Connor Tavarin

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Gridania-transparent.png Connor Tavarin/X'ulk Tia
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Gender Male
Race Lalafell
Clan Dunesfolk
Citizenship Gridania
Age 25
Sexuality Heterosexual



This young Miqo'te/Au Ra seems to only have one goal in life, and that is to see people happy. Often going to great lengths to bring a smile to someone's face, Connor would even risk his own well-being for the sake of others. This trait tends to make him fast friends, though others tend to think of him as being too naive or idealistic. Despite his frail body type, his magical capabilities are rather high and his quick thinking has helped him on more than one occasion.

He lived most of his life in the deserts of Thanalan with his clan. Growing up there was not easy, as his weak frame made him an easy target for bullying. He was subjected to both physical and verbal abuse by some of the stronger men in his clan, something that would eventually attribute to his hatred of arrogance and the tribal customs. The only thing that kept him from going mad was the occasional intervention from a kind man named Joshua Tavarin. Joshua was an old Hyur man who would visit the clan for trading purposes. Whenever he visited, he often stayed for a couple of days and told Connor stories of adventure and romance, of great heroes who would do whatever it took to see the people happy and safe. He grew to respect Joshua as a father more than his actual father and Joshua even told him he would bring him with him next time he came to trade. Connor agreed wholeheartedly because anything would be better than staying with his clan at this point. However, that would not come to pass, as Joshua's corpse was discovered on the road several weeks later. Devastated by his death, Connor packed what he could and left his clan, changing his name to Connor Tavarin in honor of his father-figure.

Since his departure, Connor studied conjury under E-Sumi-Yan for a few years and discovered he seemed to have a talent for it. As he neared the end of his training, he heard word of a free company known as the Harbingers of Dawn. Interested in what it would be like to be in a free company, he sought them out and applied to join. After passing the initial trial period, he seemed to make an impression on the crafting branch of the company to the point Saint Raisan Arcmantle appointed him the company weaver, a title he held with pride.

Several months had passed when he decided to eventually leave the Free Company in pursuit of another way of life. Soon he joined up with a caravan made up of old friends and associates, with whom he stayed for a time. During his stay, a bizarre phenomena occurred that transformed his body, changing him into an Au Ra. The exact trigger of the transformation was uncertain, but he believes it has something to do with his previously unknown Auri heritage. Regardless, he ventured forth with his companions who accepted him despite the sudden change. Several more months had passed and he still felt like he didn't belong. Feeling isolated and alone, Connor departed this company as well, seeking a place he can truly call home.

After spending a long amount of time employed with Aethertide Ventures, Connor has since decided to embark on his own business adventures, forming a partnership with long time friend Lilia Lia to make it possible. While the details of his employment are still up in the air, chances are he'll be back in the weaving business again as they gather the funds to finance a trip to the Far East and establish a business there. It may seem like an insane idea, but Connor is determined to see the land his father hailed from.


Unique circumstances have left Connor with the body of a Lalafell, though he doesn't seem to be particularly disturbed with his current form. He retained his dark skin tone and odd-colored eyes, the left being green and the right being blue. He is tall for a Lalafell, standing above three fulms in height, and carries himself with a professional yet approachable posture. His hair is dark blue mixed with swirls of white and he usually keeps it tied up in a ponytail of some sort. Due to his adventures, his once frail body has become stronger and he is more than capable of handling a variety of combat situations, something he holds with great pride.


Extremely nice and kind to people by default, Connor enjoys making new friends and making people happy. With an ever-present smile, he goes about his day and enjoys every moment he's among good company. Though plagued with some confidence issues due to his upbringing, he refuses to let that get in the way of him developing good relationships with his friends and allies. Due to recent circumstances, he has developed an extreme dislike for people in authority he feels doesn't deserve a position of power.





  • Making others happy is his personal goal in life.
  • Learning new things so he can further help others.
  • Being among trusted companions in the comfort of the free company estate.


  • Arrogance and racism
  • The idea of him hurting someone, even accidentally.
  • Seeker tribal customs, believing there to be a better way.
  • People who abuse their power.


  • Weaving and crafting in general. He enjoys learning what else he could create that could benefit his friends.
  • Adept at Conjury and has managed to learn new techniques with it by thinking outside of the box.
  • Is an exceptionally quick learner, being able to pick up on new disciplines relatively quickly. This is only fueled more by his desire and enjoyment of learning.


  • Unless something is seriously bothering him, Connor seems to have a smile on his face at all times.
  • Has extremely low self-confidence when it comes to relationships, believing he is incapable of ever finding love.
  • Has an affinity for cute things and wouldn't be above owning chocobo or moogle dolls. He treats his chocobo, Slowdancer, more like family than a simple means of transportation.



X'unan Nunh: -The Nunh that sired him. He doesn't have much to say about his father aside from the fact that he was very neglectful of him as he was growing up, possibly due to Connor's weak body. X'unan prided strength and made it apparent he wasn't happy with Connor's weak frame. Aside from that, all Connor knew about his father was that he continued to sire others and eventually forgot about Connor's existence.

X'oya Dhen: -Connor's mother. Though kind enough while raising him, she seemed to make it a habit of reminding him that unless he finds the physical capability to best a Nunh in combat, the most he's going to do in life is support the tribe through gathering or at best, crafting, until the day he dies. This constant reminder of how he was gave him a quiet resentment towards his mother and Seeker tribe customs as a whole.


Wyra Panipahr: -Though they have not spoken much as of late, the twins Wyra and Torora were the first of the Harbingers Connor ever met. They helped convince him to join the free company and has since been grateful to them for such an opportunity.

