Crisiet Liautroix

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Ishgard.jpg Crisiet Liautroix
"You know, I'm really quite boring."
Exiled Knight
Gender Male
Race Elezen
Clan Wildwood
Citizenship Ishgard
Age 43
Nameday 25th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon
Guardian Diety Halone, The Fury/Nymeia, The Spinner
Occupation Botanist/Groundskeeper
Current Residence Gridania
Next of Kin None
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Basic Info

Full Name: Crisiet Therouanne Liautroix

Appearance: Tall, lean and broad shouldered with pale skin, tired and vacant green eyes and blonde hair flecked with greying strands. A thin scar travels from his hairline to his cheekbone and a small golden clasp adorns his right ear. He carries himself in a manner befitting the discipline of a former knight, though in more casual settings he might be seen slouching against a wall or perhaps with an Ishgardian rosary in hand. He is not however one for manners, and tends to think very little of how he presents himself before those he is comfortable in the company of and appears overly guarded around those he is not.

Even in uncomfortably warm climates Crisiet is very rarely seen in clothing that does not cover him entirely from the neck down, arms and hands included.

At home due to his line of work, he is often seen with dirt smeared across his face and an earthy smattering of grass stains on his clothes.

Religious Beliefs: Crisiet was brought up to adhere to the teachings of Halone as preached by the Ishgardian Orthodox Church. Even after leaving Ishgardian soil, Crisiet has found the extreme religious conditioning of his former home difficult to pull away from. However, the events of the past decade have led him to feel that he is perhaps more Nymeia's plaything than he ever was Halone's child.

Parentage: A low-born Knight sworn to Durendaire's service and the daughter of a lesser noble family with minor social ties to Dzemael. Crisiet believes the two are deceased.

Though his mother was of nobility, she was disowned when she became pregnant. Therefore Crisiet grew up low-born as far as Ishgardian society was concerned. He does not know his mother's family and was always happy to keep it that way.


As with many children of Ishgard, Crisiet was taken in by stories of heroic battles fought against the Dravanian Horde. Yet these were not his father's tales as some would have expected. Rather, Ser Therouanne Liautroix often went out of his way to avoid his son. He was a distant man and Crisiet could not understand him, let alone ask him what it was to clash with the dragons on the front. Crisiet's mother Yaelle avoided the subject too, though unlike her husband she did not push her only child away. Looking back, Crisiet would state that his mother seemed to be treading egg-shells on the subject of his father, her words chosen with great precision and care. Otherwise, Crisiet was doted on by her and she saw to his education.

Like his mother, Crisiet took a great interest in plant-life. He helped tend her garden in the spring and summer seasons and took further interest in flower arrangements as he found them charming. His father seemed to neither approve nor disapprove of his son's hobby, always disconnected. However this simply pushed Crisiet's desire to show his father his worth. His mother gave no resistance when Crisiet told her of his intention to serve Ishgard, "To be like father." Yet these words seemed to sting her. He never spoke them again.

When he came of age, Crisiet began his training amongst the knights of House Durendaire upon his father's recommendation.


Serious, outwardly bored and often times scathing, Crisiet's tendency to speak his mind causes him to clash with others quite often. He prefers to be to the point about most situations and his pessimistic outlook on life is punctuated by moments of self-depreciation and sarcastic criticism.

Humour isn't his strongest point and usually bounces between deadpan sarcasm and vulgar commentary, depending entirely on his mood and often with little regard for situation and audience.

His blunt and anti-social nature seems geared towards pushing others away, yet he has shown a capacity to care when it matters most. Loyalty is his greatest trait.


  • The Botanist's Guild
  • Gridania
  • Formerly affiliated with Ishgard, the Knights Dragoon and House Durendaire


Current (Player characters)


  • Devereau Beauregard - It is a mystery. Truly. The two seem to share a history of sorts but rarely speak upfront about such things. Crisiet seems to enjoy trying to provoke Devereau and yet, though he would never admit it, he would die for him.
  • T'ahl Tia - An odd little miqo'te with a pet tapir. His inappropriate questioning of Ishgardians and their love of cliffs can be grating, but Crisiet feels that T'ahl's intent is innocent enough and so he has not thrown him into a chasm just yet.
  • Aerostein Epitaph - Crisiet found the fellow's interest in him peculiar and a little daunting. Despite this he warmed to him, referring to him as a friend if asked. For a long time, Crisiet was quite aware of Aerostein's attraction to him but believed it to be a fleeting thing on the part of a young man who had been recently hurt. However, he came to care for him far more than he felt he should have, and that concerned him greatly. Though he perceived it to be against his better judgement, he had become romantically involved with Aerostein for a long while but the two parted. Crisiet refused to show it but he grieved a great deal for the loss.
  • Yvelont Navarre - Crisiet likes and respects Yvelont as a skilled comrade in arms and believes him to be a good man.
  • Kiht Jakkya - Crisiet holds a great deal of respect for this Moonkeeper, whose actions forced him to re-evaluate many of his opinions on others and himself. If asked, he would state that he owes her a great debt.


  • Xydane Vale - Crisiet never trusted this hyur nor his intent. He is glad the man has been out of his life for a long while now and hopes very much to keep it that way.

