Aerostein Epitaph

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Gridania-transparent.png Aerostein Epitaph (Aaron Stone)
"If you can't live freely, why bother living at all...?"
The Moody Mage
Gender Male
Race Hyur
Clan Midlander
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Namesday 18th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon, 1555
Guardian Althyk, the Keeper
Build 5 fulms 9 ilms, 155 ponz
Occupation Enchanter & Freelance Model
Free Company Order of the Sword and Rose [1]


♦ General

Aerostein Epitaph was born on the 18th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon in 1555, and his birth name is Aaron Stone. His mother was a conjurer in Gridania and his father a Dravanian mage from elsewhere. Aerostein is a wandering mage constantly at war between the light and darkness within him. He is currently on the path to find out more about his origins.

As of now, Aero has been missing.

♦ Appearance

Aero stands at about 5 fulms & 9 ilms and weighs approximately 155 ponz. He has a very toned build that he takes great pride in. He has a pale complexion and sports pale blonde hair with black highlights that are natural or so he would claim. He especially takes great pride in his hair managing it often and making sure it smells nice too. He usually wears light cologne more often than not as well.

He has violet-colored eyes that glow like amethyst and a scar on his left cheek. Also, has a pair of star tattoos right above his scar. Aero is most often seen in white or black clothing of high quality. He also seems fond of Rose Gold, Mythril, and Allagan jewelry. He takes great care to make sure his nails are well-maintained and neatly trimmed.

His clothing style is mostly varied. Aero prefers to wear lighter clothing made of finer silks and leathers compared to heavy armor. He seemingly is fond of fancy hats and other head accessories. He is rarely seen without jewelry on. Aero also heavily favors combat boots and somewhat tighter clothing.

♦ Personality

Aero is generally polite at a first glance. Also, extremely independent preferring to do most things alone wherever he can. He is, however, reserved and displays a somewhat distant demeanor to most. Aero tends to blush often, although, he can be flirty to those he fancies despite this fact. He has a love for teasing others, both in a playful and scornful manner. Aero has proven to be somewhat arrogant as well, which, he blames on his Elezen blood-line. Unfortunately, he is often self-centered more than he would care to admit.

Despite his polite demeanor, he is a most difficult man. He does not often reveal much of his past nor himself very easily to most people. Aero is afraid to get close to people in fear they may reject him or otherwise leave him in some fashion. Aero, above all else favors his freedom and disdains laws, as well as the people that enforce them. He also does not like being seen as weak or otherwise inferior.

On the other hand, Aero can be rather temperamental and unforgiving to those who disappoint him. Originally, Aero didn't approve of violence and would go out of his way to avoid killing. However, recently Aero has no qualms about harming others when necessary, perhaps even taking some pleasure in it. Part of this may be due to him being tainted by the Black.

♦ Sexuality

While Aero finds some women to be very beautiful, he is not sexually attracted to them. Even so, it's not uncommon for him to flirt with some women despite this. Aero has no general preference for women as one might suspect. As far as men go, he is most comfortable around other Hyur and Elezen. Aero is rather unsure what to make of male Miqo'te in particular. This is likely due to his past with his mother's death. Though, he finds a select few to be truly attractive. He doesn't find the other races physically pleasing to his eye, finding Roegadyn and Lalafell are "A bit too much" and "Too adorable" respectively. Aero also has little love for those who are bisexual believing them to be too indecisive with what they want.

♦ Thoughts on Magic

Aero believes magic should be used however the user should see fit, with little to no limitations. He greatly respects all that practice the arts and pities those who can not. In his mind, all magic is but a tool. There is no such thing as evil magic, only evil people. He is currently tainted by the Black however.


♦ Fighting Style

Having a natural affinity for aether, Aero prefers using both conjury and thaumaturgy to smite his foes in battle. He also is capable of providing support through healing and protective magic as well. Unfortunately, his skill in arcanima is rather lacking.

Aero lacks physical strength and would prove not to be a real challenge in close quarters against more capable melee fighters. His physical speed and dexterity also leaves much to be desired as well. However, for a mage he can take a considerable amount of pain due to his marauder training years prior.

Recently however, with the acquisition of his father's grimoire, Aero's knowledge of the dark arts has improved considerably. Gaining a moderate level of control over blood magic, as well as advanced aetheric manipulation and general knowledge of the void.

