Ayaka Yatsurugi

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Ayaka Yatsurugi
The Night Raven
Ayaka Top Banner.png

Clean and precise...

-Ayaka Yatsurugi

Vital Information

NICKNAMES... Aya, Yaya

RACE & CLAN... Raen

GENDER... Female

AGE & NAMEDAY... Twenty-four (24) | 1st Sun, 6th Umbral Moon

ORIENTATION... Pansexual (Leaning on females)


Other Statistics


RESIDENCE... Currently staying at The Mog and Mug

OCCUPATION... Adventurer & The Mog and Mug employee

PATRON DEITY... Llymlaen (The Navigator)

HEIGHT & PHYSIQUE... 4'11" | Slender, Fit

ALIGNMENT... True Neutral

Garlemald Flag.jpg Ayaka Yatsurugi
Ayaka Side.png
The Raven Nomad
Gender Female
Race Au Ra
Clan Raen
Citizenship Doman
Age 24
Deity Llymlaen (The Navigator)
Orientation Pansexual (Leaning on females)
Marital Status Single
Occupation Adventurer & The Mog and Mug emloyee
Nameday 1st Sun of the 6th Umbral Moon
Ayaka Yatsurugi is a wandering Adventurer Au Ra, hailing from Othard of the Doma city-state. She was one of the Doman refugees that came with Yugiri Mistwalker, though she wasn't active during the process of acquiring their new shelter/home due to certain circumstances. However, when they were finally accepted in Mor Dhona, the Raen sought permission to take on a new occupation as she was inspired by the Adventurers surrounding her. Now she explores the land of Eorza, discovering new things whilst helping the people around her, just like what the Eorzean Adventurers do.
Regardless of the woman always returning to Gridania to rest and enjoy the peaceful forest, Ayaka is usually found visiting Limsa Lominsa as well as Ul'dah out of personal desire. She, enjoys her view, is what she would usually reply to curious people. The reason however, is simple. Ayaka wishes to learn everything about Eorzeans as she found herself becoming fond of its people. She especially enjoys admiring female Roegadyns but that is another story to tell.
Because of this however, it only shows that the Au Ra doesn't care much for the politics around her, so long as it would not have anything to do with her fellow Domans. However, she does show favor on the residents of Mor Dhona and the Scions as it is them that accepted the refugees.
But stories aren't always as simple as that...

Your Character's Inventory

Last updated: 11 6th, 2016

* Journal Book & Quill
* Small Gil Pouch
* Neatly tied vials of Ether
* Two (2) blades
* A stack of Galago Mint
* A batch of Dried Prunes
* Dried old white rose (Given by Rymmrael)

Current Situation

  • Ayaka continues to travel around Eorzea with her friend, Rymmrael, as they accept numerous adventurers jobs and the likes.

Previous Situations

  • Ayaka has found herself a temporary home in Gridania with the Mog and Mug inn. Here she stays with her 'friend', Rymmrael.
Ayaka Bustshot.png
Ayaka Bustshot2.png

Height: 4'11"

Complexion: Fair (if not pale) skin

Hair: Black

Eyes: Tea green with light green Limbal rings on both eyes.

Voice: https://youtu.be/BoFiO0-E70k?t=1m16s

Her face is smooth with an oblong shape. No scars or any sort of blemishes can be found on her fair skin aside from the white scales that she has on the sides of her face that crawls down her neck. And while she has a clear fair face, she has the tattoo of her clan almost covering the entirety of her back though it is usually covered by a cream of some sort to hide it from curious onlookers. Aside from that, if one were to able to see this part of her, there is a small mole on the inner thigh of her right leg.
Ayaka's body is a petite but fit one. She may be slender but she knows how to use her limited strength to her advantage. But she prefers agility and dexterity over brute force. However, it would be unwise to underestimate her size for her body was actually trained for blade dancing rather than healing. Because of this, a few light scars could be seen on her legs and feet though barely noticeable due to her pale complexion.
Regarding her voice... Ayaka doesn't consider herself as a songstress and she has never dreamed of becoming one. However, her voice could be best described as soothing and soft, her giggles almost breathless as if she's whispering directly to your ears. Though if someone would somehow make her angry or upset, it would be firm, hissing at most.
With the Au Ra almost always out in the fields, traveling and wandering from places to places, her smell would be usually earthy, accompanied by the scent of herbs. If she is staying over a city-state or anywhere with plumbing, a faint scent of Mint would surround her. But if she is doing something important, one would not be able to find any kind of scent on her.
AyakaRecent.jpg Four scars are visible when viewing her upfront. One on the forehead by the left; two on her cheeks and one along her throat. Her left horn is also chopped, jagged, as if a saw or a blade of some sort forced itself on it.
Timeline Ayaka.jpg
Ayaka back.png
Ayaka Tattoo.png
Body Ayaka.jpg


