her small horns that grew just above her ears. Shut in and hidden for most of her younger years, she had a hard time communicating and making friends with the other young Miqo'te of the tribe that her father enticed. As her and her mother were his favourite, many of the other females in the clan would openly express disgust when they were not around and this started to cause a rift between her family and the rest of the clan. It was then that her father began making plans to remove them from Eorzea and bring them back to the Void with him. Both her mother and her father knew that it would have adverse effects upon her but it was the safest option since the other clan members were becoming more and more openly hostile towards them.

Around the age of seven, Tazara recieved Orion in the form of an egg. Her father wanted her to always have a companion to remind her of her roots and to give hope that one day she can live peacefully on the surface. That day was also the day that her father was wrenched out of her life as a result of a summoning. He has not been seen since, but deep down, she knew that he was dead. No matter what her mother told her, her father was dead. Upset and unwilling to remain in the Void without her husband, Tazara's mother took her back to the surface with her. Leaving their home in the Void behind in the hopes of escaping the horrors of the place.

Early Teen Years

Tazara was taught the ways of Miqo'te life back on the motherland of her people. Trained, beaten, battered and bruised, she learned how to hold her own without the help of Orion or her magic. She was constantly training, day and night so that she could learn to control her aether and appearance. While those of her mother's new tribe saw her as strange, they openly accepted her willingness to learn and contribute but she was not allowed to be a member of the clan just yet. She had to undergo a series of rigorous tests before the clan would finally cone to accept her.

A year later, her Voidkin blood began reacting to a summoning ritual that she fought furiously to get herself out of. Ripped from her family and place she finally called home, she was enraged. So much so that the person who summoned her used that rage to kill and enact revenge upon those who wronged him. It wasn't until a lance skewered her form that her aether dispersed and she was passed right back into the Void.


She has finally made her way out of the Void once again. While bitter and angry, she still makes an attempt to remain optimistic and keep her head up. After she reassessed where she was, she made her way back to her motherland to speak with the head of her clan. While her story was accepted, she found out that the clan had already ruled her dead after she was not seen for months. She granted permission to see her mother but then escorted out as the clan could not trust her due to her disappearance.

Now back in Eorzea, she vows to be the change that her father wanted and that is for all beings on this planet to live in peace without wanting to kill each other. She only wished Orion was not so much of a pain in her behind.


Tazara can be seen as an introvert who rarely tells others what she is thinking about but to counteract that, she is very open and accepts interactions with others when it comes down to speaking. While she is not exactly bubbily in spirit, she tries to maintain an upbeat outlook on life and always tries to see the brighter side of everything. As a teacher to those who wish to learn, she can be quite harsh and refuses t hold back, believing that the only way to learn is to be put in a dangerous situation.


Romantic Attraction Physical Attraction Platonic Love $ Business Deceased Positive Negative Neutral 🔃 Unsure 🔒 Trust

-Drakyl Skies🔒 - Tazara's husband and bestfriend. She met him during her first days back to Eorzea and they have been inseparable. He taught her how to actually care again and tends to get on her nerves when he wants a good laugh out of her. All in all, they maintain a healthy balance between lovers and friends, especially since he has to put up with Orion whom he one day vows to skewer.

-Mayu Cloudwalker🔒 - Tazara met Mayu at the Runestone on the day of her introduction as the new curator. She does not know much about her except for her nervousness about the position and her relation to Serethis Luchiervent. Other than that, they have only been matched up once during the tournaments.

-Stein Vespyn🔃 - Was referred to Stein by Serethis for a meeting. While she does have some form of empathy for the man, she feels like he is hiding something. This hunch is usually right if Orion has something to complain about.

-Mia Ember🔒 - Mia was met after Tazara's first participation in the Runestone. She feels asthough she should protect her and keeps a watchful eye on the young Miqo when she attends the Runestone with her. Right now, she wished to teach her more defensive magics but is unwilling to show Mia her darker side.

-Orion🔒 - PAIN IN THE ASS!! Tazara raised him from egg to dragonling and ever since they rode on the fishing boat back to Eorzea, his mouth has been just as foul as a sailor's, if not worse. He likes to rest on her shoulder, head, or horns and act as if he is entitled to annoyed her every waking moment of her life. But, that is just one of his many charms. Orion is like a brother to her and if something happened to him, she would be distraught.

-Lamia Vuinuet🔃 - Tazara encountered Lamia at the Runestone during her second match and lost to him. She finds him extremely interesting in the terms of his aether and the wells of potential within him. Unfortunately, she never really has any time to study him and only takes those moments during the tournaments.

-Serethis Luchiervent🔒 - Serethis is only trusted because he looks out for her during the tournaments. He knows that she bears no ill will and tries to make up for what she is by being friendly and inviting. The only problem is that blue Miqo that is with him during the tournaments.

-Yuukianesa Lunaire🔒 - Mother dearest and always will be. Her mother is the only person who she would literally drop everything and run towards. She has been with her through thick and thin and still won't forget her daughter. Her clan currently sees her as their leader and Tazara only hopes that her mother stays alive long enough to see her future grandchildren should Tazara decide to try for kits.

-Elatha🔒 - Father. Tazara saw this man as the strongest being she ever knew until she started her adventures. Her father treated her like a princess and gave her anything she wanted. The only catch was that she had to show that she deserved it. When he was torn away from the family, she vowed to find him, but every ounce of her Voidkin blood screams at her that he is dead. She just refuses to believe it.

-Kodie Durant🔒 - Kodie Durant was met when Tazara had a bad run in at the Drowning Wench. Where most others would run away, he actually took the time to help her nurse Orion back to full health. She views him as someone she can readily trust without a second thought despite only knowing him for a few short hours. Plus, Orion owes him a favour so that keeps the dragon in check.

-Merha'to Sera - Tazara sees him as the first person to actually injure her. This earned great amounts of respect from her because it was not out of fear, but rather the fun of the game. She hopes to have another bout with him at the Grindstone soon.

-Aaron Frostheart - When Tazara initially met Aaron, she felt that he was nothing but a lazy bump on a log. However, after her most recent appearance at the Runestone, she was glad to see a new found vigor in the way he fought. No longer seeing a reason to toss him into the wash, she feels that he has found a purpose for himself in his life and actually wishes to learn a few things from him and Axial, his pet Hoarfrost Hound.

-Ruruni Runi🔃 - Tazara found this young Lalafell to be quite interesting to say the least. while unsure how to feel about her, she knows that the young girl has the eyes of a curious kitten and that is enough to keep her well interested.

-Chance Crecenzo - Tazara ran into this strange Miqo'te after she finished a raid on Alexander Midas. She knows that he likes her but refuses to accept his advances because she is already married. Now she simply watches him and laughs a little as he tries hard but still values her as a friend/

-Brimcon Sako - This man earned her ire during her last appearance at the Runestone. His refusal to accept that she is simply trying to make her own way without hurting anyone is what truly pisses her off. She won't get angry, but she will yell. Anger only leads to her losing control and proving him correct.

Other Notes

  • -The relationship markers are not mine. When I find the creator, they will receive credit.