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Latest activities (9/19/2018): As a freshly minted knight of Bayle, Cinnabar travels in a pilgrimage of reflection, rejoice, and relative relaxation for her nameday sennight.
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Given Name: Cinnabar Prentice

Gender: Female

Race & Clan: Roegadyn, Lohengarde

Height 7 fulm 1 ilm

Weight: Approximately 303 ponze

Nameday: 23rd Sun of the 5th Astral Moon

Guardian deity:

Azeyma, the Warden Azeyma Icon.png

Menphina, the Lover Menphina Icon.png

Halone, the Fury Halone Icon.png

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Birth Place: Uncertain

Association: House de Bayle

Marital Status: In a relationship with Jacline Kerelle

Sexual Orientation: Homoflexible; Monogamous

Occupation: Squire of House de Bayle

Disposition: Neutral Good|INFP

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Big, pink, and boasting magmatic hair and firey eyes, Cinnabar’s presentation is a stark contrast to her shy behavior and meek personality- save, perhaps, for her freckles and occasional blush. Given to minimalistic-but-quality garments and accommodations, she carries with her an open spirituality by the Twelve and holds close the positivity of her companions to bolster an otherwise bleak perception of the self.


Vivid, red hair grows thick and long from the hellsguard’s head, carrying with it the natural growth pattern and feathering typical of her race- often tied back into a manageable braid or ponytail. The same density follows suit elsewhere it grows upon her person.

Perhaps the most striking of the girl’s features are her eyes. As conduits of earnest expression, the radiant, amber facets echo the waxing and waning brilliance of twin suns- be it the brilliance of cheerful high noon, a wistful evening twilight, or the hopeful glow of a new day’s dawn. While her expression can feign humor or suppress anger or fear, those insightful enough to read her gaze can often divine the true emotion beneath- should other, more tangible cues remain masked. Their brilliance is only emphasized by the shadowy circles of sleep deprivation surrounding them- and even more so with kohl applied.


There is no questioning the rolanberry hue of Cinnabar’s skin as a mark of her pedigree, carrying blood which flowed through the veins of Lohengarde roegadyn. It’s suspected she may well have been born in the volcanic peaks of Abalathia’s Spine, even if she knows nothing of her parents or place of origin- though it is not impossible her parents may have hailed from Gyr Abania. Even still, her muscle mass is more lean than bulky- telling of focus upon mobility and athletic prowess, rather than raw strength in her training and routine activities.

Dusky smatterings of freckles reside atop her nose and cheeks, as well as her shoulders and forearms. Scars speckle her further, albeit in less noticeable fashion; telling of her life of ample time spent with manual labors, martial combat, and other risks one would take for survival. While the majority of these scars have long since healed, the most noticeable is a dueling scar upon her left cheek/jawline. While many might carry it as a badge of honor, Cinnabar has never thought more of it than just another of many marks upon her person.


For a roegadyn, Cinnabar’s voice strikes a balance between depth and youth. While husky and carrying a bit less inflection than the average woman, her voice is distinctly female to any receiving her in any conversation. It can, in a word, be qualified as ‘tomboyish.’

Most damning of all her vocal qualities, however, is her stutter. Just as scars tell a tale upon her skin, the hesitation between words and syllables is telling of underlying, psychological complexes.

While under extreme psycho-social or emotional duress, the stammering will often intensify- devolving to single-word responses or unintelligible mumbling, or even complete silence in the worst circumstances. Conversely, Those who are held in close confidence, or who might overhear the girl speaking to herself alone or reading aloud, however, will notice a substantial reduction in stuttering.


A woman accustomed to meager accommodations and a lack of housing entirely, Cinnabar’s wardrobe is fairly limited. Her most notable ensembles are likewise those of highest quality and craftsmanship: An adventuring outfit wrought of red-dyed leathers and chainmail, and a catch-all coat of Ishgardian style dyed blue. Other clothing is not unknown, however it is often kept locked away with her other, excess belongings in a storage vault. The exceptions to this are swimming attire and sleep attire. Regardless, one will be hard pressed to find her wearing skirts or shorts, outside of very specific circumstances.

Both aforementioned ensembles tell the tale of extensive wear, despite dutifully cleaning, mending, and otherwise maintaining both outfits. Her adventuring attire bears numerous, linear marks where slice and puncture damage has been repaired through battle, as well as the odd rung in her mail being shinier than those surrounding. The leather soles of her boots on both, worn from extensive travel by foot across the greater expanse of the continent.

Nevertheless, Cinnabar is no stranger to keeping herself presentable when possible, bathing regularly and chewing ginger to keep her breath and teeth just as socially decent. The woman often carries the scent of the trails- loamy soil or rain, dust, and almost always the smoky aroma of a campfire. This varies depending on her living conditions, however. She has a nervous habit of picking the dirt from under her nails- compulsively, at times- and tends to keep a ball of beeswax to protect her lips from the elements.


  • Hair Color: Brick Red.
  • Eye Color: Amber.
  • Skin Color: Light Pink.
  • Physique: Firm; athletic; slightly less muscle mass for a Hellsguard.
  • Facial Markings: Freckles (cheeks, nose); scar (left cheek).
  • Body Markings: Freckles (shoulders, back, sporadic); scars (front left shoulder, rear right shoulder, mid-left abdomen, sporadic).
  • Modifications: No piercings or tattoos.


  • Voice: Slightly husky, but feminine. Youthful. Articulate, but stammering.
  • Accent: Very slight; simple hyuran with Shroud/Thanalese inflections.
  • Attire: Simple; practical; quality when affordable; stylish if manageable.
  • Hygiene: Clean; well-kept; seldom with perfume, but occasionally clove/vanilla.
  • Manners: Polite; well spoken; shy yet approachable.


Cinnabar’s personality can best be summarized as disturbed, but hopeful. Carrying the scars of a series of unfortunate events beginning with the loss of family just Dalamud’s descent, she keeps faith in the notion that, some how and some way, things will get better… At least, thus far.


Proper manners are foremost for Cinnabar with new acquaintances. On first interaction, she will greet nearly everyone with a bow verging on subservient, and address by surname and title- or forename and title, otherwise. She will, of course, oblige if anyone wishes to be called by anything else- though she often has difficulty remembering to omit titles no less. In near any public venue, she will keep herself as contained as possible- speaking only as needed, offering courtesy to others, tucking her coat tails in to avoid brushing against anyone else, etc…

However, Cinnabar will seldom seek out social interaction without necessity or preconception of a deep, common interest. Perceiving herself of little interest or worth to most, she will keep to herself to avoid annoying others needlessly. Conversely, she will often accept company of others who might approach, and converse or answer any questions they might ask. This is a far cry from earlier cycles of the new Era, in which she would sooner run away from a simple conversation, rather than stammer through it.

