Angora Khilo

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 Angora Khilo
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seekers of the Sun
Citizenship None
Age 26
Sexuality Pansexual
Nameday 24th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Guardian Oschon, the Wanderer
Grand Company Twin Adders
Relationship Status Taken
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Angora without her mask

Angora Khilo is a tiny and curious Miqo'te who is just in search of a place to finally be safe and be herself. Until then, she'll continue to be on the run and put up a stone wall to anyone she meets. Be wary when sneaking up on her though, because it might just end with one of her freshly sharpened dagger between your ribs. She is also lovingly called a "magnet for danger/trouble" by one of her bosses, Vaughn. And many others at this point.


Current name: Angora Khilo

Past name: A’gnayak Tykha

Nicknames: Ang, Angie, Angi

Server: Balmung

Classes/Jobs: Archer, Thaumaturge, Healer (Aetherical)

Current Occupation: Wanderer, Crafter/Delivery Woman for a small workshop in Ishgard


Height 4 fulmes 11 ilms ((found through this))

Eyes: Bright yellow

Skin: Very pale and fair, used to be much tanner. The skin on her hands and feet is very tough and scarred.

Hair: Used to be short, but has since grown out and is a bit messy since she has problems keeping up with it. It is snow white with a darker grey mixed in.

Tattoos: Traditional red Seeker of the Sun markings, More recent yellow markings added in to the traditional ones.

Scars: Various scars on her wrists and ankles from shackles, scars on her hands and feet from old calluses, one smaller scar on the bridge of her nose, a Garlean branding on her left shoulder blade, A long, bright scar on her scalp that runs along her left ear from towards the front of the ear to around the middle of the back of her head (seems to have been caused by the same thing that gave her similar huge scars on her back),A strange rune/branding on the underside of her left forearm.

Noticeable Features: Angora wears a mask most of the time to hide her face out of old habit, she wears a (weak) glamour to hide certain features that were caused by an accident with an old relic (That are still causing her issues), and there is a small chunk missing from the edge of her right ear from where her Linkpearl earring had gotten ripped out once

Her mask looks a bit creepy in some lighting.


Despite her past, Angora has kept her very friendly and bouncy personality, but only with those she trusts. Her trust is hard to earn now a days and she will refuse to give much up about her past, even to those she trusts the most. She is a good and loyal fighter, going to hell and back to defend her friends and what she fights for. While in the cities, she will be silent, finishing anything she needed to get done before quickly leaving again. Angora will be very polite and and to the point when she speaks to vendors and others in the city. She always feels a little sad when she sees people shy away from her or completely avoid her because of her mask, but she knows it's for the best.

She's can pretty much be a huge goofball sometimes when she's comfortable around someone. Art by Rohn Starbreaker


Melee: Angora prefers to fight at a long distance if possible, but if she does have to get up close, she uses her knives. She's very quick and light on her feet so the fighting style is almost fun for her at times. Her past has given her a very strong back and arms, so she is both powerful and skilled in her throwing and slashing.

Ranged: Bow hunting was taught to Angora by her father at a very young age and is a very strong skill of hers. She learned even more under the instruction of Pawah Mujuuk, but it's also for that reason that she kept her archery skills hidden for some time. It didn't feel right to her to use them openly, not wanting to give any credit to the woman. Now she has gotten back into using archery.

Magic: Angora had heard about the various ways of using magic and aether to fight, but it wasn't until she was in Ul’dah and found the Thaumaturge guild that she decided to give it a shot. She studied at the guild for about 2-3 years and became skilled in the art of using/reading/sensing aether. For a short time, she also learned the basics of aetherical healing and field medicine to be of more use to the residents and staff of the Rose.



