Zetoh'a Velshado

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 Zetoh'a Velshado
"Sword and mind must be united"
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Hingashi
Age 36
Nicknames Zeto
Occupation Samurai
Guardian Deity Menphina, the Lover
Marital Status Single
About The Player


Zetoh'a Velshado, nicknamed Zeto, is a Moonkeeper Miqo'te originally hailing from the Shroud but residing in the Hingashi region, in Kugane.

At a young age, he had been taken in by the Hayashi family who found him alone in the Shroud, and thus, was taken back to the East and where he had remained ever since. Becoming a squire to the family, he tended to their needs with utmost dedication. His servitude was never forced but he felt that he owed them that much. Over the years, he also took up swordsmanship and became a samurai, carefully taught under the watchful eye of the family.

Recently, he has traveled back to Eorzea after the long absence, yearning to learn of his culture and possibly find his long lost family; potentially happiness.

He is known by all to be a very kind fellow, always with a nice thing to say and can easily engage in conversation with anyone due to his very charming nature. Curious and very knowledgeable, he likes to indulge in smart conversations. He values family and friendship over all else, and will gladly do anything for his loved ones.


A man with a heart of gold, he would do anything for his nation as well as his foster family and loved ones.

He believes that there is inner beauty in every person, even if it isn’t outwardly apparent. Zetoh'a has a kind and gentle heart, but is easily excitable with an idealistic nature. Compassionate, dedicated and faithful, he is very attentive to those around him and he yearns to put a smile on the face of everyone. He puts the needs of others before his own, however, that is not to say he neglects himself. He is very loyal to his friends as well as his beliefs, which may make him appear stubborn but he tries to remain open-minded as long as people present him valid points and references. Honest but gentle in his words, he still tries to make his point come across without appearing rude or inconsiderate, taking into account his companions. Zetoh'a is a charming man and he has no troubles gaining the attention of the opposite gender, but he never appeared interested in any women and remained humble. Being gentleman, he would often refuse direct advances, ideally trying to explain in an amiable manner that he had no interest in dating. While it pained him to see the fair ladies hurt, he still stood his ground. He approaches everyone equally, and never treated any person better than the other, the same when it came to women.

He has a penchant for knowledge, and believes everyone has a story to tell. Curious and genuinely interested in tales as well as folklore, he gladly listens to people he passes or meets, wanting to know more of them as well as their stories. While a persons past may define up to a certain point, he wants to believe that in the end, each person is in charge fully of their destiny.

Despite his scrupulous and orderly nature, he can be jovial and very talkative, even funny. He enjoys to tease some of the youngsters he crosses as well as joking when having a drink or two with friends. A perfect balance in life is required to lead a healthy lifestyle and he gladly fulfills that duty. He does not allow his carefree nature to show with random people but when he gets to know someone closer, he has no quarrels in showing his playful nature.



Being a Moonkeeper, he has round pupils; piercing big eyes with a gorgeous silvery-blue hue. Sharp fangs past his lips which often sport a gorgeous smile. He has neck-length snowy-white hair, usually kept ruffled up and down but when eating or engaged in manual activities, he will often tie it up into a bun to keep it out of his face. He has thick white facial hair, contouring his entire jawline. Upon his forehead, a black teardrop tattoo can be witnessed which is always revealed, as he makes certain not to cover it with his fringe. His skin tone is on the darker side,a mix of dark gray with the tiniest hint of blue. Zetoh'a is very good looking and it is plain to see. While he may be aware of this asset, he pays little attention to it as he prefers people to see him as a normal and simple man.

He is a tall man with a slender but very fit build; broad shoulder and a well toned chest. It is evident that he takes good care of himself to remain healthy, both exercise-wise as well as dieting. He is not buff but rather elegant despite his muscles.

Being from the East, his attire of choice is Eastern-styled, however, he can be seen wearing Western clothing during his stay in Eorzea, slowly adapting to the culture. On a regular day, he would wear a haori or a kimono, usually in grey or black tones as they are his favourite colours. His all time favourite attire however is a simple white Eastern shirt accompanied with his adored black trench coat. Often also sporting a small black fedora hat with a set of black shades upon his nose, as he finds the Thanalan sun much too strong for his eyes. When trying to adapt to the locals, he wears a simple black shirt with a semi-open chest.


Zetoh'a started off as a squire, or a servant, to the Hayashi family. While it was not a forced servitude, he felt he owed it to them and he did his utmost to please them. He tended to their every need from taking care of their paperwork to even assisting them while hunting out. He would spend a lot of time in the stables caring for their horses. Over years, he bonded closely with their children whom he'd often babysit and he would witness them grow, while at the same time often assisting them with their homework and basic needs. Despite being a servant to the household, the family made sure he was well educated and they home-schooled him together with their children.

Over the years, he proved to be a very dedicated and loyal subject and his Master treated him like his own son. Caring for the man, he enlisted him to study the art of samurai sword-fighting, deeming it would benefit him as well as give him a future profession should he decide to leave the family. Hence, Zetoh'a became a most accomplished samurai, excelling with ease as he truly had a knack for it. After his studies, he returned to the household and served as a personal guard to his Master instead of a simple squire. Time went by and he then transitioned from protecting his Master to protecting his daughter as she was the most vulnerable one as well as innocent and an easy target for any enemies of the family.

Recent events had him return to Eorzea where he currently isn't working but he is considering taking up some simple mercenary tasks once his money would be depleted. For the time being, he is jobless and merely travelling. When possible, he does assist people during his journey but not going too much out of his way due to his task at hand, focused on venturing to the Shroud.