Brief History

♦ Early History

Aaron began his training as a conjurer early on as a child having a natural affinity for the art, particularly both elements of wind and earth. It was then, he was dubbed the name "Aerostein", from a visiting senior conjurer from elsewhere. Instead of playing like most children his age, he would prefer to read and write, furthering his own education. Aero always had a fondness for magic and all of it's arcane mysteries. The boy had dreams of mastering it all. He was something of a golden child growing up, loved by all of his tutors. Equally envied by many of his peers in turn. Eventually, by the tender age of fourteen Aaron would hear the voices of the elementals making him a hearer.

Unfortunately, it was at this age that the remaining family he had would all perish. Aero was told it was a poaching accident gone terribly wrong, and he believed them. The truth of the matter was that his void-touched cousin Alicia was the one who slaughtered them all. He took their deaths very hard and that changed his general outlook on life. It was soon after, Aero began looking into forbidden magics. However, he was urged to discontinue that study very quickly and so he left it alone for that time.

Having risen through the ranks at an alarming rate, by the age of seventeen he was already an accomplished conjurer. However, at the age of eighteen Aero would leave Gridania. He had only two goals in mind, the first would be to get stronger so that he could become an arch-mage some day just as he had dreamed when he was a child. The other reason would be so he could travel and see the world with his own eyes. And so, he set off.

♦ Life In Limsa

Having left his home in Gridania to broaden both his talent and perspective in life Aero would venture out into the cruel waters of Limsa Lominsa. Not particularly happy with the salty smell of the sea and all the fish, he knew he was far away from home. He would first visit the Arcanist's guild with bright eyes in hopes of learning more about aether and magic, but it didn't quite work out as how he had planned it in his mind. He only learned a few useful things while he was a member of the guild. Finding their study to be a joke, he quickly found himself at a loss. He soon quit the guild. Aero, now seemingly lost and depressed at realizing just how unrealistic his dream actually was, decided to enlist with the Yellow Jackets instead. Having being beaten up and pick-pocketed by pirates and other brutes, it would prove to be most useful.

Aero would struggle upon joining, especially in hand to hand combat. He lacked both dexterity and physical strength in particular, and almost didn't make it. However, he was too determined or perhaps too stubborn to give up. He was quite determined and would eventually learn how to wield an axe as well. He still lacked physical strength to be truly great but he had enough to deal with what was required of him. He didn't particularly care for it but he needed to toughen up and make coin somehow for himself. It was more or less his first time seeing death up close in such a manner, though, that wasn't a often occurrence for Aero. He was generally well-liked too for his conjuring abilities, healing to be exact. This made him all the more useful, despite his mediocre axemanship. He would stay apart of that order for a few more summers, toughening up his body as well to save up enough coin. By the age of twenty, he would set sails for the golden city of Ul'Dah.

♦ Life In Ul'Dah

The physical training Aero received while in Limsa would prove valuable upon reaching this city. Being able to stand his ground physically against the larger men who would cause him harm. It was here he would know what it meant to live lavishly. Spending much of his hard-earned gil on finely-crafted clothes, accessories, and drink. It wouldn't take him long to figure out he would love this city.

He would eventually visit the guild for thaumaturges and found out he was a natural in that field of magic. He loved the power it gave him over others, even lusted for more. Being young and foolish, this power went to his head and he began to use his magic recklessly. He would often have accidents with his thaumaturgy, but none too serious enough he couldn't get out off. It's likely Aero began to dabble in darker magics while he was here but it is unclear.

Sooner or later, his coin would run dry. It wasn't long before Aero started taking jobs with adventurers and mercenaries to keep his gil flowing. He kept this up, for a time but decided that life wasn't for him. After that, he tried his luck as an information broker of sorts. To his surprise he did a decent job using both his charm and intelligence to his advantage. Unfortunately, he got involved in a particular scandal and had to flee fearing it may cost him his life if caught. A little before his twenty-third namesday he would return back home to Gridania.

♦ The Way Back Home

On the way back home, Aero came across a rather large group of Miqo'te poachers in the Shroud. They had killed quite a number of the wildlife there and were likely intent for more. Not being a fool, Aero was ready to slip by them without notice until he recognized one of the voices. It was the same voice of the Miqo'te who had raped and butchered his mother before his very eyes. In a rage he jumped in to intervene.

