Vash Ashford

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Vash Ashford
Ace of Spades
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker Of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'Dah
Age 25
Namesday 20th day of the Sixth Ubral Moon
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Occupation Theif, Tomb Raider
Marital Status Dating
Orientation Bisexual


Height: 5 flums 7 ilms
Weight: 135 Ponze
Hair: Jet Black. All of Vash's family has Jet black hair from their father. Vash likes to keep his long, however, Vash changes his hair a between different styles sometimes even dyeing it depending on his mood.
Eyes: Vash has green cat-like eyes that always seem to be in a permanent glare.
Marking/Tattoos: Vash has traditional Miqo'te male markings on his face. Vash has a falling feather tattoo on his upper left back. He got it only recently to remind himself of the freedoms he has that others do not. Vash also has two striped tattoos on his cheeks he got when he was a young man in his tribe and was considered old enough to hunt and be a man.
Complexion: Vash spends a lot of time outside in the sun wandering around. So Vash is naturally tanned.
Build: Vash is not the biggest Miqo'te nor the strongest but he does have a toned body. However, Vash relies on being agile and quick so he's more lean than bulky.
Voice: Vash has a British accent however the way he speaks sounds like he's drunk half the time. He tends to leave off the ends or beginnings of words. Much like a pirate.
Style: Vash has an array of different outfits. His life as a thief giving him wealth he never had, he can afford all sorts of clothes. He loves black, white, teal and red for colours sticking to black mostly. Vash also and loves knee-high boots and baggy almost ragged outfits for adventuring rather already ripped up clothes get destroyed then something meaningful. Vash enjoys a more casual style when not adventuring preferring to be comfortable over fashionable. Vash cannot stand dressing up especially in formal attire as he feels like it's not who he is as a person so he avoids fancier occasions such as balls and weddings if he can.
Misc: While not a sentimental person normally, Vash has a Genji Katana and a pair of Yoshimitsu's he carries one or both of them with him wherever he goes as they have deep meaning and value to him. Vash cares deeply for those weapons going as far as to risk his life for them a few times. He also usually has a flintlock pistol on him that's gotten him out of many bad situations. Vash also sometimes sports a rogues guild ring left finger a lot of the time to show his allegiance to one of his many employers.


Vash is a wild card with what he does and, cares about changes on an almost daily basis. One day Vash could be infatuated with a lover about to marry them the next day he could care less. Vash's attitude changes like the wind which makes trying reign him in quite the chore. One top of that Vash's almost magnetic pull to trouble and anything that remotely resembles it always makes people who have to deal with him and his antics practically exhausted. Other then driving his friends crazy. Vash does enjoy adventuring and new experiences as he grows bored quickly with things.Also something he really enjoys is to prod at most of his friends to see their reactions. Vash is a very straightforward person however when it comes to people. He will tell them exactly how he feels with no holding back. This sometimes leads to some romantic involvement, however, Vash is not very good at maintaining romantic relationships unless they mean something to him.
While Vash is normally not seen as a serious person he always has a goal in mind, whether people can see it or not is another thing. Vash is his own brand of crazy but he does mean well deep down. Vash does have a serious side to him however it is almost never if very rarely seen. Vash doesn't like to take things too seriously as he likes to find enjoyment in the little things. Vash has no loyalties to anybody and while he cares for people at the end of the day self-preservation and his goals will always come first. He will do what he needs to reach his goals. Whatever those may be.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Morals: Vash marches to the beat of his own drum. He does what he pleases and has no regrets. Vash lacks a good moral compass finding it hard to separate right from what other people would consider wrong. This tends to lend Vash in a lot of trouble due to him not seeing or understanding why other people would consider some of the things he does as wrong and not alternative paths to some goal.
  • Challenges
  • Adventuring
  • Fighting
  • Messing with People
  • Stealing
  • Sailing
  • Stories
  • Weakness
  • Complacency
  • Cold
  • Cockyness
  • Do Gooders
  • Coerthias
  • Most authority figures
  • Person: Carlon
  • Color: Black
  • Food: La Noscean Oranges
  • Drink: Rum
  • Place: Doma


