Avali Nahsra

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Avali Nahsra
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Keeper of the Moon
Citizenship Ul'dah
Age Twenty-One
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Occupation Dancer
Height/Weight 4 fulm 10 ilm / 83 ponz
Nameday / Guardian 23rd Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon / Nymeia, The Spinner
  • Sennah Nahsra
  • A'niqe Tia
  • Tahli Nahsra
  • Riynh Nahsra
  • Tsiki Nahsra

Basic Info

Humor in all forms
The company of others
Playful flirtation
The finer things in life
Research and use of magic
Being disrespected for her chosen profession
Broken promises
Emotional attachment
Being touched without consent
Magical aptitude, particularly healing
Sharp and quick mind
Physically fit physique
Vertically challenged
Mistrustful of people
Private about personal life and history
Lack of actual brute strength
Poor self-confidence

Appearance & Personality


Avali is small in many ways; she stands a sizable bit shorter than average height for her kind and is slight enough in build that her lack of brute physical strength despite her muscular structure is very obvious. While not proving a hindrance to her personally in her day-to-day life, this smallness has become a bit of a barrier when dealing with others and certain situations. She's often mistaken for being much younger than she is or her size in and of itself calls unnecessary and unwanted attention to her person. Though petite she still retains much of the traditionally expected feminine figure, which she often shows off with her choice of clothing.

When placed among her family, most wouldn't believe there is blood between them. While her mother and sisters all possessed fair skin and hair of black and deep shades of blue in color, Avali is much the opposite. Her skin is noticeably darker in comparison and is contrasted by her white hair, traits she has been told that were inherited from her Sun Seeker father. Her blue eyes are the only appearance trait she shares with any of her sisters.


Putting up a mask to keep people always guessing at her true feelings and thoughts is Avali's specialty. Trusting others until proven wrong is a luxury she's come to believe she cannot afford after certain events in her life, and she will always seek to maintain distance with those she knows, even those she counts among her closest friends. It is simply force of habit at present, but one she believes has served her well and is not likely to wish to give up anytime soon. This makes her seem somewhat aloof no matter the situation, but she does retain the ability to be warmer when she so desires.

Internally, she is extremely insecure about herself and her abilities. To compensate for this she will often project herself outwards. This can manifest itself in many ways, but most often is the driving force behind her extremely flirty nature and her willingness to back it up with action. She sees little point in beating around the bush if she finds someone attractive and will flirt anytime she's given the chance, sometimes being extremely blunt about her intentions.

Otherwise, Avali is generally outwardly happy and carefree in the company of friends and well-meaning strangers. She has a warm if sometimes sharp tongue and sense of humor and a great love of company and conversation. Even if she is not actively involved, she is completely content to sit quietly on the sidelines and bask.


Early Life in the Shroud


The Calamity and the Years Following


Present Day



Lodestone Page

Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
“The miqo'te dancer? Good luck catching her attention; different man seems to have it every night. She doesn't seem to be into repeat performances, if you know what I mean.” [Ul'dahn citizen]
“Aye, I know Avali. Hard worker. Gives mages all sorts a good name, that one. Though sometimes it seems like she forgot to take the stuffing out of her ears. Not always too fond of following orders as given.” [Flame Captain]
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
“I caught her on her off hours, offered to buy her a drink. I wasn't expecting her time to be bought cheap, beauty that she is, but even I'd be knocked flat by that concoction she ordered. Probably something she wanted to forget by the look in her eye, but she wouldn't talk about it. We've all got our secrets it seems.” [Quicksand Patron]
“She came in here with all kinds of odd questions. How did she even know to ask those sorts of things? You have to have a basic knowledge of our art. She's not even a member of the guild!” [Thaumaturge]
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
“That girl, Nahsra is her name? They said she came to the city with not a single coin in her pocket. Now she's got the gil to be settled into the Goblet. How does that happen?” [Flame Private]
“Did you see the miqo'te? The small one in front? No, no the one in white. I could have sworn I'd seen her somewhere before. Back home, maybe. But why would she be here? Aren't Keepers from the Shroud?” [Gridanian traveler in Ul'dah]
◢ PC Rumours (Add some and sign your character's name!)
Romantic Love    Platonic Love    Good Standing    Neutral Standing    Poor Standing  

U'leoh Tia: Originally a spontaneous date picked up at a ball she didn't want to be at, he showed interest in her and quickly proved that he would respect her above all else no matter what. Upon taking the initiative to seek her out on a separate occasion, she decided to give him enough to hopefully keep him coming back for more. So far, so good.
T'ahl Tia: Pink snuggle-buddy cat. Ava adores T'ahl's earnestness and tendency to speak his mind no matter how inappropriate what he has to say might be. It's refreshing, and when it isn't it is at least amusing. He's like the brother she never had and she loves him dearly.
Mefh'to Fhelz: Ava and Mefh'to were an unlikely pair to be a date, but thanks to T'ahl and Eloise it happened. Though the attraction is there for them to possibly be something more, they've realized they are worlds apart from each other in more than one sense. The love is still there but some distances are too far.
T'aeryl Sohn: Fell into Avali's life in quite a literal sense. The older woman's warm personality and fast-found adoration for Avali have made them good friends in the time they've known each other.
Annouille Andouillant: Fellow adventuring spirit, the two have climbed into more than one questionable looking situation together since becoming acquainted. She enjoys his sense of humor and love of word play very much... and who else is going to heal him when he almost gets eaten by a shark?
Eloise Sharp:
Gislala Gisla:
Honoura Hawke:
Rinh Amariyo:



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