Even then, the roegirl’s temperament and nervous ticks lend her to a very self-contained existence, when left to her own devices. In taverns, alleyways, in camp… or anywhere, really… she can often be found nursing her drink of choice; steeped in wistful introspection and lost in an open book- be it a sappy romance novel, or her treasured diary with nib in hand. Even more active toilings will find her working alone- often toward very personal ends, be it commissioned work, hobby, or project.


Reared by her father to revere the powers that be, she carries her faith in the Twelve to this day. While Cinnabar will not openly confess herself to any, single deity of the Eorzean pantheon, she does weigh her faith based on their involvement in her life- and gives thanks to all on her periodic pilgrimages to the assorted monuments the continent over.

The token exceptions to this fluctuating distribution of faith come in regard to Azeyma, the Warden. Cinnabar keeps the Warden close to her heart for her dominion over justice and- more importantly- out of reverence and respect for her father. In similarly, personal context: Halone is held close for her prevalence in her fondest hobbies and interests of Ishgard, and Menphina for Cinnabar’s deep hunger for love, affection and unconditional acceptance.


One does not need exceptional intuition or empathy to discern Cinnabar is, indeed, socially anxious. Her perpetual stutter is the easiest to recognize, permeating nearly every utterance from her lips. This foremost symptom is followed closely by hand wringing and fidgeting, and even social withdrawal events entirely. While many would simply excuse this as ‘shyness,’ those who look closer at these behaviors will realize circumstances for the more severe occurrences of these ‘quirks,’ or even a complete lack these behaviors in other settings or activities.

Tied into social anxiety is Cinnabar’s self-perception. Despite her size, intellect, and other positive qualities, the roegadyn girl carries the burden of low self-esteem. While this has improved in recent years, portrayed more commonly now as humility, she still takes all compliments with a dash of salt, no matter how they might make her blush. Perhaps the only facet of herself that she does not criticize with undue harshness is her work ethic, knowing full-well how much of her being she pours into such efforts. When her self-criticism is reinforced by others, however, this can push her into self-deprecation proper- and even self-inflicted harm or punishment.

Cinnabar possesses a deep sense of nostalgia with her, and it can manifest in almost any situation with the right reasons presented. A location- a song- a food- even specific phrases can find the roegadyn’s concentration lapsing as a memory is dredged to the fore of her mind. This is, however, better captured in the sacred collection of mementos she keeps with her at nearly all times- even going so far as to lash out with violence to protect them from being taken or touched without her explicit permission. This behavior can be viewed in both positive and negative light: On one hand, she is certain to attach a deep, nigh spiritual meaning to meaningful actions or gifts from her friends… On the other hand, she is prone to deep bouts of depression and isolation, when longing for the comforts of her past overshadow the obligations (and opportunities) of her present. On the other hand, certain triggers of this nature can swiftly curtail an anxious episode- balancing or negating her stressors in the moment, and perhaps offering some measure of reason to better handle the situation in question.

In further regard to friends and family, Cinnabar holds herself accountable for the safety and security of people she holds dear. She has a compulsive habit of prioritizing their comfort and well-being over her own and, in dire situations, will compulsively insert herself into harm’s way to spare them grief or worse- even at the cost of her own life. These acts- while showing of devotion and reverence for the lives of those close to her- can often times follow her tendencies toward self-loathing and depressive slumps. A part of this is her own inability to recognize her behavior as subconscious attempts to regain or replace something she had lost.

Despite her damages, Cinnabar does fight to maintain a rather optimistic and positive perspective in life. With diligent work ethic in the vein of ‘practice makes perfect’ and ‘anything you set your mind to,’ she has found a measure of security in her own abilities. While she invests heavily in the fantasy of fairytale-esque love everlasting, she exists as a hopeful romantic, rather than the hopeless and naive yearner she can easily be mistaken for.


  • Music: Listening, live performances, playing piano
  • Poetry, Storytelling, Literature: Especially romance
  • Dolls: Stuffed toys- especially her chocobo
  • Ishgard: History, culture, cuisine… even the Brumies (sorry, Lucius)
  • Snow: During the thaw, especially
  • Bathing: Hot tubs and hot springs
  • Campfires: Fire places included
  • Food: Sweet, salty, and fatty are favorites


  • Disrespect: Especially name calling.
  • Deception: Lying, cheating, con-artistry.
  • Wanton Violence: It has a time and a place; and squabbling over name calling suits neither.
  • Memento Tampering: Her mementos are her life and memories by extension.
  • Orobon Stew: If anything will make her act childish, it’s being made to eat a slimy orobon.


  • Honest: The truth is often the key to understanding.
  • Diplomatic: And compromise is often the key to peace.
  • Protective: But if steel is drawn, villainous blood must spill.
  • Empathic: The struggles of others, resonating with her own.
  • Compassionate: Seeking comfort- in the comfort of another.
  • Diligent: Studious and industrious, striving for the means’ end.


  • Nostalgic: Stuck in the past, clinging to brighter days
  • Diffident: Lacking self-esteem, at times unto self-punishment
  • Traumatized: Unresolved conflicts perpetuate poor habits
  • Selfless: Placing others’ needs and lives before her own
  • Avoidant: An anxious introvert, longing for connection


  • Writing: Mostly in her diary- stream of consciousness, poetry.
  • Reading: Romance- in particular, sapphic romance.
  • Handiwork: Crafting and repairs- more an aptitude than a hobby.
  • Autodidact: Despite her hang-ups, she’s a self-starter for learning.
  • Music: Absolutely loves the feel of ivory and ebony keys at her fingertips.
  • Survival: In cities or wilds, Cinnabar has a way of being self-sufficient.


  • Favorite dessert is cinnamon sweet rolls.
  • Favorite alcoholic drink is honeyed cider.
  • Can’t get enough Dzemael gratin, especially paired with Ishgardian tea.
  • Loves the color red… Also blue… Usually blue.
  • Favorite read: ”From the Brume to My Heart: An Unlikely Love Story”
  • Cries while reading it, too.
  • Extremely protective of her diary.
  • Has a habit of smelling articles of sentiment- objects, clothing, people…


This section is mostly intended for reading pleasure and for the Player’s own reference. Please bear this in mind! While there are a very select few instances in which players might insert their characters into past events (where they were not actually present previously), all such ideas should be discussed before implementation. Doing so without prior discussion and agreement is considered metagaming, and will be met with a cut in roleplay and possibly communications.