She is quite approachable albeit a wallflower so it would be wise if one would speak to her first as she would barely initiate any sort of conversation unless she is required to. A smile would be always seen on her face regardless of who you are so long as she does not deem you a threat or dangerous. Though she seems pretty talkative at first, she actually appreciates it if the other party carries the conversation for her but she won't tell anyone that. She will carry on the conversation in a kind and friendly manner.
There is definitely a huge difference between her first impression on people and when they actually know her really well. A person that knows her well enough would acknowledge the fact that she enjoys silence from time to time; words not being needed and the experience not at all awkward for her. She can be quite clingy if she's really close to a person, as she enjoy being able to hold one's hand. Other than that, she enjoys running her digits through someone's hair regardless of height difference.
Now if she were speaking to a female Roegadyn... Everything, even her mask, seems to break apart as she will find herself very much flustered and embarrassed. Unable to even look at said person until she's gathered up the courage to.
Has a big secret
Does not understand the concept of Monogamy
She gets distracted a little bit too easily
She tends to ignore everything around her if she is engrossed with a task
Huge bias on Au Ra individuals
Losing her humanity
Being completely alone
She starts stripteasing when she is drunk
She actually nibbles and chews on Galago Mint
Usually found playing with her tail whenever she's bored
Unconsciously teases whenever she's drawing/sketching
Alcohol though she is a lightweight
Female Roegadyns
Female Elezens
Feeling helpless
Being restricted
Sloppy work
Talents & Hobbies
Climbing things for some sightseeing
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Anything that is fish
Favorite Drink: Mint Lassi & Hot Chocolate
Favorite Scent: Mint
Favorite Place: Anywhere with a high vantage point
She hasn't settled down with anyone due to her past/job
She taught herself that it is okay to lust on someone but to falling in-love is prohibited
She LOVES sex. She can't get enough of it and it is definitely a guilty pleasure of hers.
Though she's addicted with doing sex, she does not touch those that are taken.

Ayaka is very observant when it comes to battling. Pale green eyes are sharp and clear whenever there is a fight before her--whether it's her own or another person's. This is why she usually enjoys visiting places that has fights usually breaking out from time to time. Hell, she even wanted to see this specific location that seemed to have scheduled matches like the Coliseum in Ul'dah but she has yet to actually view it personally.

Because of these careful observation of hers, she is able to estimate or calculate what the other has planned for their next moves. Thus, enabling her to dodge or counter the attacks whether it is through healing or spells or as simple as sidestepping and moving away. As much as possible, Ayaka tries to go in with a one strike instant kill, not wishing to waste her strength by trying to whittle an opponent down ever so slowly.


  • A staff
  • Her body
  • Two Blades
  • Poison


Ayaka has excellent knowledge when it comes to healing, ergo, after learning how to handle aether found in Eorzea, she was quick to learn how to use the conjurer abilities. From recovery spells to elemental attacks, the magicks came easy to the woman thanks to her stored knowledge and hard training.



Be warned then when you try to make the woman cook, she'll somehow find a way to make cookies burst into flames and meals killing a person within a second. She also has the knack of sewing clothes that have extra appendage slots. Even with music! The sound she produces could make a bird flee for their dear life. Of course these are all exaggeration but her ineptitude with common skills are so terrible that Ayaka herself vowed to not touch or come close to use said apparatuses.

And yes, she was taught and instructed by several professional tutors in Doma but she still somehow ends up screwing up whatever instructions were given, her mind a little bit too full with information that has nothing to do with common skills. Her family did not gave up however and usually braggged to others that their daughter was great in everything but both the parents and the little Raen knew the truth:

Her skills were reserved for another thing.