Now seeing the man up-close with his own eyes again there was no mistake it was indeed that same man. Without exchanging any words Aero jumped right into combat against the group. While Aero may have put up a decent fight, he was still sorely outnumbered. Aero managed to take out a few but he was losing the fight, quickly. Even as he lay bloodied, bruised, and injured he would not give up. He could not give up. In that moment something in Aerostein awoken, something darker in nature.

He used his blood as a weapon, even as going as far as to drain the life force of some of the poachers to heal his wounds. With this new found talent, he was able to dispatch the remaining Miqo'te, brutally of course. He saved the leader for last. As the poacher leader begged for his own life and asked him to spare him, Aero simply responded with "You get nothing.", and proceeded to slit his throat in the same fashion the man had done to his mother long ago. Aero watched with delight as the man died slowly, a part of him was happy he had his justice, or perhaps vengeance? It was all the same for him either way. Aero has yet to tell anyone of this story of how he got his scar. He also has yet to replicate that magic, until recently...

♦ Back In Gridania

While happy for a while to be back home, something about Aero had changed. He was no longer the sweet, loving golden child he once was. No longer was he naive to the ways of the world and his innocence lost. No longer was he a weak child who couldn't protect himself and the ones that mattered the most. Nothing about his home seemed the same again.

After many falling outs with others of the conjurer's guild about how magic should be used, he was deemed as a failure. Some claim Aero quit the guild, others say he was dispelled. Regardless, it is unclear what truly happened. After spending some time back home he seriously considered what he wanted now in life. He wanted to be free and soon enough it was only a matter of time before he would take off again. A few days later, he would be gone yet again.



Freedom & chaos.
Expensive & shiny things.
Attractive people.
Storms & foul weather.
Animals & voidsent.
Cologne & shampoo.


Oppression, laws, & rules.
Ignorance & intolerance.
The self-righteous.
Most male Miqo'te.
Cheap things.


Reading & writing.
Shopping & spending gil.


Color: Black.
Food: Aldgoat Steak.
Drink: La Noscean White Wine.
Season: Winter.
Holiday: All Saints Wake.
Creature: Dragon.
Flower: Iris.
Element: Wind.
Object: Mirrors.

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Friends & Family

Aaron Frostheart - A former pirate Aero met while overhearing him mentioning Ari. Aero would eventually introduce him to the Piquant, landing him a job as a bouncer. Aero enjoys teasing this man, especially alongside Adrian. Originally, Aero had mixed feelings of Aaron but decided to give him a chance. Eventually he would grow to call this man one of his best friends despite all their past drama. The two seem to have grown somewhat close, with Aaron even calling him family. Still, Aero worries about Aaron often as they don't really keep in touch as he would like them to.

Adrian Archeblade - An ex-pirate who Aero met in the Quicksand once. Despite Aero declining Adrian's many advances, the two would make fast friends. Adrian was one of the few he could confide in with recent events at the time. Aero would find himself becoming attracted to the man as he showed him affection at an alarming rate. Aero would soon come to care for this man a great deal much to his own surprise, and the feeling would indeed be mutual. They would find themselves out on a date in time and would later become intimate. It would be short-lived however, as that Adrian would set sails soon after.

He would come back in Aero's life a few moons later, and they would start an open relationship. This worked fairly well as both Aero and Adrian didn't really want to hinder their freedom. Despite this Aero did not hook up with anyone else during that relationship, save for a passionate kiss with Cedric. Aero cared for this man greatly, and joked that Adrian didn't let him get any sleep while they were together. Unfortunately, Aero would break it off with Adrian as he took off without so much of a notice for a very long time. However, the two would make up in time and now remain close friends.

Alicia Stone - Alicia Stone is Aero's older cousin who he had thought was long since dead until recently. Aero was overjoyed at their reunion, although this raised many questions of her supposed death. As well as her youthful appearance. Before long, she would tell Aero everything or at least close to it. Aero has been busy trying to find a way to fix her affliction ever since. She joined the same order as Aero soon after. He even helped get her a modeling job due to his contacts. The two were always very close and remain very close even now. She is his only living relative, that he is aware of at least. She would eventually leave the Order and it's protection leaving Aero worried constantly, but they keep in touch often.

