Mylene Wharf

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Gridania-transparent.png Mylene Wharf
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Nameday 5th Sun, 5th Astral Moon, 1558.
Guardian Azeyma, the Warden
Profession Fisher
Voice Kayano Ai
Mylene's Theme "Sailing" - Yoko Kanno
Screenshot Tumblr

Roleplayer's Note

On an RP hiatus. I apologize profusely to all my friends and acquaintances whom I've been wanting to RP with for months, but I really couldn't bring myself to dedicate any time towards it due to real life stresses and timezone issues, as well as my general disinterest in RP as of late. You are all very precious to me, so please don't hesitate to contact me in-game for PVE things whenever I'm online!

Rumors [Added by Player Characters]

[Feel free to add rumors. ^^]

  • "Ah… Softest phantom of what was. Moons have passed and still I wait. Praying." - Kahn'a Ohditra
  • "Small girl vith brown hair? Da, have met. Seemed likely to jump at own shadow. Did show backbone vhen frightened. Not sure vhy frightened." - Alexei Volkov
  • "She's one of my best friends...She's always been there when I've been in trouble whether I'm recovering from being tortured, posioned, or just trying to avoid the bounty on my head. I don't know what I'd do without her." - S'imba Tia
  • "Not sure why she says she 'as a tough time talkin' t' folks... seems t' me she knows 'alf the Jewel. Cute as a button as she is, surprised I'm not fendin' off suitors at our door." - Sabathius Kath'Lani
  • "I love her hat! She seems so shy, but she's so much fun to talk to!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "Myl? She's... hm. It's endearing, you know? Seeing someone who puts themselves out there so much, for others. Even if there's a whole mess of stuff around her that's bad enough.... Her new hairstyle is cute, too." - K'hoshi Nunh
  • "That girl has this strange ability to make miqo'te boys flock to her... it's actually pretty funny. Oh, and if you're not careful, she'll shoot your eye out." - Pink-Haired Hyur
  • "She's nice and she's got an innocent but nurturing demeanour about her. I'm not sure if I've met a kinder soul than hers. She's going to make a man very happy one of these days." - Sizha'to Chalahko
  • "Mylene? She's adorable! She might not look the part but she's one of the strongest people I know. And I'm going to be honest... I'd date her in a heartbeat. *Laugh* But seriously... she's one of the kindest, most caring, and loyal people I know. She'd give the clothes off her back if she had to. That's really rare to find these days." - Hitari Ishiyama
  • "Aye, Myl... I may be blind, but I know shes a beautiful person. Don't always meet people as kind and caring as her. I'd say shes my closest friend... And I'm lucky to know her." - Gunnolf Hellfire
  • "Sh-sh-she's naive. And probably--probably--probably a l-l-little prone to hero worship. B-b-but we all have our faults, don't we?" - Teylia Kaul
  • "Mylene eh? Well I could tell ye lots 'bout t' lass, but if anythin' she's family t' me n' don't ye be lookin' t' pick 'un with 'er, I'll skin ye 'live." Shido Itsuka
  • "Oi, don't let that lass fool ye, she's wieldin' a lot more strength than ye'd ever expect given how quiet she is. She's always there fer me or th' crew. Couldn't ask fer a better friend." - Sukina Cassady