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This article is now defunct. The character in question is no longer active, and has been retired by the player.

Ꝗajira Ørben
Princess of the Alvachir

Jira flowers.png
Name... Qajira Orben
Alias... Jira
Age... 17
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Xaela
Orientation... ???
Marital... Single
Deity... Dusk Mother
Nationality... Othardian
Occupation... Chef
Alignment... Neutral Good
Jira closeup face.png

Born to a fiery ship captain and a brave wayfarer, Qajira has been a child of the seas for as long as she can remember. The majority of her life was spent sailing from port to port aboard her mother's ship, the Alvachir. Her exposure to peoples of various races and beliefs is quite wide despite her age. However, she still bears a firm attachment to her own culture.

As she continued to learn and grow, Qajira found that she had an affinity for her tribe's talent of using their own scales in their crafting. She also enjoys studying the intricacies of aether and its numerous applications. Qajira's greatest talent is that she's a self-taught cooking aficionado... a mantle she took on to make up for her mother's lack of culinary skill!

Early Childhood (1564-1569 AE)
After many tries, Captain Qarasarnai Orben of the Alvachir (Crimson Thunderbolt) finally gave birth on a warm and sunny afternoon in 1564. Her husband, Urgamal Mierqid, proclaimed that he could see the very same fire burning brightly in his newborn daughter’s eyes that burned in her mother’s. They chose the name Qajira, which means “to burn”, containing the word for “seek” and “love”.

While passing through a familiar port town to restock, Qarasarnai and Urgamal meet the Akamori family whose baby daughter is sick with fever. The best medicine they have on hand is offered up to the Raen couple -- an herbal blend received from the Hoshikawa family, a group of traveling merchants. The girl recovers, though her vocal cords are damaged in the process. Thankful for the generosity, the family accepts Qarasarnai’s offer to join her crew. Qajira ends up becoming fast friends with their daughter, Naoko.

Prior to Qajira’s fifth nameday, her mother’s ship was accosted by pirates one night. Not wanting to take chances by engaging in battle with unfavorable weather conditions, Qarasarnai chose to flee. Unfortunately, the Alvachir found itself caught against a pile of rocks close to shore. Urgamal and a handful of crew members managed to clear a path for the ship. Buying his wife time, he ordered everyone back onto the ship before heading off on his own in a small sailboat to draw attention away from his family and crew. After gaining considerable distance… an explosion was seen and heard. Deep down, even before that moment, Qajira knew she’d probably never see her father again.

A Rivalry Like No Other (1569 AE - 1 UE)
Qarasarnai made no time for sorrow, as far as anyone knew. Instead, she grew very irritable and curt, though she remained loving towards her daughter and her friends. Towards the end of the year, however, she found something new to take her anger out on -- the Highlander captain of the Dancing Breeze. What began as a misunderstanding over resources eventually turned into a full-fledged battle... that Qarasarnai proudly won. She spared the lives of Captain Azaria and her crew on the condition that they would serve her for two years.

Despite worries, Azaria’s crew was rather pleasant. There was even a kind Midlander boy from her ship named Xavier who Qajira grew extremely fond of, despite Naoko’s initial apprehension. Surprisingly (or perhaps not-so-surprisingly by that point), when it was time for Azaria and her crew to part ways from the Alvachir, they opted to stay... primarily due to Qarasarnai having apparently fallen in love with her former rival. Azaria returned these feelings in kind. In the years to come, Qajira happily began to regard the woman as her second mother.

Naoko's Departure (2-4 UE)
Qajira was ten years old when Naoko left for Eorzea with her parents. While she was terribly upset over the prospect of being separated from her childhood friend, her mothers did their best to explain that Eorzea would present everyone with new opportunities, as well as provide an exciting new land to explore. Much to everyone’s dismay, no contact was ever received from them after that. When Qajira turned twelve, Qarasarnai presumed that Naoko and her family had either perished in Eorzea or on the way there. Qajira refused to accept this and vowed to confirm the news for herself in the future.

