Gilawafe Archimtirios

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Gilawafe Archimtirios
Gilawafe Archimtirios.png
"The only blood I would see shed is my own."
Sorrowful Bodyguard
Gender Male
Race Roegadyn
Clan Sea Wolf
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Place of Birth A ship somewhere along the endless ocean.
Guardian Rhalgr, the Destroyer
Nameday Unknown
Marital Status In a relationship
Occupation Bodyguard
Last Update 10/6/2015

Basic Info

Please note the following are commonly-known or easily observed traits in any public/social setting:


The Sea
Observing Others
Drinking Water
Sea Pickles


Anyone who would wish harm upon those that he protects
The existence of his profession
Dry areas such as Thanalan


Writing Observations
Protecting Others
Preventing Trouble

Appearance & Personality


Gilawafe always wears a neutrally saddened expression on his face. The first thing that several people would notice is that Gilawafe is very tall. His face is covered in various scars, particularly one across his left eye. His left eye also bears an eyepatch. Like his face, any visible skin bore many scars from his long career of battles. His back contains some of the most gruesome of the scars. If his back is exposed then he will go through a great deal to hide it.

Gilawafe can often be seen in heavy armor, carrying around a massive two-handed sword. Occasionally he can be seen dressed down in a light battle harness, and sometimes he can be seen wearing more casual, loose clothing when around Limsa. Those who are aetherically attuned might notice a very strong darkness emanating from him. Outside of combat, it is rare to witness this darkness in action.

Gilawafe's daunting presence often conceals a softer side.


Gilawafe does not speak often, and remains quietly tucked away at a slight distance usually. When approached he is very brief with conversation, unless he is approached regarding contracted bodyguard work. There are a few times that people have spotted Gilawafe carrying on conversations at great length with some of the individuals that have approached him.

In response to any instance where someone has stared at him with hostility or for a length of time, Gilawafe will meet the gaze and fall still. A similar response is seen when he or someone else is confronted with hostility.



Rumors may be greatly exaggerated or flat out untrue. Please feel free to add your own rumors under the PC section!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"Gilawafe? Shite, that man could brood anyone out of the Wench!"
"He's big and scary, but really not too bad if you talk to him!"
"ACK! You snuck up on me! How do you DO that?"
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"That guy? People respect him for his services, but I cannot help but feel uneasy around him."
"Gilawafe? Heard that he may have been a pirate 'afore. They say 'e killed a whole bloody lot of people. Couldn' tell ya if it were true."
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Gyldnwyf Akhmeteros of the Leviathan's Fury. Captain of the Naval services let the bastard off easy."
"I don't trust him! I heard that he killed his old ship crew! Claims he's a bodyguard, pah!"
◢ PC Rumors (Add some and sign your character's name!)
"Gilly? He's a gentle giant, really. Very skilled in combat, and a very kind man. Not very talkative, but when he speaks, he means it." A pause, and a chuckle."...Би чамд хайртай"- Yhah Dazkar
(Feel free to add your own!)
Romantic Attraction     Family      Friends
Neutral     Not Trusted    ! Enemies
Yhah Dazkar - She frequented his table at the Wench for a long time. Over the course of several months Gila would finally open up to her. His displays of affection are usually very brief in public, but there is no doubt that he is doing his best to keep her happy.
O'kovasi Maar - She approached him one fateful day at the Wench, looking for a story that might convince her to change her path. Gilawafe was willing to oblige the Mi'qote and forged what would become a very powerful friendship.
Devilish Sarracenia - A very hyperactive and energetic Hellsguard that constantly torments Gila. The two share an almost sibling-esque friendship despite the rarity of which they speak.
Travanaire Levesque - Gila met the Elezen man and the two became strong acquaintances after several contracts and missions together. Over time, their fates would inevitably become entangled along their journey.
Amerida Baker - Amerida and Gilawafe share a very strange bond. Both have a very similar upbringing and share many feelings and beliefs in common than he had first thought. The two are often seen speaking to each other regarding the several misadventures that arise in their "adoptive family".
A'khebica Ranu - Gilawafe's relationship with Khebi is a very brief one. He has seen her actively torment Zana'to to no end, and often sees the two together. Khebi and Gila do not interact often, but nonetheless he sees her as a strong ally.
Zana'to Ranu - A Mi'qote with a strong fighting spirit. On their many misadventures these two developed a rather humorous "battle bond", sharing a similar degree of recklessness and rage as they charged into battle. As an added bonus, Zan often brings Gila fresh spring water by the keg.
Lyon Mercury - Gila has observed Lyon in the act of protecting others and considers him a valuable ally for that reason. Though the two are very quiet, they both share the same sense of protective justice.
Cordelia Maren - Gila and Cordelia seem to always be at odds with one another. Their encounters generally do not leave one or the other feeling well. Regardless, Gila is determined to keep her safe as much as any of his other companions.
RP Hooks
You might know Gilawafe if...
  • You are active currently within Limsa Lominsa:
    • He frequents the the Drowning Wench and is usually seen at a table drinking his water, or planted against a wall observing the general populace.
    • He can sometimes be seen down by the shipyard, gazing at the many ships that are docked.
  • You have worked with him on his contracts
    • He accepts contracts from a wide reach across the realm. His reputation is positively regarded by many.
    • It is possible that you have hired a large brooding Roe at some point, and might not have taken special notice to him.



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