Evangeline Primrose

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 Evangeline Primrose
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Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan High Ishgardian
Citizenship Ishgard (Exile)
Height 5' 11
Age 25



The impetuous and naïve daughter of an Ishgardian High House, Evangeline lost her inheritance, title, and nearly her life, when she began dabbling in heretical activities. Finding herself exiled, she settled in Ul'dah, where she is gradually learning how the reality of life, politics, and love differs from what she has read in her books


Evangeline is a fair skinned Ishgardian Elezen, with sharp and inquisitive features. She is short for an Elezen, barely making 6 fulms in height. She possesses eyes of dark violet, and long, wavy hair, which she is in the habit of dyeing. When she arrived in Ul'dah she preferred formal dress, skirts and jackets. However as time passes on she has adapted to her new home, and can be usually found in robes, trousers and short skirts, all the better to beat the desert heat. Her eyes are terrible, and she is rarely seen without a pair of glasses. In fact, so terrible is her vision, she typically carries multiple pairs as spares.


Evangeline is brash, foolhardy, passionate, and deeply compassionate towards the plights of the less fortunate. Though she comes from a powerful family in Ishgard, her views are anything but traditional, and she will take every opportunity to argue them. She is quick to make friends, and even quicker to trust them. Evangeline is quick to anger as well, but must slights are forgotten soon afterwards, her mind too active to dwell on animosity for long.


Like every son and daughter of Ishgard, Evangeline was taught the sword, lance and axe, so she might defend her home. However while she is a middling swordswoman, her great passion has always been science and technology. Rather than use what she uses as crude implements of butchery, Evangeline uses grenades, potions, firearms, and other items in order to defender herself.

Those who face the woman generally find themselves choking on smoke and blinded by Flashbangs, as she unloads her contraptions. However without her supplies she is almost helpless, and as such guards them jealously. It is very rare to see Evangeline without her typical satchel, bulging with grenades and gadgets.


Romantic Interest     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Poor Standing      Glorious Comrade
Klynzahr Iyrnahctwyn : Evangeline first met this Seawolf by accidentally breaking her glasses during a chase through the Quicksand. Somehow the two women found comfort in each other in the chaos of life and grew close. Evangeline's tryst with Xel'enfer caused them to grow distant though, and she has not seen the woman for several months.
Xel'enfer Trellvani : A duskwight noble who's strange lifestyle caused Evangeline's wrath on more than one occasion, Evangeline came to the man when she needed assistance with the void. Her apprenticeship left her touched by the void, and madly in love. However as time went on, she realized that Xel'enfer could never commit to someone in the way she wanted. She still feels fondness towards the man, but has given up on anything more.
S'imba Tia : A rather scruffy young Miqo'te warrior who hangs around the Quicksand, Evangeline found him a kindred soul in her battle against government and religion. Always quick to egg the other on into a revolutionary frenzy, Evangeline's current mission is teaching her Comrade to read.
Gharen Wolfsong : Gharen was one of the first southerners to take Evangeline seriously during her exile to Ul'dah. While others laughed at her revolutionary diatribes, Gharen tried to temper her greater impulses while teaching her the skills of sword and conjury. His abrupt disappearance left Evangeline aimless for a great time, and she continues to search in the hope that she might find what happened to the man.
Jaques Guillaume, Vaughn Antain, Angora Khilo : For a great number of moons the cozy halls of the Phoenix Rose was Evangeline's sanctuary in Eorzea. The warmth of the place and its people did much to temper Evangeline wrath at the world, and calm her spirit. Though she caused a great deal of trouble for the organization, she counts them among her closest friends, and her time there among her happiest.
Xanadu Mor : Evangeline would never thought she had it in herself to become with an Inquisitor, but Xanadu is an exception to the rule in many ways. Despite the Inquisitor's biting tongue and foul disposition, she finds the woman charming, brave and insightful. She cannot help herself flirting and teasing the woman, despite the fact her attentions seem to be one sided.
Martiallais Heuloix : Evangeline finds something of a kindred soul in this Duskwight Knight, and they have gained respect for one another over several dangerous adventures. They both have channeled their distaste for the corruption of Ishgard in different directions. Evangeline seeks to overthrow the system, Martiallais to mend it, though at times their views overlap. Evangeline thought at one time their relationship might turn to the romantic, but after meeting his current love, she found the woman beautiful, intelligent and kind, and now has grudgingly given up on any attempt to damage that relationship.
Orrin Halgren : When Evangeline met this gruff Dragoon in Ul'dah, she still wished to return to Ishgard and resume her work as a cultist. Through her interactions with the man she came to terms with Ishgards struggle, learned to resist the machinations of draconic corruptuption, and helped repel a plot against her adopted city of Ul'dah. Though she never would let him hear it, she respects the man greatly, and views him as one that helped her regain her way in the world.
V'aleera Lhuil : Like Orrin, Evangeline worked with this Dragoon in an effort to stave off a Dravanian plot aimed at Ul'dah. She respects the woman's fury and skill, and the woman is one of the few people Evangeline won't overly antagonize about their chosen religion.
Okhi Lyehga : Evangeline still doesn't know what to make of this confident and irreverent woman. Okhi has become the revolution's official minister of revolutionary art, but Evangeline knows the woman is skilled in far more than just the brush.