From a young age, Zetoh'a was taught to be a samurai. Years of intense teachings as well as his own resolve to succeed, assisted him in becoming a truly skilled swordsman. While he never was exposed to a battlefield, he did assist when needing to protect his Master or his family members when out on errands or travelling. Bandits and robbers were a common occurrence and he always managed to take them down easily. He was quick and swift in defeating enemies, doing it with grace and poise yet deadly precision.

He is very agile and flexible as well as quick on his feet, making him the perfect person to sneak around unnoticed. Accompanying that, he also has the natural asset of night vision due to being a Moonkeeper. Acute hearing and a perfect sense of smell, he cannot be caught unawares. Thanks to his tail, he is also very skilled in climbing walls and keeping his balance on narrow edges.

While studying to become a samurai he also studied kendo and kyudo, wanting to excel and prove his worth as well as his devotion to the household. Kyudo was a bit harder for him to master despite being a Moonkeeper and supposedly having it in his blood, but kendo came with ease.



  • Children overall
  • Drinking strong sake accompanied with good sushi
  • Good quality matcha
  • Spending time with talkative company
  • Eorzea's natural beauty


  • Stuck-up snobs
  • Social segregation
  • Depressed people


  • Ikebana, the art of arranging flowers
  • Reading life-changing haiku
  • Horseback riding, chocobos simply aren't the same...
  • Leisurely smoking his kiseru


  • Very knowledgeable on folklore and folktales, including fairy-tales
  • Can speak the language of flowers
  • While a beginner, he is showing great proficiency in kyudo
◢ Common Rumours
"Such a charming man! If you ever need help, he will immediately assist and even make it a pleasant experience"
◢ Uncommon Rumours
"He is very close to the Hayashi family's daughter. Maybe too close"
◢ Rare Rumours
"What a filthy mutt, thinking he can come here and just be one of us"
"I heard he always rejected all advances from women. He must be homosexual!"
◢ PC Rumours


Family     Love     Platonic     Failed     Good     Neutral     Poor    


Akio Hayashi (56)

The man of the household and head of the Hayashi family. A kind man who took in Zatoh'a when he was a child and had nowhere to go. Despite never being officially adopted by the family, he treated the Miqo'te with utmost care and love, trusting him like one of his own. He gave him access to everything the family possessed and taught him everything that had to be know about the East and life itself. Zetoh'a adored the man as a father but always referred to him as Master.

Masami Hayashi (27) (deceased)

Wife of Akio as well as the lady of the household, Lady Masami was a woman of grace and elegance. Zetoh'a had the honor to serve her and meet her and she adored him like a son just as much as her husband did. The woman unfortunately passed away during childbirth as she had Hotaru. While the bond was brief, Zetoh'a felt great grief at her passing and decided that he would put all his efforts into helping to raise Hotaru in exchange for the Masami's love for him.

Hideki Hayashi (36)

The son of Akio and closest friend to Zetoh'a as the two were of the exact same age and they grew up together. The two of them were inseparable and looked after each other like true brothers, both in good times as well as when they would pick on each other. As they got older, their bond only grew stronger and Zetoh'a would begin to look at his brother as the future master of the household, but this did not change their feelings to each other.

Hotaru Hayashi (25)

The youngest of the two siblings, Hotaru adored her older brother just as much as Zetoh'a. He would often take care of her and babysit the girl as they were children. As they got older, unbeknownst to him, she had developed romantic feelings towards him, but he did not reciprocate them, kindly rejecting the girl as he saw her as a baby sister. Hurt, she struggled to interact with him ever since and would avoid him.

Love Interests



Lynn Shiri (??)

Viera originating from the Golmore Forest but some events made her come to Eorzea. While different, the two seemed to get along swimmingly as they both were outsiders and new to the land. She was most cordial and kind to him which he immediately took a liking to. They shared opinions on life as well as cultures, exposing how similar Viera was to Moonkeepers. They two are currently sharing sleeping space in the communal rooms of the Astral Crusaders establishment, often engaging in late night talks. Venturing together to the Shroud, they got to grow even closer, sharing a few tender moments.


Helga Mistwalker (??)

He met Helga at the same time as Lynn, as the two woman were at the Astral Crusaders together. Quickly he learned that she was blind but it did not seem to stop her, which he admired in her. A monk, most likely originating from Ala Mhigo, but she wasn't certain of her origins. The two got to talk more over the next few days and Zetoh'a quite enjoyed the exchange as they did find a lot of common ground.

Anarya Loyeri (1600)

While visiting Aurora Eorzea, he encountered the Moonkeeper seemingly wooing another man, but seeming uninterested, she then turned her attention to Zetoh'a. He quickly learned that nothing in the world interested her; she had no value of lives or hobbies. Talking more, it was clearly explained why as he discovered she was a vampyr. It did not shock him, but she made him a bet, wanting him to entertain her and keep her interested. There was nothing to gain from it, but neither was there to lose. Not against it, he agreed to indulge her mind.

Kathir Ragewind (200)

The Hrothgar was mentioned multiple times to Zetoh'a but he had never met him, until one day they did cross paths. His first impression of the man was very good as he learned that he had traveled to the East to learn of the ways of the samurai as well as to be able to craft his own katana. It definitely sparked a genuine interest in the man.

Leoden Garande (22)

The two men exchanged very few words but he appeared like an amicable man. He seemed to be very close to Lynn, which piqued Zetoh'a's interest but he voiced none of it, remaining cordial with the man and promising the woman's safety during their travel to the Shroud.




Please note that all information below is common knowledge that Zetoh'a may share depending on his relationship with people; however there are still many secrets behind many decisions and those must be learned IC

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