Annouille Andouillant

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Annouille Andouillant
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age 30
Alignment Chaotic Good
Occupation Arcanist
Height 6 fulm 11 ilm
Nameday 20th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Relatives Gislala Gisla

Basic Info

Commonly known as ‘Annie’ because it’s easier to pronounce and spell, Annouille is an arcanist at Mealvaan’s Gate as part of customs. Though he is talented at arcanima and would excel at research given the opportunity, he does the more boring but lucrative job to support himself and his sister after the Calamity. He is currently aiming to become a field assessor so that his job is less monotonous, and so he can spend more time away from his desk listening to that damned lalafellin merchant’s incessant inquiries about sun lemon tariffs. He spends his free time fishing, baking, or doing research for his own private projects.


Triple Triad
Rolanberries and desserts
Cute creatures and carbuncles
Dry humour


Sun lemons
Lack of personal space
Low ceilings and doorframes
Being stared at too long
Not enough dancing boys


Doing stupid experiments
Reaching things on high shelves


Dancing without looking silly
Physically weak
Poor eyesight
Fear of heights
Slightly scatterbrained

Appearance & Personality


Annie is self-conscious about his tall height and awkwardly lanky ‘noodle limbs’, and also his uncommonly small ears for an elezen. Those who don’t know him very well tend to think he looks a bit sad and wistful, but that’s just his default facial expression when thinking about food or attractive people. He dresses and grooms himself very neatly when going to work, though he prefers to wear more casual and comfortable clothing when at home. He used to look more dishevelled but he became more attentive to his appearance after getting increased responsibilities at his job. He is always wearing glasses when awake since he is extremely nearsighted; if he misplaced them somehow, expect him to be nearly blind. There’s a large scar on his abdomen from being wounded at the Battle of Carteneau, and he has some small burn scars on his arms and hands from culinary accidents.


Annie is a little introverted, preferring to be alone or with a few close friends and family members. He tends to be quiet around people he does not know, but he is polite and friendly to almost everyone even if he feels awkward interacting with them. Though he can seem serious and straightlaced at first, he has a cheeky and mischievous side that usually manifests through ribald humour unfit for children or unrepentant sarcasm. He is a bit more reserved than he was before the Calamity, but hints of his younger self still show every once in a while with those close to him. However, he has become more blasé about his own health and safety. He is naturally lazy but forces himself to remain busy lest his thoughts wander down depressing paths. Ever since childhood he has been openly curious about things he does not understand (but now he is tall enough to stupidly poke most of them).


Adopted Sister and Parents

The only other survivor of the Calamity is his sister Gislala Gisla. She is an ambitious merchant like her parents who has more spine in her tiny body than Annie ever would, even though he has a good few fulm on her in height. For more information about Gis and her parents, check her profile!


Simone was an arcanist who worked as a tactician with the Maelstrom. She was once an astrologian at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena, but she fled to Gridania after becoming a heretic. Her life as an Ishgardian is mostly unknown to Annie as she was fairly reticent about it when he was young. She was a kind woman with a dry wit and brilliant mind for numbers, and also endlessly patient with her more rambunctious husband and occasionally difficult children. Despite seeming meek because she was soft-spoken, anyone well acquainted with her knew that she had an iron will and was fairly stubborn, especially when it came to her values. She was killed in action at the Battle of Carteneau.


André was a fisherman by trade who was born in Gridania, though he enjoyed cooking as a hobby and dreamed of opening a restaurant one day when he eventually retired. He was almost always cheerful, a bit of a prankster, and was very enthusiastic about everything he did, frequently to the point of exhausting and exasperating those around him. Like many of his colleagues at Fisherman’s Bottom, he liked to exaggerate or make up things to make his stories more exciting; it was ostensibly to “help develop Annie’s critical thinking”, but he just liked messing with his son. He’s presumed dead because he was at sea during the Calamity, and wreckage of his ship was found but not his body.


Childhood and Youth

Annie was born in Gridania but his immediate family moved to Limsa Lominsa when he was a few summers old. When there, they befriended a family of lalafellin merchants from Ul'dah, bonding over their shared love of desserts; the two families grew so close that Annie found a (literally) little sister in Gis, and another set of parents in hers. As such, Annie and Gis spent a lot of time together growing up while their parents were busy with work. Annie learned his letters, math, arcanima, and other scholarly things from Simone; how to cook, fish, and tell terrible jokes from André; and how to make gil, speak politely, and persuade people to do things (through words, since looking adorable stopped being effective after puberty) from his adopted family. His families were busy but everyone often made time to be together.


When Annie grew older, he started studying more advanced arcanima at Mealvaan’s Gate that he couldn’t learn on his own. Responsibly, anyway – his mother wisely insisted that he study with supervision that she couldn’t always provide with her busy schedule. He was skilled enough that he occasionally helped the Maelstrom as a tactician like his mother when the Garlean Empire began invading Eorzea.

Garlean Invasion and the Calamity

When the Garlean threat grew more severe, Annie was among many drafted into the Eorzean Alliance’s military forces, officially joining the Maelstrom. It was at this time when he befriended Honoura Hawke’s brother Aidan, a member of the Twin Adders; their friendship provided a nice distraction from the stressful war. At the Battle of Carteneau, he was severely injured by a magitek vanguard and was ordered to temporarily withdraw. As such, he narrowly avoided death when Bahamut emerged from Dalamud and scorched the battlefield, being far enough from the fire to escape. Though he knows it’s irrational thinking, he still feels great guilt over the fact that he couldn’t prevent Simone’s or Aidan’s deaths, always wondering if he could have done something differently. The great number of other people who died instantly or from untreated wounds on the battlefield also added to his sense of failure.