Ari'za Tyanu - A pretty Miqo'te girl met through Seth. Aero, along with Seth helped her out in a tough situation. Since then, Ari and Aero would make for fast friends. Ari may act tough, but Aero is able to see through her cold exterior. He remains fiercely protective of her, even getting involved in her fights. He also helped her improve her ability in thaumaturgy. The two are very close friends, though Aero wonders to himself just where she went to.

Artorias Mason - A vengeful Hyur with seemingly much in common with Aero. Aero had originally seen Artorias with Caen before at Bronze Lake but they didn't officially meet until later at the Quicksand. While not happy hearing Artorias almost killed Caen while showing little to no remorse about it, Aero doesn't feel the need to label the man a monster. Aero genuinely worries about this man as Artorias seems to have few friends and many enemies. The two have become great friends over time, with Artorias even a bit protective of Aero. The two have had many differences, but they remain on each others good side. As of late, Aero worries something may have happened to him as Artorias simply vanished.

Caen Jabari - A curious young Miqo'te with a love for yellow. Aero finds his carefree and lively demeanor endearing. The two have chatted here and there on occasion. Aero even gifted the boy some wine in good spirits once. Caen won Aero's favor by shielding him from harm when introduced to Augustine. He was the one who suggested Caen secretly write to Artorias. Aero is fond of the young Miqo'te in particular and is curious when he'll see him again next.

Ciel Wulfe - A pretty Elezen lady who apparently sung at the ball in Ul'Dah. The two have chatted a bit on more than a few occasions now. Aero believes her to be a good person and seems somewhat fond of her. He is most interested in her stories, especially ones involving magic and ancient artifacts. Aero tends to worry about her in particular as she often goes about alone. She is also the one who recruited Aero into their current order. Aero respects her much more due to this, also seeing her in combat personally. Sadly, Ciel is no longer apart of the Order and this greatly upsets Aero.

Crisiet Liautroix - An attractive Elezen man Aero came into contact with while being allied with the exiles. Aero would tell Crisiet about his own ties with Ishgard after he overheard him mention his father. Aero finds this man highly attractive both physically and mentally. Aero has grown a small crush on the Elezen, which Crisiet seems to be aware of. Aero believed the attraction was one-sided and wouldn't dare act on it. He considers the man a friend and enjoys his company.

However, his mere crush has evolved into something more. He's grown to love Crisiet more than anything on this earth. This both infuriates and scares Aero. Regardless, he was madly in love with Crisiet and would do anything for him. Even giving up his dark magic for this man, at the time anyway. Unfortunately, their relationship would end many months later down the line leaving Aero alone and heartbroken. They have not talked since their break up.

Deverell Jinx - A man Aero was introduced to by Seth at a Piquant Pumpkin orientation. They would meet again later outside the Quicksand. Aero enjoyed teasing him, calling him "Little Devy" as he apparently just started training as a thaumaturge. He also likes to prank him, noted in pulling down his trousers at a beach party. Aero was surprised as he turned back into a Miqo'te, but realized it was still the same person he liked. Aero respects Jinx as both a former co-worker and as a fellow aether user. Aero once wondered if he had hurt Jinx somehow over a particular conversation regarding love, but figures it best not to bring it back up again. The two seem to be quite close as well. He thinks of him rather often while he is away.

💘 Dresden Voltaire - Another man Aero was introduced to by Seth at a showing at the Piquant Pumpkin. Aero finds this man to be very charming and physically attractive in particular, but has more questions than anything else. Aero can sense something off about this man, but is genuinely more worried about him than afraid. It would seem as if Aero enjoys his company more than he should, considering he isn't sure yet if the man is friend or foe. However, that only makes him more intriguing. Soon enough Aero would discover this man's secret but instead of fleeing or going on the offensive, he willingly offered his aether to this man in hopes to help him. Aero considers this man a friend but is worried about his disappearance. He hopes to himself he will run into Dresden again, and soon.

Imogen Stone - Aero's mother. Imogen was a respected conjurer of Hyur origin who died early on in Aero's childhood. Aerostein was raised by the conjurers in Gridania where he perfected his talent in conjury. Aero remembers little about his mother other than she was the most beautiful woman in the world to him and that she smelled much like flowers, iris in particular. However, the little he does remember he holds dear.

