Steel Wolf

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Limsa Lominsa-transparent.png Steel Wolf
Gender female
Race Roegadyn
Clan half Sea Wolf/half Hellsguard
Citizenship Limsa Lominsa
Profession bodyguard and sellsword
Patron Deity Oschon
Server Balmung


  • Nicknames: Steel, Sthalwilf
  • Age: 33
    • Nameday: 32nd day of the sixth umbral moon
  • Gender: female
    • Sexuality: bisexual
    • Marital Status: single
  • Alignment: lawful neutral
  • Height: 7 fulms 10 ilms
  • Weight: 220 ponze
  • Body: powerfully muscular with a generous bosom, described as having a dockworker's body
  • Hair: pink-black
  • Eyes: golden yellow
  • Skin: pale grey
  • Clothing: mostly heavy armors, with simple, comfortable clothing favored in downtime


Sthalwilf Maemrstymmwyn, as her name suggests, is the daughter of Hammer Voice and noted piratess Eyriswerd Keltkhan AKA "Grinning Eyri", captain of The Midnight Kestrel. Steel's life growing up in the thalassocracy was unremarkable by Lominsan standards. Her father was delighted when his baby daughter grasped for his smithing hammer when she was a toddler, and he set to involving her in his trade at every opportunity. Her interest in the arts of armorsmithing and swordplay led her into full training in swordsmanship and light training in armorsmithing, though she was never fully admitted as a member of Naldiq and Vymelli's. Despite this, she embroiled herself in her training and grew up into a powerful example of the Roegadyn race.

Steel Wolf had no aspirations beyond living her days out in Limsa Lominsa until she had met a Roegadyn man named White Stream. The two had a practically idyllic romance penned by bards--their connection was immediate, and the courtship whirlwind. A student of Naldiq and Vymelli's, their shared desire to become the finest smiths in Limsa Lominsa was one of many passions they shared.

Shortly after White Stream was granted the clearance to open his own armory, the two of them married and they set to pulling together the funds to create Steel Wolf Arms--a armorsmith shop named in her honor. To fund the venture, the pair took to adventuring, keeping themselves to leves and security needs of the greater La Noscean area.

The days leading to Dalamud's descent saw White Stream being called to further lands and more dangerous exploits, while Steel continued to aid the defense of La Noscea. Finally, on the eve of the Battle of Carteneau, White Stream was called away to bolster the ranks of the Maelstrom. Despite her protests and her own substantial skill, she was ordered to sequester herself into shelter.

White Stream would never return.

After the rebuilding efforts began to bear fruit, and Steel Wolf was granted time to mourn her slain husband, she began to re-focus her efforts on the original plan the couple had made. Presenting herself to Naldiq and Vymelli's for official training, she began the long process to becoming a recognized armorsmith of the Guild.

Today, she continues her personal quest to see her fallen husband's wishes come true, as well as renewing herself to the cause of liberty for all of Eorzea which he died for. To supplement her schooling, she has once more taken up adventuring, offering herself to the Maelstrom's service. Day by day, she begins to hear the siren call of adventure in lands across the realm, her attentions slowly moving from building shields to becoming one.


Despite the tragedies she had faced at the fall of Dalamud, Steel Wolf remains overall upbeat and optimistic. She is almost always wearing a smile or a smirk of some kind, and is usually ready with a quip or a joke, good or bad, wanted or not. As a product of both Hellsguard and Sea Wolf rearing, she is almost always at odds with her duality in terms of how she presents herself: one moment she'll joke and brag, another moment she'll become reserved and incredibly polite. Even her speaking is caught in between the seafaring brogue inherent of Lominsans and the measured, clear speech of the Hellsguard.

When in battle, Steel's attitude completely changes. Levity gives way to cold precision, and she usually is laser focused on taking down those who threaten the ones she's charged to protect or who would threaten her personally. Years of training with the sword and shield have allowed her to gather and cut down foes with relative ease, and her keen sense of battlefield awareness lends her to being the front of the charge.

Recent personal events have begun to darken Steel's overall demeanour. An attack during a personal anniversary at the lichyard and time spent with the Amalj'aa has shown her some of the darker aspects of the world and herself, and has opened her mind to the concepts of focused rage and cold assault over valiance. As such, she has recently been seen hefting a large axe and carrying herself with a greater sense of power. She has not turned away from the plights of the realm, but she has adjusted away from the concepts of heroism and leaned more into the realm of aggressive force and doing what must be done at all costs.

