Gislala Gisla

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Gislala Gisla
Gender Female
Race Lalafell
Clan Plainsfolk
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Age One does not ask a lady's age! Are you implying Gis is not a lady?
Alignment Chaotic Good
Occupation Opportunist
Height Modest
Guardian Halone, the Fury
Relatives Annouille Andouillant

Basic Info

Gis is small even for a lalafell, but moves with the confidence of someone with nothing to fear. If there is anything that does unsettle her, she always meets it head on with her battle cry of "GRAA". She delights in explaining to people what this graa means, gathering riches, and eating sweets. She spends a lot of time trying to keep her brother Annie out of trouble, but it seems a bit of a losing battle as he manages to find it even when he is just fishing. Her partner Avlili tends to be the one keeping an eye on her, acting as a moral compass to ensure Gis does not go too far in her quest for riches. Despite her tendency towards greed Gis is not an uncaring person, though she does tend to phrase herself rather bluntly when attempting to comfort someone. She worries about those close to her a lot, especially after the Calamity, and would go to very great lengths to make sure they are all safe. Since she is not always going to be able to be around whenever something happens she tries to encourage everyone to be confident in themselves and their abilities, but her ways of going about it can be a tad on the unconventional side.

She always refers to herself, and frequently others, in third person. At this point most people have stopped questioning why.


Believing in oneself
Scaling walls
Shiny things
Those close to her


Being questioned
Being chased by creatures
Being tripped on
Being unable to help when help is needed
People giving themselves unwarranted criticism
Sloppy manners
Tall people treating lalas like children


Acquiring riches
Action-filled dates
Dropping down from ceilings
Encouraging people to be more GRAA
Finding out where people sleep
Making pastries
Saving Annie from sharks


Aggressive, although she thinks she is just being assertive
Easily provoked
Fights dirty
Holds grudges
Not as good at making metaphors as she would like to be
Sometimes takes jokes too far
Somewhat overprotective since after the Calamity, but tries not to be

Appearance and Personality




Not all rumours are necessarily true.

◢ Common Rumours (Easily overheard)
"Says her name is Gislala, but I have never seen one of the Plainsfolk with eyes like that before." - Gridanian unaware of intermarriage
"I heard she got banned from an all-you-can-eat dessert buffet. Not for overeating, surely?" - Sceptical waiter
"Ah, yes, that one. Got herself caught by the tongue of a Gigantoad, freed herself by using her logging axe on it. From inside. Grisly scene. Don't miss her much." - Botanist
◢ Moderate Rumours (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"Only fair her mother gave her the name when her father gave her the eyes, she says." - Yellowjacket
"The 'Gis this, Gis that' thing? Nah, she's just trying to look cute, get a discount on her sweets." - Convinced local
"Laugh at her 'graa' all you want; she froze me solid without a moment's hesitation." - Barkeep who learnt his lesson
"I think I saw her fighting a basilisk with just a pickaxe..." - Confused Ceruleum road patrol
◢ Rare Rumours (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"Said it's only grave-robbing if they are buried first. I assumed it a jest, but she sounded serious." - Brass blade
"She's been speaking like that since she were little, but nothing seems wrong otherwise." - Candy shop staff
"Lucky lass, having her parents get her a private tutor. Learning conjury on your own is dangerous." - Conjurer
◢ PC Rumours (Have you heard something about Gis?)
"She wrestled a shark once and won, apparently." (Annouille Andouillant)
"Such a precious little thing! She came to our company fishfry. Loved the goodies and was also with her big 'brother', Annie. Those two make quite the pair!" (Lilithium Altair)
"... Well, this time she beat a shark to death with a fishing rod and I can believe it because the shark was trying to eat me. (Annouille Andouillant)
"She is definitely a hard worker, as I have seen. I know that she will go far in this realm." (Thiji Higuri)
"She... Fell from the ceiling, clear out of nowhere. I still cannot fathom how she got there." (Crisiet Liautroix)
Gis' sweetheart     Gis' family     Gis approves     Gis will find out where you sleep
Avlili Avli : Gis' heart's delight, moonlight on snow, summer breeze during sunrise at sea and other assorted romantic metaphors people find difficult to follow. She is Gis' rock, able to temper her wilder moods and acting as a moral compass whenever she gets a bit too entranced by the lure of riches. She sometimes affectionately refer to her as 'The Law', due to her work as a Yellowjacket.
Annouille Andouillant : Gis' very big brother. Despite their considerable difference in size Gis tends to look after Annie, although he has been known to pick her up and put her out of harm's way when surrounded by creatures she has somehow managed to anger. She pats him on the knee instead of his shoulder to show her support.
T'ahl Tia : Annie's friend more than her own, but after sitting through a passionate monologue about the divine beauty of math Gis promptly hired him as an accountant, possibly to give him something else to do with his love for math rather than serenading its beauty to unsuspecting people going about their day.
Avali Nahsra 
Honoura Hawke 


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