  • Food of any kind
  • Hunting
  • Riding with her Chocobo
  • Making things from wood and/or leather
  • The Shroud
  • Sleeping in a safe place


  • All of the oversized creatures that inhabit Eorzea (a.k.a the toads, ants, giant spider-like creatures, etc.)
  • Surprises
  • Dark caves
  • Anything to do with mining or metal working
  • Anything Garlean


  • Angora likes to show off sometimes by arm wrestling with guys who are 3 times bigger then her.
  • She is very light and quick on her feet, making her good at sneaking up on her targets and also dodging their attacks.
  • Angora works hard to keep all of her gear and weapons in top shape.
  • When she has nothing else to do or is stressed, she'll take Aster out for a ride through The Shroud.
  • Angora has become a rat of sorts when it comes to gathering information, able to get in and out of places without a trace. She was forced to work for a secret group during her time alone where she had to sneak into various camps and fortresses to get the information that she was ordered to find.


  • That she is constantly being followed by the Garleans and always must keep hiding and running to keep from getting caught.
  • That the people after will not only hunt her down and kill her, but that they will harm her loved ones as well.
  • That those she trusts will eventually turn on her and stab her in the back.
  • That one day her family and friends will leave her


  • Because of her traumatic past, Angora's memory of her past isn't very detailed. She can't remember the names of her parents, her village, or most of the people she met. Hearing their names will spark something in her memory though.
  • Hoards any food or equipment she can get her hands on (sometimes even pick pocketing residents of the cities), selling anything she can't use to help get more gil for necessities.
  • Can be a compulsive liar
  • Seems to always get herself into some kind of trouble.
Art by N'aviea Alysta



Mother: A’sumbla Khen

Father: A’tykha Nuhn

Siblings: None


Aster: Her Chocobo. He's been with her through hell and back in the 5 years she's had him and at this point he's the only one she feels she can rely on all the time.


The Garlean Empire: Angora loathes the whole lot of them and anyone/anything that has to do with them.

Pawah Mujuuk: Her old teacher and who she thought of as a friend until their rather violent falling out. If they met again they'd probably try to kill each other.

Player Character Standing (Slowly being updated)

Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

Tsukabi Kha: Tsubaki was very special to Angora and she was very much in love with her. They had only been together for a short time, but she has made Angora feel the happiest she has been since she can remember. After her sudden disappearance, Angora wasn't sure what to do. She has since returned to her lifestyle of hiding and being on her own.

Vaughn Antain: Angora grew very close to Vaughn over her time at the Rose and sees her as the parent she never got to have as a child. She was the first one to (almost literally) drag her into the Rose when she arrived. She has started to go to her for advise more and more now that she has grown so comfortable with her, though she still has a very high level of respect for her as her boss. Now a days, she is completely content with just curling up on a couch with her and chatting about things. Be it about relationships, any issues she's having, gardening, or even fashion advise. Angora also believe that Vaughn hugs are some of the best hugs out there (behind Tsubaki's of course).

Jaques Guillaume: Yet another person Angora has grown close to. While their relationship is not completely the same as the relationship she has with Vaughn. She sees Jaques not only as a parental figure but also a boss/captain she can completely trust and rely on. She still gets a bit nervous if she has to speak to him in private, but it's more from her seeing him as a stricter "fatherly" figure then actually being scared of him. Angora was a bit wary of Jaques when she first met him (he is a giant compared to her after all), but she has long since gotten used to him (and constantly having a sore neck while trying to look up at him). Angora has even told him that she trusts him with her life and trusts his judgements. It's always a small victory for her if she gets praise or even the tiniest bit of affection from him.

Syrress Detilderan:

Eruantien Valandiel:

Tiergan Vashir:

Evangeline Primrose: Angora's relationship with Evangeline is a complicated one at times. Sometimes they get along really well and look out for each other...other times Eva drives Angora up a wall. They grew closer during an incident involving a Dravanian artifact that Eva had brought into the house. Eva loves to mess with Angora just because she thinks her reactions are hilarious. Angora really does care about Evangeline though and would do anything to help her. She even made Eva a bunch of underwear at one point because the woman had been wearing underwear made of hides and fur in the desert.

