Asheya Jaqhir

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Asheya 'Iron' Jaqhir
"They don't call me Iron Ashe f'nothin'."
Gender Female
Race Miqo'te
Clan Seeker of the Sun
Citizenship Ul'dah
Full Name X'asheya Jaqhir
Age 23
Occupation Former Pitfighter, Current Criminal
Height ?? fulms, ?? ilms
Weight ?? ponzes
  • X'vexha (Mother)
  • X'jaqhir Nunh (Father)

Asheya Jaqhir is a former pitfighter of Halatali, currently living as a criminal/mercenary in Ul'dah. She is partially responsible for the creation of - and maintaining of the Black Chocobo Gang. Ashe is loyal to her friends to a fault - but spares little thought for anyone outside of that circle.




▼ Vital Records
Full Name: X'asheya Jaqhir
Citizenship: Ul'dah-transparent.pngUl'dah
Nameday: 6th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
Place of Birth: Lynx Clan, Thanalan
Alias: 'Iron' Ashe
Guardian Deity: Rhalgr Icon.png Rhalgr, the Destroyer, Azeyma Icon.png Azeyma, the Warden
▼ Physical Traits
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gold
Complexion: Dark
Piercings: Earrings, navel ring
Marks or tattoos: Black tattooing around her eyes, Rhalgr tattoo on her neck, Lynx claw on her hip
▼ Other
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Key Items: Lynx fang garrote wire, Dented heliodor earrings
Vice(s): Gil, Power, Greed, Criminal Activity
Favorite Food: Roasted Aldgoat
Favorite Drink: Whiskey
Favorite Color: Black
Additional info:


▼ Likes:
The Black Chocobo Gang
▼ Adores:
La Noscea
Personal Freedom


▼ Dislikes:
Physical Contact
The Garlean Empire
▼ Loathes:
Lynx Clan
The Syndicate


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Born to X'vexha and X'jaqhir in a Lynx clan near the border of Thanalan and the Black Shroud, Ashe spent most of her formative years hunting and otherwise learning the ‘trade’ of being a tribal clan member. As she grew closer and closer to ‘breeding’ age for the tribe, she became disillusioned with the concept of spending the rest of her life pumping out more miqo'te children. In the dead of night just after her fourteenth birthday, she savagely wounded a clan hunter and ran away, leaving her old life behind.


On the run from her clan and without gil to pay her way, she resorted to petty theft and banditry to survive. Ashe made the unfortunate mistake of attempting to steal from a member of the Amajina & Sons mineral concern in Thanalan - she was promptly caught by the Stone Torches and dragged before the head of the household. Instead of being executed, she was put to work in the local mines. Here she met a hellsguard roegadyn by the name of Coal Lung, who would influence Ashe’s personality and viewpoint towards extreme disdain for the wealthy and prosperous. She and Coal Lung later began a revolt against the overseers of the mine - Coal Lung was executed, and Ashe was next up for the chopping block…before the greedy son of the household, Papahata Rorohata, opted to instead enter her in the fighting ring of Halatali.
Within Halatali, Asheya would earn her title of Iron Ashe thanks to her stubborn refusal to surrender a match. She grew strong fighting against biasts, mamool ja and other gladiators, until the invasion of the Garlean VIIth Legion would wind up bringing Dalamud down and unleashing Bahamut - the Calamity. As she was recalled to Ul'dah during the event, she and many other gladiators were 'freed’ into the streets to help quell the riots. In the aftermath, Halatali was closed down and abandoned, leaving her to fight in the Coliseum. Papahata soon was embroiled in a match fixing ring - one Asheya would have no part in. In her steadfast refusal to forfeit matches, she bankrupted Papahata on a poor bet.


Swearing he’d kill her for what she did, Ashe was on the run once more. As she escaped from mercenaries and Brass Blades, she ran into the elezen Lancelaux Fiermont - who would help her kill her pursuers. From this point on, she stuck with him, beginning what would eventually become the Black Chocobo Gang
The rest is history.