Basic Jutsu: Fuma, Katon, Raiton, Hyoton, Huton, Doton and Suiton.
Summoning Jutsu: Summons her swift, silent and deadly adult coeurl mount.
Summoning Jutsu: Summons several tendrils to bind a target.

General Story

Lil Ayaka.png
There are many that have taken or claimed the name Yatsurugi but there has always been one that was quite known in the Doma city-state. Most of the Domans would happily pay for the expensive service just to receive the excellent treatment that was the Yatsurugi healing. Some even traveled from the other side of Othard in-order to seek healing from them. They were a clan of great warriors in the past but most have been known as great healers, thus, their offered public service changed to it when their battle prowess was not needed.
Their fame however was not just because of their skill in healing and prowess in battle. Their name came from the ruling Yatsurugi clan of a neighboring village, cast away by said family. A disgrace, living in Doma and striving to survive to prove themselves. If anything, most nobles and customers alike would try to get their service in order to try and listen in to any scandals they could find from the clan.
Ayaka grew in this household. Tea making, sewing, archery, excellent academic knowledge and many more noble skills; everything was taught and ingrained into her at a very young age. She was to be the perfect daughter and healer, worthy enough to be the heir of the Yatsurugi Clan. At least, that was supposedly the plan for her when she was to be born but then the Garlean Empire came and made Othard their vassal. The healers were then forced to raise their blades once more to fight a war that wasn't theirs. When the Yatsurugi clan was accused of betrayal, the entire clan was sentenced to death. It was only due to some sort of miracle that the family was able to save Ayaka from it, allowing her to follow Yugiri Mistwalker to flee to a better and safer place called, Eorza.

Ayaka Raven Banner.png

The Raven Flock

Ayaka AssnA.png
In the name of the Deities and Elders, I take your life as divine retribution for your crimes. Your bloodstained hands will feast on the innocent no more.

Doma was a beautiful city-state where nature bloomed gorgeously and citizens prospered in their lives. However, it was not a perfect haven. There has been several criminals apprehended and some still being hunted in the city-state; from muggers to bandits, to small time thieves and infamous assassins. The Yatsurugi clan was of the latter--or rather, taught by the Shinobi--and they were called, The Raven. They might be the most sought out healers in Doma--or mayhap Othard even, but the Yatsurugi clan did not receive their name just because of their expertise with healing. If anything, their names weren't exactly known to their client, only their underground title.

Only a few knew of their identity in the rabbit hole--one could count them with one hand but their services offered in the underground brought them more infamy and fortune than their healing could. Their professional work and ethics were what brought their several clients. Clean and precise; they weren't known to make any mistakes. If they did, none would notice for they were quick to correct them.

Ayaka was trained in both the social world and this underworld. She followed the teachings of her family and made her clan proud. At the age of eleven (11), she brought down her first target. And with her success came a reward as she was finally able to receive her official retainer: a half Roegadyn, half Elezen female child. They were meant to be the shadows of the Ravens, to always follow their masters and mistresses and obey all their commands no matter how dangerous or incredulous they were. They were the only ones that knew of the existence of the Ravens that didn't have the same sinful blood of the assassins.

Clean and Precise, not a trail left behind.

Work consisted of deaths of nobles, warriors, fellow assassins and even some of the Garlean officers and soldiers alike. What was amusing was that, most of the orders came because of political disputes or monetary inheritance; some, though not many, came because of untamed unlawful behavior. Because of this, her view of the world was quite different from an average person. While one could see her smile warmly during events and regular days up above, she was a deadly assassin in disguise down below. Society was a dangerous world but The Raven was there to assist them. The only setback was when there was a traitor within their ranks. Needless to say, the traitor went missing, however, the inevitable could not be fixed. Doma was razed to the ground, the Garlean setting an example to the other provinces. The Raven scattered--along with their other fellow Domans, nothing but silent farewells as they ran away from their prey turned predators, promising to return for vengeance. Ayaka was one of them and she found solace through the leader of the Doman refugees, seeking safety in the land of Eorza.