Cinnabar remembers nothing of her birth parents. Earliest memories recount but sparse details of the day she was found wandering aimlessly about the forest by Alaric Prentice, the man who would henceforth be her father figure and lone parent. She was thereon reared in a comfortable, if solitary steading in the far southern Shroud with Alaric’s existing children- most of which sharing similar adoptive relations as Cinnabar. Ever a quiet child, she did not speak until much later than one would expect one of her apparent age to- clinging to her new father first, and warming to her siblings only after several moons before she would even begin to speak to anyone other than Alaric.

A flourishing childhood would initiate soon however, taking to her father’s tutelage in reading, writing, and assorted arts and crafts, as well as forging companionship with her siblings proper. Still considered the youngest of the Prentice Clan, she was finding her place- despite being furthest removed in a physiological sense from her hyuran father and his born and adopted children. It was in this sequence of cycles that Cinnabar forged the pillars upon which she would remain onward in life, with faith in the Twelve, passion for the piano and Ishgardian culture, a love for reading and writing, and the wisdom that- no matter how bleak life might have seemed, it always has a chance to improve.

With the Garlean incursion pressing in and Dalamud descending in the west, and Gyr Abania long since seized by the Empire to the east, Alaric sought to distance himself and his offspring from the encroaching conflict. With deals made in the southern deserts of Thanalan, the home Cinnabar had come so familiar with; and many possessions therewith; are placed in escrow, and the clan sets to southern roads with their most valuable possessions in tow… Sellswords and freelances accompany here and to, coming and going at various jumping off points… The road is long and followed with extreme caution, allthesame.

All convictions Cinnabar had come to hold would be strained in the final moons of the Era and through the following, however. Before reaching the relative safety of Thanalese soil, during an evening at camp, the family caravan was attacked by marauders. In the flames and furious chaos which ensued, the little roegadyn managed to flee- running, and running, and running… Eventually, finding herself a midst a sea of unfamiliar faces, camped with throngs of refugees outside the towering walls and defiant cupolas of the glistening Jewel of the Desert. Alone- bereft of the man she had come to endear with the entirety of her heart, and the family she had grown to know and love, and with nothing but bloodied feet and the clothes on her back to show- Cinnabar had arrived at the intended destination. To this date, she cannot recall much of the incident.

The trauma of the sudden twist of livelihood leaves her once again without a voice or confidence of her own. Given her circumstances, she was fortunate enough to survive without much aid for a pair of sennights on charity of others in the refugee encampment and whichever, altruistic souls would arrive to deliver succor to the huddled masses as a whole. It was then that the opportunity to earn gil would approach in the form of a man wearing a kind smile with kind words of pity for the misplaced roelette. With little to lose, and little worldly knowledge to be any the wiser, Cinnabar scrawled her name on the bottom line of a contract. Along with the other downtrodden souls who were willing to sign up, she was promptly endowed with a sparse measure of gil and living essentials, and whisked off to the work site…

Circumstances only moved from poor to worse, however, as kind smiles and charitable offerings were realized as debts of servitude, bound by ink on parchment and enforced by more than a few, sadistic overseers eager for any reason to exercise authority. Cinnabar’s unfamiliarity with the intense, manual labor of the quarry, and overall shaken spirits and withdrawn personality made her a prime target for ridicule and torment, leading to no few encounters with taunting or intimidating words- and even blunt objects with intent to batter and bruise. It was, however, by the doing of Bibimuje Fufumuje, stone baron and holder of Cinnabar’s contract, that the girl would be psychologically yoked.



The fall of Dalamud would come early in the lifespan of Cinnabar’s servitude in the mines. While the Calamity did not cause substantial unrest for Cinnabar directly, it did see her employment turn from harvesting rock from the land, to reclaiming rubble in an effort to aid and recover from the destruction wrought upon the city-state (with no small profit to be earned by her master in the process). It was the first of several changes of camp and quarry that Cinnabar would see- half lost to the tragedy under the burden of her own, personal Calamity only a short while past- exacerbated by the abuse experienced. Even through all of this, some slivers of hope and fond memories endured, keeping the girl hoping for an out from her circumstances- taking to scribbling with what nibs of graphite or coal and paper or parchment she might find in hand; recounting recent events and posing questions meant for none other than the Twelve above, or herself to dare witness or answer.

Servitude would end after a few, grueling cycles, however, with all outstanding contracts being released following a legal dispute which saw Cinnabar’s former master locked (perhaps comfortably) away in a gaol cell. With a stipend of gil and some modest provisions granted, Cinnabar was able to at least enter society proper- albeit on the streets, with many more of those whom were familiar- if passing- faces, and yet more rabble surviving day by day. Earnings were few and far between, with stiff competition for earnest contracts as an introverted and relatively unskilled laborer. The majority of which she did manage, landing her in quarries or on trails, utilizing her roegadyn physique to move heavier parcels, stone, etc… Though on the outlying occasion she might manage to find work as a stockroom attendant, grounds keeper, or even a book keeper. For all the mundane and ideal work she could take, the sheer variety of all the tasks she was made to lay her hands on was a welcome- if fleeting- distraction from her own thoughts, while diversifying her basic knowledge of assorted tradecrafts.


Of First Love and The Lance

While far from the first attempt, Cinnabar’s leap of faith at a ‘HELP WANTED’ flyer for the Gemini Bakery and Inn was her first success in landing a job that lasted more than a sennight, and paid more than just for basic necessities. Interviewing with the innkeep and house mistress, Koschei Wynters, Cinnabar found her application accepted. The offer of not only gil, but a room and food for the duration of her employment, was a staggering windfall for the socially inept and mumbling roe-girl.

Cinnabar not only found herself gainfully employed in Gemini, but among amicable housemates- employees and long-term ‘tenants’ alike. However, most notable of these relations was with the house mistress herself, where Cinnabar and Koschei sought to pursue a shy, but increasingly affectionate relationship. Such was a budding romance that was kept secret, lest complications in the employed ranks condemn either for cronyism.

The young roe was eventually found trustworthy enough to be made privy to the house’s true purpose: The headquarters of a treasure hunting team. It was with one after-hours evening in the bakery that Cinnabar grew inspired, if frustrated, to know that soon, the group would leave the house to pursue their stake in Ishgardian affairs about Coerthas and Dravania. Lacking any skill for such a journey in her own, she would not be able to attend Koschei and the group into dragon country.

Soon, that flame in her heart would bristle. Cinnabar met Srav Cullinane on a subsequent day running errands about Thanalan. After a brief ‘spar’ at Srav’s insistent urging, the duskwight gifted Cinnabar with her first weapon: a simple, steel spear. This was the turning point, where Cinnabar began to pry into the requirements, and stash her gil towards, receiving formal training in the lance.

