Elviane Lefebvre

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Gridania-transparent.png Elviane Lefebvre
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"There is no freedom, only survival."
Gender Female
Race Elezen
Clan Duskwight
Citizenship Gridania
Age 31
Occupation Rogue/Archer/Gunner/Engineer
Guardian Nymeia, the Spinner
Namesday 2nd Sun of the 4th Astral moon, Year 1550
Last Edit Date 2/10/2017




Weight: 190 Ponze (lbs)
Height: 80 Ilms (Inches)
Body build: Athletic
Eye color: Lavender
Glasses or contacts: None
Skin tone: Ashen
Distinguishing marks: Scar across left side of her nose, purple lightning tattoo across right eye.
Hair color: Purple with white Highlights
Type of hair: Smooth
Hairstyle: Short
Voice: Elize Ryd (E.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhCX67q4X1o)
Physical disabilities: None (Currently)
Usual fashion of dress: Light Mail armor or flowing white robes depending on situation
Favorite outfit: Kirimu Coat
Jewelry or accessories: Two rings and two stud earrings


Good personality traits: Loyalty, Determination
Bad personality traits: Lack of Patience, Short fused
Mood character is most often in: Stoicisim
Sense of humor: Dry
Character’s greatest fear: A Serpent large enough to swallow someone whole.
Character is most at ease when: Her mind is occupied (Busy)
Most ill at ease when: Her boredom fills her head with past events she'd rather forget
Enraged when: Manipulated
Life philosophy: There is no freedom, only survival
If granted one wish, it would be: Invisibility (Not due to being socially awkward or being an introvert. It would make her job easier)
Character’s soft spot: Musical Instruments
Is this soft spot obvious to others? Depends on the situation
Greatest strength: Her agility
Greatest vulnerability or weakness: Lack of ability to learn any sort of magic
Character’s darkest secret: In Origin tale below
Does anyone else know? Only her parents a few select conjurers
Alignment: True Neutral


Plays a musical instrument? Flute, Harp
Smokes "Not public knowledge": A little bit of pipeweed once a week.
Drinks: Very little amounts of Alchohol
Extremely skilled at the use of: Lances, dual blades, Close quarters combat, Bows, Firearms
Extremely unskilled at the use of: Magic
Nervous tics: Deadly gases, snakes
Usual body posture: relaxed
Most Prized Possessions: Her mother's harp, a Music box next to her bed (Contained song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCM8KIeicCI)


Exotic weaponry
Music boxes
Mechanical vehicles


Those whom claim to be helpless and unwilling


Ice boarding


Favourite Food/Drink: Roast Antelope with noble grape reduction / Chamomile Tea
Favorite Weather: Rain
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Color: Purple


Romantic Interest     Sexual Desire     Platonic Love      Good Standing     Neutral Standing     Poor Standing

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