Jacques Delvaux - Aero's father. Originally, not much was known of Aero's father. This man was never in Aero's life, and his mother never spoke of him. Unbeknownst to Aero, his father is a Dravanian mage of Elezen descent. His father once belonged to a noble house in Ishgard, but what happened remains a mystery for now. Aero is currently searching for him.

Little Shark - Little Shark is a Miqo'te with a potty mouth, which Aero finds amusing. They met in Ul'Dah and had a discussion on aether, and have been on friendly terms ever since. Shark often would check underneath Aero's robe to see if he was wearing pants or not, much to Aero's annoyance. Aero would buy the boy some alcohol on occasion. He seems to genuinely care about Shark, worrying more about him than he probably should. Aero is oblivious to Shark's crush on him. Either way, Aero is fond of the boy.

S'imba Tia - A seemingly troubled boy who Aero has helped on more than one occasion. After Adrian's constant pestering Aero risked his life by healing the boy, with Aero passing out in the process. The two seem friendly enough, with S'imba telling his story to Aero. S'imba was also a fellow model Aero worked with and they loved to compete on which is the Piquant's top model. Despite his teasing, Aero calls this young man a friend. They would get somewhat closer ever since that incident involving the amalj'aa. Aero wonders what became of the fellow as they haven't kept much in contact.

Sethaner Somerville - A large muscular Highlander Aero met in the Quicksand through a mutual friend. Seth would even buy Aero a drink, and offer to protect him if needed. Aero, taken and surprised by this would decline at the time but would change his mind later on. Seth and Aero have been relatively close ever since that meeting. Aero once had a crush on Seth but decided against it as Jinx expressed an interest in him before he ever got the chance. Seth remains a close friend, as well as a capable company member.

Tetsuro Akashi - Another Doman Aero met shortly after his meeting with Mori. Aero has run into Tetsuro more than just a few occasions. He believes Tetsuro to be a rather sad fellow, and wants to help him in some way. He also wishes to learn more of Tetsuro in particular. Regardless, Aero enjoys being in this man's company. As of late, the two seem to becoming closer as Tetsuro was there for him when he needed someone by his side. Unfortunately, any and all romantic feelings Aero may have had for this man died upon learning he became involved with someone else. Despite that, he wishes the best for him and his partner.


Augustine Frost - A man who nearly got into a fight with Aero outside the Quicksand for delivering a message to Caen, from Artorias. Originally, Aero hated this man greatly and the feeling would indeed be mutual. However, over time they started to get along even being friendly with each other. Augustine especially likes to tease Aero and call him "Star face", with Aero in turn calling him "Burns". Aero genuinely has grown fond of Augustine worrying over him more than he would care to admit. He wonders what happened to him on occasion.

Avalt Laguz - A Hyur Aero mistaken for Cedric due to them looking very similar at the time. The Flames believed this man to be a criminal, and put a device on him to prevent him from casting any sort of magic. Feeling pity for the man, Aero has offered to help free the supposed criminal. At some point, he had heard Avalt had died in some sort of aether explosion and was quite depressed he wasn't able to help him. A moon or two later he would see Avalt again at an event in Ul'Dah. Aero wonders every so often what Avalt is up to.

Cedric Riordan - A mysterious Hyur with a deep past. Cedric is a man Aero first noticed by chance in Gridania. They didn't officially meet until later at the Quicksand in Ul'Dah. After learning of the man's history they developed something of a strong bond and chatted often, even sharing wine on occasion. Vowing not to let anything happen to Cedric, as he is one of the few people Aero would do anything to protect. Aero was very fond of Cedric, worrying over his well-being quite often as he was being hunted.

Eventually, they would even go on a date, with both confessing their love for each other. Unfortunately, Cedric broke it off with him believing Aero needed someone better. Ironically, this led Aero to believe he is undesirable. As time passed on Cedric would contact Aero, and the two would make up. Although more than mere friends, but not exactly lovers, their relationship was most complicated for a time. Cedric would tell Aero that he still loved him, soon after he and Adrian got into a relationship.

