Adriel Marchand

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Adriel Marchand
"Everyone has scars."
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Moon
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
House Marchand
Place of birth Gridania
Deity Nald'thal, the Traders
Nameday 12th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon (25 years), 1552
Occupation Merchant & Trader
Pronunciation AH-dree-EHL Mar-SHAND

Adriel Marchand (Arcenciel)

The Basics


Nicknames: Adri, Addy


  • Father: Isaac Marchand, missing but presumed alive
  • Mother: Whitney (LeClair) Marchand, deceased
  • Brother, older: Emile Marchand, missing & presumed deceased
  • Sister, older: Erisande Marchand, alive
  • Brother, younger: Aulairet Marchand, alive
  • Husband: Jacyn Arcenciel, missing & presumed deceased

Friends & Enemies

  • Rhu'to Brom: Ex-boyfriend. Miqo'te investigator settled in Limsa Lominsa.


  • Height: 4fulms 10ilms
  • Weight: 92pz
  • Body: Small and slim with long legs and an even longer tail that is constantly getting in the way
  • Hair: Black hair, short-cropped with silver highlights
  • Eyes: Ice blue eyes, usually cool and thoughtful, but with the twinkle of wry humor
  • Skin: Fair skin, hands strangely calloused
  • Clothing:

The Rumor Mill

Note: Some of these rumors are old. I am working on updating them all. :)

  • Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
    • "The Marchand family had a rough time some years back. First the oldest son died at Carteneau, then the father started disappearing on long sea voyages, then the mother died. The surviving kids had to work hard to keep the family business going. Of course, that was before even the kids took off. Now the business is in the hands of the servants."
    • "I heard the Marchands are hiring all sorts of craftsmen and gatherers and inviting them to Gridania to work for the family business. They're especially looking for any refugees that need a place to start over."
    • "Adriel's husband was her brother's best friend. Both boys went off to join the fight against the Garleans and never came home. Poor thing. To be a widow at 20 years of age..."
    • "Adriel disappeared some years back, and rumors said she had gone and gotten changed into a miqo'te. I don't listen to those rumors, but she's back - and they were right! She has been turned into a miqo'te!"

  • Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
    • "Rumor has it that Matron Marchand's death wasn't an accident - some people think she was murdered!"
    • "Adriel used to be such a sweet girl! I guess she got in with the wrong crowd after her husband disappeared. Poor thing needs a man to settle her down before she shames her entire family with one of her ridiculous stunts!"
    • "I heard that Adriel spent a year or two out at sea. Looking for her father, perhaps? Anyway, she's back in Eorzea, but there's been no sign of her in Gridania. That girl needs to settle down and start looking after her family trade."

  • Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
    • "I heard the girl's change to a miqo'te had something to do with her relationship with that investigator, Brom. Then he up and left her to fend for herself. No wonder she took off on the first ship she could book passage on!"

  • PC Rumors (From Other Characters)
    • "Have you ever thrown a quill down an alleyway? Yeah. That's what it's like." - Rhu'to Brom
    • "She'll jump into bed with just about anyone for a few gil, it seems. Not exactly the discerning type." - Tyriont Gaidal
    • "Adriel? She cut a man down to nothing but tears with just her tongue and wits alone." - Abaigeal Causland
    • "She is one of the few people who has ever seen value in me, to the point of shoving it down my throat." A long pause. "Truly... one of the few friends I have." - Khyran Oisin

  • Things You Can't Possibly Know (But I want you to know OOCly)
    • Anything listed in the history section that is not told via rumors or given out ICly.

  • Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Anyone interested in playing Adriel's father, brother or (ex)husband
    • Anyone interested in smuggling supplies and information to Garlemald

You May Know Adriel From

  • Wandering the market streets of Gridania in quality crafted clothing and talking business with all of the merchants.
  • Staying in Limsa Lominsa with Brom, of all people
  • Traveling on the ships that travel far out to sea
  • Doing undercover work in Garlemald (msg me if you are interested in this tie-in)


Alignment: Adriel is around the NG (neutral good) alignment. She's never had to really make hard moral decisions, but she's working hard to uncover the people who murdered her mother and uncover a plot to sell goods and information to the Garleans.
Morals: Adriel is a merchant at heart. She's ruthless when it comes to business transactions, but she's also fair. When it comes to anything else, she's a bit more sentimental. She's lighthearted and has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, but would never play a true prank on someone.
  • 1 Haggling
  • 2 Good wine
  • 3 Puzzles
  • 4 Adventures
  • 5
  • 1 Beer, ale and mead
  • 2 Being used
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 1 Burning Buildings
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 1 Shen Yun & Belly Dancing
  • 2 Archery
  • 3 Haggling & Contracts
  • 4
  • 5
  • 1 Good wine
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
Favorite Places:
  • 1 The Drowning Wench, Limsa Lominsa
  • 2 Out at sea, or in the forest
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5 Anywhere NOT Gridania

