Erisande Marchand

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Gridania-transparent.png Erisande Marchand
Erisande by Nhibii.png
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Gridania

About Erisande


  • Hair: Long, soft brown shot through with lighter brown strands.
  • Eyes: Ice blue
  • Height: 6 fulms, 1 ilms (short for elezen)
  • Weight: 155 ponz
  • Figure: Short legs, longer torso, slightly curved hips, a little busty.
  • Clothing: Tunics, skirts, gowns. Rarely wears pants. Usually simple fabrics with detailed designs.


Though she used to be quite shy, her position as the matriarch of House Marchand has given her a boost of confidence in dealing with clients and potential buyers. Still, she's unlikely to speak much in large groups of people. Though she once flustered very easily, now she seems to be more in control of her emotional states. She no longer wears her heart upon her sleeve.

Alcohol loosens her up quite a bit, though it never quite does the full job. The family and its livelihood are of paramount importance to her, and it usually shows. Recently, she has taken on the responsibility of conjury, and those who need her healing talents are often just as important to her as her own flesh and blood in those moments.

Though it takes a lot of needling to get her angry, she does have a temper. The one person who can bring it out seemingly from nowhere is her sister, Adriel. These days, she seems quicker to anger than she used to be. Her words are often clipped and to the point.

  • Likes
    • Anything with cinnamon
    • When the numbers in the ledgers add up
    • Vacationing at Costa del Sol
  • Dislikes
    • Perverted Lalafell clients from Ul'dah
    • Fighting with her sister
    • Cold foods
  • Weaknesses
    • Alcoholic lightweight
    • Will actively avoid pointless small talk
  • Random Tidbits
    • Nicknames: Eris, Eri, Sis, Merchant Princess


Before the Calamity

Born the second child into the affluent Marchand family, Erisande was raised with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth. Still, her family has run a successful merchant business for four generations and she was taught never to disrespect the wealth itself, or those without it. She grew up in the house her great-grandfather built, the historical family home.

As a child, Erisande would forever bring home injured or sick animals she found while exploring in the woods. Every time, her grandmother helped her take those animals to the conjurers to be healed and later released back to the forest. One time they brought an injured marmot, and a kindly older conjurer assisted. The woman perhaps sensed something in Erisande, and encouraged her to lay a hand on the creature so she could "feel the ache subside". Erisande obeyed, and could feel the frightened creature's heart in her ears and in her mind as the conjurer spoke to her. Before she realized it, Erisande herself had healed the creature. The conjurer encouraged her to return when she was older to learn the ways of conjury, though she never found the time.

When she was ten, her parents entered into a betrothal arrangement for her. Sebastian Delorme, only a year older at the time, was the son of one of her father's merchant contacts in Limsa Lominsa. Further, the Delormes had been friends to the Marchands for two generations. Erisande frequently accompanied her father on all manner of trips to Limsa Lominsa, both to better understand the business and to spend time with the Delormes to ensure it would be a good match. Erisande and Sebastian became good friends, and he helped draw her out of her shy shell. For many years she considered him her only friend. As they both began to blossom, they flirted with romance. A single year before the wedding was planned to occur, the Delorme house caught fire and killed the entire family. In the aftermath, it was discovered that the house was looted before the fire was set on purpose. Further investigation revealed that Sebastian's father was in debt with some of the less savory residents of Limsa Lominsa. Although nothing was conclusive, it's believed that they came to collect.

Erisande went into a period of grief. The day of the planned wedding came and went, and still she mourned for the friend and would be lover that she had lost. Though her parents encouraged her to seek out another potential match, she instead threw herself into crafting. She would spend hours, sometimes entire days before the weaving loom, crafting bolt after bolt of fine cloth. She continued to accompany her father on trading trips, and had started taking a few of her own when there was a need.

A couple of years after Sebastian's death, her elder brother Emile heeded the call to adventure. His departure further saddened Erisande, for she'd always been close with her elder brother more than her younger siblings. Emile left with Jacyn Arcenciel, her sister's husband.

After the Calamity

With the world in chaos but the woods of Gridania relatively safe, the Marchand family took in refugees of all sorts. The grand house with its many rooms offered people a chance to start over, while keeping their families safe and clothed and fed. Erisande worked tirelessly to help those in need - weaving blankets and clothing, or working in the kitchen to prepare food. The crafting halls of the house also served to teach those refugees a new craft. Though many have moved on as the world rebuilds, some of those refugees remain to make goods for the house and for the business.