It was with mixed pride and sadness that Cinnabar departed for Gridania soon after, bidding she would return as often as allowed through here studies. These visits tapered soon, as the group departed for Coerthan lands, and Cinnabar’s training under Gridania’s lancemasters and Wailers got into full intensity… Though Cinnabar would write back to give her wishes to Koschei and the crew, it wouldn’t be until moons after her last visit before she would return.

With a shattered heart, she found the Gemini long since sold- the tenants having remodeled and renamed the establishment, and with not a single, familiar face among them. With overwhelming worries of abandonment- or worse, loss of life she might have prevented had she not left for training- Cinnabar took her thoughts and her belongings to the streets once more, to pick up the bare-bones existence she had hoped to leave behind. Albeit this time, with a means to do more than barely survive… Once her spirits were sufficiently lifted.

Blue Skies and Brighter Days

It would be about two turns, taking modest pay for solo levework as a newly minted lancer, before Cinnabar’s next opportunity would be seized. Meeting people and making acquaintances in between, she mostly retreated to her familiar habits and locales for the duration. Expanding her experience with polearms helped give Cinnabar some measure of confidence to adventure, however- giving her a much needed variety for activities.

This also opened her to exploring the islands of La Noscea, expanding her local and geographical familiarity to the greater southern half of Eorzea. It was there, in Limsa Lominsa, that she thought to wax social one evening, paying visit to the Mists for drink and supper to unwind from her day’s travels. There, at the Cloudtop Vista, she’d meet Blynrael Doenwyn. Taking a quick- if eerie- draw to the smaller roegadyn, Cinnabar would return again- not only to try and muster the courage to ask for the other roe’s specific company, but to inquire upon the levedesk running out of the same establishment.

It was through her conversations and continued presence at the Vista, that Cinnabar would catch the attention of those running the plot- and after an informal interview, be taken in as a prospective levelier with Blue Sky Ventures. Cinnabar showed promise- if lacking in her experience compared to those she worked beside. Soon enough, Cinnabar came to make the Vista her ‘home,’ spending a fair portion of her time in the seldom populated tavern- eating, sleeping, writing, and making liberal use of their piano; a luxury she had not been afforded for far too long.

In the moons to come, Cinnabar would find herself in overall amicable company with Blue Sky- with Blynrael at the pinnacle of her attentions. Realizing herself falling truly in love with the woman she was finding so much in common with, a night of drunken lament to a mutual friend, Kegashiyo Thoth, turned into the promise of her first visit to Ishgard. With Kega’s intent to push Cinnabar into confessing her feelings for Blynrael while on the Ishgardian journey, Cinnabar mustered the courage to speak beforehand. Alas, though mutual emotions ran between the two, it was at the tail end of the magical, maiden voyage within the Holy See that Blynrael explained her intentions to leave in search of someone- and thus, could not bind herself to someone only to be left behind.

With Blynrael’s indefinite departure coming soon after the excursion’s end, Cinnabar returns to work with last goodbyes weighing heavy in her mind. With the coming moons, mounting disenchantment with her occupation reached a head following a traumatic experience while raiding a drug lab in South Shroud. Following a sabbatical to regain her bearings, Blue Sky announced its intent to join the fight for Gyr Abania. Sharing a mutual dissatisfaction with the roegadyn’s conduct, she departed- returning to her modest, adventuring lifestyle. Most regrettably, without a piano to settle down with on a rainy day or a relaxed evening.

And New Horizons

For moons more, Cinnabar ventured as prior, and with near constant purpose; the war effort was not only fighting, but an incredible logistic effort for the Eorzean Alliance. Prospering as she was, it was with little in ways of dedicated company, save the infrequent visits with Kega, and a couple, other associates from back in Blue Sky.

The extra income afforded her the means to return to Ishgard on an equally infrequent basis, allowing an opportunity to indulge her fantasies, as well as expand her knowledge at the local writing and musical repositories. Though the majority of her time was spent in the upper levels of the castle city, her frequent forays into the Brume came with an ever greater understanding of the city’s dynamics- and to find an evermore personal connection to the people within Ishgard’s walls.

On an evening in camp at the Amethyst Shallows, Cinnabar made the acquaintance of another Lohengardian woman, Violet Eye. The two quickly found common interests, leading eventually to dating- and before long, a comfortable relationship. With restlessness and fatigue setting in with their respective occupations, the two began searching for somewhere they might work together

Even as Cinnabar sought to stabilize her ties with Ishgardian colleagues, the pair found their way into the company of the Knights of Eorzea. The greater commitment to work and others quickly revealed much for the unspoken between the pair.After a brief time of employment and another, traumatizing situation faced on Cinnabar’s behalf in line of duty, that the two not only parted ways with the Knights, but came to the difficult-but-mutual decision to dissolve their romantic relations and part ways.

Faith and Nobility

With the dust settling in East, and no shortage of emotional and mental wounds to lick in her solitude, Cinnabar would travel Eorzea over. Time is spent visiting monuments- public and spiritual, and private and emotional alike. A measure of solace was found once more- at least, enough to return to her pet projects and occupation as a freelance proper.

Taking the advice of her old colleague and friend from Blue Sky, Asha Djinnfang, she took the auri gal’s advice to join her effort in migrating her friends and family back from Thanalan, to the newly liberated lands of Gyr Abania. Expanding her knowledge of the lands, as well as the culture, Cinnabar found a new appreciation and understanding for the same people she once struggled to survive alongside in the southern desert nation, and a wonder of her own bloodlines and heritage.

On a subsequent evening of self-reflection in Ishgard, Cinnabar made the acquaintance of Lebeaux Desrosiers. Proving himself to be both clever and arrogant, it was yet possible for the two to find a mutual interest. It was between clandestine murmurings and writings at hearthside that Lebeaux bid for Cinnabar’s assistance in his efforts to reclaim sacred relics of the Halonic Orthodoxy- to which Cinnabar obliged.

Sennights soon after, Cinnabar made the acquaintance of Lendroit Gatinaux. Though initially suspicious nigh beyond reconciliation of the man, discourse opened her to consider his circumstances- and her own in relation. He introduced Cinnabar to his employers and friends of House de Bayle, a minor nobility of Ishgard, before taking his leave to follow his heart’s own calling in the free and open world.

Swearing herself to serve Ishgard and the House, she was conscripted as a squire of the Holy See. It would not be long before she became involved in the affairs of the Eorzean Alliance, answering the call to arms to carry out Operation Heavenly Hammer. The battle ending in stalemate- and even cooperation with the Garleans to overcome a mutual foe, the ordeal left Cinnabar wounded and aethersick. It was nothing a sennight of rest and recuperation could not right, and Cinnabar’s loyalty was affirmed by it.