SWORDSMANSHIP - Asheya's been fighting with a sword from a young age - practically as soon as she was able to walk, she was training to use a blade. This only was further honed via her time in the pits of Halatali and Ul'dah, with her sword being her preferred weapon whenever she could get her hands on one. She's able to wield a blade in either hand, but prefers to be using one in her right hand. Her specialized bladed shields amplify her swordskill, by allowing her to have multiple avenues of attack.
PUGILISM - You don't always get a weapon when you're pit fighting. As such, Ashe made do with her bare hands, claws and teeth, when she had to. While she's not as skilled as say, a monk, she can hold her own in most combats with just what nature gave her. She's aided in this by being a miqo'te, slightly sharper teeth, elongated claws, and powerful leg muscles all help her brutalize people who think an unarmed foe is an easy one.
HUNTING - As a former tribal, Ashe is skilled enough with a bow and arrow, plus most knives, to adequately feed herself. While she couldn't hunt people with them, she can land most other prey, generally sandworms and other desert-dwelling beastkin.

LANCE-WIELDING - Ashe has basic knowledge in spear-fighting, earned solely through having to fight with one when no other weapon was available. She can stab, thrust, and twirl with the most basic of recruits, but anything that would be useful in warfare or practical, non-show fighting is beyond her grasp without further training.

WRITING - Ashe, first as a tribal, then as an indentured miner, then as a pitfighter, never had to learn to write - so she doesn't know how. She's been attempting to teach herself (avoiding help out of embarrassment), to little avail.



Where to find this character with whom.
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Thanalan (Ul'dah, Highbridge, Coffer & Coffin), La Noscea (Limsa Lominsa, Moraby Drydocks) (high probability)
Mor Dhona (Revenant's Toll) (medium probability)
Black Shroud (Gridania), Coerthas (Ishgard), Thanalan (Forgotten Springs) (low probability)


The Black Chocobo Gang (Founder)
Lynx Clan (Former Member)
Halatali (Former Fighter)


