Alistair Phoenix

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 Alistair Phoenix
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The Curious Wayfarer
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 23
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A man of unknown origins to the denizens of Eorzea, Alistair Phoenix is a bright individual with a thirst for knowledge of the arcane and the magic arts. He is currently living in the Lavender Beds at the Lily Hills Apartments. He is often accompanied by an Emerald Carbuncle and/or a small animal.


Alistair stands at 6' and has a fair complexion. He has short, black hair but in the past he kept it long enough to reach mid-back. He has amber colored eyes and is often seen wearing spectacles, pince-nez, or other vision-improving eyewear. He often wears loose clothing, favoring clothes that allow him to breathe and disliking clothes that are skin-tight. Alistair has a slight athletic build due to his travels and the nature of his work upon the sea-faring vessel in the harbors of Limsa Lominsa.


"Though storms may fill our life once in a while, just remember that every cloud has a silver lining."

Alistair can be a pleasant person to speak with as well as a good listener. He will often be there to listen to anyone who may want to speak their mind. He is shown to be rather kind and quite forgiving, though at times some may wonder if he can be too forgiving. He carries himself as a person who is well-mannered, polite, and seemingly regal. He is more of an optimist, often seeing the glass as half-full. Yet, if too much seems to spiral out of control, his optimistic attitude may start to waver.

He can often be seen as a goof whenever apples and fluffy animals are involved, often acting out against his normal character by talking obsessively about them whenever one speaks to him about the subject. A rather soft-spoken man, Alistair is one to try and avoid any altercation or any dilemma that may anger anyone he speaks to, one to err on the side of caution. However, this does not mean he will always avoid conflict. Should anything threaten his family or livelihood he will seek out a solution, whether by words or by force.

Alistair can be a rather curious individual. There were times that, upon seeing something he finds new and/or amazing, he would become easily distracted; even if said object or visual is nothing special. (For Example: When he saw a Chocobo for the first time.)





  • Apples (anything that uses apples to make, too)
  • Animals (especially fluffy ones)
  • Nature
  • Tea


  • Entitled Snobs
  • Jellyfish
  • Abuse of Authority


  • Likes to bake sweets, pastries, and other confectionaries
  • Magic is something he use on a daily basis.
  • He took up Goldsmithing as a trade when he was short on gil.
  • Botany. "Those apples are not going to pick themselves."




Sibilings: Older Sister[Undocumented], Younger Sister[Undocumented]

β™₯ Romantic Interest    β™₯ Sexual Desire     πŸ’‘ In a relationship     β™₯ Platonic Love     β— Good Standing    β— Neutral Standing    β— Poor Standing

β™₯ Alicia: Always considered more of a family member than a pet, Alistair hardly goes anywhere without her.

πŸ’‘ Kanami Nanami: Alistair has been watching over Kanami ever since they met in the Twelveswood. Kanami had little knowledge of the world around her and her way of communication was hard for others to understand. So Alistair took it upon himself to teach her everything he knows. Since then he has traveled with her at his side and they were hardly inseparable. He has gone to great lengths to make Kanami happy and to protect her from harm. It was not until later on that the feelings they both had for each other were mutual.

? Kairi Lightpaw [Deceased]: Once a kindred spirit that Alistair met in the past, their feelings grew shortly after their rescue from a Garlean base. The two went through the Eternal Bond ceremony at the start of the new cycle. However, several moons later, she was found dead outside the gateway leading to Ishgard. It is said she died protecting her comrades as they fall back from the frontlines of the Dravanian invasion. Alistair buried Kairi in the ruins of her fallen clan.