Second Grand Melee (CONCLUDED: Last update: 5/28/18)

Much to Cinnabar’s astonishment, House de Bayle’s combatants have been permitted to participate on behalf of Ishgard in the Second Grand Melee. With no time to lose preparing, she has been hard at work honing her skills for the occasion- beyond the due diligence expected of one of her station as a squire…

ISHGARDIAN RALLY As part of House de Bayle’s participation in the event, its members hosted a hastilude faire at Camp Dragonhead. The event was a resounding success- keeping Cinnabar occupied as both the peddler of the De'Bakery bread stall, and as bannerman for Rex Sahashin during the jousting tournament.

Between food sales, running lances, watching the bustling crowds and intense duels, and baby-talking to her pack chocobo, the cherry on top of an eventful evening was a fortune telling by Quarcy Questant. Their meaning drawing eerie, if admixed inspiring and foreboding interpretations for the young roegadyn... Be true to yourself and your values; let no opportunity slip by for inaction's doing...

Perhaps the stars needed not be consulted for such matters?

FINAL PREPARATIONS Formation and combat exercises under direct oversight of Viscount Armont de Bayle did well to bolster Cinnabar's knowledge of strategic efforts as a cohesive unit, while individual and team sparring exercises offered more for less organized skirmishing. The capstone of the roe-girl's combat preparations.

The final combative test came in the form of a duel with Von Sayrillont of the Knights Dragoon. Fresh from besting Hestia in combat, the two dragoons bid Cinnabar stand against the victor. Nervous to bare steel against the elite soldier, she was all too astonished to emerge the victor- weary from the previous duel though Von was. The man's encouraging words aided Cinnabar to carry that same courage in the face of overwhelming odds with her into the Grand Melee.

The sun before the Melee, Cinnabar disembarked from the Dawn Vigil to Ishgard with Jacline in tow for their official second date. An airship ride and sightseeing about the upper plazas and promenades- from the Last Vigil to the Hoplon, to the Crozier and cathedral were just the release from monotony and combat that Cinnabar needed to center herself before the big day...

THE MAIN EVENT Combatants from near and far gathered at the Gates of Judgement in preparation for the Grand Melee. Prideful heckling and boastful speeches were in in abundance- especially among the Flames, Maelstrom and Resistance leadership.

As the Melee ensued, Cinnabar first found herself facing off against her friend and Flame corporal, Kegashiyo Thoth. After making the roegadyn literally fire dance with his barrage of incinerating spells, the thaumaturge was felled with a swift kick!

Spotting another familiar face of the Flames on the battlefield thereafter, Cinnabar managed to break through Imperia Black's defenses- shattering the loud and proud highland woman's ward with a hook of her halberd behind the knee in a skillful take-down...

Alas, Cinnabar would meet her match with Kale Aideron- champion of the Flames- where she was swiftly taken down Melee after only a couple potshots at the Flame Commander, before receiving a literal bullrush.

With the wind knocked out of her and her halberd snapped and mangled from the direct impact, she was out of the Melee, and without the weapon she had relied on for so long.

In the end, it was the same man who was standing last- winning the Melee for the Immortal Flames. Even for the loss, Cinnabar recognized her own achievements and accolades, and carried pride to have lasted as long as she did against such an adversary... Though she did feel bad about literally punting her lalafell friend for a time after.

AFTERMATH At the feast to follow immediately after the Melee, hosted jointly by the Immortal Flames and Temple Knights, an eve of relative peace was quickly turned upside down.

While conversing with Sieghilda Braunbear (Siegfreida Falkenrath), a disgruntled Aegir Hlerson- who had been plundering silverware and pewter- saw fit to make a grab for Cinnabar's wine goblet... To which she politely interjected with some annoyance.

The situation quickly became tense as harsh glares and firm words are exchanged. Hestia soon caught wind of the altercation and interjected. Aegir's cohort, Crimson "Fuckin'" Tide (Iota Draconis), attempted- with no success- to smooth-talk the baroness.

In the end, with the interjection of Zaheed (Omni Zheng) and Denz de Bayle, the matter was put to rest... Shortly, until Zaheed returned with a bitten ear, and an earful to offer of how Aegir was the one to blame for it.

Absolved of her involvement, but still with a desire for a second chance to throw fists with the ornery Maelstrom private, Cinnabar returned to Ishgard to a warm, cozy evening in Jacline's company.

Ere they retreated for the evening's much-needed sleep, the two agreed that they had moved beyond simply friendship or dating... And like that, Cinnabar's night was turned right-side up again.

Orthodox Investigations (Pending Update)

Pending Update

The Re-Kindle (Last Update: 7/11/18)

The First Failure

At Jancis Milburga’s request, Cinnabar diverted from the day’s course to aid the hyuran woman carry an artifact home through the rainsoaked Twelveswoods- one of many to answer her call. A dial wrought of silver and laden with twelve equidistant crystals at its border, Lucius Guiscareaux heard the resonance of one of the crystals; guiding him to the Coerthas Western Highlands. There, Rageant Lacordaire was next to hear the dial’s guiding call; a crystal, alive and brimming with aether they were seeking.

Cinnabar spotted the aetheric glow off the side of a cliff- in an unfrozen pool of water. The party descended for closer investigation. Spotting the crystal below Lucius volunteered to retrieve the item- however, as soon as he entered the waters, he vanished entirely from sight. Jancis stuck her head in to look, and subsequently vanished. Jacline Kerelle, Gaelle Favagenieur, and Cinnabar herself quickly followed after.

Transported safely into a bubble beneath the frozen waters, the crystal greeted the group. Approaching it, the crystal spoke to them; asked of them the deep, intangible something which keeps them all striving forward in their lives. All were touched by the prying consciousness, rending bare old scars and dear memories from all. It was enough to cause Lucius to lash out in rage- striking the aetheryte with the killing end of his Gae Bolg. The crystal shattered- the bubble collapsing, dooming all to an icy grave-- at least, such would be so if not for Jancis’ swift recall of all to Gridania’s aetheryte.

Cinnabar has since carried with her recurring night terrors of the incident; uncertain if the utterly crushing pressure of frozen, black water was even real or imagined. One thing was certain: The sense of impending death was all too real in that emotionally vulnerable moment. Hopefully, it’s nothing a triple dose of valerian oil won’t cure… over the next sennight or two…

5/20/18 Followup:

As it would be, Jancis made it known that she, similarly, had a difficult time getting the event out of her head. Taking a closer inspection of the artifact in the Dawn Vigil barracks along with Denz de Bayle and Jacline, the baron divined the crystal-laden disk of silver to be a mirror of sorts- echoing the aspects of the Twelve... With little more to go on, Cinnabar suggested consulting the keepers of the Sanctum of the Twelve, while Jacline recalled a similar artifact in a boastful Ul'dahn's collection of enchanted spleandors... For now, these two leads offer some compass on next courses of action.

