Qajira Orben

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Ꝗajira Ørben
Princess of the Alvachir

Jira flowers.png
Name... Qajira Orben
Alias... Jira
Age... 16
Race... Au Ra
Clan... Xaela
Orientation... ???
Marital... Single
Deity... Dusk Mother
Nationality... Othardian
Occupation... Chef
Alignment... Chaotic Neutral
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Born to Qarasarnai Orben and Urgamal Mierqid, Qajira has been a child of the seas for as long as she can remember. The majority of her life was spent sailing from port to port aboard her mother's ship, The Alvachir (Crimson Thunderbolt). Due to this, she has already met all sorts of people from all walks of life, despite being so young. Qajira's father died when she was about five or six, but Qarasarnai's lover eventually became a welcome addition to their family in his stead, becoming Qajira's second mother.

As she grew and continued to learn and explore, Qajira would find that she had an affinity for her tribe's talent of using their own scales in their crafting. She found a very simple joy in studying the infrastructure of her mother's ship and aiding the engineers with their various repairs. Qajira's also something of a self-taught cooking aficionado... a mantle she took on to supplement her mother's lack of skill in that department.

Neighborly, Precocious, Candid, Stubborn, Vibrant

  • Water.
  • Exploring.
  • Cooking/Eating.
  • Studying Aether.
  • Going On Adventures.


  • Routines.
  • Garleans.
  • Shipwrecks.
  • Cold Weather.
  • Long Explanations.


  • Failing to save a loved one in trouble.
  • Never seeing her parents again.
  • Small, enclosed spaces.


  • Favorite Foods: Lamb and eel. Also anything sweet and/or spicy.
  • Favorite Drinks: Milk.
  • Favorite Colors: Purple, Gray, Blue, Black

Jira happy.png

Qajira's most notable feature are the light gray freckles that pepper her pale purple skin. Her face is framed by short, bobbed mauve hair that darkens at the tips. In addition to the "winged" horns on either side of her head, she also sports striking lavender eyes.


Qajira prefers her wardrobe to be loose fitting, comfy, and easy to maneuver and/or swim in. Clothing with intricate details like excessive ribbons and belts can get caught on flora or in monsters' jaws, so she tries to avoid them whilst exploring or hunting.



Qajira surfaced in Eorzea about a year ago under circumstances she keeps vague to strangers. She has been hopping from job to job, struggling to keep herself afloat on her own. However, if there's anything she inherited from both of her mothers in terms of character... it was their sheer tenacity. Lately, the girl has developed an interest in corrupted aether. She seems to have dedicated herself to studying the hazardous material for the time being. The reasons for this are currently unknown.

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RP Limitations
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■ I enjoy RP that focuses on character development and meaningful, creative plots.
■ I am open to family/tribal ties, as well as friendships. Just speak with me about it!
■ This character is not currently in a romantic relationship.
Combat & Injuries
■ Light injury and temporary captivity are completely fine.
■ Anything that involves disfigurement, extreme injury, or long-term captivity must be discussed with me in advance.
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