By The Numbers

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  • Archer
There is a dark ranger who has begun to make appearances around the forests of Gridania. The ranger hunts down monsters and other dangers, but since the figure works outside of the law, it is considered a vigilante and dangerous. No one knows the true identity of the cloaked figure, and only a few people know that Adriel always excelled at archery in her private lessons.
When Adriel became a miqo'te, she lost her height and her strength and could no longer pull the heavy elezen longbows. This has significantly sapped her potential as an archer and hunter, at least until she can recoup years of training with a miqo-te shortbow.
  • Rogue
While traveling through Garlemald or out at sea, Adriel became very good at defending herself with a simple pair of short blades. She's especially good at not being seen, or being mistaken for something unassuming (like a merchant, see below).
Though Adriel became especially skilled at remaining to the shadows or hidden in plain sight, she still has much to learn about fighting on the front lines, especially now that her elezen longbows are unreliable.
  • Merchant
Adriel is, first and foremost, a merchant. She travels around Eorzea, making deals, delivering goods and recruiting skilled crafters to join the Marchand buisness. She's a ruthless business woman, and charismatic to make it work well for her.
Other Skills:


Before The Calamity

As the third of four children of Isaac and Whitney Marchand, Adriel was raised in comfort and surroudned by family. The Marchands had been a wealthy merchant family of Elezen for generations and Master and Mistress Marchand worked hard to forward their reputation (and their wealth). Isaac did most of the traveling - delivering goods and setting up new deals, even recruiting skilled crafters to join the company. Whitney spent most of her time in Gridania, running the local side of the business and raising the children - Emile, Erisande, Adriel and Aurlairet.

When Adriel was 18, she was married to a family friend, Jacyn Arcenciel. Jacyn had been Emile's best friend while growing up, and the wedding was considered a mutually beneficial arrangement for both the Marchands and the Arcenciels. Adriel had always thought the older boy was cute, so she didn't protest the arranged union. After the wedding, however, Jacyn disappeared on a trade venture with Emile. He didn't return for a month and when he did, he practically ignored her. It wasn't until three months into her marriage that the still-virgin Adriel went to confront her husband about his disregard of her. What she found was Jacyn enjoying a very sexual relationship - with her brother.

Adriel was shocked, but she never told anyone about what she had seen, or even that the marriage had never been consumated. Shortly after her discovery, Jacyn and Emile left to seek out adventure and defend Eorzea from the incursion of the Garlean Empire. Emile wrote back to the family regularly, regailing everyone with tails of their adventures, but Adriel never again saw her husband. The last time Adriel heard from Emile was shortly before the Battle of Carteneau. It is believed that both Jacyn and Emile were present at the battle but their bodies were never found. Whether their bodies were lost or they became two of the disappearances of the calamity, no one knows.

Post Calamity

For 5 years after the disappearance of Emile, the Marchand family drifted with their grief. They threw themselves into their work, taking in swarms of refugees during the calamity and giving them supplies and materials to learn the crafting trades. It was during this time that Isaac Marchand began to travel farther and farther away from home, often taking long voyages over seas. The last time he returned home was 3 years after Carteneau, but the Marchands still receive gil deliveries from him, so they assume him to still be alive. At roughly the same time, the now-called "warriors of light" began to reappear around Eorzea. Hope rose among the Marchands that Emile and Jacyn might be two of those returning heroes.

Hope rose for all except for Adriel, that is. As the young merchant had thrown herself into filling her father's shoes in Eorzea, she waited in anticipation for the 5 year mark after the disappearance of her husband - when she would be able to officially file for widowhood. With the reappearances of the warriors of light, she lived in constant worry that her husband would also return to her. That feeling was joined by a feeling of guilt because it meant she was also hoping her brother would not return. As those feelings of guilt and dread grew, Adriel's personality changed. She became reckless and rowdy, always living on the edge. She became crass and sharp tongued, giving her the reputation of both a ruthless business woman and a loose young lady. Ironically, Adriel was still a virgin, but she took pleasure in the reputation she had gained and she reveled in it. Deep down, she was hoping that if her husband did dare to return, he'd wish he hadn't when he realized the shame she'd brought upon him. Spiteful, it may have been, but it was her way of coping with the stress of not knowing - was she Ms. Marchand or Mrs. Arcenciel?

It was only a year and a half later that the Marchand family got their next blow. Whitney Marchand died while traveling the forests around Gridania. Though there was no concrete proof, evidence suggested that there might have been foul play involved. Adriel drew away from her family even more, seeming to throw herself even further into her travels, her trades and her racous misadventures. What her surviving siblings didn't know was that most of Adriel's time was spent as the mysterious 'dark ranger' that had begun to appear around Gridania. She spent the next several months searching for clues to her mother's death, and protecting the merchants of Gridania at the same time.

A Realm Reborn

Eventually, Adriel's activities drew her away from the Black Shroud and to Limsa Lominsa, where she met a miqo'te named Brom. They stumbled into a heated but rocky relationship, which grew more complicated when an evil thaumaturge kidnapped Adriel to strike back at Brom. Adriel was submitted to several experiments and was transformed into a miqo'te before Brom was able to rescue her. They remained together for several more months before Brom disappeared, leaving only a note behind. It was shortly after that that Adriel left Eorzea, departing on the first ship out of the Limsa Lominsan harbor that was headed for the deep sea. She spent the next year and a half traveling the world and even spent some time as a spy deep behind Garlemald borders.


The Eorzean landscape had changed significantly when Adriel finally returned - in politics and society if not in ecology. Rather than returning to Gridania to meet up with her sister and step back into the family trade, Adriel decided to continue her life as an adventurer and continue to seek her purpose on the road. She joined a group of merchants calling themselves the Wayfinders. She still struggled with her miqo-te form, but was ready to move forward with her life rather than run from it.

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