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Birth Name: Ariette Nox

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Race & Clan: Hyur • Half-Elezen

Height 4'11"

Physique: Flexible • Pear Shape

Status: Alive


Alias: Ari • Mongrel • Guard Dog • One-shot Dame

Nameday: 10th Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon

Birth Place: Ishguard

Citizenship: Eorzean

Residence: Lavander Beds House

Job: Boss Lady of Nox Trading & Services, Gunsmith, Locksmith, Magitek Conoisseur, & Barmaid (formerly)

Marital Status: Single.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Server: Balmung

Timezone: EST

Active: Weekdays: Evenings Weekends: Daytime and Evenings

Contact: Discord @ GhostlyMaiden#2841 • In-Game @ Ariette Nox • RPC @ Ghostly-Maiden

RP Style: Varies between short response, single paragraph, and multi-paragraph

Preferences: In-game and Discord work for me

Other Characters: Kanako Moonweaver, Suyiketu Dotharl, Fuyuko Uta, & Kieva Reiko

Other Links: Tumblr, Loadestone.


Ariette was born and raised in Ishguard but her upbringing was far from glamorous. She can only assume who her father was as he was a man she never met. The thought of a half-breed in Ishguard isn't exactly welcomed considering the atmosphere of the city-state at the time. Her Hyur mother did everything she could to raise her daughter well and help her build up a strong self-confidence and personality. As a half-breed, the winds are harsh but the people are excruciating. As she grew older, she grew a fascination with how objects were made and operated and eventually began to build simple trinkets with no working function in mind. At age sixteen, her mother passed away from a sickness which she never received proper treatment for. Ariette remained strong and eventually sought out help from the people of the Skysteel Manufactory. One of the mechanics took her under his wing and taught her everything she knows now about guns, machinery, and even locks & keys!

One-Shot Dame

Confident. Outspoken. Silly. Sassy. Growing up was tough for Ariette and it's because of her upbringing and experiances she had that she is the way she is. Ariette loves herself and who she is now and unlike some, she has no desire to change who she is. She is confident in herself and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind rather it be rude and crude, or nice and sweet. She's got the sass to keep herself up and she can walk the walk. Ariette is a woman on a mission and she's gonna do it her way. Now that isn't to say she can't have a few laughs here and there every now and again.


It is clear to see to anyone that Ariette if a half-breed with her pointed Elezen-like ears. Just like many residents of Ishguard, she has rather fair skin though she has a more pionkish hue and light freckles covering her arms and chest. Ariette is a rather dexterous and flexible person and her physique displays as much as she doesn't appear to have much muscle and a body shape focusing more on her bottom half which does most of her heavy lifting. As for her facial features, her eyes a a light and crisp green and a rather soft eye shape. Just like her arms and chest, her nose and cheeks are covered in freckles though they are darker than the ones on her body. Ariette is a natural red head which already compliments her fair Ishgardian skin. Her hair is rather short but curly with bangs parted across her face. To save her all the hastle, she often just throws it in a ponytail so it's done with and out of her face.

Lady Fuyuko of the Uta Household


Romantic Relationship
Romantic Interest
Trusted Friend
Lost contact


--- ( ) - Mother
--- ( ) - Father

White space height.gif
U'zhan Mistblade
Her Sun

White space height.gif
Master Reiko
The man who “saved” her. It is because of him that she is where she is now and it still remains unknown if she is still connected to him.

----- ( ) - Magitek Bitch
---- ( ) - Researcher
---- ( ) - Idiot
--- ( ) - Broody


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.
Common & Uncommon Rumors
"She’s too sporadic to really know what she’s like." — (Common).
"She has a a lot of miracle working alchemical remedies, I just hope you’re ready to pay the heavy price for them." — (Common).
"Don’t fuck with her or you’ll surely regret it. To say it’s smart to stay on her good side is putting it lightly." — (Uncommon).
"Don’t trust what’s on the surface." — (Uncommon).
Rare & Player Rumors
"The Feral Maiden is here in Eorzea now and you can bet she’ll leave a bloodtrail. Steer clear if you know what’s good for you." — (Rare).
"Anyone associated to Adelaide Levenson is bad fucking news." — (Rare).


Songs used set a mood, lyrics may not reflect the views of my character. Music links to Youtube or SoundCloud. Careful of the volume when using speakers/headphones. A full playlist of songs associated to Kieva can be found [here] but below you will find the songs individually linked and what they are tied to.

Ambient Themes

Origin: Elfen Lied
Reference: Somber Theme
Chise’s Lullaby
Origin: Mahoutsukai no Yome/Ancient Magus Bride
Reference: Kieva’s sleeping lullaby
The Silence is Mine
Origin: Drakengard 3 OST
Reference: Main Theme I
Origin: Darling in the FranXX
Reference: Main Theme II

Combat Themes

Origin: Hellsing: Ultimate (Music by: Suilen)
Reference: Combat I
Origin: Hellsing: Ultimate (Music by: Suilen)
Reference: Combat II
Licht und Schatten
Origin: Tokyo Ghoul (Music by: Yutaka Yamada)
Reference: Combat III

The Wandering Miqo’te
Garlean Soldier

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