Eorzean encounters.
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  Lancelaux Fiermont
► Ashe has known Lance for quite a long time. The two of them first met when she was fleeing from her former handler, Papahata, and the elezen's aid against her pursuers firmly cemented him as her most trusted friend. She later would found the Black Chocobo Gang with him, and considers the elezen as her real family, instead of those she was born to.
  Chantelle Rondelais Chanty
► While the more street-smart and self-trained Ashe might not always get along with or see eye-to-eye with Chantelle, she still considers the former Ishgardian as a part of her new, extended family. The two of them butt heads fairly often, generally over Ashe thinking she's making fun of her for not understanding something - but she trusts Chanty implicitly with the more business aspects of the Gang.
  Red Duck Duckie
► Ashe is wary around Duckie, considering he's often a violent psychopath who beats people to death with their nearby surroundings. While he's unstable and often sociopathic, Ashe wouldn't have anyone else at her back in a fight where all the chips were down and people were going to have to wind up dead. She just doesn't want to be in front of him when the blending starts.
  Zekiki Zeki
► Ashe has never known much about the reclusive Zekiki, but knows better than to pry into the life of the lalafell. She's seen firsthand the amount of magical power that Zeki brings to the table, and is glad to have her on their side. As a member of the Talon Council, Ashe makes sure to run most decisions by the hermit, even if she knows Zeki doesn't care.
  Azunai Nevarus Punchmaster Chef
► Azunai is a godsend to the miqo'te, since he can make food out of nothing at all! Ashe is always eager to try out new culinary concoctions of the roegadyn, but is always wary of the fact that Azunai is also an accomplished poisoner.
  Pepe Bandido Peep
► Ashe admires Pepe's martial prowess and skill with a halberd. She's slowly beginning to trust him more and more with duties in the Black Chocobo Gang, but she's slightly concerned with the amount of 'reporting' to the Council the man has been doing. You know what they say about snitches....
  Gorbaltz of the Nine Winds
► Ashe has only worked with this former privateer for a short time - and she's not sure what to make of him. He's blood-related to Fiona, so that alone makes him worth keeping in the Gang, but from what she's heard of his mental state, she's not too sure she wants two potential Red Ducks hanging about.
  Fiona Cooper Fi
► Ashe doesn't think Fiona has the heart for the criminal business. While she's resolute in her desire to help the woman get her feet on the ground and finally get out of waitressing in a shithole of a tavern, Ashe is concerned that Fi will come to harm or be at odds with the Council over something she thinks is too unkind or violent for her tastes. Only time will tell.
  Zhei Xihn
► Ashe remembers the day they 'kidnapped' Zhei with some fondness - after all, they stuck it to a bunch of Keepers, and that's always worthwhile! The Keeper seems to keep to herself for the most part, which Ashe is fine with, but she knows she can count of Zhei when things get rough.
  Lucaell Tareth'eian Luca
► Ashe is slightly weirded out by Luca - she doesn't know what to make of the hyur's constant flattery. Ashe does harbor some concerns about Lucaell, she's around Lancelaux a lot, and is close friends with a large portion of the Gang - but isn't a member. That could potentially put their interests at odds, and while Ashe herself might not have troubles fighting her, she doesn't know about the rest of her friends.
  Saroro Rajoro
► Since he was blinded at the battle of Cartenau, Ashe often helps the lalafell out when he needs it. While she definitely knows he's smarter than she is, she takes no small amount of satisfaction in the fact that he needs her help at times to get around. Rajoro is a valuable source of intel for the Gang, and Ashe trusts him to help find jobs and work for them.
  Takao Sekkyo Taco
► Ashe, unable to pronounce Takao's name properly, refers to the au ra as Taco. She's the miqo'te's only point of contact with Doman culture, and as such, Ashe relies heavily on her to translate for two other members of the Gang, but primarily the Eorzean-challenged Chiaki Tensen. Taco has a level head on her shoulders, and Ashe sees her as someone that, with a little more refining, could easily step up as a Wing.
  Glade Southway
► Glade's insistence on knowing about criminal organizations in Eorzea, and her sudden ingratiating herself with Lancelaux and the Gang puts her ill at ease. Once she knows where Glade stands with the rest of them, Ashe may feel better about her, but she's uncomfortable around the woman for now.
  Bastian Longshot
► Even though she works with the man, Ashe finds him distasteful. His weird infatuation with being dominated by young women, and his general perversion set her firmly against him in terms of outlook on life, and she dislikes his constant attempts to curry favor with anyone that has breasts. She doesn't dislike him enough to boot him from the Gang, but prefers to not interact with him when possible.
  Papahata Rorohata
► Ashe's former handler at the pits of Halatali, Ashe hates and fears Papahata. She knows he has enough contacts and gil to send the Brass Blades after her once more, and after killing the Five Fangs, she knows he's been in touch with her former clan. Ashe would love to see the lalafell face down in a pool of his own blood, but doesn't know where to find him.
  X'jaqhir Nunh Dad
► X'jaqhir is Asheya's father, and nunh of her branch of the Lynx Clan. When she left, her father was furious at her perceived betrayal, leading him to send the Five Fangs of the Lynx after her. While she's killed them, she has yet to face off against her father - something she is terrified of doing, considering how long he has held the post of nunh against all comers.
  Saga Bearclaw
► This Ala Mhigan paladin has bothered Ashe on several times, first by defeating her in the Grindstone, and secondly by continuing to offer to train her in the art of being a paladin. While Ashe considers such an offer as useful, she's fairly certain that at some point, Saga will learn the truth about what it is she does, and then a reckoning will come. She awaits the day with patience, and a grim smile.
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