Lilia Lia: -Connor easily considers Lilia one of his best friends since the first day they met. Amused by her reaction to his clothing of choice, which at the time was a mishmash of off-color clothing, he went along with her as she helped make him more suitable clothing. This gesture of kindness as he saw it inspired him to apply for the crafting branch of the Harbingers of Dawn. Lilia has since been a reliable, trustworthy friend in his endeavors and her constant positive reinforcement helped bring him out of dark times.

Raisan Arcmantle: -The crafting Saint of the Harbingers of Dawn, Raisan was a mentor to Connor, giving him advice on crafting as a whole while Connor trained in Weaving in Ul'dah. This advice proved invaluable and encouraged him to press on with his crafting, earning his Weaver's Guild certification in less than two months. Even after earning the certification, he still looks up to Raisan as a mentor and periodically asks him for advice.

H'elah Sohn: -Connor sees H'elah as family, trying his best to help her find her confidence and passion in life. Giving her several books from his collection, he helped her discover hobbies and the fact that she pursued them warmed Connor's heart greatly. He will always be there when H'elah needs help with anything.

Wemrys Quintos: -Having been a part of several missions with him, Wemrys in Connor's eyes is a great fighter and trustworthy ally you can count on. Connor respects Wemrys being in the Martial Branch since it's because of people like him that the company remains safe. After a particularly grueling mission, Connor's respect for him only grew.

Mimiru Miru: -The support saint for the Harbingers of Dawn. Mimiru was the second person Connor ever spoke with in the Harbingers as his initial plan was to join the Support Branch. Even after his decision changed to the Crafting Branch, he still talks with Mimiru on occasion and enjoys her joking, deadpan snark at the company meetings. At one point Mimiru even helped Connor out of a dark time in his life when he witnessed a woman who was pregnant get brutally maimed and lost her children. Since then Connor knew he could always count on Mimiru for support.

J'Maaira Tuhl: -Despite only knowing each other for a short time, J'maaira proved to be an excellent trainer and friend when she offered to teach him how to defend himself in hand-to-hand combat. The training helped boost Connor's confidence and he kept training on the side even after she disappeared, an event that worried Connor greatly.

Alistair Phoenix: -Alistair is a good friend of Connor's, always being there to speak with him. Despite not having that much skill in it yet, Alistair inspired Connor to take up arcanima, mostly because Connor wanted to learn how to summon a carbuncle as well. Connor will almost never pass up an opportunity to have a conversation with Alistair, whether it be about the company as a whole or just friendly chatter.

Jikam Constans: -Jikam's demeanor and friendly attitude towards him quickly made Connor consider him a friend, especially after an...interesting curse took hold of the company. After the curse had passed, they still speak occasionally and Connor even accompanied him on a mission, a mission that only further strengthened his trust in Jikam. He finds Jikam's random antics fun and has even considered joining him whenever he thinks of some crazy scheme.

Vaerimont Lectoroix: -Despite Vaerimont's quiet, often stoic demeanor, Connor managed to earn the friendship of Vaerimont through his actions with the free company. They would often share intellectual conversations that usually had Connor leave learning something new about himself, something he greatly appreciates. Deep down, Connor believes Vaerimont cares deeply for the people of the company, it's just that his quiet behavior makes it difficult for him to admit it.

Sindri Silvernail: -Sapphire is much like a little brother to Connor. Admiring his willingness to work hard and contribute, Connor often gives him advice and help on whatever project he happens to be working on. With events going on in the Harbingers as of late, Connor worries slightly for Sapphire's physical and mental safety, but no matter what he will be there to help him if the need arises.

Khyran Oisin: -There is an interesting history between these two. Khyran seemed like a meek, unassuming man to Connor at first, but his opinion of Khyran tended to fluctuate between admiration and disgust. In the end, Connor began to look past the man's mistakes in life in order to view him as a valuable friend and ally. It helps that Khyran has saved his life and the lives of his friends during a particularly horrifying encounter with voidsent. This selfless act of bravery proved to Connor that Khyran was on the road to atoning for his past and will do whatever it takes to aid him.



Common Rumors

  • His girlfriend, Fabebe Fabe, has left to train in Thavnair. What she is studying there is unknown to him, but Connor still eagerly awaits the day of her return.
  • Seems to be extremely capable of vanquishing many types of void fiends.

Moderate Rumors

  • "The man is planning to pursue a business WHERE?! Twelve help him on that endeavor." -Someone in regards to Connor's decision to leave for Kugane.

Rare Rumors

  • Joshua Tavarin was rumored to be a Garlean spy going under an alias. That slightest suspicion led Connor's clan to murdering him and claim bandits took his life, not wanting any publicity being drawn towards them. Unknown to everyone but Connor however, even if this rumor was true, Joshua's intentions were purely benevolent.

PC Rumors

  • "He has a heart of gold and a good head on his shoulders. People of his mindset are few and far in-between." Alistair Phoenix
  • "Sir Connor's skill at weaving is a testament to what his kind is truly capable of when placed in a nurturing environment. When he arrived on the Harbingers lawn he may have passed for one of Sir Worren's scarecrows, so disheveled and unkempt was his appearance. But the Harbingers have transformed him inside and out, and he is now one of the most capable clothiers I know. Should his services be available to you, do not pass up the opportunity." - Lilia Lia
  • "Find me someone that would say anything negative about that man and I'll give you a heavy sack of gil. My bet's you won't be able to." - Vi Lindon
  • "He's... a v-very kind man, and one who knows a-all kinds of amazing things... b-but he can also be very intimidating. I-I don't really w-want to let him down again." - Defiant Bride