● Uni Puma [Deceased]: Captain of the crew he was a part of, Uni Puma was a deadly woman with a twisted sense of humor on killing. Still, it was her outgoing attitude and her adventurous behavior that brought him into her clutches in the first place. That or the fact he was chased by this axe wielding Miqo'te that wanted to kill him for the price that was put on his head. Even though she never claimed him for that bounty, she did claim him in other ways. At one point, she wanted him to join her Trading Company and enticed him with the promise of not attempting to kill him anymore. Alistair had signed the contract and signed it with his blood but he failed to read the last page, which was a marriage certificate. So not only was he bound to her by contract labor but also by matrimony. Alistair was surprised at first but he did not seem to mind all that much after a while. Eventually, the weight of the guilt was too much and she then returned the certificate to set him free.

● Raisan Arcmantle: Alistair sees Raisan as a great ally and a skillful person. He respects him for his work ethic and his outlook. He acknowledges him for the amount of knowledge he holds and sees him as his better. Alistair would go to Raisan for advice or to ask him for assistance in matters that concern the practices of crafting. They also have the same boss.

● Freya Aeternum: Unfortunate meeting or not, Alistair met this woman a number of times in the past. He was quite intrigued with her handling over the magical arts that are known throughout the land of Eorzea and sought her out for assistance in this art. However, their first meeting would not have been quite what he expected. He persisted even after a poor first impression. At least, what he thought was a poor first impression. While she was a bit abrasive towards him, it did not deter him from what he sought from her. An apprenticeship, a mentor, a teacher. Though eventually Freya would bestow upon him the knowledge and training in the elements of magic with each random encounter. While the training may seem harsh and humiliating from the outside, Alistair knew that this was all part of the process. Yet, not once did he question why he was being used as a bench.

Other Relationships

● Faye Covington: Occasionally offers assistance to her when in the Lavender Beds and has worked for her in the past.

● Val Covington: Alistair worked under him in a previous Free Company. Questions his diplomatic abilities because of his language but does not think badly of him.

● Syranelle Ironleaf: Greatly respects her for her healing capabilities and medical knowledge. Was once apart of the same company before it disbanded. Enjoyed drinking tea and holding conversation with them.

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Alicia is an Emerald Carbuncle that is almost always accompanying Alistair. Alicia is hardly ever separated from Alistair unless asked to or if she lies down for a nap. A bit of a smart aleck and a tease, Alicia is quick to poke fun at any situation that calls for it, mostly at Alistair’s expense. She absolutely loves being pampered and the center of attention if it means getting treats as well as belly rubs.



A small, fluffy, Lamb that Alistair had the opportunity to bond with during an event that signaled the start of a new cycle. Even after said event was finished, Marie-Ann continues to pop in every once in a while to visit Alistair. Alicia is often jealous of her with the amount of affection Alistair gives her whenever she does.


Common Rumors

  • "That man is often walking about with that Carbuncle of his but what puzzles me is why he treats it like a living animal."
  • "If it's not a book in his hand, it's an apple."
  • "He tends to keep to himself but he can be the cheerful sort once you meet him."
  • "The man with the Carbuncle? Sure, he helps out with the guilds every once in a while here in Gridania. One wonders if he is just bored."

Moderate Rumors

  • "Phoenix? Pretty sure he's the reason our apple crops come up short."
  • "He talks to himself a lot because I doubt he can truly listen or understand a Carbuncle."
  • "Every time I see him he has a new animal trailing behind him."
  • "He is good at heart but trouble seems to follow him everywhere he goes."

Rare Rumors

  • "Another girl at his side? How many does this make now? He must have bad luck or he is a lady-killer. Whatever happened to the others, I wonder?"
  • "I heard he was detained by the Wood Wailers once. What could that boy have done so bad to garner their attention?"
  • "Aye, seen th' lad 'ere in Limsa from time t' time. 'e be lookin' out at th' harbor or sea or somethin'. Though, ye should see th' look on 'is face. Seen th' same 'spression on m' mate after 'is lady kicked th' bucket."
  • "No records on his family or place of birth. At least, none of which we can find on any map from the places he spoke of. Oddly enough, his first known record was moons shortly after the beginning of the Seventh Umbral Era in the Black Shroud."

Player Character Rumors


A Trusted Ruler - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance