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This article is now defunct. The character in question is no longer active, and has been retired by the player.

Gridania-transparent.png Astrid Douglass
Astrid book.jpg
"Fear not, for I will stay by your side."
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Height 5' 8"
Weight 120-130lbs
Profession Alchemist
Patron Deity Thaliak
Server Balmung


Astrid is slightly taller than the average female Midlander. Her skin could be considered fair, with a rosy tint. Her eyes are vivid blue-green color and very reminiscent of the ocean in areas with warmer climates. She sports a head of pure white hair that slowly fades into an ashen shade. There is a mole on the lower right side of her face beneath her lip. Astrid has a thin, yet curvy build. Her legs and arms are slightly toned from years of swimming and sword training, though this may not be immediately apparent since she often wears robes or armor that keep her well-covered.

Brief History

Astrid was born to two loving parents, Hoyt and Erica Douglass, as the youngest of three children. Her brother Lamont is the eldest, followed by her sister, Ingrid.

Born and raised in Gridania, Astrid has always been in an environment that was optimal for cultivating her natural-born talent of conjury. Pulling aether from nature came to her with ease, even from a young age. Once she was old enough, Astrid's parents allowed for the Conjurer's Guild to begin mentoring her. By the time she saw her sixteenth summer, the girl could effectively be considered a full-blown healer. Three years prior to this time, after much extensive begging on Astrid's part, Hoyt began to instruct his daughter in the ways of swordsmanship. Most of Astrid's childhood consisted of her either healing various people or sparring with her brother. All of her free time was spent exploring with her siblings or swimming. She would eventually find that she was rather fond of botany, as well.

Right after turning seventeen, Astrid joined the Gladiator's Guild in Ul'dah. Her love for exploration paired with her knowledge of nature and healing skill made her an excellent escort. Most would think that Astrid's polite nature arose from her acquisition of this position, but that is not so. She has always had that sort of personality and strives for a kind attitude based purely on principle. Her reasoning behind joining the Gladiator's Guild is that she has something she feels she needs to prove... But to whom and what for?


"The contract that has been forged between us is now absolute, milady. I will protect you with my very life."

Noble. Loyal. Just.

These three traits are what every knight must possess. While Astrid is not a knightess in the literal sense, this does not stop her from living by the philosophy that "right makes might". Motivated largely by the pursuit of knowledge and the enforcement of justice, this is a woman who moves not unless it will better the world in some way, no matter how small the action may be. This goes double if the protection or purification of nature is involved. Astrid does her best to showcase herself as a proud scholarly woman who is not afraid to stand up to someone or get dirty in a fight. She rarely speaks her mind on impulse. Few things that she does or says are without purpose. Being wasteful is something that annoys her greatly, especially when it comes to her own time and energy. If anyone knows the perfect balance between work and play, it's Astrid.

"You lack intellect. And, worse yet, happen to be a grand bore. Be gone."

While she comes off as very polite in the initial encounter, Astrid has an unexpectedly nasty side when angered. She will begin to belittle and heavily criticize whatever poor soul is the source of her fury. However, these fits of extreme vanity seem to deeply embarass her. She almost always immediately apologizes once she has calmed down. Astrid also has a childish side that surfaces when she is with those she finds dear to her heart. She will pout, whine, mock, and even beg (usually aimed at her brother). Despite her tough and composed exterior, if the right buttons are pressed, Astrid can cry quite easily.

Delving into the complexities of aether, and all of the magical disciplines associated with it, brings her joy and hours of entertainment. Astrid has a deep-rooted obsession with understanding all that she can about magic and seeks to push beyond the limits of what aether can do. As she began her magical studies as a conjurer, Astrid is also deeply intertwined with nature. Astrid will take the time to strengthen this bond at random intervals, either by meditating, practicing her conjury, tending to her garden, or even simply talking a walk (which usually turns into something that is more of a hike).

Finally, Astrid is on a more blatant quest for self-improvement than most people. There seems to be something in her past that she cannot get away from. She seeks salvation for this occurrence in the form of constant training. It is likely that the frosty personality that surfaces when she is infuriated comes from a lack of self-worth.



  • Tea
  • Seafood
  • Reading
  • Exploration
  • Magic & Aetheric Theory
  • Water (Swimming, bathing, being caught in the rain, etc.)


  • Idiots
  • Wastefulness
  • Being looked down upon
  • Any lack of respect for nature
  • Excessively loud people or places
  • Spoiled and/or self-entitled people


"Go! Take him and run. I care not if we are under attack. I am not leaving until I can heal them!"

Astrid has aptitude for both magical and melee combat. While she cannot cast a proper fireball or summon a strike of lightening, she has an amazingly high affinity for water and ice spells. Her healing is very potent due to how comfortable she is with nature and pulling aether from it. Her swordmanship skills are surprisingly polished for someone who was born a mage, but she is much slower than other gladiators. What Astrid lacks in speed is made up for with a very sturdy defense. She is also has a knack for arcanima.

Astrid tends to get along with all sorts of people due to her empathetic nature and instinctual love of helping those in need. She is capable of staying calm and level-headed in even the most hectic scenarios, showcasing an nearly unbreakable will that most would consider to be obstinance.


"Sleep? Now? Absolutely not. Until I can confirm that you will be completely out of harm's way, bat an eyelash I shall not."

Astrid picks up a lot of details others think are well-hidden, but she can be quite oblivious to certain things herself. If someone genuinely likes her (either romantically or platonically), she will be the last to figure it out at times. When flirting, nine times out of ten, it's accidental. More importantly, Astrid is known for being too self-sacrificing. She will beat herself into the ground in order to please and/or protect others, entirely neglecting her own needs in the process. Also, while Astrid is skilled in both magical and melee combat, her movements are rather sluggish.

Astrid has struggled with bloodlust in the past, but she recently learned how to contain this problem from months of various types of training. As long as she has a sole light in her life to focus on (a light that, at the moment, is her lover), she will not experience fits of rage.


Astrid's Journal

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