PC Rumors (Feel free to add what you'd like~)

  • "I know Angora's tough, and can take care of herself. She just has such rotten luck. Everything bad always seems to happen to her. Guess that's why I worry so much." - Lyria Stormdancer
  • "Lady Angora is kind and strong. We met through Lord Jaques' work. I was honored to be there to give my best for Lyria and Ser'ai. She has a kind face and a brave face, like a Wood Wailer, though her kindness always comes through. Like her strength." - Jancis Milburga
  • "Angora...Yes, I know her. I made a promise I couldn't keep." - Eruantien Valandiel
  • "My sister is a strong, willful woman. I am proud to be related to her, though not by blood. Now why do you ask?" - Eruantien Valandiel
  • "Angora is stronger than she herself might realise and kinder than she should be considering what she's endured. I'll think of her every time I run a Garlean through." - Tiergan Vashir

History/Timeline (Still very much a WIP)

Childhood before slavery

Angora was born in a small, quiet settlement on top of fertile land that was near Ala Mhigo. She was one of the youngest of the tribe at the time. Her father and mother were both very loving and made sure to teach her everything they could to make sure she had the skills to survive on her own if anything happened to them. Their life was a simple one that they enjoyed to the fullest.

The Garlean Attack

The Garleans attacked when she was 5 cycles old. They came completely armed with all force that was far larger then what they needed for the small tribe. The peaceful tribe tried to surrender in hopes of keeping their homes. Instead the invaders killed the Nuhn, Angora’s father, along with any high-ranking Tia's. The place was completely burned to the ground before the soldiers rounded up any of the tribe that had survived. Everyone who was caught was shipped off to Garlemald to be slaves in the mines and factories. Angora’s mother tried to stay with her for as long as possible, but they were soon separated, branded, and Angora was sent to the mines. It what then where her name was also changed from A’gnayak Tykha to Angora Khilo. Her first name was changed to one that was easier for her Garlean masters to remember and pronounce while her last name was changed to one that belonged to a random Miqo'te who was also there in order to cut her family ties. To this day Angora doesn't know what became of her mother.

Childhood and Teen Years in Salvery

Angora was kept in the mines for most of her life as a child and teen. There were hundreds of other child slaves in the same situation that she worked beside but never really got the chance to know. Her time there caused her to become sensitive to light and to lose her tanned skin that Seekers of the Sun are known for. It didn't take long for her to learn that even if you worked at the right pace and did what you needed to that her masters were still very keen on giving out all forms of punishments. Angora work until her hands were bloody and sore and still end up at the end of a whip. Through all of this, Angora tried her best to remain positive in the awful place. There was a point where she forgot what the sun looked like since they rarely left the mines and when they did, it was usually night time.

Angora remained in the mines until the Meteor Project began where she was randomly chosen to go along on the ships to serve the higher-ranking officers. She remained in the storage area and mostly did grunt work. It would be rare that they would make her serve meals to the officers or do other maid duties. While she was still miserable, anything was better then being in the mines. Things got worse for her when her strength was noticed. In the upcoming battle against the Eorzean Alliance they gave her some (useless) armor and shoved a weapon in her hands before tossing her out with hundreds of others like her in the front line to act as a human barriers. She'd made a few connection with the other slaves while aboard the ships, so watching them all die around her was almost more painful then watching her home burn to the ground.


Her chance to escape came with the Calamity. She was on the edges of the battle field getting ready to rush in to what would most likely be their death when they saw Bahamut emerge and begin to destroy everything in sight. Instead of charging in, everyone began to panic and run back towards what ships were left, many not even making it halfway back. Angora knew well that running off the battlefield was practically high treason to the Empire. If they ever found her it would most likely mean death or worse. She took the chance though and took off running in the opposite direction of the ships, getting heavily wounded from flying rocks and shrapnel as the elder primal devastated everything. Angora stripped off everything Garlean as she ran, blending into the retreating Eorzean forces and never looked back.

Life After

Angora eventually ended up stumbling into The Shroud after all the chaos. A local Gridanian found her slowly limping on the verge of collapsing where she stood and quickly took her in. While Angora can't remember the woman's face, she does remember her voice as being calm and motherly. The woman gave her shelter while she recovered from the wounds she'd gotten while also working on helping Angora fit in a little better. They cut her hair and got her yellow markings added to her face. Angora marked this as the beginning of her new life as a free woman and soon set off on her own to explore Eorzea.