  • Samuari
  • Rogue/Ninja
  • Archer
  • Katana
  • Wakizashi/Daggers
A nimble fighter Vash relies on quick successive attacks to wear down his enemy. He aims to tire them out and strike when they are worn out. Vash is not above fighting dirty and could care less about honor in a fight.
While fast Vash's combat style is very high risk, high reward. Vash can take a few hits but a few is the keyword. He scrafices more protective armor for speed. Vash can be downed if the opponet can get some hard hits off.
  • Leatherworker
  • Blacksmith
  • Carpenter
A lot of Vash's crafting skills are used for survial or practicaly then for the love of the craft. He does enjoy making some odds and ends for things but Vash would much rather be doing anything then sharpining a blade or boarding up walls.
While Vash can make some items his knowledge of crafting overall is very limited. Since Vash finds crafting unenjoyable a lot of the items he does make come out sloppy or incorrect.
  • Lockpicking
  • Acrobatics
  • Charismatic
  • Absurdly Lucky
Vash was trained in the art of the rogue and shinobi both from a young age. Vash has relied on thievery for most, if not all of his life. It's been the only constant and he actively uses and practices his skills.
While Vash is a very well trained thief, his hubris somtimes is his downfall. Vash has a flair for the dramatic which dosn't always work out in his profession.

Friends and Associates



  • Xenedra Ambreaus-Vash has been on a lot of adventures with her so far and for the most part, enjoyed minute. He loves her fun personality rivalling close to his personality. Xenedra is someone Vash loves to hang around. Xenedra and Him have been going on adventures more and more and sees this woman as someone who is a lot more than just a good time but a close friend being as she always somehow or another helps him when he is in trouble which is a lot. Xenedra is also his oldest friends as they've known each other for years now.
  • Castus Allard-Castus has been both a good friend and a pain in the ass to Vash. Vash cares a lot about Castus and also keeps employed though him. However, Castus and Vash's attitudes towards how to deal with things during missions and in general are polar opposites. Despite that Vash respects Castus as a friend he would do anything for.
  • Edward Calloway-One of Vash's now close friends. Ed and Vash however, did not start off that way. They fought constantly and always seemed to be at each other's throats. However, over time the two seemed to have developed some form of an understanding and through that, they became close friends. Vash enjoys Edwards company knowing he is someone who will always be honest with him. Even if he hates to hear it.
  • Nylesa Tou-Nylesa and Vash have a long sorted past as friends and lovers. Vash still cares for Nylesa in some way and can find kinship with her. They go on many adventures together and Vash sees Nylesa as someone he can rely on in any fight. He knows she means a lot to Edward so Vash loves to mess with her in front of Edward to provoke a reaction.
  • Miname Ambreaus-"Nana" to Vash and the rest of the group. Miname has been a person Vash can always come to with his problems and get good non-judgemental advice. Miname means a lot to Vash and they've definitely had some interesting interactions, he knows she means well at the end of the day.
  • Iskierka Stormspeaker-Vash's co-parent to their son Carlon. Iski and Vash like most close friendships Vash makes were always at odds. Iski and Vash really had a deep almost hatred for each other. Now that they both share a child, even though he's adopted Iski is someone who means a lot to Vash. He hopes that Iski feels the same way about him.
  • Daghbheri Himalspyr-Vash idolises Dogberry who he calls Cap'n. Vash wants so desperately to see Dogberry back to being the feared pirate he was. Hoping to learn from him. However, while Vash means well his probing into Dogberry's past seems to agitate the Cap'n and always end up with a fight between the two.
  • Elsee A'leun- Elsee is someone who Vash goes on a lot of adventures with all across eorzea. Elsee is someone who always supports Vash in what he does as his benefactor. He is indebted to Elsee and will do anything for her to pay back the large debt he owes."
  • Ophelia de Winter- Vash's former boss at the tea house, he used to work at. Ophelia and Vash had become close and they were engaged to be married. Vash loved this woman with all of his heart thinking of her as the person to complete him. Ophelia and Vash had spent a long time together and he loved every second of it even if he wasn't always around. He liked to tell her the tales of his adventures in their various homes they shared over the time they were together. They had a good understanding of each other and he trusted her completely which is not something he does so easily due to his past. Then she broke his heart, and Vash now sees her as just an acquaintance since they share the same friends. He tries to limit his interactions with her, due to it always ending up in a fight.
  • Scarlet Willow-Vash absolutely adores this woman. He sees her as his for lack of better words Batman to his Robin. He loves the adventures they have and loves to be around Scarlet because of her personality and the closeness they share.
  • Deirdre Ta'ea-Deirdre helped Vash in his time of need and was one of the only ones who seemed to understand him. Although people talk bad about Deirdre, Vash doesn't believe it knowing there is some good in her. Although he was crushed when he went looking for her and she was not at her camp. He hopes to find her one day and thank her for her help and maybe go on that hunting trip they talked about.
  • Abaigeal Causland- One of Vash's friends, they click quite nicely. Vash enjoys her not just because of all the energy she has, to rival his own. Although, maybe it's because she melts every time he gives her "ear wuggles". Whatever it is he loves to be around her.
  • Jayce Lightfall- Another one of Vash's friends, he thinks of Jayce as someone that's fun to be around. He likes to poke fun at Jayce mostly because of his reactions. He wants to see Jayce lighten up a little and embarrassing him is the best way to do it!
  • S'imba Tia- Vash has a close bond with the Seeker one of almost brotherhood. Due to their similar pasts, Vash sees S'imba as someone he wants to help. Vash thinks that it is worth saving anyone in chains no matter the cost due to it being a topic that hits close to home with him. Vash see's S'imba as a younger form of himself as well and enjoys his company but know's that he has to keep looking in order to help the younger Seeker.
  • Alothia Starkwood-Vash grew close with Alothia with he joined Corvus, he thinks of her as someone he respects deeply and misses her company. All the times they interacted, the woman always seemed to put a smile on his face one way or another.
  • Zeraia Reynard- Vash has met Zeriaia a number of times always having fun with her. He loves the way this woman and him flow and their flirty attitudes always seem to be barrels of fun. However, after her death Vash felt sad that they weren't as close as he liked. Nor was he happy with how Zeraia's story ended.