Affiliations and Known Associates

Steel has a loose association with the Maelstrom, operating under conscription than any part of the official rank and file.


  • drinking
  • making gil
  • spending gil
  • creating and maintaining heavy armor
  • cake


  • Garleans and Garlemald
  • The Sultansworn, though more ideological disapproval than dislike
  • cowards
  • bad beer
  • most merchants

Areas of Expertise

  • Martial: Steel's primary proficiency is with the heavy weapons of war--swords and axes in specific, though her current preference is for the greatsword
  • Crafting: Steel is a journeyman armorer, able to fashion and maintain most styles of armor. Her work is basic and functional, lacking high levels of quality or excessive filigree.
  • Other: Steel has some aetheric ability, more recently tapped in to through her training as a hedge knight. She is able to transmit this dark power in small areas, forming them around her blade or her body primarily. In at least a couple of cases, she can project this aether in short distances.


  • immense physical strength
  • fierce battler
  • willing to do most any job for gil
  • friendly conversationalist
  • loyal friend


  • prone to fixating on the past
  • tends to charge into impossible odds
  • known to have a temper
  • heavy drinker
  • terrible in private/dating situations

Other Notes


Steel is generally agnostic, choosing to not directly revere the Twelve. Her life has been self-focused, and the machinations of gil and its use for survival have her worshipping hunt and job boards over deities.


Steel is a small mobile fortress, of sorts, seen often in heavy armor and weapon, with her chocobo Guldblyss laden with a large enough pack to see her through long trips across Eorzea for weeks at a time away from an established camp. In the moments when she's in a major town, she's usually very simply dressed.


The following rumours can be heard about Steel, predominantly in Limsa Lominsa or Ul'dah. (If your character has an opinion about her, feel free to add it here.)

Common rumours

  • She's a wanted criminal and consorts with many like her
  • She's a former pirate
  • She has a penis (this rumor was spread by a particularly surly drunk she had kicked out of the Missing Member)

Uncommon rumours

  • She's a bodyguard and strong arm for a large crime syndicate
  • She's a murderer
  • She was ousted by the Sultansworn and stricken from the list of acting Free Paladins

Rare rumours

  • She has had numerous fights with the Sultansworn
  • She slaughtered people needlessly at the Lichyard of Adama Landama

What PCs are saying

  • "...The woman was flirting with me while I was trying to give her a medical examination." - Temariah Dawnsong
  • "Sthal is a dear friend. She may be headstrong and more than a little crude, but she's a good heart. That said, woe untae the soul who earns her ire." - Brynhilde Wulf
  • "Steel Wolf. I think I learned much from her. Not to mention I'm almost certain she's strong enough to cleave through 10 behemoths in one stroke. Also she teased me a few times when...something happened to me. I do wonder when I'll cross paths with her again." - Kurt Steel
  • "Need to see this one beat someone's face in in the Stone. Or anywhere else. Seein someone like that on the sidelines is like watching a spring twisted and ready to jump. Only question is at who and why." - Flameson Hammersmith
  • "She keeps showing up. Sooner or later she'll be in line. Sooner or later, everyone is." - Warren Castille
  • "Wulf's sister!" - Flickering Ember
  • "I do not know her well, no, but I do know this: pray never give her reason to set her blade upon you. It will not end well, no." - Delial Grimsong
  • "A kind lass, and one of my best friends. Always good company." - Edgar Von Gandervalt
  • "To call her special is an understatement. This is a woman whom is worth any hardship, any sacrifice. I hope she can find happiness, in any form, and it is an honor and a privilege to help in that." Rhaya Nelha

Known Haunts

You might have run into or otherwise know Steel from:

  • Naldiq & Vymelli's
  • The Missing Member
  • The Drowning Wench
  • Whitebrim Front in Coerthas

OOC Inspirations

The ship name for "Grinning Eyri", The Midnight Kestrel, is a reference to a character by the same name created in the MMORPG game "City of Heroes"

Information listed in this Wiki is considered common knowledge, particularly by those who are long-time residence of Limsa Lominsa or veterans of the Battle of Carteneau. Otherwise, RP from complete strangers assumes no prior knowledge of Steel Wolf's history.