Lady Constantine - Crystal Collector

In pursuit of knowledge of the artifact in possession, Jancis followed Jacline's leads to arranged a meeting with a lalafellin collector, 'Lady Constantine.' A condescending woman, there was little shortage of insult to be made in regard to any of the four- Jancis, Jacline, Denz and Cinna- upon their visit, especially after Jacline's spectacular theatrics to knock suspected poison out of Denz and Jancis' hands.

Thankfully, the visit saw a clear path forward with Cinnabar's mention of her exploits in Azys Lla during Heavenly Hammer: She will provide the desired information in exchange for a functioning, Allagan magitek artifact... Unfortunately, it set a high price for their quarry- much to Jacline's annoyance for not even an attempt to haggle down.


Hitching a ride on an Alliance airship destined to patrol Azys Lla for Garlean advance, the four set out in pursuit of a simple relic in the Delta Quadrant. Avoiding ornery water snakes and hat-snatching wind channels, Denz uncovered what appeared to be a bracelet or lock- a key or component clearly required for it to be properly functional.

Continuing onward to search for more before they depart, the group was ambushed by a Garlean scouting party- felling Jancis from the first attack with a gunshot to the chest. Denz and Cinnabar were quick to respond on the assault, dividing and engaging the four gunners in one-to-two combat, while Jacline pulled Jancis to cover. Thankfully, Jancis was not mortally wounded, and able to patch the injury in a pinch. With Denz felling one right off and chasing the other as they fled, Cinnabar was repeatedly thwarted in her attacks- giving one of the garleans time to gain distance and fire- striking her in the abdomen near her previous Garlean injury. In the end, she crippled one, and pursued the other off the edge of the island.

With the threat neutralized, and a bit of band-aid magic placed on her gunshot, the group rode the ship back with their last, living Garlean in custody. It was direct to the infirmary upon reaching the House for Cinnabar, where the slug was removed; thankfully, a shallow wound that would heal soon enough.

Healing Humming

After swift healing over the course of a couple days, Cinnabar was back to eating solid foods without worry of injuring her mending abdominal wounds. It was there, in the Bayle house bakery that Cinnabar and Jacline enjoyed a meal together- unknowing that a quiet and dutiful Jancis was setting tables around the corner.

The three soon came to talk together- touching upon recent events in Azys Lla and the injuries which Jancis and Cinnabar each earned in the adventure. As if the silver artifact heard them speaking of it, Cinnabar was soon taken by a thrumming in her ears.

Following the noise, they were invariably led to the item, where Cinnabar knelt down to lay a hand on the cold metal surface. In a flash, her mind was filled with images; the baby Aegisan, the unborn within Lady Milburga's belly... Chocobo chicks and puppy dogs- and even her earliest memories of her siblings. And the lush verdigris of a jungle, river-spanning bridges and white stone- stone upon which a leathery weight dragged upon in a repeating scratch, scratch, scratch...

With little more than a second thought for Cinnabar's remarks of the experience, Jancis bid Jacline and Cinnabar to make ready for a trip to Raincatcher Gully; the place where Cinnabar recalled the sight of such greenery and scenery.

Goobbues and Bruises

The three arrived erelong at the Wineport plaza via aetheryte- Cinnabar soon coming to be assailed by no few dozens of biting insects, eager to feast on the cinnamon roe's blood! It made for a formidable distraction, but not an unsurpassable one as Jancis lead the group onward- following roads deeper into the jungle.

Insects nearly became the least of the group's problems as a wrecked caravan cart at the side of the road, enshrouded in an overgrown rosebush, harbored a most unexpected surprise ambush of half-clothed, long-haired vagabonds! Steel drawn on both sides, Jacline and Cinnabar urged the group for a peaceful parting of ways, while the (assumed) leader of the opposing band demanded otherwise... The result: an internal conflict among the Thugs-in-Roses, allowing the three women the chance to make haste along their way...

Deeper into the thicket the group moved, Cinnabar taking the lead as the humming came to her ears once more... Inevitably leading the group to a cliff face, where they observed a full grown gobbue feverishly clawing and ripping at a hole in the rock. Large enough for even a roegadyn- not so much for a goobbue!

It soon became clear, with the whining noises coming from within the cave, that the gobbue was trying to reach something- someone. Its arms were scraped and scored with overuse and friction against so much rock. The group spoke among one another of what to do. Heeding Cinnabar's suggestion, Jancis healed the goobbue's wounds... though even renewed, it was making no progress at reaching what they now presumed to be its young.

Cinnabar then suggested a means to remove the mother from its task. Jacline took point in the distraction- harassing the mother goobbue from a distance with thrown rocks and agitating sounds and motions. The distraction served well, and the mother goobbue was soon returning the gestures and thrown rocks- albeit with laughable aim! Cinnabar darted in to infiltrate the cave in the meanwhile- finding the goobbue sproutling trapped under stone from the collapsed cave ceiling.

Freeing the goobbaby from its stone prison, its wails returned the mother outside; scooping its baby up to coddle, and make a hasty retreat from the elezen antagonist... In the aftermath, there in the cave, Cinnabar found the source of the humming. Another crystal- glowing and animated. As the three entered and huddled around, it spoke to them as the first had. It called into question the desires of each; giving way to introspection and spoken words between them in response. With an offer of encouragement to each, the glow dimmed and the crystal fell to their feet...

With a peace of mind for their deeds and the communion, Jancis was urged to take the crystal for safe keeping- a clear counterpart to the dial already in her custody. A hot shower was in order for all of them, after a meal to commemorate their efforts.


Former Lover
Close Friend
Business Partner
Missing, or lost contact


Family is a topic both fond and painful for Cinnabar, reflecting her sentiments of each thereby and their collective fate. The only family she knows is her adoptive father and four siblings, with not a drop of blood shared between any and herself. This does nothing to sway Cinnabar's endearment for each of them- her father most of all. Though Cinnabar believes entirely that her family perished in their ill-fated expedition away from the descending moon, the truth is that she cannot recall any confirming details of this.