Claprico Vash.jpg

Backstory: RP with Vash and find out ;)
Aliases: Vsh, Vashie, Vashiepoo, Asshole, Andrew De'Witt, Feathers, Cat, Dad, K'ryait Tia


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  • "He's full of himself. He acts like the world revolves around him."
  • "The guy has a new "love" of his life every week."
  • "He's an asshole. Plain and simple."
  • "Don't trust 'em as far as I can throw 'em. Which is far."
  • "I hear he sunk some ruins out in La Noscea?"
  • "Vash Ashford? He's ah great thief. Could steal tha' shell off a turtle an' it'd be none tha' wiser."
  • "Mr.Ashford while crass is someone I can always turn to. He gets any job done I put before him."
  • "I heard that he runs a thieves guild out of that free company house of his. I wonder where? It looks so normal on the inside..."
  • "Someone told me he has a mysterious benefactor that supports his antics. I wonder what he has to do for that money."
  • "He's a good friend. He acts tough but deep down he will do anything for his friends."
  • "While I don't hate him. I wish he would open his eyes. He's delusional if he thinks people like to put up with his shit."
  • "I loved him. He broke my heart and left me for another woman. Didn't even minse words. He's scum."
  • "Keep an eye on Vash's sleeves if you ever play cards. He cheats!"
  • "Vash has no honor. I saw him throw sand in someones eyes and stab them. Disgraceful if you ask me."
  • "He says he was a "bard" and plays the piano. I've never seen him do it once. He can't even tell a good story."
  • "He uses people to advance himself. He dosn't care about anyone."
  • "Vash is incredibly lucky. After all the time I spent with him; most people would be dead trying the things he does."
  • "Like all sprogs his age, Vash has stupid dreams, not a single idea about how the world actually works, and thinks he knows everything. He's not a bad kid, I'm just afraid he'll do something stupid before he learns enough to actually be somethin'."

Behind the Scenes (OOC Information)


Musical Theme:

Vash's Main Theme:I Did Something Bad
Vash's Romantic Theme:Irresistible

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