Bayhind Maleksis

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Ul'dah-transparent.png Bayhind Maleksis
Bayhind Profile.png
Not really sure where I came from. But that isn't as important as where I am going.
Gender Male
Race Miqo'te
Clan None
Citizenship Ul'dah
Free Company The Lynxfang
Sexuality Heterosexual
Relationship Status Single
Current Whereabouts Unknown
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Bayhind is a newcomer, not to just Eorzea, but the world in general. With no memory of his past, his origin and actual age are not known. Bayhind joined the Lynxfang in order to have some kind of family in a world that he has no memory of. Generally tending to be informal, Bayhind often goes by the nicknames given to him by his friends, the most common just being "Bay".


Height: 5'9"

Weight Lean, Athletic build. Approx. 165 ponzes.

Complexion:  Light

Hair:  Black with Olive Green highlights

Eyes:  Light Olive Green


Bayhind is a caring person, who holds the interests of those he cares about above his own, as is especially the case with members of the Lynxfang and his fiancé.

Bayhind loves to make others smile, make friends, and can sometimes be a sarcastic ass. But it's all in good fun. He is also a major flirt when single. But when he is with someone in a relationship, then he doesn't even acknowledge others' existence on a romantic or flirtatious level.

He jokes and flirts more than usual when he is in extreme emotional pain, in an attempt to hide it so others don't worry about him. This makes the fact that he is hurting obvious to anyone who pays enough attention. Regardless of the situation, Bayhind attempts to inject humor into it to lighten the mood for everyone involved.

He is very forgiving, but will not forget past wrongs done to him or those he cares for. The only thing Bayhind will not forgive is when someone outside of his circle of friends hurts someone who is within it. He will protect those he cares about with his life, joking all the way to his last breath.


Bayhind fights using the martial arts that he not only learned from the monks of Ala Mhigo, but with an innate fighting sense and style that he has no memory of learning, most likely from whatever life he led previous to his memory loss. He also trained with Sae Rhaaz'bir, a Master who had been trained since he was but a child, in order to increase his abilities. He is currently training in the style of the Warrior in order to supplement his martial skills, and be better able to protect those he cares about.


Bayhind works as a Bodyguard and as security for various peoples and organizations, a profession which has yielded him no small amount of coin due to his natural fighting and tactical capabilities. His secondary source of income is through mining, which he picked up as mostly a way to work different muscles than he was able to from training alone.

Bayhind's powerful control over his Chakra allows his body to fend off disease constantly and grants him immunity to most toxins, poisons, and powders. Unfortunately, this also means he has to drink -a lot- in order to get drunk. When he was last on a bender, it wasn't uncommon to see a pile of empty bottles near his feet, or empty casks nearby.



  • Sour foods
  • Sweet foods
  • Alcohol
  • Large bodies of water
  • Loyal people


  • Disloyal people
  • Extreme cold
  • Truly evil people


  • Meditation
  • Making others smile
  • Drinking with friends
  • Sewing
  • Woodworking
  • Pranking friends

Useful Skills

  • Basic First Aid - Learned for when he is out in the field practicing his main craft, Bodyguard.
  • Tailoring - Picked up as a hobby to keep his hands nimble. Helps to sew up wounds too.
  • Mining - Picked it up as a way to work different muscles of his body that his martial arts don't impact much.
  • Cooking - Started out as a means of self reliance, but now he will sometimes cook for others as he is damn good at it.



While having no true family that he knows of, ever since he arrived in Ul'Dah, the Lynxfang has become his family and home. He would do anything to keep them from harm from within or without.


  • X'khai Tia - "The Big Guy really needs to rein in the issues in both the Pride and his personal life if he wants people to continue to respect him. Both as a leader, and as a person in general."
Cheiftain of the Lynxfang, and the one who offered a place for Bayhind to belong when he arrived in Ul'Dah. Bayhind's interactions with him have been few, but for some reason Bayhind just took to calling him Big Guy. Bayhind and X'Khai have finally reached a bit of understanding with one another regarding an issue sensitive to them both, and so far it has mended their friendship as a result.
They met when she saved his life after he almost died of Pneumonia as a result of transferring most of his Chakra in order to save the life of his former love interest. Their ensuing friendship started out as rocky to say the least, with the two constantly arguing, and at one point Reina almost destroying his ability to hear. Bayhind refused to give up on being her friend however, as he saw a kindred spirit in her. Somewhere along the way, their feelings began to grow. After refusing to leave Reina's side, despite her having some extremely bad panic attacks, and after he showed his resolve by staying by her side after taking care of her injuries, he ended up winning her over. When Bayhind later told her that he loved her, it had scared her. This caused her to return the Chakra stone he had given her that came from the energies in his heart. As she walked away, and his heart shattered, the stone turned to dust. After getting into a fight with his instructor, Sae, at a tavern, Bayhind was dragged home, wounded. Upon hearing this Reina returned to see him, where she ended up confessing her feelings for him, reuniting them once again. After attending the wedding of their mutual friend K'washi, they had a long discussion in which Bayhind proposed to Reina and she agreed to marry him. Again however, she has recently decided to end their relationship, utterly crushing him. As a result his whereabouts are currently unknown as he numbly wanders the continent.
  • Rhela Awandih - "A bit of a Lush. Only seen her a few times without a drink. Alright girl though."
A female Miqo'te member of the Lynxfang. Bayhind met her while talking with Reina one of the few times that they got along before becoming friends. He ended up flirting with her, only to find out later that he was barking up the wrong tree. He was really only flirting to put a mask over his pain from his recent heartbreak, so this wasn't a big loss to him. After getting to know Rhela some more, he agreed to help Rhela develop and hatch a plan to make her feelings for Kisumi known.
  • K'washi Amada - "Oh, you mean Silent? Good guy. He's one of my favorite people here."
A male Miqo'te member of the Lynxfang that Bayhind first met at a birthday party for K'washi's mate, Zana'to Molkot. - As Bayhind was dealing with a recent heartbreak, he left in the middle of Zana's proposal to K'washi. He then apologized later and gave K'washi an engagement gift of Bacchus Wine, from the first vint of the revived vine. He has worked to repair K'washi and Reina's friendship, a task that proved to be almost as daunting as befriending Reina in the first place. So far he has gotten them back to being friends, though there is still work to be done.