Ayaka was going to return to Doma. She was going to make the Garleans pay, but for now, she needed to become stronger, wealthier--She needed everything in-order to help her family.

Short Events

Crying Ayaka.png

When you have lost everything, it is easier to fall down and break regardless of how much hellish training you've gone through. In her mind, there was no time to cry for she had to be strong to have her revenge. Ayaka thought she wouldn't experience that depression herself because she was already on her way to Eorza to escape the Garleans. However, when she almost lost the only connection she had of her family to the ocean--her journal and two small blades, the Raen almost broke down and cry. Sure she still had her clothes on her back but that couldn't be compared to everything that was written on her journal and all the memories with her blades.

And cry she did. However, it wasn't because she lost her journal; it was out of immense joy and gratitude because her retainer, Rymmrael, courageously jumped into the sea to bring the journal back to the Au Ra, regardless if they were still sailing through the ocean. She did not know what happened during that time, she only found out thanks to what the other told her when she asked.

She apparently cried out and begged for help to all the Gods around them. Apparently she was about to dive in and probably drown herself due to her current condition but her 'savior' went for her, giving the delirious Au Ra to a fellow passenger to keep an eye on Ayaka as she jumped inside the raging waters to retrieve the book. Regardless of it being ruined after the entire ordeal and the woman apologizing to the Au Ra for the spoiled journal, she evidently only shook her head and cried then proceeded to keep crying against the woman's shoulders for the rest of the trip to Eorzea. She didn't left the woman's side as she clung to the other, depended on the half breed more than she should have as if she was a newborn babe that needed her mother always.

When they landed on solid ground, the Au Ra was back to her usual self as if she didn't broke down for days before her retainer. But with her calmness came curiosity as she slowly found herself glancing at her retainer more and more. Ayaka asked herself why but she just couldn't find an answer to it.

First Kiss.jpg

The more she spent time with the other, the more the Au Ra found her heart aching. She had no clue what it was and why her eyes would always wander to her servant. After all, that was all Rymmrael was suppose to be, her servant that her family gave her and nothing more. And yet frustrations came to her as she bluntly ordered the woman to bring her women that were either a Roegadyn or an Elezen with pale white skin and bright white hair. What she must be feeling for the other was lust as the woman was the only connection she had to her family so her mind must be using said connection to make her 'want' the other.

Unfortunately, no matter how many partners she took to bed, she would still end up being unsatisfied. Not that they were terrible in bed, just that simply, it wasn't her mixed breed mutt. And this frustrated the Raen further. Why was this happening to her? She didn't understood at all. Usually she would be satisfied with sating her lust just like the many times in the past and yet nothing was helping her that time at all. She felt helpless and it infuriated her to no end.

It was when her patience was dwindling--a rather uncharacteristic thing for the woman to feel considering patience was burned into her very being--did she finally concocted a plan. A spontaneous plan when they were out to search for a mushroom that would help immensely with her poison. Her desire to hold the other close and touch her was too much that she found her body and voice disobeying her mind as she ordered the woman to kneel and close her eyes. Her situation only got worse when her desire was burning her body, the 'need' to kiss her retainer strong. And with temptation right before her, the supposedly disciplined assassin caved in as she leaned close and caught the woman's lips in her own.

She immediately pulled away as if she was burned but the taste of her servant was so strong that she found herself going in once more--demanding more kisses from the other. Ayaka didn't stopped with kisses only however as she manipulated the woman to sleep with her as punishment. When she was finally able to connect with the woman, she found her lust sated for a brief moment before she craved for more. She didn't needed others, only Rymmrael, as she made the other sleep with her numerous times.

After all, the Yatsurugi retainers were meant to serve their masters, right?

Ayaka Proposal.png


Common Rumors (Easily overheard)

"I've seen a lass 'ere just oglin' on em female Roegadyns. Can't say I disagree with 'er taste." ~Ul'dahn Resident
"Somebody drew me before! Wanna see? I have the drawing!" ~Young Boy

Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)

"I swear I ain't lyin'! The lass was right there, tipsy an' whatnot, then Ifrit's piss! She suddenly disappeared after I blinked me eyes! Damn woman made me pay for the drinks!" ~Tavern Patron
"... She couldn't 'elp but jump into the water fer 'er. Imagine that?" ~Unknown

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)

"The Raven? What's that? Some kind of code? Huh?" ~Gridanian Adventurer
"I hear they accept any job so long as you pay. Yes, just send for the bird..." ~Mor Dhona Trader

PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)

Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC! Some of these rumors may be untrue or greatly exaggerated.