End of Seventh Umbral Era to Present

Annie stayed with the Maelstrom for many moons after the Calamity to help with relief efforts and rebuilding, but mostly for the pay so he and Gis could support themselves. He eventually transferred to Mealvaan’s Gate, tired of the military lifestyle after the war and its painful memories. With his and Gis’ combined efforts, they managed to become financially stable enough to pursue their own interests and start a catering service which they hope to expand into a restaurant some day.


André told Annie that the reason Simone was accused of heresy was because “she knocked one of ‘em Inquisitors off Witchdrop with carbuncle fart”. Annie still has no idea whether his father was kidding or not.

Annie enjoys making desserts because he and Gis also enjoy eating them. It brings back happier memories of baking with his parents when he was young.

The reason why Annie began studying arcanima was because he too wanted an adorable sparkly death squirrel like Simone.

Annie is self-conscious about his poor eyesight and small ears if they’re under scrutiny.

To his bemusement, Annie is rather well-liked by random creatures, including but not limited to tamed chocobos, his and his friends’ pets, someone’s dancing rat, and a fat cat that started following him around when he went fishing.

One unfortunate fishing trip, Annie was almost eaten by a megalodon, but Gis saved him by beating it to death with his fishing rod while he was busy panicking. They keep its jaws at home as a conversation piece.

Annie has a unique and eclectic accent after growing up in Limsa and being raised by four parents of vastly different backgrounds; he trained himself to hide it most of the time, but his natural accent comes out more when he’s drunk or barely awake.



OOC Info: I am open to RPing more mature or complex themes if I get to know you first! I don't ERP; if sexual themes are unavoidable, please fade to black. Open to walk-ups when Annie is an arcanist, otherwise, please send a /tell first to see if I'm available.


Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
“He’s a good worker. Quiet, but polite and usually patient. Just, uh... Don't mention sun lemons.” Arcanist
“Nice fellow, brings a lot of fish that’s already cleaned. Good for my busier and lazier customers!” Fishmonger
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
“Aye, I remember ‘im. Left th’ Maelstrom after th’ Calamity. All ‘at senseless death changes a man.” Maelstrom
“Him? He visits the Guild sometimes, always asking after Alka Zolka.” Marauder
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
“I saw his notes once by accident. Didn’t understand any of it, though parts looked like summoning diagrams?” Arcanist
“Nobody in their right mind wants that many gobies! There’s something wrong with that elezen, I’m telling you.” Fisher
◢ PC Rumours (Add some and sign your character's name!)
"Sometimes Annie says negative things about himself, but you should not listen! Annie is great, but shy about it!" Gislala Gisla
"It's a shame that he doesn't seem to like Ul'dah much. With the things he seems to have on the brain all the time, he'd honestly fit right in." Avali Nahsra
"His calculations? Oh, yes, I have seen them. They are beautiful, like poetry." T'ahl Tia
"He's more passionate than he looks. Just ask him about sun lemons." Honoura Hawke
"...Sharks keep trying to eat him, but Gis has no idea why. There is not much meat on him, and most sharks eat meat..." Gislala Gisla, holding a spear, staring out at sea
"He does not seem one for chatter. Oh, that is a good thing." Crisiet Liautroix
"Fairly sure the words I'll be remembered for one day are 'Annie no'." Honoura Hawke
Significant Other    Family    Friends    Fish Food  
Gislala Gisla: Little sister, literally. But despite her small stature, she has more spine. Because he takes up more physical space, Gis takes up more talking-space for fairness. She helps him with conjury, and he helps her with arcanima.
T'ahl Tia: Fellow arcanist who likes to hide behind or headbutt Annie. They run into each other frequently because T’ahl is Gis’ accountant, and Annie is often sent by the Arcanists’ Guild to locate the miqo’te when he gets distracted by water. T'ahl occasionally cooks at the Round Vegetable, and Annie frequently babysits his tapir Cuddlechummy when the miqo'te cannot take her with him.
Honoura Hawke: Good friend of Annie's who works in Maelstrom HQ. She provides him with much-needed common sense, and the occasional opportunities to collapse pirate lungs. Sometimes, he tries to use her head as an armrest and thinks she's someone who's taller; it's awkward so they both pretend he doesn't do that.
Avali Nahsra: Miqo'te dancer that Annie befriended one day in Ul'dah. She has a way of sidling into people's lives and making herself at home, and she did just that with him (and his house to boot).
Eloise Sharp: Introduced by a mutual friend, the two got along quickly by sharing some dry humour. Annie sometimes asks for her help with jobs that require someone with much more muscle than he possesses. More frequently, he just invites her over to eat some desserts.
Crisiet Liautroix: Annie doesn't quite know what to make of Crisiet since they only met a handful of times in awkward circumstances, but finds the other elezen less intimidating after seeing his baffled expression when Gis dropped from a ceiling.
Avlili Avli: Gis’ significant other.

sun lemon merchant


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