Amerida Baker

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Amerida "Meri" Baker
"Tisn' aught what 'appens fer no reason. Fer all we 'ave t'suffer thru, we earn some good times, too... eventually..."
Cowardly Lionness
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan ¾ Midlander, ¼ Highlander
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth Gridania
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Nameday 26th Sun of the 1st Umbral Moon (Age 23)
Occupation Presently unemployed
Marital Status Unmarried, but in a relationship
Last Update 11/28/2015

Basic Info

Please note the following are commonly-known or easily observed traits in any public/social setting:




Her family, by blood or not.
Studying magic, medicine, or history
Singing, especially while drunk
Whiskey. and Tea.


Lalafell (Phobia, which she knows is irrational and feels guilty about)
Anyone that threatens her family
Heights (Phobia following a bad fall)
Fire (Phobia following ██████████)
People who try to scare/startle her, or other people (but mostly her), as a joke.
Being touched (by strangers)


Brewing incredibly delicious tea
Studying medicine in any form
Studying Nymian history/magic
Studying Magic in general
Drinking tea.

Appearance & Personality


In general, Meri is short and mousy, and prefers to wear more conservative clothing most of the time. She's also almost never seen without a pair of gloves on, hiding most of the scars on her hands that she's accumulated from years of practicing knifework, sewing, and countless papercuts. She has a great many other scars as well, and does her best to keep them hidden beneath her clothes. Originally, she was incredibly self-conscious of them, however events have recently broken her of that self-consciousness, and now she does it almost entirely out of habit.


Meri could described quite simply as a cowardly lion(ness). She's timid and reserved most of the time, but when she's with people she trusts, is drunk, offended, or forced into a situation where her timid nature might put the lives of those she cares about at risk, she doesn't hesitate to bear her teeth and throw her weight around, revealing a fierce, fiery temperament that makes no attempt to hide her salty Lominsan upbringing. That said, the fire is always there, even when she's being timid, she usually just keeps a handle on it.

Major Traits and Flaws

Major Traits:
Unquenchable Thirst for Knowledge:

Fiercely Loyal:



Major Flaws:
Flight or Fight: Meri's skittish by nature. She's not a fighter. While she'll stubbornly bear her teeth for the sake of her loved ones, if she feels cornered or threatened outside of that sort of situation, she'll generally opt to escape the situation. Usually by bolting.
Tunnel-vision: Once something really grabs Meri's attention, she tends to lose sight of just about everything else, often causing her a great deal of grief later on. This includes forgetting to eat or sleep
Immovably Stubborn:

Unique Abilities

The Echo: Meri's Echo manifested itself a couple of months before her twenty-third year and has been an increasingly common source of her headaches ever since. She's met no one else she knows to possess the Echo with whom she can talk about it, and has thus been forced to learn what she can based on hearsay and rumor. This is complicated by the fact that, rather than possessing an ear that ignores language barriers, Meri's Echo allows her to understand that which she reads, be it written word, body language, or patterns in the aether.
Aethersight: Whether a sideeffect of her Echo, or an innate ability, Meri doesn't know. Until very recently, it was suppressed to the point that she wasn't even consciously aware of it, however that has changed, and now she struggles to make sense of the chaos of colors and patterns that she perceives aether as. Her normal vision is still present, and as awfully nearsighted as ever, however she has a great deal of trouble making sense of both at once, and can't exactly turn either 'off'.
Tea Brewing: Her tea brewing talents are skillful enough to warrant a note in this section. To her, tea is something sacred, that one must devote their entire focus to when brewing. She's practiced in brewing tea for both simple culinary reasons, and as a form of herbal medicine, and is prone to carrying around teabags she's assembled herself to hand out to people.

Combat Skills and Style

While Meri isn't exactly the most well suited to physical combat, preferring to rely on her magic, she's not helpless when cornered. She was raised and trained by a grizzled old former-pirate who hammered knife-fighting into Meri's daily routine from the time she was eight or nine. As an adult, given Meri's increasingly extensive repertoire of medical techniques and knowledge, she can be dangerously efficient with her knifework if the need arises, and never goes anywhere without a knife or two on her person, just in case.


Rumors may be greatly exaggerated or flat out untrue. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the PC section!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Oh, Red? Aye, always walkin' around with her nose in a book, that one. She seems t'like loiterin' about, readin' rather than drinkin'. Makes a damn fine pot a tea if you can manage t'get her chattin' without scarin' her off, though." - Wench Patron
"See that'n over there? She looks all timid, aye? Don' be fooled. I once saw her knock a bleedin' Roegadyn on his arse fer touchin' her book." - A Different Wench Patron
"Jobs? Hah. Lass there barely manages t'hold down the odd job more'n a month'r two at a time! She's the sort what ain't ever had t'work fer her meals befer recently, if'n y'catch my meanin..." - Lominsan Fisherman
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Best give that one a wide berth, friend. She's kin t'some shady folks what ain't think twice about offin' any poor sod what so much as looks at 'er th'wrong way. Not that she seems t'ave a clue about it..." - Dock Worker
"Girly's got a knack fer fixin' folks, I tell you what. Once heard me gripin' about a nasty headache I had, so she tossed me a teabag and told me how t'brew it. She's a might forceful with her teas but they're th'real deal. O'course she walked off with a couple o' me fish while I wasn' lookin, but I ain't even mind. Heard she's been studyin' healin' magics lately, too..." - Elderly Fishmonger
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"That girl's dangerous, friend. That shy bookworm shtick's a bloody act. I heard she once sent half a dock full of shanties collapsin' into the bay with single spell, just because someone in one of them offended her. She's coldblooded, friend." - A shady fellow
"That couldn't possibly be her... Hmm? Oh, you see some months ago there was this great ruckus up in Ishgard involving a minor noble house and some manner of succession crisis. Apparently, because of a death in the family, the house's primary heir became some no-name hyur woman from Limsa Lominsa. Imagine the absurdity of that; a hyur as heiress to an elezen house? But I caught a glimpse of her, and twas truly as they said. She had red hair just like that woman..." - Traveling Ishgardian
◢ PC Rumors (Add some and sign your character's name!)
(feel free to add your own!)

