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 Liavinne Lefebvre
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"The only thing that determines your fate is you."
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Unaffiliated
Age 29
Sexuality Pan
Occupation Not Known to Public
Guardian Nymeia, The Spinner
Namesday Sixth day of the Fourth Astral Moon
Birth Name Liavinne Dauremant


Weight: 175 Ponze (lbs)
Height: 76 Ilms (Inches)
Body build: Slender
Eye color: Dark Blue
Glasses or contacts: Glasses (Near-sighted)
Skin tone: Ashen
Distinguishing marks: Synthetic mole at the corner of her eye.
Hair color: Black
Type of hair: Fine
Hairstyle: Shoulder-length, sometimes tied back.
Voice: TBD
Physical disabilities: None
Usual fashion of dress: Primarily robes, often with long sleeves.
Favorite outfit: Company tabard, tights, and boots.
Jewelry or accessories: Two rings, ear clips, and dangling or hooped earrings.


Good personality traits: Willingness to listen and learn. Loyal. Often sympathetic.
Bad personality traits: Impatient (with herself, mostly). Unwilling to lower her guard. Very critical (Again, mostly of herself).
Mood character is most often in: Reserved. Withdrawn, if upset in any way.
Sense of humor: Dry, sarcastic.
Character’s greatest fear: Common knowledge of her past.
Character is most at ease when: Working or reading.
Most ill at ease when: Someone calls her by her given name.
Enraged when: Outsmarted.
Life philosophy: "The only thing that determines your fate is you."
If granted one wish, it would be: Ability to remedy things normally beyond her control.
Character’s soft spot: Those who lack the means to defend themselves.
Is this soft spot obvious to others? No. She actively conceals this.
Greatest strength: Her intelligence.
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Lack of physical combat skills.
Character’s darkest secret: The fall of her city.
Does anyone else know? Only a few select people.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.



Animals, though embarrassed to admit it.
Rainy nights.
The waterfront.
Books, particularly well-written novels.
Custom-made gifts.
Impromptu naps.


Being insulted intellectually.
Any damage to her books.
Invasion of personal space.
Having her abilities undermined.
Stressful situations.




Favourite Food/Drink: Fruits and dried meats. Chamomile tea. Any wine.
Favourite Place: The water or waterfront.
Favorite Weather: Rain
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Color: Cool colors.
Favorite Scents: Cinnamon, flowers, freshly-baked sweets.


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