Ruin At Sea (6-7 UE)
Shortly after Qajira turned fourteen, the Garlean Empire made an example out of Doman rebel forces by destroying their city. Qarasarnai surmised that it’d only be a matter of time before the Garleans swept in and locked down all of Othard, so everyone aboard the Alvachir spent the next year gathering supplies and money before attempting the lengthy journey to Eorzea.

Disaster struck once they set out, sadly. The Alvachir encountered an unbelievable storm unlike anything Qarasarnai had ever seen before. They were quickly overwhelmed as various ship sections were torn apart by the violent waves, sinking the vessel. In a desperate struggle to save the girl he loved, Xavier freed Qajira from the wreckage and secured a lifeboat for her. However, Qajira claims the boy drowned before he could make the swim to reach her.

Moving Forward (7-9 UE)
Her first year in Eorzea was spent mostly alone. Qajira had gone from having just about everything to absolutely nothing, and for a while, this depressed her. She managed to feed herself in the beginning by working various odd jobs or selling materials she’d come across, but she was homeless for months.

Finally, after tireless searching, Qajira came across Rosalyn Blackfeather -- a mysterious trapper and explorer hailing from Ala Mhigo. The woman offered her a job after being exposed to her cooking, recognizing the girl’s talent. Ever since, Qajira’s life and mood have improved. She now has a roof over her head (also provided by Miss Blackfeather), money in her pocket, and plenty of free time to pursue her personal interests -- exploring, studying various forms of aether, and learning all sorts of new recipes and culinary techniques!

Despite what her small and dainty stature may lead one to believe, Qajira is an impulsive and incredibly stubborn girl. On the outside, she seems quick to make friends. But in reality, she's simply quick to react to the flow of a situation... which more often than not involves dragging the closest person into the whirlwind. She's admittedly a little spoiled, having a taste for luxuries most others of her age/race can't appreciate. Regardless, Qajira manages to be a kind-hearted and vibrant person who proudly marches through life following her own sense of justice.


  • Water.
  • Exploring.
  • Cooking/Eating.
  • Studying Aether.
  • Going On Adventures.


  • Routines.
  • Garleans.
  • Shipwrecks.
  • Cold Weather.
  • Long Explanations.


  • Failing to save a loved one in trouble.
  • Never seeing her parents again.
  • Small, enclosed spaces.


  • Favorite Foods: Lamb and eel. Also anything sweet and/or spicy.
  • Favorite Drinks: Milk.
  • Favorite Colors: Purple, Gray, Blue, Black

Jira happy.png

The light gray freckles that pepper Qajira's pale purple skin are her most notable feature. Her face is framed by short, bobbed mauve hair that darkens at the tips. In addition to her "winged" horns, she also sports striking lavender eyes.


Qajira prefers her wardrobe to be loose fitting, comfy, and easy to maneuver and/or swim in. Clothing with intricate details like excessive ribbons and belts can get caught on flora or in monsters' jaws, so she tries to avoid them whilst exploring or hunting.



Here are some easy reasons your character could approach and/or contact mine. (These are just examples, not limitations!)

■ They are a Xaela.
■ They are in her age range.
■ They are passionate about eating and/or cooking food.
■ They care for wildlife in some way. Jira loves cute animals!
■ They are from the Orben tribe, or have often dealt with them.
■ They research aether and/or are a member of the Thaumaturge's Guild.

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RP Limitations
■ I am a lore stickler, but I am okay with some headcanon that is within reason and/or not too far of a stretch.
■ I enjoy RP that focuses on character development and meaningful, creative plots.
■ I am open to family/tribal ties, as well as friendships. Just speak with me about it!
■ This character is not currently in a romantic relationship.
Combat & Injuries
■ Light injury and temporary captivity are completely fine.
■ Anything that involves disfigurement, extreme injury, or long-term captivity must be discussed with me in advance.
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