Liam Baker [Deceased]: Amerida’s father. He was a conjurer and healer for the Fane of little particular note. He was murdered alongside his infant son nearly twenty years ago.
Amehtta Baker [Deceased] : Amerida’s mother. Amehtta was born in Ala Mhigo and spent much of her early childhood there. However, after sneaking on board her father’s merchant vessel, and barely surviving the pirate raid that sank it, Amehtta wound up in the care of a grizzled old Elezen woman who went on to legally adopt her and raised her as her own daughter. Amehtta died under questionable circumstances in the year following her husband’s death, but not before entrusting her daughter to the care of her foster mother in Limsa Lominsa.
Rowan Brookstone (Baker): Amehtta’s baby brother who was thought to have died alongside her father. He turned up alive and well, having been raised by their paternal aunt who herself has been missing for many months now.
Kirselle: Amerida’s maternal (foster) Grandmother, and the one primarily responsible for raising her. An Ishgardian-born Elezen woman of mixed heritage, Kirselle is a figure shrouded in no small amount of mystery. She’s one of the founders and masterminds behind the ‘Foreign Eye’, a shady group that operates out of Limsa Lominsa and deals primarily in trading intelligence and providing ‘insurance’, though never quite running afoul of the law. Kirselle might be old and now retired from the Foreign Eye, but she’s still a somewhat notorious figure. Meri is however considered her legal heiress, which entails a great deal of complicated matters Meri still barely understands.
Sindri Warren: Meri’s maternal cousin and whom she has a great deal of respect for. They aren’t as close as Meri would like, but Meri’s busy lifestyle and tendency to keep things she thinks her family will find worrisome secret so as to not burden or bother them is doing little to help the matter.
Sigmund Bloodsworn: Sindri’s older brother. Meri’s only met him a few times, and still doesn’t really know what to think.
Romantic Attraction     Close Friends      Friends
Neutral     Not Trusted    ! Enemies
Yhah Dazkar - Meri first encountered Yhah from a distance and developed a fascination with the girl's pet slime, Buttercup. It wasn't until after meeting a mutual friend that they were properly introduced, and not until much later, when she was dragged along on one of Yhah's adventures that the two finally got to know each other. Meri wound up falling head over heels before too long, though their relationship took a fair amount of time to finally come about. Despite the time it took and Yhah's penchant for getting one or both of them into trouble, Meri cares more deeply for Yhah than she's ever cared for anyone else.
Gilawafe Archimtirios - Meri's relationship with Gilawafe is more than a little complicated. It isn't a full-blown romance, but it's definitely more than just a normal friendship. They've spent a great deal of time bonding over their similar upbringings and discussing the... lively adventures that occur with their shared group of friends. Meri greatly enjoys the time she gets to spend talking with Gilawafe.
Cordelia Maren - Meri met Cordelia at the Wench, initially as a patron, and then through a mutual friend. Meri had no idea that before long, she'd wind up considering Cordelia one of the closest friends she'd ever known. Meri considers Cordelia her best friend, and trusts her implicitly.
Travanaire Levesque - When meri met Travanaire through a mutual friend, neither of them knew just how connected their lives were. Over time, it came to light that they were very nearly family in several different senses of the word, and as it stands now, Meri views him as an elder brother of sorts.
Serris Le'omend - At first, Meri was terrified of Serris. Initially, Serris's boisterous personality scared her off, and then her violent side did. Eventually, however, a series of strange events saw the two of them form a strong bond, and now has come to view Serris as a mother-figure, no matter what other people, even her own family, might think.
Kovasi Maren - Oko was one of the first people responsible for helping Meri come out of her shell, and is the 'mutual friend' mentioned in nearly all of the other entries listed here. That said, despite knowing each other for nearly six months now, and having grown so close to the same group of friends, Oko and Meri seem cursed to never quite be able to learn about each other. They've tried, numerous times, but something always seems to come up, distracting one or both of them from the conversation...
Turk Kalahai - Meri was first introduced to Turk by Sindri. She went on to ask his assistance with looking into a few matters, and eventually wound up joining the Fane and studying Conjury under him. It's been quite a while since she's last seen him, however...

RP Hooks


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