Alaric Prentice ( ✝? ) - Father
Kind and compassionate, Alaric Prentice was a learned man who did well for himself in earlier years as a prosperous merchant and mediator. Wielding his earnings with eyes toward the future, he invested heavily in his legacy; his children; be they adopted or of blood relation. Cinnabar came to adore nobody in her adoptive family more than Alaric, who took the little roegadyn as his own at not more than one turn of age, and named her after the stone facet of his bracelet.
Cynric Prentice (✝?) - Eldest Brother
Eldest sibling and Alaric's only blood-related child, Cynric was to follow a similar mercantile path as his father. Due to his obligations and often times traveling to study abroad in the various city-states, Cinnabar does not recall too much of Cynric's interests or hobbies- save the impression that he cared, but was an 'adult' insofar as needing to pay attention to his future instead of fun and games. Even during family time, he remained rather quiet- though would speak up to keep Hibald in line if he'd grow too boisterous.
Hibald Prentice (✝?) - Elder Brother
Eldest of the adopted children, Hibald was an extroverted and imaginative boy. With a keen interest in flight, Cinnabar remembers well his role as a skyship captain during games of make-believe, or the villain when the role needed be filled. He was often the first to break a bone during whatever skullduggery the kids would find themselves getting into, let alone being the first to suggest such mischief in the first place.
Lisabet Prentice ( ✝? ) - Elder Sister
Lisabet was the only female influence with which Cinnabar was raised- which some could suggest plays a part in Cinnabar's otherwise tomboyish tendencies. That much, however, did not stop Lisabet from following effeminate interests, let alone culinary arts. It further reflected in her role as either the damsel in distress or the warrior princess during make-believe (depending on the story at play). Cinnabar remembers her as the most defensive sibling in her regard, protesting even the slightest chide of the others at the young roe's expense- rare though those occasions were.
Nikolas Prentice (✝?) - Elder Brother
While still Cinnabar's elder, Nikolas was the youngest among the Prentice boys. More cautious than Hibald in play, he would often butt heads or argue with his elder brother- though the two could just as easily find themselves in cahoots when it served mutual interest. Ambitious despite his reservations, Nikolas carried an interest in chivalry and swordplay, putting him in alignment as a hero with Cinnabar in their pretend adventures- though he would, occasionally, find passion in taking the mantle of the adversary.


For all of Cinnabar’s traveling and transience in her personal relationships, someone who proves to be a true friend shall remain such even in absence.

Asha Djinnfang ()
Blynrael Doenwyn ()
Socially withdrawn and wearing the scars of her past, Cinnabar quickly came to consider the little sea wolf referred to as "Doe" by her friends, as her dearest friend of all. In time, Cinnabar even came to realize deeper emotion harbored for her. Alas, the time came for Blynrael to continue her solitary quest for closure, bringing the two to bid fond farewells. Cinnabar's confidence that her dear friend will find the peace she deserves, and that they will one day reunite, waxes and wanes with moons and moods; uncertain if she will ever truly see Doe again.
One of the few friends Cinnabar made within Blue Sky Ventures, she left a poor first impression on the roegadyn with her colorful vernacular. This, however, was quickly overcome when Hilda expressed concern and comfort for a downtrodden Cinnabar in the wake of Blynrael's departure and in missions after. The two had spoken since of Hilda's migration to and from Ishgard and training under one of the Knights Dragoon... Though given most recent observations at the Hastilude of the Fury, a seed of concern has been sewn for the company she keeps.
Jacline Kerelle ()
Kegashiyo Thoth ()
"Kega" as he is referred, is a skilled thaumaturge and one of Cinnabar's closest friends. Ever an altruistic soul, it was this kindhearted lalafell who kindled in Cinnabar the courage to confess her feelings to another for the first time. It was also by his doing that Cinnabar had the chance to witness Ishgard from within its walls- and with the same woman she held such affection for. Cinnabar would admit, in confidence and perhaps jestingly, that Kega is her 'sylphic godfather.'
Koschei Wynters ()
Headmistress of the now dissolved Gemini Bakery, Koschei had come to take a deeper interest in the disheveled, malnourished street-rat of a Hellsguard which Cinnabar once was. Passions and emotions bloomed, in secrecy from the greater population of the Gemini. A mere couple suns after their first, official 'date,' Cinnabar left to train with the Lancer's Guild- foregoing giving an earnest response of commitment until she'd return after some moons. Alas, Cinnabar never had the chance. After the two turns since, regret remains; wondering what had happened to her first sweetheart, and if things would have been different had she just committed and stayed a while longer.
Violet Eye ()
Boasting compassion and charisma, Violet and Cinnabar met a late evening near the Lavender Beds. Similar interests quickly became evident, with talks spurred on over evening tea. Soon enough, the pale roegadyn propositioned a deeper bond between them- which Cinnabar could scarce find want to respond with anything aside from "Yes." Within moons, however, Cinnabar became aware of Violet's personal secrecy and disposition toward dominance in the relationship- resulting in herself growing more distant in turn. It was but a moon later that the two decided to part ways; agreeing their mutual failure to communicate would only lead to sour emotions in the long run.



Denz de Bayle ()
Idristan Agache ()
Cinnabar met Revilo (or 'Revi') while employed with Blue Sky Ventures. The scrappy catte's often times reckless behaviors saw Cinnabar playing counselor and mother-figure at times, but he proved to be an endearing and supportive friend for it all. With rumors of piracy surrounding the old levegroup, Cinnabar can only worry for what it will mean for Revi- knowing well how impressionable he was among the authority of the crew while she was present. It has led to mixed emotions at the prospect of seeing him again- wishing to connect with the person she knew, but all too aware how time and experience can mold someone in significant- and sometimes worrying- ways.
Cinnabar's final motivator to pursue the polearm as her means of self defense and of that which she cares for, came in Srav's generous gift of a simple spear. Though Cinnabar has not happened upon Srav since, she keeps the worn spearhead of her first weapon as a keepsake nonetheless, and will gladly greet the swarthy elezen should their paths ever cross again, and with intent to show her just how far she has come since the day the two met.



Bibimuje Fufumuje ()


   Martial Prowess
   Magic Affinity

Cinnabar's childhood aspirations of courtly knights and legendary dragoons have thus far culminated in her formal education with the Lancer's Guild of Gridania. Though some might scoff at the sizable roegadyn wielding a slender polearm rather than a mighty axe, Cinnabar proves surprisingly agile and quick footed for her size, with all the force behind each swipe or stab that one can expect from her powerful physique. This is not to mention the exceptional reach and control the person-weapon pairing offers. Nevertheless, she has exposure to various forms of armed and unarmed combat, with a focus on swordplay in recent moons.

Her preferred weapon is the versatile spear-axe-hook hybrid of the halberd, but will utilize spear, trident, lance, or bill depending on availability and the combat situation. Her sidearm of choice is the nimble broadsword, though it tends to see more use in practice than the field.

While Cinnabar is a skilled hunter of beasts small and large, she finds difficulty in playing the aggressor in a man-on-man conflict without clear provocation (perceived or actual)- even unto something as simple as sparring. She will opt to fight defensively, taking her time to place her strikes in riposte.