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  • Alchemy
  • History, Politics, and Economics
  • Grenades, Flashbangs, Firearms, and anything that explodes
  • Clever Men and Women
  • Coffee and Spirits
  • Freedom


  • Tyrants, Bullies and Oppressors
  • Those who speak or act rudely
  • Trees, Nature, bugs, and creepy crawly things.
  • Law Enforcement


  • Expert on Alchemy, Chemistry, Social Sciences, and Engineering
  • Clever mind for investigations
  • Trained as a Lawyer/Barrister
  • Good with money

NPC Rumors


"I saw that crazy Elezen handing out fliers in Pearl Lane. Some nonsense about a revolution. Blades chased her off soon enough." - Merchant

"Miss Primrose holds reading lessons for the children most mornings. Not sure the point, reading is for rich folk anyhow." - Ala Mhigan Refugee

"Strange one that, I see her jogging round the walls some nights in full armor." - Laborer


"Exiled from the Holy City, that one was. You can tell from the brand on her cheek. Halone only knows her crimes." - Ishgardian Immigrant


"Someone gave her a Paladin soulstone? Who would be foolish enough to do such a thing."

"Rumor has it she knew Lady Iceheart, conspiring with dravainians, and worse."

PC Rumors

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"S... she took my precious thing!" -- Aigiarn Kha

"She's not that crazy...I think. Just...enthusiastic." -Vaughn Antain

"Pah!" -Aya Foxheart

"Yes, we've met. No. I don't view her as 'crazy.'" --Jaques Guillaume

"Yes, I know her." -- Orrin Halgren

"Evangeline Prrrimrose? Oh.... I worked with her on some sensitive matterrrs. She's nice enough, makes a mean explosion." -- U'roh Tia

"I don't think she's ever actually kissed anybody." -- Coatleque Crofte

"The Lady is... interesting to say the least. But she has most excellent choice in company." -- Delial Grimsong

"Ain'tcha heard? Empress o' Garlemald, that one. Aye, we make the knee damned near every time she passes, 'n' we.... *snrrrrk*." -- Osric Melkire

"Evangeline? Hmn... She ain't the most normal of folk but who isn't? Wonder where she went though, ain't seen her harassing me about boxes for a while now." -- Aeron Volkova

"Incompetent! Naive! Annoying! But... With how openly she displays her heart on her sleeve, one of the few I can say I trust. Ah, don't tell her I said that." -- Jana Ridah

"Annoying. Very. Rather, extremely so. Anything else I say about her would assuredly be hyperbolic, so I don't...never going to mind her ideals. But will almost always disagree with her actions." -- Leanne Delphium

"Crazy? She just seems to be really passionate about her beliefs...and she actually makes a few good points." -- S'imba Tia

"Aye, she's clean off her rocker, an' thar be no questionin' it ..... She's also got a heart th'size o' the north sea, an' th'guts ter stand beside it. I'd trust 'er with me life." -- Klynzahr Iyrnahctwyn

Rare Rumor: "Perhaps. Maybe. I suppose she can be tolerated. In finite... minuscule doses even." Elegantly Dressed Tavern Patron

Uncommon Rumor: "Oh no, dear, she's no heretic. She's reformed. Has a splendid taste in wines. Don't judge a book by its cover and all that, hm?" Smartly Dressed Businesswoman

Common "Rumor": "... she couldn't possibly be that ignorant." Scantily Clad Observer