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Ul'dah-transparent.png Amalie Blacke
Ffxiv 10152019 211113 660.png
"Hmm, what did you say?"
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Unknown
Citizenship Ul'dah
Server Balmung
Age 28
Deity None in particular
Orientation Undiscovered
Marital Status Single
Occupation Ex-Librarian
Nameday 8th Sun of the 4st Umbral Moon
Amalie Blacke, also known as the walking disaster. Having recently been fired from her last job as a librarian for an accident that cost the library half of it's inventory in damages. After a lot of sulking, which she still does from time to time, she was convinced to "Fix it" by deciding to gather information and research about Eorzea in her own library. Believing that information should be shared freely to anyone looking for it.
She can often be found in public places, usually people watching as she is generally to shy to approach them.
Not always up to date on current events, she is always interested in what is going on.
She is currently looking for a group of people to do research with.

Your Character's Inventory

Last updated: Mar 4th, 2020

- There is always some scraps of paper and a writing utensil on her person, though she'd prefer to keep a book with her at all times too.

Height: 5 fulms 2 ilms

Weight: 162 ponz

Complexion: Fair, but sun burns easily.

Hair: Redish Brown

Eyes: Blueish green, can change depending on mood or clothing.

Amalie has a soft, smooth face with plump light pink lips that are often not colored. A petite nose is centered between smooth cheeks that easily blush when embarrassed. Above that are a pair of brightly colored blueish green eyes, always curious in nature. Two small ears, pierced with a single pair of holes, framed by the soft wavy redish brown hair.
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This template created by Rihxo Matoi with the help of Nanagi Nagi and has pieces from the templates of Unnamed Mercenary, Roen Deneith, Cyrus Wolfe, and Coatleque Crofte.

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