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This article is now defunct. The character in question is no longer active, and has been retired by the player.

Ɍosalyn Ƀlackfeather
Whisperer of the Wilds

Roz wideshot3.png
Name... Rosalyn
Alias... Rose or Roz
Age... 30
Race... Hyur
Clan... Mixed
Orientation... Demisexual
Marital... Single
Deity... Rhalgr
Nationality... Ala Mhigan
Occupation... Hunter
Alignment... Chaotic Neutral
Roz portrait.png

((Coming Soon!)) (The following is placeholder text for the sake of formatting!) Y'raja is taller than the average female Miqo'te. Her skin leans towards fair, with a faint golden undertone.

Quick to bristle and even quicker to strike, Rosalyn allows little room for others to test her patience or her blade. Her intense gaze cuts down to the marrow, which is made all the more unsettling by an often irritated or judging expression that is difficult to decipher. Moments spent in the quiet presence of wildlife, or in the midst of storytelling, are when Rosalyn's heart blooms and those cold eyes burn with warmth. With time and demonstration of intent, she may grow to reveal this rare affection more frequently than not. She tries to be fair in all that she does.


  • Fog.
  • Meditation.
  • Storytelling.
  • Beast Tribes.
  • Nature, animals, and sunlight.


  • Stupidity.
  • Insubordination.
  • Wasting her time.
  • Cities with large buildings.
  • Disregard or disrespect for nature, culture, and/or the dead.


  • What could have been.
  • Being too late.
  • Rejection.


  • Favorite Foods: Rich, fatty meats. Mackerel, salmon, prime rib.
  • Favorite Drinks: Apple cider and strong coffee.
  • Favorite Colors: Green, Black, Red, Gray

Roz closeup.png

(Placeholder for the sake of formatting!) Y'raja is taller than the average female Miqo'te. Her skin leans towards fair, with a faint golden undertone.





The songs used set a mood. Lyrics may or may not reflect the views of my character. The following links will take you to Youtube.

    Fehu ((Lyrics))
    Storyteller Theme 1 | Artist: Wardruna

    Raido ((Lyrics))
    Storyteller Theme 2 | Artist: Wardruna

    Gods' Feast
    Battle Theme | Artist: Go Shiina (God Eater OST)

RP Limitations
■ I am a lore stickler, but I am okay with some headcanon that is within reason and/or not too far of a stretch.
■ I enjoy RP that focuses on character development and meaningful, creative plots.
■ I am open to family/tribal ties, as well as friendships. Just speak with me about it!
■ This character is not currently in a romantic relationship.
Combat & Injuries
■ Light injury and temporary captivity are completely fine.
■ Anything that involves disfigurement, extreme injury, or long-term captivity must be discussed with me in advance.
Server & Timezone
EST - My availability is late evenings!
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