  • S'imba Tia - "Decent guy, if a bit prone to making bad decisions. Needs to be more confident though if he wishes to be a leader."
A member of the Pride, and Bayhind's former boss in the Warriors section, their interactions have been somewhat limited. The most major interaction between them was when Bayhind broke S'imba's femur, and shattered his ribs in anger as he found out that the Chieftan had been responsible for another member of the pride, Bayhind's self declared "adopted sister" almost dying from showing off. To be fair, S'imba wasn't exactly in fighting condition at the time. He feels deep remorse about having done this, and even helped to heal the Chieftan's wounds. When S'imba was finally well enough to start talking again, he came to Bayhind with the punishment for the attack: Bayhind was to be flogged. Bayhind accepted this punishment, but the punishment, and Bayhind's acceptance of it set Reina off. After a while, Bayhind and S'imba have reconciled their differences, and Bayhind has even taken to trying to help S'imba develop as a leader.
  • Nakami Tenbe - "Said she is thinking about cooking for us here at the house. Far be it from -me- to turn down a nice hot meal!"
A female Miqo'te that he met in the lounge of the Free Company house. She was talking to Reina and they gave her tips on what she could do to benefit the Lynxfang.
  • Lalafi Lafi - "I'm sorry, pretty sure I don't know anyone who matches that description."
A Lalafell that Bayhind met when she was evading pursuers. He helped her hide and escorted her out of the city, at which point he decided he wouldn't inform anyone he has met her, as she obviously didn't want to be found. She offered him coin in exchange for his help, but he refused and only accepted payment in the form of her name. She then walked away and he has yet to see her since.
  • Kisumi Nekozawa -
A female Miqo'te member of the Lynxfang. Bayhind met her outside of the FC House along with most other members after talking with Reina and X'Khai.
  • Sae Rhaaz'bir - "Crazy Cat, as Reina likes to call him. Fits though."
A male Miqo'te that Bayhind met while picking apples, and almost attacked when he saw Sae fighting with K'washi. K'washi however warned Bayhind to stay out of the fight. When the physical aspect of the fight was over, Bayhind stepped in to disarm the anger of the two males with his usual humor and friendly demeanor. It served well enough until X'Khai showed up and the situation as a whole was defused. When Bayhind encountered Sae again later, the male attacked Bayhind twice, once to test him, and once to injure him. But through an awkward set of events, Bayhind is began training with Sae to improve his abilities as a monk. After the events in which Reina broke Bayhind's heart, Sae found Bayhind in an incredibly inebriated state. A fight between the two broke out in which Sae fractured Bayhind's skull, and shattered his ankle. After which Bayhind punched the berserker in the groin.
A female Hyur that Bayhind met outside of the FC House when talking to a group of the members. He originally playfully flirted with her, until he noticed her unease around people she didn't know, and felt X'khai staring a hole in the back of his head. He figured out that she was currently in a relationship with X'Khai, and quickly switched how he interacted with her out of respect for that fact.
  • Xhella Marie - "Oh yeah, I remember her. Had forgotten as of late."
Former love interest of Bayhind. He met her as she was joining the Lynxfang and they became friends shortly after. Bayhind was her shoulder to cry on when she found her fiancé to have cheated on her. After a time, they fell in love with each other. Hers was the life he had saved, nearly at the cost of his own, when trying to keep her wounds from an earlier attack from opening and killing her. This was after he spent 2 days in the Shroud, during pouring rain, meditating because he had found her to have been unfaithful. He tried to give her a second chance after his life was saved by Reina. But ultimately he found himself able to forgive, but unable to forget, and broke up with her afterwards which was the last time he saw her. Thanks to Reina and the blossoming relationship he had with her, the subject of Xhella eventually faded to the point of a distant memory.
  • X'caizhen Tia - "Big Guys Big Brother? Yeah, he seems alright. Still not sure if I like him or not though."
Bayhind met X'Caizhen in passing while getting something to eat and recovering from the injuries sustained in his fight with Sae Rhazz'bir. Their first major interaction however was when X'Caizhen was put in charge of an investigation surrounding the events that occured between Bayhind and S'imba. Later when Bayhind drunkenly marched into X'khai's office to speak with him, Bayhind would see him again. Later during that meeting, once Bayhind began to quickly sober up, he sat in on a council meeting and suggested that X'Caizhen be made a Chieftain in charge of setting standards and disciplinary actions for the Pride, as well as ensuring that they were followed. Thus was the position of Chieftain of Order come to be after a vote by the actual council members.



Common Rumors

"Yeah, I know him. Does bodyguard and security work. Fair prices for what he's able to accomplish." -Ul'Dah merchant
"Seen him training out here. Sometimes with his fists, sometimes with a huge axe. Sure wouldn't like to come up against -him- on a job." - Random bandit in Thanalan

Moderate Rumors

Rare Rumors

PC Rumors

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