Unfortunately, everything between the two would end. Cedric broke off all relationship due to a misunderstanding between a conversation Aero and Juste had. Aero took it very hard, unwilling to let go. Though, he knows deep down it's over. Despite that fact, Aero still tries to contact this man in vain. He thinks of him very often, and misses him a great deal. Recently, Aero has given up all hope in restoring anything they might have had after Cedric rejected, and resent the gift Aero got for him for Starlight. A part of Aero will always love Cedric as he was his first, but for now he does his best to keep him out of his mind. Until recently, as they have begun to make amends for what happened in the past. Only time will tell their relationship.

Dietrich Dracht - An apparent gentleman of sorts that Aero finds charming. Aero met Dietrich in the gold court of Ul'Dah. Despite being teased by this man, he has taken a liking to him. Aero is currently interested to know more of this man after he helped Aero in tough times, despite Dietrich being a man of the law. Aero almost didn't recognize the man after not seeing him for some time, and due to Dietrich getting a very deep tan. They remain on friendly enough terms. They would share a brief intimate encounter with Crisiet walking in on. Aerostein is very unsure what to think of Dietrich after this. However, thanks to that embarrassing moment Crisiet revealed his true feelings to Aero and thus, started their relationship soon after.

Garrett Slater - Aero would first hear this name from Caen. Eventually, the two would meet briefly in Ul'Dah. Originally put off by the fact this man doesn't drink and his distaste of Artorias, he would later respect the man a little for his reasonable attitude in handling Augustine. Aero doesn't know him very well but thinks Garrett is a decent sort, despite working way too much. It's a mystery to Aero how he doesn't hate Garrett. This man would be closest to what Aero sees as a rival.

Ginjiro Mori - Mori is a Doman Aero met in Ul'Dah while sitting on a bench drowning his sorrows with alcohol. The two have chatted a little since then, with Aero inviting Mori over twice now to his company home. Aero finds Mori to be cute and enjoys flirting with the shorter man. He believes Mori to be a warm individual and wants the best for him. Aero hasn't seen Mori in a long while, but does have him in his thoughts every now an then.

Juste Fantome - An Elezen who he has seen with Cedric on more than one occasion. He believed he and Cedric had a thing, making him very jealous of this man at one point. Aero would warm to Juste after Cedric cut off all ties with them both over a misunderstanding. Aero is curious about this man, but generally likes him more and more after each time they run into each other.

💘 Pyralis Targaryen - A Hyuran bard Aero is most curious of. Originally, the two didn't get along well at all. With Pyralis threatening Aero's life, as well as spitting in his face. Aero would retaliate with threats of his own, as well as shocking the man with mild thaumaturgy. After Pyralis shot Aero in the knee with a toxic arrow, Aero would call for a truce. The two seemed to be on good terms for the time being, until Aero heard news that Pyralis died. Unknown to Aero, this man is still very much alive. Recently, it's come to his attention that he yet lives.

Siha Xinkei - A Miqo'te Keeper woman that Aero finds extremely beautiful. In truth, she reminds him of someone from his past that he wasn't able to protect. He doesn't know her very well, but has a strong desire to shield the girl from harm. He wishes to know more of Siha very much but it's almost as if unseen forces prevent that from happening. Aero remains disappointed that he rarely gets to speak with her anymore.

Thaarus Vithala - A mysterious older Elezen with a love for purple. "Devereau" is a man Aero doesn't quite yet understand but despite that, he likes him. Believing Thaarus to be polite and respectful. He sometimes wonders to himself however, if he and Crisiet had a thing once. Regardless, Aero likes being in his company too.

Enemies & Rivals

Alaraien Eldryn - A Hyuran man who is most often seen in Bexley's company. Alaraien's strong desire to help and protect others often puts Aero off. Despite this, he merely only tolerated him out of respect for Bexley. Some time ago, Aero has grown a serious distaste of this man. Especially when he lectured Aero on the use of morals and power. The two would clash heads many times, with Bexley taking his side every time. Without a doubt, this man is one of Aero's most hated people in all of Eorzea.

Bexley Nelhah - A young Miqo'te who once bought Aerostein food at the Quicksand. Aero liked the boy, but thinks he is a bit too naive and has too much energy for his own good. He had hoped to toughen the boy up and enjoyed teasing him, calling him "Ginger". He had a soft spot for the keeper, hoping he doesn't come to any real harm. Unfortunately, they seem to have huge disagreements on the use of magic and power. Sadly, their friendship ended the moment Aero threatened Ala's life, despite the man making subtle threats to Aero for ages.