"Yes, I know her. There's something so warm, so welcoming about her. Calls me Freckles more then she does my own name. Why? Did she say something about me? What did she say?~Savona Drake
"She's sweeter than a sunset of a Sunday mornin'. Nothing brighter than her smile, think tha's odd do ya?" ~Honaebryn Guhtwyb
"Ayaka.. mmm.. Let me think. You must be talking about this au ra girl.. She is charming and really talented with drawning. When I met her and someone else in Quicksands, somehow we ended up to spent time at cliff and she draw us. When she did, she was like in trance, ignoring everything even sandstorm that approached us.. I wonder where she is now..." Jerciex Lanquairt
"Insert rumor here." ~Name
💑 In a Relationship Romantic Interest Complicated Sexual Desire Platonic Love Family Good Standing Neutral Wary Poor Standing Deceased


💑 Rymmrael Rose: What was there to tell about the Roegadyn? This woman was her savior; the one who saved her from death itself when it was beckoning for the Au Ra. Ayaka could never forget that day, even if it took her forever to search for the woman due to her incapability to remember what she looked like. But now that she was before her, the Raen wasn't going to let her leave her life. Thankfully, the other feels the same for the little Au Ra. There was just something about her that she couldn't describe but one thing was certain, she was willing to kill for the Roegadyn. And Ayaka... Ayaka has never wanted to kill for personal gain before.

Satsuki Hagaki: They were childhood friends back in Doma. They would get dirty together in mud and support each other in the world of the adults. Their relationship unfortunately died down when the woman stopped returning to Ayaka's place for healing but that was why Ayaka was shock when they met in a quite the unlikely situation after 6 years of being apart! And was she going to complain? No, of course not! She was reunited with a childhood friend and she was ecstatic to find out that she survived the fall of Doma. That was one good news and something to brighten her day and give her hope that her own family survived as well.

Jerciex Lanquairt: A stranger turned acquaintance. When Ayaka allowed the Elezen to share the table with her the first time they met, she did not expected for them to speak for more than a few minutes. She did not mind it however as she learned a few things from the man and actually enjoyed their small talk. If anything, she found it useful to have accidentally met someone that has a connection with the Twin Adders. Mayhap she should get to know the Elezen more.

Shar Qalli: An unexpected but welcomed interference that started from saving the Raen from enraged Ishgardians to warming each other in a cave with a raging blizzard outside. Their teamwork in keeping each other warm in the night brought the Raen another warrior to join her temporary party to assist her in leves and Adventurer's tasks and the likes. That is, if she could get a hold of the wandering singing Xaela. Fortunately for the Raen, linkpearls exists.

Soalean Monterey: They met when a certain Raen was waiting for time to pass. The woman showed the other around Mist which led to her bringing Ayaka over to her place for a quick snack. They got to know each other in many ways after that and they certainly had a fun time together. And in the end, they ended up helping each other with Soalean accepting the Raen's invitation of help during leves and adventuring tasks that was too much for the healer to handle.

Viper Vesran LaChance: It was at the bazaar and it was raining. Ayaka had been stood up by her date due to a busy schedule with work. Sure she was fine with it but that didn't mean that she wouldn't be lose in her own world for a while. That is when Viper came in to the rescue, offering an umbrella and company. They found themselves enjoying each other's company as she found out that the man was from Doma. This got her interested to find a fellow Doman like herself. Viper also shared a few things to her that might be quite useful in private places but what she liked best was when he decided to wax her horns, bringing the Raen back to the times when she was young and her mother doing it to her. After that, she was just happy to have met the man regardless if their goodbyes weren't exactly an ideal one.