The Poachers

During her exploration of Gridania, she found Pawah Mujuuk and her group of Miqo’te hunters. Seeing as they were the first of her kinds she’d seen in so long, it wasn’t hard for the cunning leader to convince her to join them. Angora was eager to learn what they taught her and happy to feel like she was part of a family. At first the group kept a close eye on her and rarely let her go out with them on their hunts, giving her the excuse that she wasn't ready for the real trips out. Angora was stubborn though and quickly got tired with getting left to watch the camp. When the group set out on what looked like to be a large hunt, Angora managed to sneak out and follow them. It was then that she saw what the group really did, watching as they killed any creatures in sight before attacking small camps to kill everyone inside and making off with their belongings. This horrifying discovery caused her to go straight to the nearest Twin Adder group she could find to report them. She had no regrets in doing this as the groups acts had made them on the same level as Garleans in her mind. Angora returned to the camp with the Gridanians in tow, setting the trap for Pawah and her group. An all out battle broke out between the two groups once the hunters returned and Angora took the chance to run, though Pawah did manage to block her and get a few good hits in before she was overpowered by the Adders. In the end of it all, Angora was once again on the run.

The Rouges Guild and On Her Own

While she did love Gridanina, Angora knew it'd be best to leave the area. Her next stop was Thanalan, more specifically Vesper Bay. She eventually ended up in Limsa Lominsa where she joined the rouges guild for a short amount of time. Not many exciting things happened there, which Angora was thankful for, and she spent most of her time training with the guild. Angora enjoyed her time there even if it was short. The guild soon found out about her past through one of their background searches on her and they asked her to leave quietly. While the poachers weren't pirates, they were close enough that Angora could end up in serious trouble in the city if that information was made public.

With that, she left the city and began her years of wandering and hiding. Angora had a mask made to hide her face and she still wears it to this day as much as possible. She took this chance to try and just explore Eorzea, but she never felt relaxed or completely safe with her past weighting on her mind (especially with the growing Garlean presence). Being in the cities and smaller settlements were the most stressful times for her so she entered them as a little as possible. Living out in the wilds wasn't as miserable as she'd thought it would be with the help of the skills she'd learned and a young, energetic chocobo she'd found that she'd named Aster. She'd found the poor creature alone and injured in what looked to be the remains of a beastman attack on a caravan. He'd somehow managed to get free from the wagon and was hiding in the bushes. Angora slowly earned his trust with food and helped nurse him back to health. They developed a strong bond and have been together ever since. The bad parts were only the fact that she was almost constantly covered in some form of dirt or grime and the rumors that started to spread about her. While she was used to being grimy and dirty all the time, the rumors did not help with keeping hidden. If she even caught wind of a person or two starting to talk about her, she'd pack up and move on to the next area. On rare occasions when she felt particularly lonely (or possibly drunk), she'd take her mask off and wander into the Adventure's Guild or a local pub to just talk to people and enjoy herself.

Art by Yourou

Present (WIP)

Angora used to live in the outskirts of Ul'dah in Fesca's Wash. There was plenty of shade and water there to keep her comfortable (along with being conveniently close to the Royal Plantations that she paid a visit to from time to time when hunting wasn't working out). She was practicing her magic to the best of her abilities and only going into the city for supplies and to speak with her teachers.

The Rose

While in the markets she'd heard whispers of a group called the Phoenix Rose that helped free slaves. Angora wasn't sure if she fell into that category or if the group was even real, so she went to Momodi, who she'd met back when she first came to Thanalan, and asked her about them. Momodi confirmed that the group existed and that they could help her. Angora felt hopeful for the first time in years, but she is wary about trying to settle down again after what happened with her past attempts. After attending a Heavensturn dinner held by the group, Angora hung around for a while and eventually moved in. She was a full time resident and staff member of The Rose until events forced her to move on.

Leaving the Rose

The 81st Foreign Levy

The Workshop

Various Plots

The Red Lotus
The Wyrm Tears



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