The family has had no word from Emile or Jacyn since the Battle of Carteneau and they are presumed dead. Erisande's father Isaac took the news of his son's death very hard. To deal with his grief, he threw himself into his work and travels Eorzea buying and selling goods for the family and the refugees of their house. Although the family has not actually heard from him in several years, he is presumed to be alive.

A few years after the Calamity, the Matriarch of House Marchand, Erisande's mother, was found dead out in the woods of the Shroud one day. The initial evidence pointed to an animal attack. However, her sister Adriel discovered treachery from the Garlean empire - goods that were being smuggled through House Marchand without their knowledge. Their mother had discovered the evidence and put a stop to it, but not in time to protect herself from their wrath. With both parents gone, most of the responsibility for the house fell to Erisande herself.

Recent Events

Determined to find distance from the seemingly never ending hardships she faced, Erisande left Gridania a year ago to find refuge in Coerthas among the noble houses. Though she spent much of her time training with the soldiers of House Fortemps, she flitted around the area aiding those most in need with her growing healing skill. Traveling all throughout the snowy tundra, she trained her mind and her body in conjury while hardening her heart to the burdens of love.

A true conjurer at last, she has taken up the mantle of "adventurer", helping where she is needed. Though she has new responsibilities, she continues to oversee the business of House Marchand, and has returned to the joy of her weaving loom.



  • Father Isaac Marchand (missing & presumed alive)
  • Mother Whitney Marchand (deceased)
  • Older brother Emile Marchand (missing & presumed dead)
  • Cousin Ydaine Marchand


  • Sebastian Delorme (First Love) - Betrothed when she was 10, Sebastian was Erisande's best and only friend for most of her teenage years. He was killed in a fire the year before they were to have wed.

  • Tyriont Gaidal - Erisande met the pirate Captain at Soliloquy Tavern and was instantly charmed by him. A stolen airship pass led her to seek out his help for passage home to Gridania. Though the two enjoyed a brief affair and Erisande foolishly fell in love with the rogue, she now counts the Captain among her dearest friends. Still, she wonders what might have been...

  • Gharen Wolfsong - The skilled blacksmith forges high quality weapons for House Marchand. Erisande is always trying to keep him busy in the forge, because his weapons sell exceedingly well.

  • Yvelont Navarre (Former FiancĂ©) - The woodsman and spearmaster joined House Marchand to provide the house artisans with materials from the forest, as well as to guard Erisande on her merchant trips. They quickly became lovers and eventually were engaged to be wed. The sudden and unexpected end of the relationship dealt a harsh blow to her heart.

  • Sebastian Pavel - A retainer to House Misericorde in Ishgard. A misunderstanding at the Quicksand in Ul'dah led to a first date, and then several more. Sebastian's patient and gentle demeanor has soothed some of Erisande's heartache over the many losses she has suffered.

Rumor Mill

  • Easily Overheard
    • She seems to have a real attitude problem these days.
    • "The Marchand family's had a rough time. First the oldest son dies at Carteneau, then the father starts disappearing on long sea voyages, then the mother dies. The surviving kids sure are working hard to keep the family business going."
    • "I heard the Marchands are hiring all sorts of craftsmen and gatherers and inviting them to Gridania to work for the family business. They're especially looking for any refugees that need a place to start over."
    • "She'll get you a real good price for your goods if you do business with the Marchands."

  • Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
    • "Heard Erisande sailed out of Limsa Lominsa on a pirate ship. Wonder what that's about."
    • "Rumor has it that Matron Marchand's death wasn't an accident - some people think she was murdered!"

  • Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
    • "She still sleeps with a stuffed moogle! It even has a name - Mr. Mooglesworth."
    • "The Marchands are having some money troubles. They keep it under wraps, but they're bleedin' gil like a stuck pig."
    • "Saw that eldest girl at the docks a few times. Must be how they keep the money coming in, if you know what I mean."

  • PC Rumors (From other characters)
    • "Ah not certain...but Ah heard she likes to make her Sister fret for a thrill...Perhaps maybe why she danced on tables with a Sexy Pirate King??" - Abaigeal Causland


Erisande art done by Nhibii and used with permission. -or-