Wondrous Sundries

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 Wondrous Sundries
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Race All welcome
Clan All welcome
Citizenship Kugane
Server Mateus
Admin Thevenin Artinien

Wondrous Sundries is an independently and privately owned curiosity shop dealing in everything from esoteric entities to foreign fineries. Seeking a tome passed down through various hands and lost to time? Looking to get your hands on some rare elixir that even Radz-at-Han might not stock often, if at all? Maybe your eyes flit to those mysterious machines tucked in the corner... well search no more. Wondrous Sundries has it all, and if they don't, they'll find it for you--for the right price.

Curator Thevenin Artinien originally founded the shop to supplement his income after a rough bout of luck saw him washed ashore in Kugane with very little recollection of himself. While he could not remember his old work, he did recall that he had a veritable hoard of odd bits and bobs he had stored away and that he had a particular talent for finding them. Thus did he take up selling his talent, picking up a ragtag team of friends and employees to aid him in these endeavours. He's now opening his doors and looking to become a true business, though retains a neutral mentality befitting of a Kugane business man.

Last updated July 26th, 2017

Curation & sale of exotic goods
The main staple of the shop. Usually restricted, rare, or plain strange items are stocked on these shelves such as Allagan artifacts, restricted herbs such as Somnus, and tomes banished from most city-states. Garlean- and aetherially-aspected items are also no strangers among the stock. Pretty much if you can imagine it, it's very likely there.

Procurement & retrieval of goods
To complement the above, Thevenin has put in place an "If We Don't Have It Now, We Will Soon" missive. If an item is requested that is not currently in their possession, you can pay a fee for them to obtain it for you. Think of them as mercenaries of treasure and bizarro items. If the item can't be procured, a deal will be worked out depending on what was requested.

Translation of timeworn tomes
Many tomes in their collection date back as far as Mhachian or Nymian times, and are often written in obscure or oft forgotten languages--so naturally they need to have trusty translators at hand. For a small fee they will be willing to offer partial or full translations of tomes brought to or bought from them, attempting to remake the book as faithful to the original in both appearance and text as possible.

Reconstruction & restoration of old artifacts
Due to the nature of the world, items will inevitably fade or rot. Those at Wondrous Sundries will do their best to restore items while keeping as close to the original materials as possible. Yes, this does include Allagan things! They will even research ways to re-imbue aetherial items with their old powers, though no guarantee can be given due to the nature of aether.

Protection & escorting of goods
A powerful security unit accompanies every delivery and every mission the team undertakes. They can also be hired for joint ventures in to various locations provided the shop is given a cut of the findings, or has a form of just payment to compensate if no items are to be claimed. At all hours they are stationed within the shop and alongside cargo en route until it has safely gone from Point A to Point B.

Common rumors (Easily overheard)

"They deal with all clients equally. Rare is it to see someone turned away--and usually, it's due to them conducting themselves like a right proper arse." - Vesper Bay ferry ticketer
"Man's a ravin' lunatic! Don't let that calm gaze fool ya--I heard the bloke sawed his own arms off just to test some long-forgotten Allagan shite!" - Kugane dockworker
"Emery Dell claims he's a former pirate, but I have it on good authority he was just their galley cook! Better with a butter knife than a sword I'd wager." - Limsa Lominsan rumormonger

Moderate rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"They've got books there that not even Arrzaneth Ossuary can get hold of." - Ruby Road Exchange merchant
"That little Xaela whore what caught my husband's eye and his pocketbook afore she excused herself from the steppes; I hear she 'does business' with Master Artinien." - an Othardian client's disgruntled wife
"I saw Emery once in prison! Just for a day. Got thrown in there for a drunk and disorderly charge. Sounds like it wasn't the first time." - hotblooded Kugane youth

Rare rumors (Rarely overheard, super secret, ask before using)

"Been drunken murmurin' that the curator 'imself's got an unimaginable potential elixir or summat locked away in a little box somewhere. Hear you've got to solve puzzles all around the shop just to learn how to ask for it, nevermind gettin' 'im to sell it to ye." - Baderon at the Drowning Wench
"I believe I saw Mr. Dell outside the Arcanist's Guild a few days ago. He was peddling something in very hushed tones. He looked nervous." - erudite student of the Arcanist's Guild
"Insert rumor here." - Person
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This template was created by Rihxo Matoi with the help of Nanagi Nagi and has pieces from the templates of Unnamed Mercenary, Roen Deneith, Cyrus Wolfe, and Coatleque Crofte. It was tweaked for this Free Company by Ana Kha.