Natalie Mcbeef

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 Natalie Mcbeef
Ffxiv 05192014 220802.png
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah, Member of the Sultansworn
Tribe Unknown
Age 24
Height 5' 6
Date of birth Unknown
Server Balmung
In game Varies, in PST Zone
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Natalie has died. I am going to leave only the rumors section active. She will be remembered only by what others thought of her.

PC Rumors

(Feel free to edit)

  • "I know she is dead. Do not ask me anything further." - Roen Deneith
  • "Tails is probably the best of the sorry lot. She's actually fair, honest and actually interested in justice. But you didn't hear that from me!"~ Torken Queb
  • "She's an alright friend if you have her, but she'll ditch you. Lacks the commitment to do otherwise." - Chokho Viqqoh
  • "She knows how to play the long game, yet she always manages to get in her own way. I fear for her life, and I desperately hope I'm not going to have to be the one to release the arrow." - C'kayah Tia
  • "I ain't one t'weep for the dead what earned their graves. They say Nald'thal settles accounts, and Nat's? Nat's is settled." - Osric Melkire
  • "Normally I'm of a mind that revenge is a fools game. What that woman has done has made me feel very foolish indeed." - Obsidian Hornet
  • "I can't stand that woman." - Askier Mergrey
  • "A broadsword, yes? A broadsword. Just as there is need of women like me, there is need of women like her. Do I respect her? Absolutely not. But it does not matter. We are what we are, and we do what we must." - Delial Grimsong
  • "She held much potential, despite being as hard headed as she was. I jus' wish I could have influenced her enough te change her path." - Gharen Wolfsong
  • "She's making a name for herself. And quick." - Oscare Iono
  • "I can't tell if the Brass Blades changed her, or if she has always been like this, but it seems to suit her." - Aya Foxheart
  • "Of all the Miqo'te I have encountered in my travels, she was the most... Hyur." - Coatleque Crofte
  • "Ah? She's a spunky lil' twitcher, an' prolly wrong about everythin' ever -- but she's a fighter an' she protects people. Good 'nuff fer me." - Berrod Armstrong
  • "I knew only her intentions, but not her actions, or when she planned to execute them. Instead, her very plans executed her." - Franz Renatus
  • "Natalie was the first person to see me without any nationalities, judgements, or labels. She simply accepted me as who I was, invited me to her home, and in some way, made me a better person than I had been." - Franz Renatus
  • "She means well. She'll go to hell and high water to prove otherwise, especially if she thinks you think she means well, but she's trying to help. Emphasis on 'trying.'" - Warren Castille
  • "Seems a little flippant for a Sultansworn, at least compared to others of the order I've become acquainted with. Her bravery and swordplay easily proves her place among their rank however." - Remimont Portier
  • "Natalie is nice, friendly, and terrifying when she wants to be. I count myself lucky she sees me in a positive light." - Jin'to Epinoch
  • "I have seen her bite a chunk out of a man's neck. No, I'm not lying! Seriously! Several other people witnessed it as well!" - Augustine Frost
  • "She hassles me about wearing a shirt...which is none of her business...and she looks a little to much like me wonder if we're related..." - S'imba Tia
  • "Every death is unfortunate, that much is certain. But sadly, I must say that I will have a hard time truly grieving for the loss of who I feel was a walking misrepresentation of the Gallantry." - Edgar Gandervalt
  • "I liked Natalie. Still do, I think. That's all I'm saying." - Jana Ridah


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