Ingrid Helena LaChance: She came while Viper, her and Rymmrael were having a drink at Wineport. Ayaka doesn't know much about her aside from the fact that she seems to be Viper's cousin and that she seems to love hitting the man. Not much information was digested by the woman due to the fact that the Raen was quickly getting drunk from the wine during that time. What she knew though was that she was as pretty as her cousin, Viper.

E'rhea Laqi: This blind kitten she met in the Mog and Mug; the place where she works as a waitress and resides at. A fellow tenant like herself but unlike the Raen, she's still living at the guest rooms. Somehow they got to know each other a bit and in the end, Ayaka found herself promising to her that she'll bring her to Othard if the possibility arises. Aside from that, since she doesn't stay much in her own room, Ayaka gave the woman keys to it so that she may stay over whenever she wanted to.

Chizuri Inoue: She met her during the Valentione's event. The Au Ra was one of the many that she gave flowers to--as that was one of the traditions of the event that Ayaka adapted, finding the entire event quite adorable. The woman was very sweet which caused Ayaka to stay and have a little chat with her. She found out that the Raen was a great cook and was willing to teach her the craft regardless if Ayaka had said no due to her lack of skills. Still the woman encouraged her so the next time they'll meet, she was certain that Chizuri will find out that Ayaka is indeed, quite terrible with cooking.

Rhela Moshroca: She came when the Au Ra needed her the most--a guide back to Mor Dhona that is able to get them to the place as fast as one could with a cart following behind them. At first the Raen wished to go through the Garlean outpost but decided against it when the Miqo'te offered a better choice. Because of the excellent service of the hired mercenary however, the Raen was hoping to work with her again and in-exchange, Ayaka teaching the woman how to read and write in Eorzean. It was honestly an excellent deal and the Raen didn't hesitate to agree to it.

Savona Anna Drake: Ayaka's dearest little Freckles. A simple drink in the Quicksand turned into something else as the two found solace within each other's warmth. The Raen probably would not say it out loud but she would definitely like to spend more time with Savona. The woman was such a delight to Ayaka that she couldn't help but wish to get to know her more. Though she may not say it out loud, she would probably find a way to keep seeing the other. Why? Because she was the first to make her feel like she was home.

Honaebryn Guhtwyb: When the Raen found herself admiring female Roegadyns due to what happened to her past, she never expected for it to become more than a hero worship. Honaebryn, however, changed that when she showed her something that led to a rather heated time spent together. Regardless of it all, Ayaka still could not think of female Roegadyns as anything but a beautiful and great bein--Okay maybe a bit of lust for Honaebryn.

-The Raven

  XXX (  ●  ) - "XXX"

(Credit is due to Endel Blanche for the idea to add in this tab!)

Optional tab. Remove if you don't want. Here, you can put in little 'hooks' for your character - easy conversation starters so that people might find it easier to walk up to you.

  • Accepting a job/task she has posted that's meant for Adventurers
  • Giving her a job/task that's meant for an Adventurer
  • Visiting the tavern she works at which is The Mog and Mug in Gridania
  • She is usually found sketching, so feel free to approach whenever
  • If you want to touch her horns/tail, feel free--She doesn't mind at all

What I am looking for/interested in:

I would really like to meet people who are interested in becoming a long time RP partner :) Perhaps develop a relationship with Ayaka whether it is of romance, sexual, friendship, family or rivalry. It doesn't have to be new as well as it'll be quite interesting to have her know someone and happen upon them in Eorza! I also do enjoy a good adventure RP, even if it's just them getting lost and trying to find their way back to civilization!

If you wish to go deeper, you are free to meet The Raven, though I would advise speaking to me so that we can plot that one carefully!

What I will NOT RP:

  • I try to avoid RPs that doesn't include any sort of development at all. (E.G Someone approaching Ayaka and telling her that they love them and then they get married after cos they fell in love instantly.)
  • A battle RP with The Raven. Mainly because, she will kill in sight if somebody is a threat to her. I at least would like to think that she is skilled enough to not lose or get killed--Though she is definitely not Godlike. So you can protect yourself against her if you're more than a great adventurer/soldier or something. TDLR; I just don't think it'll work out too well. (If it's nothing but talking or making a deal, then yeah, that's fine.)
  • People finding out she's The Raven without any long plot developments and whatnot.




The Raven Nomad


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