Conversely, she has no qualms against engaging when safety of an innocent or a comrade is at stake- fighting with unfettered aggression and fortitude. Those she has become close to would find her willing to lay her life down should it save theirs- if she must.

Upon matters of magic, Cinnabar’s aptitude for spellcasting is about average. While only able to perform the simplest of aetheric actions (ie: using enchanted charms, limited use of aspected crystals), focused training and practice in the use of spells and cantrips is possible.


The following items are things that which Cinnabar tends to carry on her person at all times. These are noted for pickpockets and those who might be watching her closely. This information is meant to be a prompt for insight and is not to be meta-gamed, but feel free to use this information if it comes up logically in RP (pickpocketing, a search, etc) with use of a simple /tell!

Ishgardian Choker (Location: Person)
An amulet of antiquated silver, encrusted with two, garnet stones. It is worn snug about the neck with a black suede band.
Steel Halberd (Location: Person)
A halberd wrought of steel and sturdy oak. The head is adorned with icons of Halone’s spear and shield, and reinforced with riveted langets.
Short Sword (Location: Person)
A shortsword of steel with a cedar handle. Simple in design, it is at the hip for use as a secondary weapon.
Knifemade Spearhead (Location: Person)
An old, iron spearhead, repurposed into a simple knife. The slightly reshaped blade provides a compromise for utility and combat applications.
Warmth Charm (Location: Satchel/Person)
An enchanted trinket of spell-inscribed parchment encased in brass. While in contact with a fire aspected crystral, the artifact is used to grant the bearer protection from cold.
Fresh Ginger Root (Location: Satchel/Rucksack)
An exotic root vegetable native to the Far East. Often dried and ground for use in cooking and medicines, this piece is kept fresh for chewing and tea.
Beeswax Balm (Location: Satchel/Rucksack)
Fragrant yellow wax created by melting down beehives. Combined with hempseed oil, its soft and smooth texture makes it suitable for application to skin.
Sleep Tincture (Location: Satchel/Rucksack)
A dilluted mixture of herbal oils and extracts used in standard sleep potions. When ingested in moderation, can aid with insomnia and maintaining longer periods of restful sleep.
Piecemeal Diary (Location: Satchel/Rucksack)
A leatherbound collection of paper in varied sizes, shapes, and colors, secured by string. The quality of paper used appears to gradually improve with the more recently added pages.
Stuffed Chocobo Doll (Location: Rucksack/Satchel)
This stuffed baby chocobo has seen many a cycle of love and affection. Near-colored patchwork and stitching show the owner’s desire for it to be kept whole for cycles more to come.
Stuffed Lamb Doll (Location: Rucksack/Satchel)
A stuffed lamb doll, complete with an authentic woolen coat. While not nearly as thoroughly loved as its chocobo companion, this newer comfort toy will surely show it in cycles to come.
Silk Scarf (Location: Rucksack/Satchel)
A lightweight scarf of pink silk. Kept neatly folded and rolled, the item carries a sparse, aged scent of cherry blossom perfume.
Copy of From the Brume to my Heart (Location: Rucksack)
A worn copy of From the Brume to my Heart: An Unlikely Love Story; a fictional tale recounting the trials and tribulations of a blossoming romance between a highborn noblewoman and a Brumeborn knight.
Sheet Music of En Respit d'Alarum (Location: Rucksack)
A piano score for Ishgardian classical piece, En Respit d'Alarum. Commonly known as The Good Knight’s Rest, this piece originally composed to honor the brave men and women of the Holy See is more easily recognized as a lullaby since generations past.
Ishgardian Lance Head
The head of a lance, once wielded by a knight of the Holy See. Long since parted from its owner, the steel artifact has been restored to some semblance of its former glory- albeit unusable for lacking a proper shaft.

  • "That one? A kindly girl; aye. Hard to follow of words, with that stammering, but well-meaning no doubt."


  • "“Hmh? Ya mean 'at pink lass ova' there? Freelancer, an' a picky lil' shite when it comes t'the job at that. 'S 'bout all I can say for certain. 'Cordin' to me mate, some poor sod got a right good wallop, just fer nickin' a playful squeeze on one o'them legs fer 'imself! Come t'think, ain't ever seen 'at one wear anythin' other'n trousers. Makes ya wonder if the stories 'bout those roegadyn lassies is true, 'ey!?" — Sauced Sellsword


  • “Most curious...very shy, quiet, dressed in a magician's frock but far too in-shape for what I expect out of a mage. And what was she doing with that bloody handkerchief?” — Alexaria Whiteraven





Cinnabar is an organic roleplay character- for the majority of her interactions. While I do prefer to keep it so, there are certain limitations on content in which I wish my character to become involved.

I will play just about anything as long as it's relevant to a well-thought-out plot. Most things from combat and violence, injury, kidnapping, and sexuality to more lighthearted or slice-of-life topics such as casual conversation, bar room hangouts, parties, education and training are fair game under the right circumstances. I don't mind drama or darker/morally questionable themes, so long as it falls within a reasonably designed plot.

Ask about permanent disfigurement, long-term captivity, mental tampering, or anything that might result in a significant change to my character. These things are generally open to discussion but will likely require an exceptionally well-designed plot with solid and believable reasoning before I subject my character to these things.

I won't play random ERP, alternate-universe stories, or stories that follow difficult-to-believe plots. Stories that bend lore past the ability for me to suspend disbelief and characters who claim close and obvious relationships to major NPCs will likely be considered insane and unreal by my character. Some minor bending of lore is fair (and occasionally expected) and I will happily participate in such stories as long as this bending is within reason! I am not interested in any plots which entail the permanent death of my character at this time.

In regard to romance, I feel it must be stated: I do not predetermine such character pairings. While it is certainly a given that an out-of-character camaraderie is required, and play times must- for the most- match up, the feasibility of a romantic relationship with Cinnabar is still very much dependant on in-character matters- first impressions, similar interests, familiarity, personal bias and preferences, etc… Please note: This is not my personal ‘get out of jail free card’ to avoid character relations, but something that helps preserve the immersive element of my character for me. If she wouldn’t do it, I typically will not make her do it- especially with significant matters.


■ A guild-trained lancer and squire-in-training of a minor Ishgardian house, Cinnabar can often be found out and about exercising or practicing her techniques.
■ Often visits book stores and libraries to peruse romantic novels and martial manuscripts.
■ Frequent traveller of Aldenard. She can be spotted time to time- most notably around the city-states. Inquire where, specifically, in each!
■ In social settings she tends to sit alone, but approachable despite sometimes skittish or aloof behavior.
■ Often enough, she is perusing popular and uncommon bazaars and swap meets for niche literature, musical scores, and weaponry or trinkets…



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