Julius Vermillion - A Hyur who Aero met through Artorias. Apparently, Julius and Artorias are from lands outside of Eorzea. Unfortunately, Julius would vanish soon after their first meeting. Julius would resurface again and become a regular in Aero's circle of people he considers friends. Artorias, along with others warned that Julius wasn't himself. Aero would later perform a powerful spell to help this man by using blood magic, nearly killing himself in turn. The spell worked, but not without heavy consequence to Aero. Unfortunately, things would sour between the two more and more ever since then. The pair are no longer friends, and likely won't be ever again.


Player Character Rumours

  • "Rumor has it that Aero is a magnet for dangerous individuals. Someone should keep an eye on him." - Dresden Voltaire
  • "He who stares too long and deep into the abyss may find it staring back. I pray his interests do not take him too far." - Ciel Wulfe
  • "My indecisiveness and my insecurities have gotten the best of me with this man. Now I am too late." - Cedric Riordan
  • "He's a bit full of himself...Still he's been a good friend to me." - S'imba Tia
  • "You know he's always around the Quick Sand, but I've only really met him once. *pouts* He never orders anything from me... wish he would!" - Aya Foxheart
  • "This guy never seems to get any heat when we act up, it's always just me. " - Aaron Frostheart
  • "Aero is a puzzle by all accounts. One moment he's a shy man on a beach, the next a trickster in the water, and then finally a charming man who flusters me far more easily than he should. At the root of it all he seems like a kind man, a good man, he reminds of my oath brothers in a way with his self doubt and maybe that's why I want to protect and comfort him as I do. No matter what I learn, I know that I want to know more about him. Do I think he's attractive? W-Well he is lovely..." - Siha Xinkei
  • "Aerostein is kind and handsome. He knows a lot of pretty men!" - Clara Kleefeld
  • "Sir Aerostein is one of a kind and I hope to repay his generosity some day. But he seems so lonely.. I wonder why." - Ginjiro Mori
  • "He made his choice. I have no more to say of the man." - Crisiet Liautroix
  • "He says he doesn't believe in love, but I don't believe him. I think he just needs to let some old hurt heal, first." - T'ahl Tia
  • "He told me I could stay at his place any time I want. ANY TIME. Free snacks, any time? What's the catch here..." - Augustine Frost
  • "Our family would have been so proud of him. It's... sad how that turned out to be. I wonder if he knew the truth, could he ever forgive me?" - Alicia Stone
  • "Good ol' Aero. Shite...I think he still thinks I'm dead! I need to go write him a letter!" - Pyralis Targaryen
  • "Ahh, Ser Aero... I thought he was just pitying me. He gifted me this chocobo, Feathers. Hm? N-no... I'm sure it came with that name. He's missing... you say?" - Juste Fantome

♦ Easily Overheard Rumours

"Aaron? He's some half-breed bastard. To be honest, I'm surprised he got as far as he did. Don't see what's so great about him." - Jealous Conjurer

"Awww! I once flirted with him and he firted back. Are you SURE he fancies men...?" - Gossiping Girl

" He lost so much at such a young age. I can't help but feel bad for the guy..." - Sympathetic Wood Wailer

♦ Somewhat Difficult To Overhear Rumours

"I know of him! I swear I've seen him pose nude before in some dirty magazine, it's true! Look here..." - Lustful Miqo'te

"Say what you will about Aero, but he saved my son when I could not. I owe him a great deal. I will say nothing more." - Witch From The Shroud

♦ Rarely Overheard Rumours

"Aye, once seen em drain the life out of someone I did! He's a monster I tell you." - La Noscean Drunk

"That man in black there? I hear he was supposed to be some great hearer, but gave it up to pursue the dark arts. What a waste." - Ul'dahn Noble

Other Notes

Chaotic neutral, bordering very closely with chaotic evil.

♦ Affiliations

  • Conjurer's Guild
  • Marauder's Guild/ Yellow Jackets
  • Pumpkin Piquant
  • Thaumaturge's Guild

♦ Tropes

Tropes are conventions and devices that are found in creative works. In this case, these tropes describe Aerostein. His background, personality, appearance, they can all be identified with the tropes listed below.