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Back to work.

The Grapevine

"...Why is it that all the men I meet along the way all seem to lack tremendous amounts of tact...yet are the most loyal people I ever encounter?"

"He is... something else. I think he is not a good man, yet all the same, he is almost too good. Oddly enough, I cannot seem to stay away from him."

"I could never figure out if he was hopeless at dealing with women, or a master of the art. The fact that I've always been intrigued by him leads me to suspect the latter."

"'Tis a bit of a mystery as to how this man seems to constantly be alone. Not that I am one to speak of such matters, but 'tis as if he does this by choice. Oft times do I wonder if this man is alright. I'm almost certain 'tis merely a front lest he truly feels rather lost."

"He's the smoothest First Mate I've ever met!"

"Supremely frustrating and often times I'm unsure if we're even friends... and yet still I'd go out on some dangerous ass mission with him and get myself near-killed if it was necessary. Is this friendship? Unsure, but it's something and most of that is attributed to the fact that he's charming even if an asshole."
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Written Works
Falsely accused of murder, a master thief must find a way to elude the grasp of a corrupt pair of noblemen and clear his name.
Out of Character

You are a part of the criminal underworld. It doesn't matter how closely, although being Ul'dah-centric is probably best.

You need a job done. He is many things, although an assassin is not one of them.

You think him an easy mark. He doesn't look armed, and he's carelessly tied a coin pouch onto his waistbelt...

You've worked together. Something to work out OOC.

You want to work together. Also something to work out OOC.

You have a sensitivity to aether and can see that he has no tangible connection to it.

You've noticed his peculiar cough. Is he sick?

You've heard about the Bafford job. You'll need a good reason for it, though!

About him

You do not know his last name. He doesn't give it out to anybody.

You might know that he's a criminal. But if we haven't met, please clear that with me first.

You should know he can be kind of an asshole. But I try not to be!

About me

I'm on the east coast. In other words, GMT -5. I tend to be on later in the night; from about 6 PM onward.

I like mature themes a lot, but I'm not into permanent death or hardcore mutilation. Especially not for the sake of it.

I'm always looking for Free Companies/Linkshells/people Aerius might fit in with. If you have any in mind, let me know!

If you need to get in touch with me, your best bet is to PM me on the forum, or track me down online sometime.

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