Past (Backstory NPCs)

  • Yaelle Liautroix (Assumed to be deceased) - Crisiet was always closest to his mother. She was well educated, softly spoken and it was clear to many she had married beneath her station. She loved flowers and music; something that encouraged Crisiet's own fascination with both. He hopes his current line of work with the botanists of Gridania might bring her joy in the afterlife, though in truth he knows not if she yet lives.
  • Ser Therouanne Liautroix (Assumed to be deceased) - Crisiet idolised his father in his youth, who in turn was cold, distant and imposing. This idolisation slowly became bitter anger as he grew. The two were never close but Crisiet sees much of his father's negative traits in himself.
  • Ser Aennois Iseterre (Deceased) - Crisiet's closest friend and lover, tried for heresy along with the rest of his family at Witchdrop after his elder brother and mother supposedly partook of a heretical ritual involving the blood of a dragon. The nature of the trial in question meant that his death was inevitable.
  • Coralise Iseterre - Thaumaturge, adventurer and self-imposed exile of Ishgard. She is one of few surviving friends from Crisiet's past and the two keep irregular contact. She fled Ishgard long ago, craving a life of adventure and excitement over the life her parents had planned for her. Ultimately this decision saved her life, and she aided Crisiet's escape.
  • Inquisitor Ouraux (Deceased) - The inquisitor that held the trial of the Iseterre family at Witchdrop. Crisiet murdered him in rage and vengeance.
  • Inquisitor Beltardois - Ruthlessly devout like so many others of her station, she delivered the sentence that was to befall Crisiet for the act of treason. It never happened, so she took his parents instead.
  • Ser Louistiaux Braitognet (Deceased) - Knight-Captain sworn to Durendaire and mentor to Crisiet in his younger years, as well as an old friend of his father's. The two were close, perhaps more so than they should have been. He died to dragons a long time ago.
  • Ser Aulie Fourneteau (Deceased) - Crisiet's childhood friend, the youngest daughter of a lowborn sky-fisherman. She joined the army alongside him, where her proficiency with both bow and lance came to light. She perished in an ambush while on a patrol led by Crisiet, something he has never forgiven himself for.

Likes, Dislikes and Fears


  • Privacy.
  • Structure and order.
  • Brandewine.
  • His courser, Tournette.
  • Chocobo riding.
  • Brooding.
  • Flower arrangements and gardening.
  • The harpsichord.
  • Sarcasm and banter.
  • Jewellery items, such as ear clasps and necklaces.


  • Crowds (and most people in general, really.)
  • Naivety.
  • Optimism.
  • Hyperactivity, drunkenness and the sight of others having a little too much fun.
  • Those with a penchant for the dramatic or the idiotic.
  • Ishgard.
  • Dravania.
  • Being sassed.
  • Being indebted to others.
  • His scars.
  • Chaos.
  • Chinchilla. Yes, chinchilla.


  • Intimacy and exposure, be it physical or emotional.
  • Humiliation.
  • Loss.
  • Heavy Responsibility.
  • Vulnerability and loss of control.
  • The dark.


Belonging: An Ishgardian rosary crafted from mythril.

Food & Drink: Roast Karukul and Coffee.

Creature: The Chocobo.

Weapon: The lance.

Flower: Nymeia Lily.

Colour: Blue.


Common Rumours - Simply asking around would yield such responses.

  • "The Ishgardian fellow? Came here about five summers ago now, I think. He's odd. Doesn't talk much, but great at flower arrangement!" - A Botanist.
  • "Don't cause no trouble fer no one, but 'e'd do well to work on that damn attitude o' 'is." - Disgruntled Guard.
  • "Looks like 'e's seen a ghost, don't 'e?" - Barmaid.

Uncommon Rumours - More localised to the Shroud and Gridania.

  • "I saw him when he first arrived, yes. Quite a mess, armoured and carrying a lance. He wasn't much of a talker then, either. The woman with him was a strange one too." - A Quiverman
  • "Sometimes I see him sat on his lonesome, whisperin' to his necklace or somethin'. Bloke is bonkers. Fair certain he don't sleep neither." - Moonkeeper Merchant in Gridania.

Rare Rumours - Such information would require contacts within Ishgard to obtain. Please offer discussion with me OOC before claiming to know anything here IC.

  • "I heard that a prize chocobo was stolen by some heretic! Chocobo theives should be hung from the neck." - Concerned chocobo-keep.
  • "The poor bastard was involved with some knight that was thrown into the Witchdrop. Killed the inquisitor that held the trial. Quite the scandal, it's no wonder they keep it quiet." - A low ranking squire.
  • "He's a heretic! Ishgard wants his head. For murder of an Inquisitor, no less. Aye, he used to be one of the knights dragoon. Loyal as the rest of us. Just goes to show, doesn't it? Dravania can sink it's claws into anyone" - A devout Temple-Knight.

PC Rumours

If a character has met Crisiet and has something to say about him, feel free to add it here!

  • "He hates many people, and he may even hate himself. However, I do not think he hates everyone as much as he wants to. Some hidden sense of honor or decency drives him to be a good man to his allies." -Kiht Jakkya
  • "I loved him more than I thought truly possible. In fact, I still do... But, perhaps it's better this way." - Aerostein Epitaph
  • "...He keeps staring my tapir straight in the eyes. I think they are having staring contests? Cuddlechummy will probably win, she has a lot of practice." - T'ahl Tia
  • "I can never tell what he is thinking about. Is he mad at me or is he constipated? I have no idea?" - Annouille Andouillant
  • "His eyes are placed unfairly high up. Makes Gis' neck hurt." - Gislala Gisla
  • "Men only tend to listen to one thing at hip height anyway, and it sure isn't me. Unless I've mentioned wine, apparently." - Honoura Hawke