Reina Dancer

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 Reina Dancer (?)
Gender Female
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship None
Age 28 (?)
Marital Status Single
Occupation None
Height 5'6"
Orientation Straight
  • (Father Unknown)
  • (Mother Unknown)
  • Brother: Aaron Thorne (NPC)

Basic Info

: Reina Dancer is a somewhat small but healthy looking young woman in her midtwenties. She is intelligent, keen, inquisitive and unrelenting, and has a habit of finding trouble just for the thrill of it. Her hair is currently long and blonde, though the color and style are known to change at her whim. Recently, she's taken to wearing an intricate and well-made suit of light armor when attending events such as the Grindstone, or when expecting not to be entirely safe. She's hard to pin down, hard to understand, and often more than a little unpleasant. In fact, she sometimes seems like she has not human feelings at all….




Being wet
Pet names
Being trapped


Alignment: True Neutral
Vice(s): Drinking
Favorite Food: Steak
Favorite Drink: Whiskey
Favorite Color: Lavender

Appearance & Personality

Reina stands at five feet and six inches, with a slender, athletic body and a subtle control to her movements. Her eyes are a light grey-blue and her hair is a natural, light blond. There's a bright blue tattoo on her right cheek, just under her eye, and a small scar crosses the bridge of her nose. As for clothing, she generally dresses modestly and comfortably. Personally, Rei can be rather difficult to understand. She'll adopt a different manner depending on who she's talking to, right down to the body language and the accent she uses, and at this point it's not entirely voluntary. The girl struggles with PTSD, ASPD, and night terrors, and she tends to keep people at a distance. Her sociopathic tendencies include an ability to separate herself from subliminal social pressure and the ability to lie without any tells. She also lack affect and empathy in most situations. Still, while she's loyal to almost no one but herself, once a person has gained her love they can't easily lose it.


This section will contain bits and pieces of Rei's history, but not everything. If you want to learn, you should RP with her!


<Currently unavailable>


Rei spent most of her older adolescence sailing on a ship with pirates. Supposedly, she was a part of the crew and taught to use and build guns, to sail, to move nimbly over unsteady ship, masts, and the like, and more. It is where she got her tattoo from, but when asked she does not often divulge much information. The ship was known to take and trade slaves, as well as raid poorer ports and seaside towns, and other ships--including maelstrom and allied privateers.
Unfortunately, she does not remember her life before living on the ship.


About three years ago, a new street rat appeared among the droves in Ul'dah. Reina Dancer seemed well-suited to making her own way with her charms, wit, and extremely deft hands--that is, she liked to con and steal. She spent a good year and a half living with the refugees or in back alleys, cutting purses when she needed quick money, going outside the city gates and bow-hunting when she couldn't do that. It was oddly easy, most nights, to get a tipsy Quicksand patron to buy her a meal for the intangible promise of future meetings.
About two years ago she started actually making friends. She stole from the wrong man and ended up with her first boyfriend--and warm bed to sleep in. She befriended an outlaw who ended up bringing her into his tribe for a short time--although she never felt truly safe there. She began to explore the many skills she'd picked up, expand them, hone them, and in some cases figure out where she got them. She left Ul'dah, joined a ship's crew in Limsa for a couple months, then left and began to drift. She went off the map for almost a year. When she returned she was living in Ishgard but still wandering all over the place, making regular appearances at the Grindstone, and sporting some extremely well made armor and a nice new bow. Still, something has been off since.



Some of these rumors are untrue or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumors under PC!

◢ Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
"That girl ain't human. She's some sorta siren or….zombie. Zombie siren?" - Drunk Patron of the Canopy
"Yeah, that'n's a petty thief around Ul'dah. R'was. Watch your purse around her--she's like a ghost." - retired Brass Blades
"Champion of the Grindstone, tamer of violent chocobos, fingers like feathers on keyboard and harp--ah, she's beautiful too, yeah? She's the perfect woman, I say, if I could just…." - Starstruck admirer
◢ Moderate Rumors (Moderately difficult to overhear)
"She shot some poor sap right through the knee--right there. Right there, I tell you!" - Wineport Citizen
"I…I saw her myself…. She went to this island an' killed dozens of pirates what kept slaves and played games with them. Shot 'em all in the eye with that bow of hers. Killed without mercy--she was a terror. Stay away….stay away--" -Haunted Lominsan Sailor
"She likes to slap people." - Uncaring Woman
◢ Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
"That Reina girl? She's some friend of lover of one of the local gentry. Before he went up to Ishgard, she'd sneak into his home all hours of night or day. Bad form, I'd say." - Gridanian Citizen
"That girl's an escaped slave--listen close when she's asleep, you might hear her reliving her horrors." - unknown
"Fuck! She's a slaver--where are the guards!"
◢ PC Rumors (Rumors from the characters of other players)


Romantic Interest      Platonic Love      Enigmatic Love      Sexual Interest      Good Standing      Neutral Standing      Feared      Poor Standing
S'imba Tia : A young blond Seeper of the Smoon, S'imba managed to make Reina hate her before he won his way to her heart. She found him amusing for a time, but as misadventures abound ties strengthen. For a short time they call each other their mate, but Reina left him alone for a long time and they grew apart. Now, Reina barely even calls him friend--but she remains as fiercely loyal to him as ever.
Basile Feurieux : Yet another stranger she met via fighting with him at the Grindstone, Basile was one of the first people Reina truly paused to get to know after returning from whenever she's been. Basile beat her, but offered her a drink which she accepted. After several adventures ranging from tavern dates to the slaying of blood mages they have started up a romance. It scares Reina, and she's just waiting for the moment the man makes her snap and shoot him….
Armont De'bayle A long time ago, Armont mistook Reina for someone else in the cold snows of Coerthas, and after being swiftly corrected he simply showered her with compliments. Reina gave him the impression that she was generous and good-hearted when she bought him a warm meal and some wine, when in reality he was amusing and she was bored. She did not see him again for close to two years, surprised to find he was now the head of the De'bayle household and the Lord of her new friend, Basile Feurieux.
Leah Carsen : Now known as Leah Leyweaver, Reina met Leah when she stole from her many months ago. Leah started at Reina's friend, but managed to disappoint or otherwise hurt Reina enough that they share something between a friendship and mutual animosity. They rarely speak, now.
Aekira Swyfte Reina met Aekira in the Quicksand after he was snooping on one of her conversations, at which point the wrangled him into her company and spent the next short while getting to know him. A few other meetings, and she found him amusing, cute and interesting--but now she hasn't seen him in so long she doesn't know if he's even still alive.
X'khai Tia Reina originally met X'khai as 'Sig', the outlaw with a penchant for killing and stealing. They had some dangerous fun together, but it wasn't long before she'd pieced together what was happening with him and his 'pride,' the Lynxfang. Despite helping him piece himself back together, Reina ended up feeling badly used by the man, and currently neither likes nor trusts him.
Rawkin Forgeheart Since seeing her wipe out in the Grindstone, Rawkin has made it a point to tease or ridicule Reina every chance he gets. This has made her not only dislike his presence, but 'affectionately' dub him "Asshole." His griefing only made it all the more satisfying when she beat him in the first round of one of the following Grindstone.
K'washi Amada Rei's oldest friend and one of her most trusted, Kou has been in her life for years. She's saved his life a few times, and he's saved hers. While he seems to have disappeared for now, Reina knows that should he ever turn up she'll be there for him once again.


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